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10 Magic Tricks any Child Can Learn

Everyone it seems is fascinated by magicians. We marvel at sleight-of-hand tricks, disappearing acts, and all manner of magic. It delights us to attempt to explain what appears inexplicable. Children are captivated by this mastery of illusion. So we’ve put together a list of 10 magic tricks that any child can learn to do themselves:
  1. The Ice-Making Cup – Using an ordinary teacup, a sponge, a water pitcher and some ice cubes, you can stymie your friends. Pour water from the pitcher into the cup, turn the cup upside down, and ice cubes fall out instead of water! The trick? Place the sponge at the bottom of the cup first with the ice cubes on top. The sponge will absorb the water, and only the ice cubes sitting on top of the sponge will fall out.
  2. The Football Game Card Trick – In this trick, you use only the Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks from a regular deck of cards. When you’re finished with this trick, your friends will be amazed.
  3. The Rubber Pencil – Hold a pencil by the end, very loosely in your hand between your thumb and forefinger. Move your hand up and down in a vertical motion, letting the pencil bounce freely in your grip. The pencil will appear to bend right before your eyes.
  4. A Hole in Your Hand – Take a paper towel tube and look through it with your right eye. Place your left hand against the tube with your palm facing you. Look straight ahead with both eyes open. What the …?
  5. The Disappearing Coin – This one is sneaky and takes just a little bit of preparation to mystify your friends. The glass seems to send that coin into oblivion.
  6. Guessing the Card Trick – Set this one up by taking a deck of cards and turning the bottom card face up. Have someone pick a card from the deck and show it to the audience. While the audience is studying the card, flip the deck over. When your subject puts the card face down back into the deck, it will be the only one facing in that direction. Now amaze your friends by “guessing” which card they picked.
  7. Parting the Pepper – For this one, you will need some soap, a glass or cup of water and some pepper. Before doing the trick, make sure you’ve rubbed your finger with the soap. Pour some pepper into the glass of water and ask your friends to part the pepper with their finger. When they put their fingers in the water, it won’t work. Then you do it with your soap finger and – abracadabra – it’s magic.
  8. ESP Test Video – Now here’s a trick that is just plain awesome. The trick is explained here and the actual video that you will use to baffle your friends is here. Have a blast with this one, kids.
  9. Prediction Card – Here is an easy card trick using some sleigh-of-hand trickery. You can use anything in place of the business card as long as it’s something you can write your prediction on.
  10. Mind Reader – Write down the words Denmark, kangaroo, and orange on a sheet of paper and set it aside. Ask someone from the audience to pick a number from 1 to 9, then have them multiply that number by 9. Now have them add the two digits of that answer together, then subtract 5 from that number. Ex. If they choose the number 5, then multiply by 9, they get 45; then they add the 4 and the 5 to get 9, and so forth. Now for the fun part. Tell them to take the letter that corresponds to their final number (A=1, B=2, etc.) and think of a country that starts with that letter. Next, ask them to think of ananimal that starts with the last letter of that country’s name. Finally, have them think of the name of afruit that starts with the last letter of the animal’s name. Stun your friends now by producing that sheet of paper with your “predictions”.

