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 So they decided to take the “Kimye” to a “cuter” level when they were photographed in matching outfits, but not it seems they are taking it to an extreme with this whole dressing alike…what do you guys think about this? Aww or Eww.. ?
Kim and Kanye Dressed Alike 6 flags 450x543 Fab or Drab: Kimye Matching Outfits?  Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Weekly!
The couple wore head-to-toe black, and identical Air Yeezy sneakers designed by West for Nike on a date to six flags.
Kim and Kanye Dressed six flags 450x673 Fab or Drab: Kimye Matching Outfits?  Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Weekly!
The entire time, they walked hand in hand..cute!
Kim and Kanye Dressed alike kim crying on Roller Coaster 450x450 Fab or Drab: Kimye Matching Outfits?  Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Weekly!
Kim tweeted this picture on the roller coaster “Magic Mountain fun !! Kendall screaming, Kanye laughing & me crying!”
Kim and Kanye Dressed alike in all black 450x643 Fab or Drab: Kimye Matching Outfits?  Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Weekly!
Kimye in matching outfits at LAX
Kim and Kanye Dressed alike in all white  450x627 Fab or Drab: Kimye Matching Outfits?  Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Weekly!
Kimye in matching outfits at the 2012 BET Awards!
Kim and Kanye Dressed alike together in hoodies 450x518 Fab or Drab: Kimye Matching Outfits?  Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Weekly!
The new “goth” couple both wearing hoodies
Kim and Kanye Dressed alike together in black and white 450x621 Fab or Drab: Kimye Matching Outfits?  Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Weekly!
Matching to an extreme?? The new couple in black bottoms and white tops!
Kim showing a rack of clothes that Kanye buys her 450x295 Fab or Drab: Kimye Matching Outfits?  Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Weekly!
Kim Kardashian shows off a rack of clothes boyfriend Kanye West sent her..lucky girl!
Kim and Kanye Dressed alike Fab or Drab: Kimye Matching Outfits?  Kanye West Sends Kim Kardashian Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry Weekly!
Kim tweeted a picture of match his and hers sneakers that Kanye designed for Nike
 Source: Daily Mail

The Easiest Way to Have Flawless-Looking Skin for 24 Hours a Day

The Easiest Way to Have Flawless-Looking Skin for 24 Hours a Day
Women are busier than ever these days, yet even as we juggle work, family, social obligations and a desire to stay healthy, we're also expected to look amazing. Most of us are able to strike a good balance with accomplishing daily tasks, but when time grows tight the first thing we forsake is our appearance.
That's because most makeup can't keep up with a woman's hectic schedule. After a few hours in the real world, a normal foundation ends up looking streaky or patchy, and it often smudges and rubs off onto clothing—in some cases, another person's! Applying more just weighs on the skin and clogs pores, so we invariably skip it altogether, dab on a little lip gloss, and hope for the best.
However, a new product may change how we think about foundation forever.
CoverProof is a new company that’s pushing the boundaries of cosmetic innovation. Comprised of a world-class research team and “curiosity-driven” scientists, Cover Proof is creating a new generation of formulations that unite unparalleled performance with easy use.
Take, for example, CoverProof’s 24+ Hour Foundation. It's available in 5 shades— fair, light, medium, medium dark and dark—and with one simple application, this lightweight, long-wear foundation renders imperfections invisible, transforming both the look and feel of your skin.
The secret is Cover Proof's revolutionary Tri-Plex Long Wear formula. It works on three levels to deliver durable and long-lasting performance that’s comfortable and remarkably nourishing for the skin.  The Tri-Plex Long Wear provides:
  1. More than 24 hours of coverage with transfer and smudge proof attributes
  2. A flexible matrix that moves with the skin for enhanced staying power
  3. A natural and healthy glow for a flawless finish
Cover Proof is also packed with a multi-vitamin complex that nourishes skin. Vitamins A and C boost collagen production and support healthy cellular turnover, while vitamin E protects against harmful UV rays and free radical damage, promoting a healthy and youthful appearance.
And the results? In testing, a group of women put Cover Proof through its paces to demonstrate the long wear capabilities. From an intense 40-minute workout to swimming in a chlorinated pool to sleeping the night away, there were some amazing findings:
  • 100% of women reported Cover Proof lasted through a 28-hour period
  • 100% of women reported no transfer on their pillow case
  • 90% of women reported CoverProof lasted through the workout
  • 90% of women reported CoverProof lasted through their swim

