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Jennifer Aniston lands the cover of GQ, says “the perfect life is a cliche”

Jennifer Aniston covers GQ Spain’s August issue. The 43-year-old actress looks insane (as always!). She has a thing for GQ! She’s posed for two previous covers, and on both she’s half naked. In 2008, all she wore was a men’s tie.  (She also appeared on the cover with Paul Rudd, but she was covered up for that shoot)
Jennifer and boyfriend Justin Theroux just returned home from a long vacation in Paris, Rome and Capri. Several outlets reported that Justin got down on one knee and proposed while they were away, but Jen turned him down. Why? According to sources, she felt like Justin was being pressured into proposing. I’m not sure I’m buying this story, though. I don’t think Jen would turn him down. I think if Justin actually DID propose, then she’d be engaged.
Anyhoo, in the new GQ Spain issue, Jen admits that she considers the “perfect life” a cliche, and that marriage and kids may not be in the cards for her.


Popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson was recently crown the Face of Ghana Best Actress 2011/2012 at a red carpet ceremony held at the JFK International Hilton Hotel in the United State of America.
She was honored for her impact on the world via her exploits in movies within the year 2011/2012. The actress left 
Ghana on Thursday for the USA ahead of the ceremony.
Currently, Yvonne's films are quite popular in the 
US. She is seen and acknowledged as not just a mere acting figure but someone who represents values of hardwork and dedication.
The event has been in existence for 15 years and has over the years honored more than 500 hardworking individuals all over the world.congrats dearie...

Justin Bieber on the cover of Rolling Stone “Hot, Ready, Legal”

Justin Bieber appears on the cover of Rolling Stone for the second time in the issue that hits newsstands this Friday, July 20th. The cover story, written by Josh Eells, shadows the teen sensation for a week as he battles paparazzi at a Los Angeles golf course, appears on the The Tonight Show, hits the studio and much more.  Bieber is only 18, but he says he feels like he’s become significantly more mature over the last couple of years. “I feel like I carry myself in a more manly way,” he says. “I don’t carry myself as a boy.”

Lady Gaga poses nude with tiny men crawling all over her body in her new fragrance ad!

You knew Lady Gaga’s perfume ad was going to be a bit shocking.
Today we’re getting our first look at the promotional pictures for her new perfume, Fame. The 26-year-old singer posted the picture on her Twitter account, saying ’Photo by STEVEN KLEIN. The First Ever Black Eau de Parfum. Model: Lady Gaga.’
Before she revealed the ad, she explained why she was feeling nervous about sharing the new picture.I won’t lie I’m a bit nervous. its been a while since i’ve shared some work with you. But i’m so proud of Steven+I, we really did not sleep!’
In the new ad, Gaga is seen lying on her side, nude, with small men crawling all over her body.
Her new perfume is a black liquid that goes on clear, and it will be released next month.
Renato Semerari, president of Coty Beauty, said: ‘She is an artist that is never satisfied with the status quo – she always has this way of challenging everybody and trying to do something more, something different.
‘She has her own ideas and very often they’re very interesting and challenging…really, she’s not the one who says, “It’s OK, let’s move on and turn the page.” She’s always thinking, “Can we do more?”
‘This is a very stimulating partnership; and she’s pushed us with her ideas, we’ve come with our own ideas – and the combination of the two is very valuable.’
Coty hailed Gaga as ‘zeitgeist in a bottle’ and are delighted with her innovation.
Bernd Beetz, chief executive officer of Coty Inc., said: ‘Lady Gaga joins a legendary cast of talent for whom Coty has created scents.
‘Gaga’s launch represents my personal credo brought to life….Innovate or die! Absolutely everything about this launch is innovative, from the bottle, to the juice, to the lady herself….She’s zeitgeist in a bottle.’
Gaga explained the fragrance’s name relates to her belief that anyone can have fame.
She told WWD: ‘Fame is an illusion – if you really want it, anyone can have it.’
I have to admit, I’m really interested to find out what this perfume smells like. I don’t see myself buying it – but I would like to see (smell) what all the buzz is about!