All You Need to Know About NannyPalooza

Nannypalooza is an annual conference that is organized by Sue Downey of The conference is focused on bringing high quality training to nannies at an affordable cost. The nannies that attend are a wonderful mix of entry to high level caregivers who have varied experience levels, educational backgrounds, and skill sets. The conference environment is friendly and informal, and creates a warm, welcoming space for all that attend.
Nannypalooza 2012 will be held on Saturday, October 13th and Sunday, October 14th at the Philadelphia Airport Hilton. Festivities will kick off Friday night before the conference with an informal dinner at the hotel restaurant where attendees can connect with old friends and network with each other to make new ones.
Caregivers can attend for only $140 if they register by September 17th and for $170 if they register after that date. The registration fee includes all the workshop sessions, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, networking events, a jam-packed goodie bag, and a chance to win one of the amazing door prizes.
Hotel rooms for Friday and Saturday nights are available through the Nannypalooza block for only $89 per night, plus taxes and fees. Those rooms are limited so nannies should register and reserve their room as soon as possible.
Along with networking sessions during conference hours, there’s also a Saturday night game night that nannies can attend. For only $15 nannies can enjoy great company with both old and new friends, and can play a friendly game of group Pictionary or Charades. There will also be a light snack to top the night off.
The big picture goal of Nannypalooza is to provide training sessions that address the unique needs of nannies. Sue Downey says, “Each year nannies get a full slate of great workshops to choose from. I make sure there are sessions for beginning nannies just coming into the field and for nannies that have lots of experience. And I try to have a balance between childcare and professional development. This year I’ve brought back some favorites and have lots of new topics and speakers. Nannies are really excited about what they’ll be learning this year.”
The real world topics and top notch speakers at Nannypalooza account for much of its popularity and the high rate of nannies that attend year after year. This year features:
  • Brain Development
  • Communicating With Teens on Tough Topics
  • The Nanny Job Search Portfolio: The Secret to Landing the Interview and Winning The Job
  • Positive Discipline: a two part workshop
  • Fun and Healthy Foods for Infants and Toddlers
  • Taking Advantage of New Opportunities In The Job Market panel discussion with
Lora Brawley of, Matthew Haack, and Michael Wright of the Domestic Estates Managers Association
  • The Habit of Helping: Can Compassion Be Taught?
  • Zumba for Nannies!
  • Get a Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Cloth Diapering 101
  • Healthy Boundaries Lead to Effective Discipline
  • Injury Prevention and Treatment
  • Building Resilient Kids!
There is also an extended session from 1 to 4 PM on Sunday afternoon. Distinguishing Yourself As A Childcare Professional: How To Share Your Expertise In The Interview And On The Job offered by job search expert Lora Brawley. In this training the attendees will learn a step-by-step process that will help them concretely define their vision, approach, and expertise, reinforce their role as childcare professionals, and successfully communicate their ideas during the interview process and within the employment relationship. Caregivers can attend the extended session for only $25 if they register by September 9th, for $35 if they register by October 7th, and $45 for on-site registration.
Each year Sue Downey takes on the challenge of creating a fun, light-hearted theme for the conference. This year will feature a Dr. Seuss theme from Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Attendees can expect Seuss-like surprises in all the unusual spots. This frivolity is representative of the relaxed atmosphere the conference promotes. It’s what makes Nannypalooza such a hit with nannies. They love being able to combine training with a sense of fun and adventure.
Continuing education is an important part of being a nanny. It helps you stay current on what’s happening with research in the childcare field, learn new skills and hone current ones, connect with like-minded colleagues, and get excited about the work you do. Nannypalooza is the perfect opportunity to get training and be part of the larger nanny community. As Sue Downey says, “It’s the only nanny conference that’s organized and run by nannies, for nannies.”
To register for Nannypalooza 2012, visit To register for the extended session, visit If you have any additional questions, you can contact Sue Downey, the organizer, at is a proud sponsor of Nannypalooza.

30 Blogs With Sample Nanny Interview Questions

If you’re preparing for a nanny interview but aren’t sure what to ask, take a look at this list of blogs that cover the topic of nanny interview questions in detail. From the most common questions to the most bizarre – and sometimes even the illegal – these blogs cover most any question you’d ever consider asking a potential nanny or nanny employer during an interview. 
Questions related to a nanny’s work experience
When interviewing a nanny it is essential to learn about her nanny experience and qualifications. You’ll also want to speak to previous employers to confirm and learn more about her employment history. These blogs feature questions that address a nanny’s work history, experience, and motivation, and help parents understand what to ask a nanny reference.
Questions you may want to ask, but are afraid to ask
The more you know about a potential employer or nanny, the more confident you can be in the choice to work together. While some questions are straight forward, others are awkward and even perhaps insulting to ask. These blogs provide sample questions that address tough issues. They can also help guide you from asking illegal interview questions.
Questions related to specific nanny job types
Depending on what type of nanny position parents are offering, specific questions geared towards that type of nanny position can help parents determine the suitability of the caregivers. These blogs provide sample questions for specific types of nanny jobs. 
Questions to ask based on where you live and what language you speak
Depending on where you live and what language you speak, the questions you may wish to ask a potential nanny can vary. These blogs provide location and language based questions that can be used to help evaluate a nanny candidate.
Questions related to a nanny’s knowledge of children and nanny care
Parents want to know that the nanny they hire has at least a general understanding of the different ages and stages of childhood and the level and type of care each requires. These blogs provide sample questions parents can use to determine if a nanny has a general working knowledge of children and of the nanny profession. 
Questions to ask during the nanny interviews
Parents may conduct phone and in-person interviews. Parents may wish to ask different sets of questions at each interview. If dad is going to be doing the interviewing, there are some questions he may want to consider asking as well. These blogs provide sample questions that parents can ask potential nannies throughout the interview process.
While some questions are essential and others perhaps offensive, it’s vital that parents have a clear understanding of who is caring for their kids and that the potential nannies have a clear understanding of what they’re getting themselves into. Asking a variety of well thought out questions can ensure that both nannies and parents gather enough information to make an informed decision about working together.

