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How My Wife Saved Me From plane Crash – Popular Nollywood actor


Ejike Asiegbu and Ogechi
Veteran Nollywood actor and former president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ejike Asiegbu and his wife, Ogechi, took time off their busy to narrate their love story and successful marriage in this exclusive interview.
How long have you been married?
Ejike: 15 going on to 16 years.
How did you meet your wife?
Ejike: I met her in Port Harcourt where I went to shoot a movie, Pregnant Virgin. It was a point in my life when I wanted to settle down and I had asked God to show me my wife. I remember vividly I was even fasting.I just finished my meal and she crossed to my side of the road. I spoke to her and realised that she was part of the cast.
So you went after her?
Ejike: I did and it was not easy. I tried to get through other people but it did not work until I took the bull by the horns. To cut the long story short, we became friends and started talking.
What were those things you saw in her that pushed you to grab her?
Ejike: I told God that as an entertainer, he should give me a woman that would love me, tolerate me as a man, understand and persevere with me in my growth in life. Also, there was one significant thing that happened. It was going to be my birthday and I had to travel back to be with my sisters, who had made plans to host a party for me. I was to fly ADC. As my fiancĂ©e then, she had insisted that if I loved her, I should cancel my trip and celebrate my birthday with her. Reluctantly, I did. But you won’t believe that the plane I was supposed to have flown crashed. That was the ADC plane that crashed in Ejirin on November 7, 1996. That was how she saved my life. I did not need to be convinced any further that she was for me. At that point I did not waste any more time. I went straight to my father and told him I had found a wife.
Did you entertain any fears about getting married to someone in the movie industry?
Ogechi: Definitely I did. With what I saw on the screen then, I had serious fears but all that became history. For the one year we dated, I used to go on location with him and that way I was able to familiarise myself with how things work on set. Obviously, I have outgrown whatever fears I had.
Was there a formal proposal?
Ogechi: There was nothing like that. From the moment we met and became friends, he had always talked about marriage. Also, meeting his family hastened a lot of things because they all fell in love with me.
Fifteen years of marriage, how has the journey been?
Ejike: It has been wonderful. I must say that I am a lucky man in the sense that everything I wanted in a woman, my wife possesses it and more, she is a good manager of resources. I can trust her to pull off anything even if I were not there. I can leave the running of the home to her and go to sleep. If you notice, I go everywhere with my wife because I am proud of her.
There must have been some challenges…
Ejike: When we decided to get married, we promised to make it work at all cost. I think one of the challenges we have is that she tells me certain things and I don’t listen because I want to do it my way. Sometimes, I just do things without telling her and when per chance it boomerangs, I now go back to her. The good thing is, she does not turn me back. I get a very warm embrace and a listening ear. We have our little arguments here and there, but you don’t read about them on the pages of newspapers because we are a mature couple.
So, who is the first to apologise when you quarrel?
Ogechi: It’s my husband; you know how we women like to pose. Sometimes, when we have not argued for a long time, I just look for a way to bring up an argument so that he can beg me. He just laughs over it because he understands me very well.
What do you do when it’s just the two of you?
Ogechi: We have four children and and with my niece make five. So we are busy with them all through the week. We do not joke with our weekends. Even when he can’t come along, I hang out with my friends and he comes to pick me wherever I am.
Ejike: We got married on February 13. It is a must that we spend Valentine’s Day together because it’s a day after our wedding anniversary. We deliberately chose that day because we wanted to celebrate love.
Is she also in charge of your wardrobe?
Ejike: Oh yes, she is. She shops for me and chooses what I wear daily. When I am stubborn sometimes, she refrains from choosing my clothes. She knows that I like to dress simple.
Are there times you wished he were not a public figure?
Ogechi: Maybe in the early days of our marriage when I had to do certain things alone because of his very tight schedule. Now, my children are grown up and they are a handful, so I don’t feel it again.
Is there anything you would like to change about your husband?
Ogechi: He is too trusting and people exploit that aspect of him. He easily believes people and when I try to dissuade him, he does not listen until everything falls apart.
Do you have pet names for each other?
Ogechi: He has always called me mummy because of my organisational skills and I call him honey.
What are the secrets of a successful union?
Ejike: Trust is very essential. You have to learn to be tolerant because marriage is about tolerance. You must humble yourself before your wife and believe in the adage, do unto others as you want others to do unto you. Marriage is beyond ego keeping or chauvinism, your wife is your better half. So, whatever you do, put her in mind, most especially because you are from two different backgrounds. A man must learn to forgive. It is not everything a woman says that you give respond to. My wife is hot-tempered and there are times she would bombard me with text messages. In those days, I would get mad and would reply her, she would text back again and the circle will continue like that. Later, I learnt to just ignore her. When she sends any nasty text message, I just pretend like nothing happened. When I get home, she would ask if I got her texts, then I would ask her, ‘which text? and just wave it off. She just gets perplexed.
Are you from the same state?
Ejike: Yes. We are both from Umuahia, Abia State, but before marriage, she was from Nkwerre in Imo State.

