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OMG! 20 Children Hidden Underground by an Islamic Sect for Nearly Ten Years

An independent Islamic sect in Russia has kept 20 children living underground for almost ten years, a court heard.The children, including a 17-year-old who was pregnant, had not been exposed to the natural heat of sunlight. They were part of 70 sect members who appeared to have been held captive underground.
Authorities were digging beneath a three-storey building close to the city of Kazan in the republic of Tartarstan when the sect members were found in their underground cells.
The sect, which is known as the “Fayzarahmanist,” was named after its 83-year-old organiser Fayzrahman Satarov.
A Tartarstan TV channel called Vesti reported Satarov declared himself a prophet and his house an independent Islamic state. His followers read his manuscripts and most were banned from leaving their eight-storey underground bunker.
On Satarov’s background, the media has learned he was described as a former deputy to a Sunni Islamic cleric in the 1970s. A criminal investigation had been opened into the sect. Authorities learned Fayzarahmanist practices unconventional way of life. The sect even stops its members from seeking medical assistance or education, prosecutors said.
Prosecutors have warned the sect it will be disbanded if it continues its illegal activities, such as stopping its members from seeking medical assistance or education. Police suspects child abuse may have been done to the kids, but no arrests have been made. For its part, the court will decide whether the children will be allowed to stay with their parents.
Numerous cults and sects have emerged and flourished in the years since the USSR’s collapse in 1991.

Why Women Choose Bad Boys

FRIEND OF FRIEND DATEWomen choose bad boys because their hormones make them, new research suggests. When ovulating a woman’s hormones influence who she sees as good potential fathers, and they specifically pick sexier men over obviously more dependable men.

“Previous research has shown in the week near ovulation women become attracted to sexy, rebellious and handsome men like George Clooney or James Bond,” study researcher Kristina Durante, of The University of Texas at San Antonio, said in a statement. “But until now it was unclear why women would ever think it’s wise to pursue long-term relationships with these kinds of men.”
The study was published today, May 14, in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
The researchers had women view online dating profiles of either a sexy man or a reliable man during periods of both high and low fertility. Participants were asked to indicate the expected paternal contribution from the men if they had a child together based on how helpful the man would be caring for the babyshopping for food, cooking and contributing to household chores. Near ovulation women thought that the sexy man would contribute more to these domestic duties. 
“Under the hormonal influence of ovulation, women delude themselves into thinking that the sexy bad boys will become devoted partners and better dads,” Durante said. “When looking at the sexy cad through ovulation goggles, Mr. Wrong looked exactly like Mr. Right.”
The researchers followed up that find with a second study in which women interacted directly with male actors who played the roles of sexy cad and reliable dad once during ovulation and again at low fertility. Again, ovulating women thought that the sexy cad — but not the reliable dad — would contribute more to childcare, but only as her partner (not if he shacked up with another woman).
“When asked about what kind of father the sexy bad boy would make if he were to have children with another woman, women were quick to point out the bad boy’s shortcomings,” said Durante. “But when it came to their own child, ovulating women believed that the charismatic and adventurous cad would be a great father to their kids.”
“While this psychological distortion could be setting some women up to choose partners who are better suited to be short-term mates, missing a mating opportunity with a sexy cad might be too costly for some women to pass up,” said Durante. “After all, you never know if he could be the ‘one.’”

Why Men Like “Curvy” Women

kim k curves
Joselyn Dumas or Kim Kardashian: Whose body type do you prefer? Weirdly, the answer might come down to how stressed you are.
According to a study published in PLoS ONE, men under stress desire heavier, full-figured women over thinner women.
British researchers showed stressed and unstressed men photos of female bodies varying in size and shape. Men rated normal weight and overweight women significantly more attractive when they were under stress. Tense men also preferred a wider range of female body sizes than their stress-free counterparts.
So why might stress shape your judgment of a woman’s body size? The researchers point to previous studies that suggest people favor mates with more mature physical characteristics like curves when they feel threatened physically, economically, or socially. That’s because physical maturity may convey independence, control, and strength—traits that look good in a partner during tough times.
In fact, past research has shown that actresses with more mature facial and bodily features are more popular during periods of socioeconomic trouble. (See where some of those actresses land on our list of The 100 Hottest Women of All Time.)
But let’s be honest: Stressed or unstressed, it’s a win-win if you ever get the chance to choose between Gisele or Kim.