Egypt Water Causes Illness, Citizens Locks Up Health Minister


Cairo – Egyptian authorities and witnesses say villagers have locked the health minister and a provincial governor inside a local hospital room after allegedly contaminated water caused more than 50 residents to become ill.
Health Ministry official Amr Qandil says a hospital in the Nile Delta province of Menoufia, 60km north of Cairo, on Tuesday received dozens of people vomiting, feverish and with severe cases of diarrhoea.
He says a medical team collected samples of the water the villagers say is polluted in order to determine whether it is the cause of the sickness. During a visit by Health minister Mohammed Mustafa and governor Ashraf Helal to the hospital on Tuesday, angry family members held aloft bottles of brackish-looking water while chanting “drink it“, then locked the two inside a room.

Source : AP


Adekoya Adejoke Naomi.jpeg
Please help  Funmilayo Lawal(she just finished at the law school 10 days ago) recently diagnosed of a MALIGNANT SARCOMA, a kind of cancer at the shoulder region. The cancer has become so extensive which might affect some other parts of the body if a surgery is not done as soon as possible. It could not just cost her hand but its life threatening . Please help, the doctors required that she should go abroad 2 do it within 4weeks which will cost $15000(4Million). Please help save her life. Acc No. GTB FUNMILAYO LAWAL 0002655164. Please no amount is too small. God bless u.

Nigerian Police Kill Four Kidnappers

Benin – Nigerian police said on Tuesday they killed four kidnappers in southern Edo state following a car chase where the hostage escaped, in the latest abduction in a region home to Africa’s biggest oil industryCriminal gangs kidnapping for ransom have blighted Africa’s second largest economy for years, with the vast majority of people abducted Nigerians, although foreign oil workers have also been targets.
Violence and crime in the oil-producing Niger Delta pushes up the cost of doing businessShell spent almost 40% of its global security budget in Nigeria between 2007-2009, according to an oil industry watchdog. Senior civil servant Benson Ojoto was kidnapped earlier this month in Delta, one of the three states that make up the bulk of the Niger Delta. He was freed on Sunday, police said.
“Luckily, the man escaped while the gang headed to Edo with his car. We trailed them to Benin city where we engaged and gunned down four of them. One escaped with gunshot wounds,” Delta state police spokesperson Charles Muka said.
Muka said they strongly suspected the gang was behind the kidnapping this month of Delta State Judge Marcel Okoh, who has since been released. Although the majority of kidnappings in Nigeria are for financial gain, this year there have been a handful of abductions of foreigners by Islamists in the largely-Muslim north, far from the oil region.
A Briton and an Italian were killed during a raid in northeast Sokoto in March and a German died during another rescue attempt in Nigeria’s second-largest city Kano in May.

Ivory Coast Croc Keeper Killed By A Crocodile

IVORY COAST crocodile

Dakar/Abidjan – A revered crocodile keeper has been killed by the animals he cared for at a sacred lake in Ivory Coast’s capital Yamassoukrou, local media reported on Tuesday. Dicko Toke, a veteran keeper, had fed the creatures for 30 years at Caiman Lake – created artificially by Ivory Coast’s founding President Felix Houphouet-Boigny in the early 1980s.
The lake was filled with enormous crocodiles and blessed by animist priests as part of Houphouet-Boigny’s drive to turn his home village of Yamassoukrou – then a quiet backwater in the middle of the country – into the capital, replacing Abidjan in the south.
The crocodiles were given names such as “Captain,” “Vice-president” and “Parliamentary speaker” and visitors turned up to watch keepers toss live chickens into the lake for the creatures to catch between their giant jaws.
Toke, who was on the cusp of retirement, was killed after posing for photos on Monday with the crocodiles for a group of Pakistani UN soldiers, Yamassoukrou’s news agency reported. After the photos had been taken, Toke attempted to leave the shore of the lake, but was grabbed by Captain, one of the largest crocodiles. He attempted to stab the creature with a machete before being dragged under.
Toke is not the first person to be killed by the legendary crocodiles. When Houphouet-Boigny died in 1993, a supporter of the president dived into the lake, screaming that if the leader was dead then he should be too. His body was never recovered.