Why Being Bilingual Can Actually Make You Smarter

Why Being Bilingual Can Actually Make You SmarterWhat if you were told there was a way you may avoid dementia, strengthen your cognitive skills, and heighten your intelligence, and all you had to do was learn another language? 
It probably sounds great, because if you’re like most you would love to be able to speak a second language.  But then, you recall your experience in high school foreign language – boring rote memorization and long hours with little progress – and perhaps it doesn’t sound so good any more.
But, what if you were told it would take only 10 days to be on your way to becoming bilingual? Most people recognize the many benefits of learning a foreign language:  You can travel to foreign countries and feel comfortable, be a more productive and enticing employee in today’s competitive job market, and immerse yourself in the vast cultures that surround you.
But now, the collective evidence from a number of recent studies suggests that the bilingual experience improves the brain’s so-called executive function — a command system that directs the attention processes that we use for planning, solving problems, and performing various other mentally demanding tasks.*
These processes include the ability to ignore distractions to stay focused, switching attention willfully from one thing to another, and holding information in the mind — like remembering a sequence of directions while driving.
Even better, new approaches to learning mean you can learn a new language without the endless repetition, homework, and memorization.  One of the most powerful, The Pimsleur Approach, actually trains people to start speaking a new language in as little as 10 days!  In fact, it’s so powerful, even the FBI has purchased it!
What is the Pimsleur Approach?
The Pimsleur Approach aims each lesson at teaching you to use the core vocabulary of the language, so you can speak the most in the least amount of time.  It's not how many words you know, but rather, which words you can use.
Each Pimsleur Approach lesson has been scientifically sequenced to rapidly lock language material into your brain after just one listen.  Let the audio guide you; the program is based on what language learning should be: Quick, fun, and easy. You'll absorb your new language without any reading, writing, or computer use.
The Pimsleur Approach has a 100 percent guarantee: Speak in 10 days or you don't pay.
And, if that doesn’t tempt you, the benefits to learning a new language just keep adding up. In addition to keeping your mind sharp and your reflexes quick, it also may ward off the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
For those looking to get smarter in just 10 daysthe company is offering new customers a special offer of half off the language of your choice including free shipping. The programs (which normally cost $19.95) are now available for just $9.95
Better yet, they are also offering a full 30-day money-back guarantee (so, if you find you are not learning as fast as you want, simply return it for a full refund).
Click here to take advantage of this special offer and start speaking in 10 days. You’ll be smarter for it!

Kid Konnect and his promo pictures

Full NameOlakunle Oluwadiya
Professional Name Kid Konnect
Date of BirthDecember 15
Gender Male
State of OriginEkiti State
Profession Music Producer
Company Rade Gold Entertainment
Position Held - Executive Director
Academic Qualification - Msc. Entertainment Business, Bsc. Management & Information Technology
Marital Status - Single
Awards & AccoladesNigerian Entertainment Awards (Best International Producer, 2010) | Red Bull Big Tune - participant
General Interests/HobbiesWatching Movies
Kunle Oluwadiya aka Kid Konnect, Award winning music producer; was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He fell in love with music at a young age, listening to reggae and classical music owned by his father. This set the foundation for Kid Konnect to learn the basics of music composition.
As he matured, so did his interest and knowledge for all genres of music. When most of his classmates were reciting their favourite rhymes from various rap songs, he opted to pay attention to every aspect of the instrumental - from the loud kick or bass, to the carefully hidden echoes of the hi-hats. Kid Konnect left Nigeria for the United States to pursue a degree in Business Economics. While in school, Kid Konnect’s roommate introduced him to music production software named FL Studio. Kid Konnect dedicated himself to mastering the program in its entirety to produce industry worthy beats.
Several years later, Kid Konnect has garnered the hearts and respect of many through his various music productions, particularly in the genre of Hip-Hop.
Production credit includes: M.I, Wizkid, Banky W, Skales, Brymo, Proto (Chiddy Bang), eLDee the Don, Modenine, Kahli Abdu and many more.