Justin Bieber Gives Away $100,000 Car To Sean Kingston


JUSTIN BIERBER SEAN KINGSTONJustin Bieber has got so much swag, he’s now giving it away — literally. The 18-year-old pop star has gifted friend Sean Kingston with his chrome-plated Fisker Karma hybrid (which itself was a birthday present to Biebs, from manager Scooter Braun). The car cost a reported $100,000.
“When you’re best friends with one of the biggest artists in the world, you get all different types of gifts. And this is one of them,” Kingston told TMZ. He also said that Bieber planned on getting the new Fisker Karma when it came out.
The tradition of giving cars to friends isn’t anything new in Hollywood, of course. Kim Kardashian recently bequeathed boyfriend Kanye West with a reported $750,000 Lamborghini for his 35th birthday, while Jennifer Lopez dropped off a customized Dodge Ram pickup truck for beau Casper Smart’s 25th birthday.

John Dumelo Gives Scholarship To University Students


John Dumelo presenting the cheque to Dr. James K. Adomako, Dean of Student Affairs
Award-winning Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has presented an amount of GH¢3000 to the University of Ghana to sponsor two students who are brilliant but lack the financial backing to complete their course at the university.
The actor, on behalf of his John Dumelo Foundation (JDF), presented the amount to the Students Financial Aid Office of the University.
Speaking briefly before the presentation, John said this year, his foundation would embark on various projects, one of which was to give scholarship and support to brilliant but needy students in tertiary institutions.
He said his foundation was starting The John Dumelo Foundation Scholarship for Tertiary Education which would see him sponsor students for their entire duration of their stay in the university.
“We are paying for two university students; one medical student and one theatre arts student. We are sponsoring both to undergo the whole university education,” he said.
Every year, the JDF would add more students to the scholarship scheme with the “hope to officially sponsor about close to 50 students in the next five years”, he added.
John mentioned that the scholarship was not reserved for only University of Ghana students as there were plans to have the scholarship launched in his alma mater, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST); University of Cape Coast (UCC); University of Development Studies (UDS) and private universities.
In accepting the cheque for the first instalment, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. James K. Adomako, thanked the actor for his kind gesture.
According to him, many students came to the school with complaints due to their inability to pay their fees. Some are even forced to defer their courses.
On her part, Mrs. Christine Baning, Head of Student Financial Aid Office, also thanked the actor and promised that her office would administer the scholarship on the new admitted students....

Back to square one: May-D sets up his own record label, Confam Entertainment


After months of silence, former Squareville act May D has resurfaced and has addressed the rumours of the label he is going to sign to. According to Hip Hop World Magazine, May D has taken the bold step of floating his own label. According to the site “May D, has floated his own record label. The artiste, who is known for his hit single, Ile Ijo, is to have started his label called “Confam Entertainment”.
He revealed this to us in a telephone interview and when asked if there is anybody else signed under the record label, he said “It’s just me now, I have some girl from UK but I’m still watching”.
The news story also went on to say that the singer is also set to release a video which was shot in Atlanta, to his song titled “Gat Me High” of his yet to be titled debut album.