Maneta Threatens To Sue Over ‘Roki and Maneta (Encounter)’ Play

Maneta Mazhanhi has threatened to sue the producers of the play titledRoki and Maneta (Encounter) saying she has not been consulted.
“Anyone who tries to make money using my name, I’ll make more money using their name in a lawsuit! Nxaa im tired of parasites Akuna chemahara. I think people are using me to make money. And I’m going to sue,” she has tweeted.
Roki will personally play his role in the play set for Theatre in the Park while Maneta’s role will be taken by Nothando Nobengula. The play, written by veteran playwright Stephen Chifunyise, is a light-hearted production infused with dance, music and a bit of comedy.
It also seeks to redress the memories gone through by Roki and Maneta during their stint in the reality show. Produced and directed by Daves Guzha, the play will run at Theatre in the Park from August 21 to 24.
Two shows will be staged each day. Chifunyise said the idea was to offer a platform to Roki and Maneta where they could express their artistic creativity positively and in a more controlled manner. “The idea is set to relive all that drama, rivalry and what we could rather refer to as their ‘tragic error’.
“The subsequent disqualification of the pair from the reality show added fuel to the fire as emotions hit the roof with followers of the reality show taking turns to heap blame on the two for their reckless behaviour. However, it is important at this juncture to give our artistes the positive platform to showcase their talent since their stint in the game also attracted international audiences,” Chifunyise said.
The cast also comprises of the very talented actress Chipo Bizure and Michael Kudakwashe, who will be judges. The disqualification of Roki and Maneta from the Star Game has become one of the most talked about rivalries on the entertainment scene.
Their brawl has set a trend to some of the most famous comic stories in the social lives of many people today.
Great Indaba – Zimbabwe.....


Keagan's Homecoming - Photos

Home sweet home.
Fans happy to see their BBA winner.
Everybody was happy to see Keagan

Nature’s best.
Keagan at a magazine shoot.
Keagan signs autographs and posters.
Keagan also did radio interviews.
Lee and Keagan share a chuckle.
Bonding with an old friend.
Keagan at the Alto Farm.
Wine tasting on the Alto Farm.
Courtesy of Africa Magic / DStv Online

Keitta Hits the Runway at Glitz Africa Fashion Week

The Glitz Africa Fashion Week came to a blissful end with a true Ghanaian hospitality showcased from day one through two and three.

The final day of the Glitz Africa Fashion Week saw Ghanaian Big Brother StarGame rep, Keitta Osei hitting the runway to Model for both Ohema Ohene and Mai Atafo Inspired. He appeared in a black shirt and shorts with colourful African print details from Ohema Ohene, and a checkered waist coast over a pair of trousers by Mai Atafo. Keitta’s appearance got the ladies screaming as he walked down the runway.

The maiden edition of the Glitz Africa Fashion Week took place at the Accra International Conference Centre from August 17-19 with fashion, music, seminars, celebrities and lots of fun. The 3-day fashion event attracted fashionistas from all over the city of Accra, with several celebrity sightings.

The events were attended by known faces like Big Brother Amplified stars, Confidence and Millicent (Kenya), Chief Dele Momodu of Ovation International, Ayoade and Theresa of Charter House, KKD, actress Juliet Ibrahim, Wanlov, M3nsa, Naa Ashorkor, Kwasi Kyei Darkwa, Lexy Mojo Eyes of Legendary Gold Limited, Miss Malaika finalists, Wanlov Kubolor, Eazzy and others.