Six Reasons Why Genevieve Nnaji Is Astonishing

You might also like:She’s a Diva in all sense of the words but that hasn't stopped the mother of one from relating very well with her fans especially on social networks which has come to be the closest connection between celebrities and their fans.
Whatever individuals like Pele is to the football world and Brazil, Michael Jackson is to the Americans and the music industry, that is what Genevieve has become to Nollywood, Nigerians, and Africans at large. There are few things that have placed Genevieve in this position and we just have to take a look at them.
Genevieve whose style, talent and amazing performances in several movies and on the red carpet have captivated millions of fans both in Nigeria and all over the world stands out as the finest in the industry even in the latest era of Nollywood.
Genevieve is an embodiment of talent and that is why the American mega show talk host Oprah Winfrey described her as the Julia Roberts of Africa. Genevieve is a figure that emanates fire from the screen. She started at a very young age, but grew to become this talented woman every producer wants in their movie.
She brings a character to life. Nigerians first fell in love with Genevieve in the movie “IJE” which sold millions of copies that year. So far, Genevieve’s talent has given her over 300 movies and still counting.
it is not all the actors and actresses that understand the meaning of being a celebrity. As a celebrity Genevieve has taken too many steps but has overtime learned how to live with them.
This explains why she has amazingly captured the hearts of millions of people. Good dress sense, humility, mild romance with the media are only but few things you can say about the pretty actress that has taking her far. She carries herself like a queen and a role model.
Many young Nigerian women who want to get into the movie industry look up to her. Although Genevieve has topped many gossip magazines with some scandalous stories, most of them are cheap talks/ mere rumours, and that’s what comes with fame. But yet, she has the strength of a goddess and walks around with poise most women her age admire.
There is no doubt that the Nigerian movie industry known as Nollywood has grown to be a force to reckon with in the world today. Behind this emerging and powerful industry lies the exceptional actress whose face has grown and helped to make the industry very more attractive.
The entertainment industry is an open business world where people either play to win or lose. It is not just enough to be in the industry but also knowing how to stay in the industry and remain relevant.
Genevieve has become even better than she was yesterday with diversity added to her acting business. She has mastered the industry and gives in her best at all times so that she can equally be remain at the top.
When Genevieve’s style started transforming and girls started dressing like her, She felt the need to start up a clothing line – St Genevieve which she later handed over to Zizi Cardow to handle for her because of her busy schedule.
Although Genevieve hasn’t ventured into the business of making or producing movies unlike some of her colleagues, she picks the movie she appears in. Her PR firm is London based with well trained agents who put all their efforts in making sure Genevieve doesn’t fall into the wrong kind of business. Not so many of our celebrities have understood the importance of P.R.
This is the area where most actors and actresses miss it all. It is not just about the money but the meaning given to the profession. Genevieve Nnaji shows humility, leadership skills, character, sincerity, honesty, dedication and seriousness to the profession she has heartedly pursued with passion all of her life.
Amazingly no actress or actor in nollywood has the number of dedicated fans as Genevieve. She has the genuine love and support of her fans that have grown over the years and Genevieve makes sure she doesn’t let them down. She represents Nigerian women in all areas.
Until a celebrity decides to be perfect in the game, then there is never a moment to become powerful. This is not all about business management but rather building on how to be a mentor so that the star can reach out on every occasion as demanded by the profession and then in turn get rewarded. It is the desire for perfection in the game that creates the harmony that is required to record success.
Fans of Nollywood or Hollywood understand why the desire to see some certain persons in movies and this is one of the things that have made Genevieve exceptional.
She has perfected her skills, style, etiquettes, etc as it affects the brand – Genevieve Nnaji.
Genevieve is the most stylish Nigerian actor. A title that she has held on to for many years. She’s a red, black, yellow carpet favorite with her outstanding fabulous outfits.