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards To Hold Feb. 10, 2013

Music’s Biggest Night, the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, will return to Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013, and will air live on the CBS Television Network from 8–11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).
Additionally, “The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!!. Countdown to Music’s biggest night” which officially kicks off Granny season by revealing nominations in several categories while featuring unique performances with past Grammy winners and/or nominees will air live on CBS Wednesday, Dec. 5 .
The eligibility year for the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards is Oct. 1, 2011, to Sept. 30, 2012.This year’s Grammy broadcast was seen by almost 40 million viewers, making it the second most-watched Grammys in history. The broadcast was highlighted by Adele’s Grammy sweep and a tribute to Whitney Houston, who died a day before the event.

[PHOTO] Is She Getting Married? Lady Gaga Spotted In Wedding Gown

lady gaga in wedding dress
lady gaga created a buzz when she posted a photo of herself in a wedding gown after celebrating a year together with her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. She has been very private when it comes to her relationship with current boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. But friends close to the popstar said that the couple celebrated their one year over the weekend.

Just recently, Lady Gaga sparked rumors after posting a photo which she captioned, “It’s my best friends wedding she made us try on dresses! BRIDESMAIDS VERA [Wang] Baby.”
The picture showed Gaga in a wedding gown together with two other ladies. The photo, which was taken in a Vera Wang bridal boutique in New York, certainly created a rumble that she might probably be walking down the aisle soon.
The photo of Lady Gaga in a strapless gown was posted on Vie Luxe International CEO Marjorie Gubelmann’s Instragram account. She captioned, “Loving @ladygaga in @verawanggang #picoftheday #instahub #instacool.” This current wedding bell rumors between Gaga and her “Vampire Diaries” boyfriend was not the first one. Last May, Terry Richardson had the rumor mill spinning when he posted a photo of the singer on his blog while showing off a ring on her finger.
“Gaga showing off her new engagement ring!” Richardson posted but then it turned out to e a hoax.
The 26-year-old singer met Taylor Kinney on the set of her music video, “You and I.” Although the singer doesn’t appear like she is rushing to get married, she posted an intimate photo of her and Taylor on her websiteThe image shows Lady Gaga and Taylor in a pool. Taylor was nestling the singer on his

How President Mills Will Be Buried

The State funeral of the late President John Evans Atta Mills, which has generated mass publicity locally and globally and an unprecedented outpour of the publics’ sympathy, would culminate in a burial ceremony steeped in distinctive military traditions on Friday, August 10.
After the religious ceremonies that would be tinged with poignant evocation of hymns and the performance of the final funeral rites by the family of the late leader at the Independence Square, the Military would take over the casket, escorting the body of the one-time Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) to his final resting place at the Geese Park on the Castle Drive.
Before the body of the late President Mills is interred, the casket containing his remains would be placed on a gun-carriage by eight pall-bearers of Brigadier General rank and taken on a State drive on a selected route lined with personnel of other security services.
The cortege would be escorted by a Ghana Airforce helicopter.
When the cortege finally gets back to the Independence Square after the State drive, military personnel in full ceremonial garb, will line both sides of the Castle Drive, with reversed arms to give the departed leader his last honours.
At the Geese Park, the pall-bearers will lower the casket from the gun-carriage and place it on the grave, where military buglers will sound the “last post” amidst the booms of a 21 gun salute by a detachment of personnel of the 66 Artillery Regiment of the GAF.
Simultaneously, there would be a fly-past by three Ghana Air Force jets ejecting long lines of smoke in the national colours, with Ghana Navy ships also performing ceremonial maneuvers on the shoreline behind the Independence Square.
After final prayers, the body of the late President Mills would be lowered into the grave to start his journey into the world beyond.



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Talia apologises for her public fornication, says was under ‘pressure’

Big Brother Africa star game finalist Talia Hayward has appealed to her fans and Zambians to forgive her for her public fornication with fellow housemate Keegan of South Africa.
Withing 90 days, Talia dated two men one Angolan and the other South African
She was watched by the whole world including her parents and younger sibblings having sex with Keagan on live TV.
Keegan 21, emerged winner of the US$ 300, 000 grand prize of the seventh edition of Big Brother Africa reality show which ended on Sunday.
The soft spoken Talia said at a media briefing that society should not be too quick to judge her for the ‘sins’ she might have committed while participating on the show.
“I would like to apologize to my fans and society for the activities that happened in the house. It is difficult to be in the house, there is too much pressure especially that that there are a lot of people from different backgrounds and culture and in a small space,” she said.
Talia who acknowledged that she might not have represented Zambia well in during her 91 day stayed in the house, said she was only human and bound to make mistakes.
“Being in that house can be overwhelming and it is difficult to control certain emotions,” she said apologetically.
Prior to Keegan, Talia had an affair with Angolan housemate Seydou just after a few days in the House.