The Best Paid Actresses On Television

Sophia Vergara is having a pretty good year!
This 40-year-old Columbian beauty is Forbes’ best paid actress on television, as her estimated earnings between May 2011 and May 2012 are around $19 million. The past twelve months have been good to Vergara; she edges out  Kim Kardashian for the title of best paid star by a mere  $1 million!
And according to Forbes, the two actresses have a lot more in common than one might think:
Both have price-conscious clothing lines at national retailers: Kardashian has SEARS and Vergara has a Kmart line, although according to sources Vergara got the better deal. “Her $7 million advance speaks volumes of Kmart’s interest in the booming Hispanic market.”
Both have major endorsement deals: Kim’s lent her name to diet, beauty and lifestyle brands while Sofia’s face appears in ad campaigns for Diet Pepsi, Burger Kingand Covergirl.
Both Dig Social Media: Kim’s Twitter feed boasts 15 million followers while Vergara’s 3 million are supplemented by a popular YouTube channel that gives her fans unique insight into her life.
Eva Longoria is 3rd, trailing by 3 million.
Now y’all know the recipe for success, folks!

Photo: Fame/Flynet
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The Ultra Modern St. Patricks College to be Commission on Friday

Front view of St. Patricks College, Asaba
 — atAsaba, Delta state.

Front view of St. Patricks College, Asaba
 — atAsaba, Delta state.
Delta state plays host to the 1999 Constitution Review Senate Committee which will be having a Four Days Senate Retreat from thursday, 19th July to sunday 22nd July, 2012. During the retreat the Senate President, David Mark, will be commissioning the new ultra modern block of classrooms built by the Delta state Government at Saint Patrick College, Asaba on Friday July 20th, 2012.


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Happy 94th birthday to Nelson Mandela. You’re my hero, and your selflessness, your vision, and your courage are an inspiration to everyone. Your greatest service was to teach the world that “impossible” is just a myth. Today all of us should take some time to reflect on Mandela’s great wisdom: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” After you reflect, go out and do the impossible. It's the best way to celebrate this great man.SAYS Arnold Schwarzenegger...

All New Kardashian Kollection Promo -- Yay or Yikes!

0713_kardashian_insetIt's yet another ad for the Kardashian Kollection!

The three sisters just unveiled their newest promo for their SEARS line … and there's big hair and leopard print everywhere! 
Kim tweeted “Big hair don’t care!” in reference to her bouffant -- and the girls are definitely rocking some large locks … perhaps paying homage to the ‘60s? 

We think Khloe looks the best in the ad, but we're not fans of the styling on Kim or Kourtney. The big hair plus the bold leopard print gives us a krazy Kardashian headache. 

You can check out more of their new pieces at

What do you think of the print?  Like their new threads?PLS DROP YOUR COMMENTS...

What do you think about AFROCANDY and her DANCERS?

                                   WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS PIX...

Beyonce Steps Out with Baby Blue Ivy and New 'Do!

Blue Ivy Carter is getting so big ... and so is Beyonce's hair!

Blue's been kept under wraps whenever she's popped up in public so far, but Beyonce Knowleswas spotted in NYC today holding her 7-month-old baby girl ... and we're starting to get a much better look at her.

Though a new face photo from inside Bergdorf's leaked on Twitter earlier, Blue's mug was hidden from view when the duo stepped outside.

The most shocking thing about the photos: Beyonce's new 'do!

The 30-year-old was seen rocking a massive beehive of braids -- and we want to know what you think of the look!

D'Prince covers July edition of Exquisite magazine


Breaking News: Voluntary Exit For Prezzo

Prezzo unleashed a bombshell this evening.

Kenyan rapper Prezzo confided in Talia this evening, letting her in on his plans to ask for a Voluntary Exit, as early as tomorrow. Prezzo cited isolation and an overwhelming sense of loneliness as his reason for throwing in the towel.