Selena Gomez rocked the red carpet upon arriving at the 2013 NewNowNext Awards in Hollywood, California

2013 NewNowNext Awards - Red Carpet
Selena Gomez rocked the red carpet upon arriving at the 2013 NewNowNext Awards in Hollywood, California, on Saturday evening. From her fabulous, peplum-enhanced Peter Pilotto blouse to her equally fierce Giuseppe Zanotti pumps -- and everything in-between, including black leather Plein Sud pants -- the "Spring Breakers" star's head-to-toe ensemble was hot to trot. Green eyeshadow and flat-ironed tresses completed her flawless look.

2Face Idibia Featuring Sarkodie & Cabo Snoop – Dance Floor (Remix)

The biggest Africa’s music export, Legendary 2Face is back to work after luxurious marriage band honeymoon. He premieres the remix to his mega hit “Dance Floor” as the first offering since becoming a family man.
He had multiple hands on this one including Sarkodie of Ghana and Congo’s Cabo Snoop with production credits to Femdouble, GSol  & DJ Willie O.
Check it out!
Listen to Dance floor-remix


Designed to be Under a Man Monalisa Chinda

I am honestly still mulling over the comments by Monalisa Chinda to Sunday Entertainment Express over the weekend. I was discussing it with some friends and a few of them mentioned she was just being honest to herself and her beliefs, and I applaud her for that. When asked if she would like to re-marry one day, the actress replied,

"I would love to. I am designed to be under a man. I am not going to lie that I like the single mother thing going on. I believe in marriage. Whether you like it or not, it is the best option but it's not a do or die thing though. I have been there before and if I'm going to do it again, it has to be right by the Grace of God. I am not ready to make another mistake."

So this is not about Monalisa, I'll just like us to consider the words, "designed to be under a man" and how that relates to relationships. Considering it from three levels, 

1. designed to be under a man - men generally
2. designed to be under any man - any man you end up in any kind of relationship with
3. designed to be under a specific man - a man who loves you in a mutually respectful relationship.

The first and second are obviously out. The third seems workable on the face of it. Yes, traditional gender roles that prescribed fixed responsibilities and duties for men and women can work for two specific people who are in a relationship. But they can also be problematic for a lot of reasons, the main one being caging people in, both the man and woman in the relationship chafe at such ball and chain, and before you know it, they begin to act out.

I also believe in marriage, and if I had to describe the relationship between husband and wives, I would choose words different from

Designed makes it seem like you're giving up responsibility for your life to an outside power beyond your control, so I would use prefer, want, enjoy, in order words, be particular about your choices.

I would also say "with" rather than under. Under can be quite restrictive, and can be subject to abuse. However, when you're with someone, you can be under, over, beside, behind, ahead, in other words, you have more room to maneuver, more freedom to be real, and to be your full self.

