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Daily Inspiration- Carlos Arredondo

I had to share this, as I'm overwhelmed by this man and his story:culled from africansweetheatblog

The man in the cowboy hat in this photo's name is Carlos Arredondo. Carlos was at the Boston Marathon with his wife handing out American flags to runners. He lost a son to a sniper bullet in Iraq in 2004 and a second son to suicide a few years later - a depression triggered by the death of his brother. Carlos now spends a significant amount of his time on peace activism and working with vets coming home from war and was at the Marathon to hand out flags and inspire people. 

Carlos does not having any medical training but when the blast went off, he ran towards the danger, jumped two fences and found the now-famous man in the wheelchair on the ground, both his legs blown off, and suffering from severe shock and critical wounds. He got him into a wheelchair and pinched the man's artery closed with two of his fingers (you can see him doing so in the photo).
Because of Carlos, this man is alive today, having had surgery earlier today to remove both of his legs.

This man is a hero and deserves to have his name shouted from the rooftops. This man who lost so much still threw himself into the frenzy of panic and saved another guy's life. He might as well be Captain America as far as I'm concerned.

Inspiration achieved. da man!!!

16-year-old American school pupil, Olufolabi Adeniji, kidnapped

16-year-old Olufolabi Adeniji (pictured above right), a pupil of American International School, Lagos, is missing. He was last seen in the early hours Tuesday April 16th on his way to school with his mother's driver. The SUV was later found abandoned at the Palms shopping Mall, Lekki with his school bag inside the vehicle.

The driver who took Olufolabi to school that morning has not been heard from since that day...and the schoolboy's abductors are yet to make contact with his family. Anyone with any useful information should please contact the nearest police station. And please watch the people you leave your children with. Kidnapping is on the rise now. God protect us all! 

Melanie Amaro - "Hero" - X Factor USA A MUST WATCH VIDEO

Melanie Amaro is just 18yrs and she won Xfactor 2011 i love this video and song...she killled the song

10 tricks to become a loving, positive person

It’s one thing to wax eloquent on positivity, but quite another to be a positive person at heart.
Despite believing to have a positive outlook, we invariably weigh the cons first, consider several times before sparing a compliment, and broadcast only the odds when someone counts on us for advice. What’s more, we prefer needless sarcasm for humour, manage a wry smile when something is genuinely funny, and believe deep down that the glass is actually half empty.
We live in denial of our inherent negativity for the most part, and often wonder why the world around is so mean and reckless. At work, we never fail telling our juniors how meeting deadlines can be a tough proposition, and not to think too ‘out of the box’ to impress the boss. In short, we never tire telling all concerned how tough things can be! Unlike dogs we may not be born eternal optimists, but positivity is something that can be imbibed even if a tad forcibly; such as by trying to tweak our sense of humour, the way we react to a given situation, by being more pleasant and believing others too have a mind, and by smiling each time somebody says ‘thank you’.
While positivity is a state of mind, the answer lies in our perspective. Clinical psychologist and lifestyle advisor Dr S.K Sharma shares his ideas on how to be a positive person everyday.
Have the desire: First thing first, to become a positive person one must have a strong desire to be positive. And the desire will come only if you are convinced that becoming a positive person will enhance the quality of life. Positivity is like an aura, and you know you are a positive person when people start trusting you, random people become polite with you, colleagues at work start patronising you, and you start building rapport easily.
Be realistic: Do not try to become a saint. Becoming a positive person does not mean you can never have any negative emotion or encounter any negative situation. It is the overall attitude that matters. Don’t get bogged down by failure, and disappointed when your expectations are not met. Mentally, you should always be calculating a way out of difficult situations come what may.
Experiment: Be a keen observer. Use everyday life incidents to see how you can manage them in a more positive manner. These will serve as perfect instances to turn your outlook more positive. For starters, contemplate how you could have better handled a situation by being less hostile and more indulgent. Come up with five ways that could have saved the day, and learn to take things at face value sometimes. Remember, your ability to trust the other person also reflects your genuineness.
Speech and body language: Try and make positive words a part of your daily lingo, and work on your body language in way that you come across as friendly and approachable. Look amused when something is amusing, laugh when something is funny, congratulate when someone’s bought something new, and give others a chance to narrate their side of the story. Never think you are the only interesting, knowing one around.
Company: One way to becoming positive is to seek positive company as both positivity and negativity are infectious. If the people you spend most of your time with are grumpy or have a pessimistic standpoint, you’ll find yourself mirroring the same emotions before a different set of people inadvertently. In order to inculcate positivity it is imperative that your friend circle is a positive, energetic, and a happy bunch. You’ll find yourself carrying the same positivity everywhere you go.
Activities: Do not remain idle and brood. Take up positive activities with others or in isolation. Share a joke, narrate a pleasant incident, take part in sporting activities, go for a run in the evening after work, have healthy sex, and you’ll find yourself bubbling with positive energy.
Take it easy: Everyday life is bound to give you shocks. Be prepared to minimise impact and shrug it off. For instance, you may get too hassled everyday while driving to work or trying to park your car. When you accept the fact that certain things cannot be changed, you’ll be more at ease with yourself and those around too.
Learn yoga: Says yoga teacher and nutritionist, Abhilasha Kale, “Do pranayam everyday as it lets you focus and meditate. Not only does it secrete happy hormones but also creates a sense of awareness within you.” With the help of yogic asanas you control your breathing, and by way of it, control your mind from wandering. Every time you do yoga, you feel a surge of positive energythrough your body that calms your nerves, soothes your mind, elevates your mood, and not to mention enhances your level of tolerance.
Maintain a diary: Instead of recounting all events of the day, filter out only the positive ones and make a note of them. It could be anything trivial from your bus arriving on time, your mom cooking a delicious breakfast, to remembering to pay the bills on time. When we look for positivity in the little things that make our lives worthwhile, we leave no room for negativity. “Try consciously practising this for 10 days, and at the end of day ten when you read your diary back you’ll only have memories of all the good things that happened to you,” she asserts.
Say ‘thank you’: Thank god, thank your parents, friends, and thank yourself for all the hard work you did, for everything you achieved. Says Abhilasha, “Saying thank you frequently makes you humble, and a humble person is seldom cynical.”
Try these methods, and you’ll be surprised when others notice the change in you.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez share passionate kiss