Talia did not seem to believe him at first, but after deeper conversation, realised the Kenyan is serious. "My tank is on empty right now. I'm done. I feel so lonely and the isolation is getting to me," he said. Talia encouraged Prezzo to hold on just for a little longer. "You cannot give up now. We're nearing the end. You cannot give up right at the door. It would be a stupid move on your part. Think of all the people you will be disappointing," she advised.

On Sunday, Goldie was Evicted from the Big brother House. She and Prezzo were conjoined at the hip and after she left, Prezzo has been trying to spend time with the origional Downvillers. Unfortunately, relations have been a bit on the icy side, especially with Keagan. Prezzo has tried to spend time with Lady May, who in turn, prefers solitude.

Will tomorrow be the day Prezzo packs his bags, or is he just joking?

Video: Calling it quits?

By NgettyD / DStv Online

Goldie's Emotional Exit - Photos

Goldie getting ready for the live eviction show.
Goldie's last moments in the BBA StarGame house.
Lady May and Wati comforting each other.
Wati in the StarGame lounge.
Keitta has a laugh.
Jannette getting her Goldie look on.
No worries for Zambia's Talia
Guys hoping to see a glimpse of what is happening outside the house.
Kyle who was up for possible eviction was all smiles after surviving the chop.
Prezzo survived the eviction.
Talia and Kyle.
Guests were entertained with live music.
Zimbabwe's Winky D entertained guests at the show.
Goldie bids BBA StarGame fans farewell.
Goldie shocked to see how the other housemates nominated.
Goldie is ushered off the BBA StarGame stage.

Courtesy of Africa Magic / DStv Online

MADONNA Gives BF a Hand on Stage

When not flashing body partsswastikas or putting a gun to her head on tour, Madonna likes to get touchy-feely with her 25-year-old dancer boyfriend Brahim Zaibat.

At her London concert on Tuesday, the 53-year-old Queen of Pop slipped her shirtless boy toy a couple of fingers into his mouth and then took a break from grabbing her crotch to reach around to his nether regions.

While Madge's latest stunt is sure to cause the usual barrage of misogynistic and ageist comments to be hurled her way, if you had a ripped hot lover half your age you wouldn't be able to keep your paws off him either.

Rihanna Vs Kim Kardashian



NMO Management in assoc with BellaNaija & CoolFM
LoudNProudLive Series: Divas with Voices Special

DATE: Saturday 21st July
Venue: Villa Picasso
62B Adetokumbo Ademola, vi (opp. Eko Hotel, next to Aura)

Featuring multi Award winner KEFEE aka 'BRANAMA Queen': catch her
performing 'KOKOROKO' live with full band & songs including new single 'BEAUTIFUL'

CHIDINMA: Winner MTN Project Fame: will be performing songs:
including: 'JANKOLI' and new song 'KEDIKE' & more...

ARAMIDE: singer songwriter signed to ELDEE'S (TRYBES Records)

JEMIRIYE: Nigerian Idols

Red carpet: 8pm
Strict door policy: DRESS TO IMPRESS

Powered by:

23 year old girl jailed in Abuja for biting off lover’s tongue!

An Abuja Magistrate Court has ordered that a 23-year-old commercial sex worker, Charity Achibong, be remanded in prison for biting off her lovers tongue.
Achibong of Jabi village, Abuja, appeared in court on a one-count charge of causing hurt contrary to section 245 of the Penal code.
The Police Prosecutor, Insp. Clement Egwu, said that one Mr Ephraim Okoronkwo reported the accused on July 9, at the Life Camp Police Station, Abuja.
He said that the complainant and the accused had a misunderstanding and heated argument in his room on the day of the incident.
Egwu said that the accused jumped on the complainant in the midst of the argument and bit off his tongue.
He added that the accused tried to run away but was apprehended by a security man nearby