Credits: Ameyaw Debrah & Adeyemi Adebayo Victor / GhanaWeb

Question & Answers With Keagan and Fans on Facebook

Big Brother StarGame winner, Keagan Peterson, agreed to answer some questions from his fans on Facebook yesterday afternoon. Here’s how it went down.
Keagan, how does it feel to be a icon from Big Brother?? Famous and all that bra!! It was just the oda day u we’re a normal capetonian!! ShoT bra!! U made us proud!
“Mimp its kaaaak weird but theres nothing i can do now lol..shot man!”
Hello The General, hope u good man, omg do u knw dat Prezzo cried in the diary session, bcs of u? Damn u a the true legand, Congratulations 1nce again spend the money wisely we dnt want to bump into u on the street smoking teebags lol.. #Much love brother
“Yeah for sure thank you lol”
What were you thinking sitting on the chair after IK said the winners name (KEAGAN) and it was you???
“Nothing lol…my brain was soo overwhelmed lol…too many things to process at once..Africa voting for me…why…money…fame…you know…”
Hi Keagen my question 2 u is who came with da idea of let’s jst b frnds btwn da 2 of u?
“Both of we first looked at how we could make it work..getting visa jobs etc..which is what everybody doesn’t take into consideration so it was both of us.”
So Keag r u still gonna hv long chats on the beach with Talia? as frnz though and wen z ur eviction party (Barbz ,yu nd Lee) wuz gonna b there WatiP. , Keitta, Talia r they cumin? coz wud nt want 2 miss that party.
“Everything is still being sorted out ..preparations doesn’t come over night and we have to get the best venue but will def keep you posted!”
When was the lst time u spoke with Wati P u guys whr crazy mic u on my screen whn is he cmng 2 cpt?
“Wati is kinda lost right now and im looking for him hopefully by tonight lol…i want him in SA soon!”
Would you do a BBA Allstar??
“As long as theres cigs and alcohol it’l be alright i guess lol..but yeah!”
Will u throw a party on 1 sep?
“Yeah im sorting that out right now lol”
Is Caylin njoyin her big boy scooter?
“Hahaha not yet waiting on big boy to deliver it!”
When r u guys starting de tour?
“Preparations must be made..sponsors organised..will keep you posted for sure!”
So Keagan tell me what is wrong with a long distance relationship?
“I’ve had one before didn’t work out as expected her as well…and how busy we both are right now we barely have time to speak to each besides texts..which is unhealthy for a relationship..ther are so many factors that people dont see.”
Did u receive ur price for winning the big box competition?
“Lol not yet..but MNet’s working on it”
When r u guys gonna come 2 soweto? Sherioushly Keagan n Lee
“Was there last week but soon again!”
Hi Keagan, will any of your BBA housemates attend the party(31/08)?
“Its a surprise lol…but that wont be the only party lol”
Hello Keagen the legend….are u aware u made fake president cry in the diary room *prezoo* and how do u feel about that?
“Lmao…i just think its funny lol…still understand why he was crying though lol!”
I love u & Talia 2geda, r u guys still inlove lyk in da house? By da way congrats on winning u made SA proud!
“We like each other alot but there’s alota factors invloved!”
How did u feel when humty(Prezzo) says he will kill u, cos i nearly jumped in2 my tv so how was u?
“Lol i knew he wouldn’t he was just very drunk that’s why i was laughing so much.”
Why did you throw water at Junia? (I know you’ve answered this before, but I just luv hearing you say it.)
“She had a demon inside of her lol!!! i needed to wake her up!”
Are u going to be wit Talia or u were jst wasting her time?
“Nope not wasting anyones time we being realistic…we are both so busy right now we barely have time for ourselves let alone call each other we get the slight text in here and there…which is unhealthy for a relationship…there are so many factors…its not easy at all”
Did your parents give you any sort of lecture about ur behaviour at the big brother house?
“Nope…thats how i behave wherever i go…don’t hide anything lol”
Keagan when are you visiting Ghana please? You know we love you and we really wanna see you here? Lol
“Asap Keita might come down here first…but will keep in touch lol”
The “acid in the eye” incident. What was the story were you involved in a dispute or something?
“Nope I was just the completely wrong person they went for lol wrong place wrong time”
My ? about where do u work as intern manager is not replyed to!
“Steenberg estate..hotel catharina lol”
Keagan who would u say was and still is ur bestfriend inside the house? name 1 housmate besides Lee
“Wati P and Keita and Nafe and Kyle lol”
Eee! what was goin on through ur mind when Ik announced u a winner? what are your plans 4 d future nw dat u d Legend lol? how do u feel when u heard dat Barbs campaigned 4 u in sm african countries! how are u coping wt ths life changing exp?
