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                      Kim Kardashian in Michael Lo Sordo Printed Shift Dress at Quick Trim VIP Event in Australia

XCLUSIV FOTOS: Celebs Gather To Outdoor New Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories

Confidence in one of her shoes on the runway

She has successfully taken night clubbing in Ghana to a different level; she made an indelible mark during her appearance on Big Brother Amplified last year and she is already making waves in the fashion industry with the introduction of her new Konfidence fashion brand.

After postponing the official launch of her fashion accessories brand, ‘Konfidence’ last week, Ghanaian Socialite and Entrepreneur, Confidence Haugen brought together A-list celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts to witness the launch of her Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories at the forecourt of her Aphrodisiac Nightclub last Sunday September, 16, 2012.

The launch was attended by a long list of Ghanaian celebrities including, Samini, Nadia Buari, Majid Michel, John Dumelo, Nicki Samonas, Lydia Forson, Bola Ray, Nana Aba Anamuah, Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Inna Mariam Patty, Gloria Osei Safo, Blakofe, Jay Ghartey, PY Addo, all 20 Miss Ghana finalists and several others.

Guests were treated to delectable African snacks, drinks and cocktails as they watched the unveiling of the Konfidence debut collection on the runway. Models on the runway included contestants from Miss Malaika and several known Ghanaian models.

Her fellow housemates from the Big Brother Amplified reality TV show, namely Vina from Nigeria, Ethiopia’s Hanni and Lomwe from Malawi made a special appearance on the runway.

The woman of the night, Confidence Haugen, finally hit the runway to climax the event and she personally ushered the guests from the forecourt of the Aphrodisiac Nightclub into the main club, which was converted into a showroom to showcase and sell items from The Konfidence range.

Guests enjoyed a special 10% discount launch offer, which is open till November 9, 2012. The online shop is also available at for those who want to order online for swift delivery wherever they may be.

The collection includes colourful and afro-centric shoes and bags with interesting Ghanaian names like Akosua, Dufie, Baaba, Elikem, Asantewa, Kekeli, Esi, Akuba, Yaayaa, Kuukua, Abia, Afi; that reflect different characteristics, personalities and functionalities.

With its delicate golden butterfly logo, the Konfidence label incorporates a lot of colour and class that will surely add some sparkle to every woman’s wardrobe.

Like the butterfly, colouful and free-spirited, the label draws inspiration from the vibrant Ghanaian culture and scenic environment – a cocktail of contemporary designs infused with Kente fabric and African print from Ghana, carefully mixed with satin, crystals and other innovative materials - to give each piece a truly sophisticated edge.

Majid Michel, Nadia Buari and Confidence 

Bolaray and his wife Dorcas 

Makeeba, Ken Attoh, Blakofe, Ayisha, Shirley, John, Jane and KOD 

Actress Gloria Osei Safo 

Makeeba and Blakofe 

Majid, Nadia, John Dumelo and sister of Nadia 

Nicki Samonas and Nana Aba Anamoah 

Alex aka Bomaye and his chosen bride Promzy 

[PHOTO] British soldier, 28, who had baby after Taliban attack on Prince Harry’s camp… and she didn’t even know she was pregnant


British soldier Lynette Pearce was shocked when she gave birth to a baby in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan
British soldier Lynette Pearce was shocked when she gave birth to a baby in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan
This is the British soldier who did not know she was pregnant until the dramatic birth of her baby son at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The Mail on Sunday can reveal she is 28-year-old Lynette Pearce, a bombardier in the Royal Artillery who was fighting the Taliban until she went into labour.
Last night Lynette’s friends said she was overjoyed about becoming a mother. Some of them are planning to visit her at the hospital where she was taken after being flown back to Britain. 
The Ministry of Defence has not disclosed where Lynette and her baby are being treated but it is understood to be the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, from where a specialist team of paediatricians was scrambled to the war zone. 
Yesterday, messages saying ‘welcome to motherhood’ were pouring on to her Facebook site.
A friend who asked not to be named said:
‘Everyone is congratulating her and is really happy for Lynette. We are absolutely stunned at her amazing news. She can’t believe it and neither can we. Her life is going to totally change.
‘I can’t wait to see her. She is getting a lot of support from all her friends and family in Britain and in her regiment. She loves the Army and was very keen to fight in Afghanistan. She is determined and committed. Now I am sure she will put her son first.’
Lynette is an avid user of Facebook and has more than 1,200 friends from Britain and Fiji.