Source: Hip Hop World Magazine

Dj Jimmy Jatt, Kennis Music All Stars for Nigeria’s Independence Groove

nigerian flag

As Nigeria clocks 52 on Monday October 1, Encomium Weekly and Primetime Entertainment are rolling out the green carpet for the annual Green and White Groove. The famous independence party, put together to celebrate Nigeria and Nigerians has become one of the most important events on October 1. And the organizers say it promises to get even better this year – with more starperformances, higher celeb attendance, a new, improved venue, and thousands of patriotic Nigerians coming out to celebrate their country.
‘’It’s the biggest, most exciting party celebrating the most populous Nation’s independence anniversary’ says Encomium publisher Kunle Bakare.
‘There are challenges, but every year, we move forward. This year, we’re celebrating our nation, and the positive-minded citizens who are determined to make Nigeria great, in spite of the many hurdles on the way’.
Already confirmed for the Monday October 1 event are superstar DJs Jimmy JATT and Vinnie, as well as the Kennis Music All Stars.
‘We’re having a dance and a party’, says Primetime’s Keke Ogungbe who adds that the event will be broadcast live on the Kennis Channel on Startimes.
The Green and White Groove will hold between 4 and 10pm on Monday October 1, at Anchor Event Place, Agidingbi, in Ikeja, Lagos. ‘Lagos will rock for six hours uninterrupted on Monday’, adds Keke’s partner Dayo Adeneye.
Those who truly care about Nigeria, who have as much stake as those in government and in the corridors of power, will participate in this event which renews hope and calls for greater dedication in nation building.
Guests, the organizers say, are drawn from pillars of comedy to giants of music and movies, serious professionals to incorrigible activists, super stars, uncommon entrepreneurs, to proud, positive Nigerians in all fields.

Nicki Minaj’s announce dates for release of her wigs and fragrance line


On Monday morning, rapper Nicki Minaj made her way to ‘The View’ for the first time this morning.  The newest ‘American Idol’ judge chatted up the hosts about boobs, Barbz and being an independent woman.
The brought her tight striped pants and military-like hat blazer on to the show to inform the hosts and audience about who she really is under that blonde wiggery. Nicki talked about where the word “Barbz” came from, how she was discovered by Lil Wayne from the underground scene, her new gig and perfume, why she takes no responsibility for her 5-6 year old fans because “parents need to parent their own kids” and more.

Domestic violence: Frank Edoho & Zaaki Adzay’s ex-wives recount their experiences


The Peace Day took place on September 21. And the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, sought to create awareness about the human and emotional cost of domestic violence. A short documentary, highlighting the experiences of several abused women, was launched to aid the course. The clip featured two prominent faces, who had been married to celebrities and were victims. they recounted their ordeals.
“Just to dare to argue with your husband is like a challenge in your home,” Obiang who was once married to the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ host, Frank Edoho said. “The woman is challenging the man and tempers flay and then you snap, then there is a slap. He says ‘I am sorry it is a mistake’ then says ‘sorry I won’t do it again,’ then he does it again, again and again.”
Hadiza, who recently walked out Zaaki Adzay’s home, narrated a rather bizarre experience. “He slapped me on the face so (and said) ‘get up you must abort this pregnancy today. Now that I am married to you, you want to hook me with pregnancy because I am a celebrity.’ Then there was a wardrobe in our room so I put my tummy in there and then he continued beating me. He had some folic acid in his hand and said I should swallow it and abort the pregnancy. When he gave me I said he should allow me take water, thank God the door was open so I ran away.”

Watch the video here:

True Confession: I don’t want to sleep with the devil again..

I have learnt not to follow the heart but the mind. I consider myself a smart and wise woman, however even a wise person can be misled. My story… About 25 years ago, I fell in love and married a Igbo guy in the US with the intention to remain married. I worked hard to support him while he attended law school with the hope that he would assist me to get my degree once he finished. However, the moment he got his degree, he realized that he did not want me in his live. He became promiscuous, sleeping with countless young girls all around the place.
Because I am an American, I had fought to keep him in the US after several attempts by the immigration to deport him. I later made him to secure his green card; that was really when the going was good and we all had smiles on our faces. But the good days were short-lived as he abandoned the house, just to go after his numerous concubines and mistresses. To add salt to an open wound, several of his Nigerian concubines became disrespectful ,calling the house and warning me to stop calling him, if not they would never allow him back to the house again.
I would always tell them that he was cheating on them, and that if he could cheat on his wife, then what did they think he would do to them”. I should have whipped both their ***, not because they were sleeping with him, but because of the numerous phone calls. Our vows were a contract between him and I so he was wrong no matter the number of “women ” that came his way. Not only was his heartless act a thorn in my heart, but for the fact that I’m still paying taxes I owed because of him. This has led to a complicated medical condition, leaving me disabled. I am very Mad and frustrated now.
He has since returned to Nigeria and doing very well as a businessman. I just learnt he is a renowned businessman down there. I have also discovered that he never even told his family back home that he was married to me, and that one of his concubines was his wife.
I still care about this guy. However, a part of me is angry and would always wish he goes through the same pain I went through because of him. He made me look stupid before my family and friends. We have since divorced but chat on and off and even talk about getting back together again. I’m not sure if I can ever fully trust him again; so sleeping with him, I guess would be like “Sleeping with the Devil”.
The experience has left me bitter and don’t trust many people especially African (Igbo) men .