Model Focus: David Avwunuvwerhi


Began modeling a year ago nominated for 2 awards for the Most Promising Model of the Year and FACE OF FAB both in 2011.
David Avwunuvwerhi was scouted a year ago at his place of work where he worked has senior writer inNewsstar Newspaperby the fashion editor Ada Dike.
Same year Modela Modeling Agency signed David, in less than three weeks David was booked for his first
 fashion show “CATA”.
David has moved from glory to glory when he did the Arise Magazine Fashion Week in 2011 an international
fashion show that was hosted in Lagos Nigeria with international models on runway.
After arise 2011 David signed with Isis International Modelling Agency which took him to the limelight to the
City of Fashion in Africa Jo’burg for the Africa Fashion Week in South Africa.
David was described in as “model who run things” David is no doubt a delight when it comes
 on the runway and photo shoot.
David was booked for the London Fashion Week by Isis Models but couldn’t make it to London however,
 we are all looking forward to seeing him on the ramp in august for Africa fashion week London.
David also took part in this year’s Arise magazine fashion week which saw him open show Telfa Collection an
A writer and professional model, David Avwunuvwerhi has made his mark in the Nigeria modeling industry.
His striking pose, dashing attitude, graceful strut, clear skin and high cheek bones have made him one of the
 most sought after model in the industry.
David is one of Nigeria Top 10 Male Models in 9gerTV and Africa Sexy Boy blog.
David has work with quite a few media houses in Nigeria and the list include New Age Newspaper,
News Star Newspaper The Sun Nigeria and currently with Fashion Network Africa where he writes 
a thriving modeling column, “The Catwalk”.
With Africa Fashion Week London coming up August 3rd-4th this year David is hoping to make Nigeria 
David Career Highlight
Payin D’Afrque in Benin Republic
FESMAN Fashion Show in Benin Republic
Mode Men Black Night 5
Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2011
Cata Fashion Night
MTN Gala Night
Music Meet Runway
Africa Fashion Week
Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012
Nigeria Fashion Week
Cote d’ivoire Fashion Week
 Africa Fashion Week in London
…and counting…
check him out here:

Nigeria's Next Supermodel, Lagos | FashionTV

One Nigerian model that is set to take the fashion world by storm this 2013 is Miss Favour Lucky! She came to limelight last year when she emerged as the youngest contestant in Nigeria’s history to win a topnotch pageant at age 14! Since then, because of her stunning looks, beauty, brains and assiduity, Favour has being booked for several photoshoots, editorials and fashion weeks like the recent one ..
favour 1
favour 2
Standing at 5ft 11ins and with statistics: 32 (bust), 26 (waist) and 34 (hips), Favour has strutted the runway in pieces made by Wallid Atallah, Stefania Morland, Tart, Phumeza Mkhonzo, Kibonen NY, Sally Intiego, Suzan Heyns and Nene Kester to name but a few. She was recently featured in New African Woman magazine (the Official Magazine of Mercedes Benz Fashion Weeks, Jo’burg, Capetown, Africa, Nigeria’s Next Super Model and ECOWAS Fashion Week). Topnotch fashion magazines Glamour and Marie Claire are currently working on profiling her!
At a recent photoshoot this year...
At a recent photoshoot for Nene Kester this year…
Miss Favour, during NNSM 2012 in November after being crowned
Miss Favour, during NNSM 2012 in November after being crowned
Strutting the runway in the recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Jo'Burg
Strutting the runway at the recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Jo’Burg
With Bunmi Ademokoya, another roundly successful Nigerian model
With Bunmi Ademokoya, another roundly successful Nigerian model
Currently signed on ISIS Models, Miss Lucky, no doubt will be strutting several runways during some of the reputable fashion weeks this year (according to a reliable source). We see her outshining her contemporaries in a short time.
Without much ado, we present you our MODEL OF THE MONTH, the willowy model from Delta State Favour Lucky!


For a couple of months now, we have been following Emmy Collins’ tweets on his plans to ventilate his thoughts and views on fashion, his personal style, pieces, projects, his ECL brand and the fashion industry as a whole through a medium! And guess what? He has just launched his blog to that effect!
Without much ado, I leave you guys to check out Emmy Collins’ Blog. Remember to drop your comments, share and like the blog posts!

Actress and Breast Cancer Research Foundation ambassador Liz Hurley

2013 Hot Pink Party
Actress and Breast Cancer Research Foundation ambassador Liz Hurley, who stole the spotlight in a sequined Blumarine ball gown and Chopard diamonds. Hugh Grant, eat your heart out!

Kate Hudson make stylish statements