How Chinese men fought each other to death in Kano State

Tragedy struck Chinese community in Kano State, weekend, when four Chinese nationals engaged in a free-for-all that claimed the life of two of them.
The incident, which occurred at a house in Kwanar Ganduje industrial zone of the municipality, was brought to the notice of the police, which intervention came too late.
Kano Police Commissioner, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, told reporters, yesterday, that a crack police team sent to the scene found one Xusheng Kun, male, critically injured, while another, identified by his alias, Old Man, also sustained life-threatening injury.
He said that two staff of Kano-based Zhao Dongs Nigeria Limited, Jinbo Zhao Dang Dong and Smith Zhang Ze, were arrested at the scene.
The police boss explained that Xusheng Kun, male, was latter certified dead by Doctors at Murtala Muhammad Hospital, Kano, while Old Man gave up the ghost in the same hospital, Sunday.
Idris said preliminary investigation into the matter revealed that the fight was the result of “a business deal floated on trust that went sour and we also observed betrayal of trust in whole issue,” adding that the two suspects were in detention

BREAKTHROUGH: US approves first ever HIV prevention drug!

Truvada pills
The first-ever daily pill for prevention against HIV was approved Monday by United States regulators for use in uninfected adults who are at riskof contacting the virus that causes AIDS.
The name of the drug is ‘Truvada’, made by Gilead Sciences in California, and it has been available since 2004. But it has just just been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a new use as a tool to help ward off HIV in healthy people.
The pill as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has been hailed by some AIDS experts as a potent new tool against human immunodeficiency virus.
The FDA however encouraged adults use Truvada as “part of a comprehensive HIV prevention strategy that includes other prevention methods, such as safesex practices, risk reduction counseling, and regular HIV testing.”

BREAKING NEWS: Bomb found off Toyin Street, Lagos!

At the time of filing this report, a bomb was being detonated by the Anti Bomb Squad off Toyin street in the capital of Lagos State- Ikeja.
When CruiseNigeria inquired from residents watching from a distance, we were told that the bomb was found at the Reliance hotel and they alerted the anti-bomb squad
We will let you with details as they surface..

HALLE BERRYwas Rushed to Hospital

At 10 pm as reported by TMZ, Halle suffer an injury to the head after she fell. She was taken to the hospital via ambulance.

According to tmz Halle Berry was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night after suffering an injury while shooting a movie.

 Halle hit her head on concrete after taking a nasty fall.
According to the photo agency, Halle was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in L.A.  We're told the injury occurred at around 10 PM.  There was an ambulance on scene, and it appears that's how Halle was transported.

Halle was shooting the movie, "The Hive."  You'll recall she suffered an ankle injury during another movie shoot in Spain.  

Her condition is unclear.  safe recovering..

Harare tycoon pledges to buy Maneta a new car

Flamboyant and controversial Harare businessman Wicknell ‘B.I.G’ Chivayo has boasted that he will buy disgraced Big Brother Stargame contestant Maneta Mazanhi a brand new car to spite her ‘haters’.
Maneta and fellow Zimbabwean contestant Roki were booted out of Big Brother Stargame after the two brawled live on TV. Since her return Maneta has been a figure of hate with many people blaming her for starting the brawl.
Even though Maneta claimed during the show that she was dating Chivayo, the businessman quickly dismissed the claim. Tongues will however be wagging after Chivayo driving a silver BMW X6 told a local paper;
“I am buying her a car this week. I am just waiting for quotations from dealerships and I will purchase it for her. It is my way of making the haters hate more and show them that they do not even matter. Maneta and I will be like brother and sister.
“She is my sister and also a very nice girl. As for plans of hooking up in the other way, no. That relationship will not even last as I have a girlfriend and Maneta is too small for me anyway. I love big women,” he said.
Chivayo has in the past been in the news over accusations of fraud. The flashy businessman was facing eight counts of fraud and one count of money laundering and was acquitted a month ago in so to much money guy hope he buys her the car ooooooooooooooo....we are waitng...