Waitress Quits Her Job to Become Kate Middleton’s Look-Alike

Heidi Agan, 32, looks so much like Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) that the mom of two decided to quit her job at Frankie and Bennie’s, a TGIF-like ’50s style restaurant chain in England, to work full-time as a royal lookalike. The move made for a significant bump in pay: From $9.75 an hour to about $1,050 per appearance.
With her bright eyes and wavy chestnut hair, Heidi Agan, a mother of two from Corby, Northamptonshire, is a dead ringer for the Duchess of Cambridge, even though Agan’s eyes are sky blue and not hazel.
But who won’t quit her job for this. Oyinbo’s sha, they make money with everything.



                                             CLASSY AND FABULUOS

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11-year-old stabs father to death for beating up mother


An 11-year-old girl stabbed her father dead Sunday night after she saw him hitting her mother on the head and cutting her leg with a hacksaw inside their house in Argao town, 58 km south of this city, the authorities said.
The 38-year-old father was found dead on a vacant grassy lot a few minutes after he ran away from his daughter who stabbed him in the chest at about 11 p.m. inside their house in Barangay Canbanua, Argao.
The police took custody of the girl who was later turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development, said Insp. Alan Batobalunos, Argao policechief.
Batobalunos said the girl didn’t know that she killed her father. “Napatay nako si Papa ma? Mapriso ko (I killed papa, ma? Would I go to jail?” Batobalunos quoted the girl as asking her mother.
But he added the girl didn’t cry but instead told the police that they would not know what would happen to her and her two sisters if their mother was killed.
Their neighbor Miguel Tapales said they heard the couple arguing past 11 p.m. on Sunday. He said he just ignored it because they thought it was just one of the couple’s usual fights.
After several minutes, Tapales said the 11-year–old girl went to their house and asked for help.
“She asked for help because she feared that her father might come back and kill them. She said she stabbed her father after she saw that her father was cutting her mother’s leg with a hacksaw,” said Tapales in Cebuano.
Her mother was later brought to Isidro Kintanar Memorial Hospital in Argao and was released on Monday morning.
Perlita Buenaflor, another neighbor said they would always hear the couple quarreling. On Friday, the husband destroyed the wall of their house in the middle of the fight.
Buenaflor said the arguments were triggered by jealousy because the victim was allegedly a womanizer.
Batobalunos and the couple’s neighbors said the victim was fired from his job as a driver of a Department of Environment and Natural Resources personnel after he had an affair with a married officemate.
He then worked at the Office of the Mayor in Argao but lost his job again when he had a fling with another officemate.
Aside from the 11-year-old girl, the couple has two other daughters–a 13-year-old Grade 6 pupil and a two-month old infant.



 Right now, there's a brand new household name spreading like wildfire within the fashion industry, and if you haven't heard about it, then you've definitely been on a different planet.

                                                                 Swanky's Signatures. Ring a bell?

This new fashion and lifestyle brand, owned by the young Jeremiah Ogbodo, caters to both male and female fashionistas, from a wide range of demographics. Whether it's a young or mature client, individuals from a corporate background or the entertainment industry, natives of European countries, African countries or American states. guaranteed Swanky's Signatures will have something great in store for you.

Combining his love for traditional African fabric with the modern styles of today's trends, Swanky's Signatures consists of a colourful yet fashionable array of shirts, waistcoats, bowties, shoes, backpacks and even pyjamas. Apart from these exclusive items, the brand also provides fashion styling as a service alongside outstanding public relations.