Justin Bieber has been noted for his recent wild tantrums and antics. He even went as far as dating another young upcoming singer briefly. Perhaps he has been doing all that to get the attention of his lady love,Selena Gomez.

Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, Praiz, Mike Epps & Waje to Perform at the “Lagos Butterscotch Evening” in May 2013

Ten-time Grammy Award winning American R&B singer–songwriter, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds is coming to Nigeria! Tagged “Butterscotch Evening” MichelAngelo Productions is setting the stage by bringing a new twist to concerts. With comedian Mike Epps on the stage, the show promises to be all that and more.
World famous chef, Aldo Zilli who specializes in Italian, vegetarian and seafood cuisine is set to prepare and serve a five-course meal at the event.
The inaugural Lagos Butterscotch Evening has lined up the finest international acts to entertain your mind, your heart and your palate. The evening promises an awesome mix of great cuisine, timeless music, rib cracking humour and a splash of cutting-edge haute couture.
Also lined up to perform at the event are, the sensational soul diva Waje; soul pin-up Praiz; and the awesome burlesque dancer, Immodesty Blaize.
There will also be a fashion show of Beautifully Undressed,  a UK lingerie line.
The Lagos Butterscotch Evening is in partnership with The Bloom Cancer Care & Support Centre. Five percent of all table sales will be donated to The Bloom.
To book a table, kindly call 08065469182; 08069334178 or go to: Or send an email to

Andrea Iyamah presents its 2013 Swimwear Collection – “Nkwor”

Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013011Andrea Iyamah presents its swimwear 2013 collection titled ‘Nkwor‘. The collection is said to be inspired by the designer’s father , Andy Nkwor Iyamah. The ‘Nkwor’ collection showcases pastel colored & aztecan print swimwear with hints of tribalism expressed through the talking drum, palm fronds, stones, woven mats and marks on the models.
Check out the pieces below:
Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013005
Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013007
Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013002Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013001Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013009Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013008Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013003Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013012Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013013Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013010Andrea Iyamah Swimwear Collection 2013 - April - BellaNaija2013004
View the campaign video
Khadija King
Yomi Adefala
Crystal Baker
Nafina Bangoura
Dija King
Jackie Rukeba
Thea Arcierno
Hannah Beey
William Turner
Sam Taylor
For more Information visit: or email:
To Pre-order swimwear:


New Music: Vector Feat. 2Face Idibia – Follow Me Dey Go Remix

FoloMeDeyGoPromo new
Still produced by DaPiano, 2Face Idibia joins Vector for the remix of his new single “Follow Me Dey Go”. As2Face adds his unique touch to the major tune, Vector had to upgrade his verses with heavy new punchlines.
Play Vector Feat. 2Face Idibia – Follow Me Dey Go Remix

VOTE Nigeria’s Youngest DJ, @DJKayWise

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