Saturday, 24 September 2011

High-heels for little children. Is it OK

Parenting groups have criticized top retailers for selling high-heeled shoes for girls as young as three, claiming they encourage the sexualisation of children.

Rita O'Reilly, of said: 'Parents need to say No. A child should be dressed as a child.

'Parents are dressing their children as adults if they are putting them in high heels. I wouldn't consider it appropriate. We all wore our mother's heels which is fine.

'Putting children in adult clothing can sexualise them and make them grow up before their time. Also if you put a young child in heels then they are not able to swing on swings and skip, and other things children naturally do.'

What do you think?

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Walk Against Rape/Violence Against Women

On Wednesday, October 5, 2011, Enough is Enough Nigeria, Project Alert, Rubies Ink, Delta Women, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) along with several other civil society organizations and individuals will walk in several cities around Nigeria to raise awareness about violence against women in Nigeria, and in particular, demand action on the gang-rape of a young lady by five young men alleged to be students of Abia State University (ABSU).

The walk will take place in the following cities:
Abia: Walk will commence at the Okpara square in Umuahia, Abia state and conclude at the state house.
Lagos: Protest will hold at the Abia State Liaison Office in Victoria Island, Lagos.
Abuja : Protesters will converge at The Eagle Square

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Corper attacked with acid, ex-boyfriend attacker still roaming free!

Her name is Onyinye Blessing Agu and in February this year, an ex-boyfriend poured acid on her for ending their relationship two months earlier.

Onyinye was a corper, serving in Badagry West LCDA in Lagos State when the unfortunate incident happened to her.

The victim  became a born again christian, decided to live a new life and didn't think being in a relationship was appropriate, so she ended the relationship she was in with Ifeanyi Collins Ude in December 2010. Two months later, Ifeanyi, who's based in Enugu came to Lagos to visit Onyinye, with evil intentions.

As Onyinye was seeing off her once abusive boyfriend, Ifeanyi brought out a container from the plastic bag he was carrying, poured acid on Onyinye, and ran off.

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Amber Rose is angry! Pours her heart out on her blog

Last week, Amber Rose visited an Islamic school in Ghana to speak to the girls in the school about life choices. She received a lot of criticism after the trip. People were basically saying she wasn't a good role model and had nothing to teach young people.  

Amber Rose went on her blog to pour her heart out about all the bad press and criticisms she's been getting for years...and many other things...

From Amber's Blog

"U do something positive in this industry u get scrutinized I really came to the conclusion that it's not even about me it's the fact that I'm a woman. Men in the entertainment industry are praised constantly for their "wrong doings". if ur a drug dealer and u took care of ur family before ur fame everyone understands. If u get shot in the mist of u hustling ur cool as fuck. If a man's naked pics hit the internet ppl think it's cute or funny then just talk about how big he is. A Man can date 20 models at the same time and he is respected by the world and if a girl does it she's a disgusting whore and a "Star Fucker" Women get destroyed by the media and our peers constantly but I am writing this to specifically speak about myslf."

"Regardless of the fact I dated Kanye for 2 years or the fact I was a stripper at 15 years old or that my most private pics were stolen from me and a new batch hit the internet every week, I am a human being. I'm a daughter, a best friend, a great wife and an all around good person.

 Continue to read, quite interesting!

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Nollywood producer Donald Okoli dies

Another death in Nollywood. Top writer and producer, Donald Okoli has passed away. The producer, who was in his forties, died this his sleep.

Before his death, he'd produced several movies, including "Family Battle" which won an AMAA Award. May his soul rest in peace...amen!

A few months ago someone I know also died in his sleep. He was 41. How do you die in your sleep? Can anyone explain what causes death while sleeping?

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Join Bez this Sunday at Silverbird

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Beauty of day: Chichi Okafor - Miss Nigeria UK 2010/11

beauty is a beauty is a beauty! :-
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Trey Songz coming to Nigeria soon! Fans get ready!

Nigeria is heavy in ma mentions sayz treysongz so comng soon!had a swell time in ghana!
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Treysong,s tweet to Ghanians!!

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Treysongz ghana waz so gud to him!

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Treysongz nigerians are heavy on his tweet mentions so watchout 4 him!

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Peter Okoye paid his son a surprise visit with Wizkid at his pre-school nursery today to celebrate his 3rd birthday. Wizkid was invited because according to Peter, Cameron is a fan. 

Lil man is such a cutie! Happy birthday, Cameron!

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