Jeremiah, who is now the youngest celebrity stylist and CEO of this sensational brand, has at the tender age of 21, achieved what some can only dream of. And considering this also only started as a mere dream for him, Jeremiah can now brag of an impressive clientele which includes the likes of Ice Prince, Davido, Dammy Krane, Uti Nwachuwku, Karen Young, Denrele Edun, Soundcity's Adams, and many more of the A-List individuals submerging from Africa's finest nation. Nigeria.

From the early stages, interest had been expressed even from the film industry, which enabled Mr Ogbodo to work with another popular Lagos based stylist on projects for incredible actresses such as Nollywood's Tonto Dike, Ini Edo, Rukky Sanda, Susan Peters & Ghollywood's Jackie Appiah and Juliet Ibrahim.

When questioned about his decision to begin a career within this industry, Swanky Jerry (as he is popularly known as) answered that is it his "passion and heart's desire to dress people up in a way that enhances their beauty and makes them feel good inside and outside". He also mentioned that "when you do something you love, it never feels like work!"

We surely believe this statement, due to the fact that no matter where Swanky Jerry is spotted, whether it's in exciting Lagos on a video set with Timaya, calm Ghana, styling for the SoundCity launch, in upscale New York at  NY Fashion week, styling models in Vonne Couture and host - Freeze of Cool FM (for Music On The Catwalk), or in the urban city of Brooklyn, tailoring another young superstar, Davido for his latest video, he always seems to be enjoying what he's does and is never caught without a smile on his charming face.

During his trip to the States, young and beautiful personalities, Ife Jones, Kendra Etufuwa, Jennifer Olzie and Annie Macaulay, had only praises to sing about Swanky Jerry after the fashion guru also styled them in Vonne Couture by Yvonne Nwosu.

After giving you a tiny peek into the world of this budding, hardworking fashion stylist, it's no wonder we have selected Jeremiah Ogbodo of Swanky's Signature's to be under the spotlight for ebonyville blog. The journey for this young and talented stylist has just begun.

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Interview: “How I lost my virginity” – Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo


Nollywood star actress, Uche Ogbodo’s father is one man who has not failed in his duty to foresee the future of her daughter as a star. His decision to enroll her in the movie industry is uncommon among most Nigerian parents whose perceptions about the entertainment industry are inimical to the talents of their children.
But unfortunately, the sexy actress shares the story of how she lost her virginity outside wedlock with great pride and confidence. See what she said below:
How did you lose your virginity?
As I said earlier, I met my first boyfriend at 20. I came from a Christian home and was trained by Christian parents. My father made sure we imbibed the Christian values and this helped me very much in my career as an actress. I actually thought that as a Nollywood actress I was ripe enough to have a boyfriend and this will make me feel more sophisticated. I did not lose my virginity to an actor, you know.
How did you lose it?
I did not stumble on losing my virginity, I was ready for it and I knew what I was getting into.
How did you feel as a woman after losing your virginity?
I was ready, I felt like I was ready to bring the world down. I felt like whatever it is, bring it on..

Oluwatoniloba David Obafemi was kidnapped by Comfort Amos on Sunday

Oluwatoniloba David Obafemi was kidnapped by Comfort Amos on Sunday, September 23, 2012 at RCCG, Central Parish, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.

Comfort Amos is a member of the church choir where Timothy Taiwo Obafemi (Toni's Father) is the Deputy HOD of the choir.

Comfort Amos unusually sat where the nursing mothers sat in church on Sunday and particularly sat beside Mariah Toyin Obafemi (Toni's mother), who is also a Sunday School teacher.

Comfort carried and played with Toniloba and after some minutes requested that she wanted to go give her house-help money for 'offering' in the children's church. She left with Toniloba.

After some minutes, Toyin got unsettled and decided to go look for Comfort. All efforts to track Comfort has since proven abortive.

Wole Shonibare, a church member called Comfort and she confirmed she was in Jabi Park and when she was advised to return the baby, she snapped back at him that she will return the baby. All efforts to speak with Comfort after that has been fruitless. Toni is 9months old while Comfort is 40/41 years old.

She was last tracked to Shendam, Plateau State.

 PLS CALL 08105661286; 08084848757, 08077032661, 08031893290
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