“Yeah im cool lol. for all the support..i honestly feel blessed and am thank ful completely! and thank barbz a 100 times over and over! and ima start studying next year…right now its making appearances and a few other things lol”
How do u mentain being so matured at such a young age?
“lmao..maturity comes in differnt forms..i thinks its the life experinces ive had which im thankful for!”
If lady may was to ask u to link up wat wud u say to her?
“Pay me another 300 000 dollars first lmao”
Whats your favourite food and drink??? en slaap jy op jou rug of jou tummy?? #tryna get this people off the Talia topic!
“lmimp…yoh rooti and curry, preyani…lobster thermidor and suhi oyes and pastas lol…drink my fav is a mojito or a pornstar martina…or tequila redbull lo…ek slaap op my rug…i hope lol”
You,Talia and Wati P are u guys stil gonna continue to be part of 1 campain because u did mention that u wil start to seek companies to help you guys in fighting porvety,and are they stil coming to S.A for their studies in UCT.
“We still talking about everything…and i def wanna still the campaign yes”
Do u have a bodyguard coz Prezzo threatened to fly to Cape Town to finish u off with that bottle?
“Hahaha im sorted in that field lol”
Are you in talking terms with Seydou?
“I mean i’ll talk to him”
Did Talia really send Seydou those whatsapp & videos??!
“I really don’t know and couldn’t care less lol”
Hi Keagan! Just want to know if Talia is coming for ur birthday party n to tell you also datyou shld hold on dat love cos after all dis publicity mess I believe you n talia will b one. KEALIA it is
“Ima tryna orgise for the bb housemates…we will know by next week lol”
How much would u be willing to pay for my services as a typist? Coz u’re clearly gonna need 1 to get thru all the q’s.”
“Hahahaha you super funny”
My legend, i rily lyk u n t n wud adore seeing u wer do u place sey in o ths? hav u tkn tym to talk bwt ths wth hm n ts???
“Seydou is where he is..don’t worry to much about that…me and t are good friends and it will stay that way”
Did you and Lee enjoy teaching all the houseamtes the ugliest swear words that you can find in Cape Town….. Do you think they realised how rude they were being???
You and Lee made us very proud, BBA will never be the same again….. Huggs and Kisses
“Yes lol…it was the best..we had to find a way to make us feel at home lol…thank you babe!”
I want to come to your birthday party so where is it going to be? Are we fans allow to come?
“Yeah for sure…will keep u posted tryna get the perfect venue.”
Are u proud of the way u played ur game? Are there any regrets?
“Nothing whatsoever i was just being myself lol”
How far ar u keagan wth the petrol station. gud-day.
“Lol a petrol station doesnt come in two weeks lol…thats on pause for now lol”
U kissed almost every beautiful girls in BBA7, beside Talia which one did u enjoy?
Zainab…loved it!”
Would ever consider going into the entertainment industry? Reality TV?? or hosting a show??
“Reality show most likely…
R u dating some1 @ d moment?
“Ssssingle and counting…”
Do think u r a good role model to the younger generation n nw that u r a winner do u feel they will look up to u?
“Besides the swearing and drinking yes…i can help instill good morals and values.”
Keagan boy when is my drunken masters coming to see u (Wati P and Jannette). Would like to see them. As for make ur dream come true and go back to school. Ur die hard fan
“Lol yeah we busy with preparations for all that! will def keep you posted..hopefully tour SA soon.”
Keagan Petersen, of all the Housemates in UV or DV, which one would you have liked to get to know better while still in the BBA house?
“Mmmm Goldie Eve i think”
Keagun why won’t u date Small Princess??? Lmao, that’s my girl right there.. I loved when she asked Talia if she thought ‘Keagun’ would wanna spank that – her ass *bendin down* loooool
“Hahah have you seen the height differnce shes awesome but i cant be walking around with a ladder”
Keagen don’t forget Edith she was also campaigning for you…..there’s many beautiful gals in SA pls don’t take money to Zambia plssssssssssss
“Hahahahahahaha !  ”
Keagan hve u dcided wat u gona with the money n any bussiness plans? Luv n miss u son….”
“Yeah and will keep you all posted lol..preparation stages.”
The constant calling between you and Eve, should we take it as a sign?
“Nope…just business really lol”
Why did u use other housematez for your personal interests? Did you share the money with them as you had promised them?
“Lol i didnt use anybody..and we still have to sit down and discuss everything.”

Nigeria's Next Super Model 2012 final screening is this Friday

The final screening will take place this Friday August 24th at Best Western Hotel, opposite Bar Beach, Victoria Island. Time is 9am.