WHAT: The Ankara Fest was designed to showcase upcoming and established designers in who specialize in using traditional African fabrics and prints to create contemporary clothing in a fashion show.
WHO: Host Actress Shondrella Avery  Actress (Napolean Dynamite, The Secret Life of Bees, Déjà Vu) will host this year’s event. Featured designers include: Design A Diva (Nigeria); DAF “Fashion That Speaks Volumes” (Cameroon); Sumahrie Collections (Sierra Leone); ND’s Pieces (Los Angeles); Oyato Designs (New York/Nigeria); MABM (Ghana); Tribal Mask (Los Angeles); Vickey Lecky (Oakland); Chidex Designs (Houston/Nigeria); Glamm Fashions (New York/Nigeria),Najite Creative Jewelries (Chicago),Oyato designs, Revere Couture, MABM Designs(Ghana), Nsaa House Of Designs(Ghana), Glamm Fashion, Dai Z Couture(Cameroon), Summarhie Collections(sierra Leon), Menogu Designs, and Chidex Designs. Feature artist include: Naira, Big Klef, Saxophonist Seyi Alesh, Bro Phalu Falu, Celestina
WHEN: Saturday, September 29th, from 4pm-9pm
WHERE: Avalon Hollywood, 1735 Vine St., Los Angeles.
WHY: The Ankara Fest is a way for us to bridge the gap between generations of Africans and African - Americans living in the United States through fashion and music.
HOW: For more information about the event and RSVP please, or contact Mr. Peter Lentini via 
ABOUT NAIJA ENTERTAINMENTNaija Entertainment’s mission is to enhance awareness about Nigeria’s rich culture among Nigerians in America. Through entertainment and various partnerships, the company aims to bridge the gap between generations to foster togetherness and unity. 

Ms. Dunnie Onasanya
Publicist & Special Events Producer

Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Her New Baby Girl, Penelope Scotland!!

Kourtney and Scott’s newest addition to their family, little Miss Penelope Scotland. She entered the world of Kardashians & realty tv on July 8, weighing in at 7 lbs, 14 ounces. Kourtney was quoted say this about her new bundle of joy..

Photos: Becca Calls On Her Fans To Choose Her Album Art For Her

Ghanaian songstress, Becca is asking her fans to help choose the cover for her upcoming second studio album, ‘Time 4 Me’. The singer has released 5 versions of her album cover for her fans to choose from. Fans are to download their favourite cover and upload it on twitter and tag it with ‘I Like this cover @beccafrica’ before sending.



GENRE: An urban adventure, mildly romantic and hilarious
THEME:   Premarital sex.
                 Teenage pregnancy
                 Future Ambitions and aspirations
SUBJECT: Eighteen year old beauty pageant contestant.
TOPIC: Teenage contestant, in the middle of peer pressure, moral obligations, social relationships and a career.
·         To examine the crisis of teenage peer pressure.
·         To join the crusade against premarital and unprotected sex
·         To emphasize how decision taking can make or mar ones future.
TARGET AUDIENCE: The whole family
SYNOPSIS:  An eighteen year old girl, who has always had the dream of becoming a beauty queen, finally gets the chance, but her dream is almost truncated by an unexpected and very unwanted pregnancy she is caught between having the baby and going ahead with the pageant

Soundtracks by: 
Essien Akpandem(approved)
Asa(still in talks)

Lead Character: Israel Samuel as Priye Epelle

Featured Stars
Denrele Edun
Karen Igho
Lepacious Bose
Oyekunle Oluwaremi GUS winner 2010
Uche Okoli "Reel Radio"

Director: Stanlee Ohikhuare
Associate Producer: Gbemiga Oladele
Producer: Grace Edwin-Okon
 twitter @derwinprod  @derwinFA @graceoboba
 Heavy beauty can also be viewed on the MTN afrinolly platform
You can call me on 08025577755

Mario Barwuah Balotteli Joins Robbie Fowler, Andy Cole And Steve McManaman For Peace Match In Ghana

Ghanasoccernet has revealed that the controversial Ghanaian- born Manchester City star, Mario Barwuah Balotteli will be among a star-studded lineup of  international footballers expected to play in a peace match in Ghana on September 15.
The Italian super star will join legendary players like Robbie Fowler, Andy Cole and Steve McManaman to engage former Black Stars players in a move to create awareness for peace ahead of the December polls and also to honour deceased Ghana president John Atta Mills.
All the flagbearers or their representatives from the various political parties in the country are expected to attend the event at the Accra sports stadium.
The potential arrival of the controversial football figure will be a momentous one for soccer fans in Ghana who will get a rare chance to watch the 21-year-old in action.
Balloteli, born to Ghanaian parents was initially billed to visit his homeland before the start of the English Premier League to see his grandfather at Konongo but the passing away of the ‘old man’ altered his plans.