Obese woman cleared of murder charge because her arm was too fat


mayra rosalesSometimes carrying a few extra pounds can actually work in your favor. In the case of Mayra Rosales, her excessive weight spared her a possible murder conviction after she was accused of killing her nephew. Rosales’ defense team argued that the Texas woman, who weighed a whopping 1,100 pounds at the time of the boy’s death, couldn’t have killed him by a blow to the head because her arm was too fat.
As more details emerged about her story, which is featured on an upcoming TLC special called “Half-Ton Killer?,” Rosales finally admitted she’d lied to protect her sister. [Source]

How we made prostitution unattractive for Italy-bound Edo girls – Eki Igbinedion


It is no secret that prior to 1999, some persons were in the habit of sponsoring girls from Edo State to Europe for prostitution. The situation was so bad that some parents in Benin sold their properties in order to get their daughters abroad to make quick money from prostitution. The illicit trade became so competitive then that any family whose daughter is not abroad in Benin City will be seen as among those still living in the past.
The situation became worrisome and embarrassing when the authorities in some of these European countries, particularly Italy and Spain, started deporting these girls back home. It was at this point that Eki Igbinedion, wife of the then governor of Edo State, Chief Lucky Igbinedion, came in the saddle. Shortly after her husband was sworn-in as governor, she vowed to stop this illicit trade, particularly after when the issue started giving the state a bad name both at home and abroad.
She set up Idia Renaissance, an outfit geared towards checking the activities of the sponsors of these girls which was like a cartel then. Eki Igbinedion visited Italy and Spain then where she met with some Edo girls counseling them on the need for them to stop the illicit trade and get decent jobs. Some of the girls were languishing in jail in Italy and she made frantic efforts to get them released and brought them back home. But she incurred the angst of some parents who wanted their children to remain there and make money for them.
She was abused by some parents and her name was allegedly taken to some shrines because some of these families felt she was killing the business. Unpertubed, she even got the Edo House of Assembly then to pass a law prohibiting prostitution. She created a niche for her self, infact she was known during her tenure as one of the most outstanding first ladies due to her programmes against human trafficking.
However, many thought her activities against human trafficking would stop after her husband left office as governor of Edo State in 2007. But rather Idia Renaissance has expanded. Having fought human trafficking doggedly, she now focuses on indigent girls and even boys.
The kids are trained in different vocations free of charge in the complex located along Ihama Road Benin City. Some of the girls who were recently deported from Mali also received assistance from Idia Renaissance through counseling and engaging them in different vocations available at the center. Sunday Vanguard met with Eki on Monday in Benin City to find out how she had been able to cope with the responsibility of taking care of the girls and how life has been with her after leaving office as the First Lady of Edo State.
“I feel very grateful to God Almighty for giving me the grace to carry on. The determination, the compassion for the people and the job, I thank God that I have that because if I had listened to the threats then, I would have been distracted. And I would have derailed and lost focus but I never listened, I never lost focus and I was determined and I thank God we are here today. And we are still expanding, the children are still learning and people are being blessed”.
Speaking further, she explained: “The center has been running very smoothly with the help of various organizations that identified with this project and they have seen the work. The sustenance of this NGO has been based on the solid foundation which has been laid in the past ten years. And that foundation is what we are building on today. As you can see, training is going on in the center.
“We have girls who trained here, they graduated to become teachers themselves. People have come to identify with this project as a result of the hard work, the dedication of the staff who run the center. A bit of it is me but most of it is the collective effort of the workers.
“The collective effort of all these people coming together to share their vision, that is what has kept us. This project is a special calling from God and if you have a calling you pursue with zeal. What I am doing is not a job but it is passion, it is some thing that I am convinced in my spirit that it is making meaning in the lives of many young people in our state and country. And I am happy to do it and it gives me great pleasure to be able to do it. Most of our graduates in different places are making an income and making themselves useful to their families and the society.
“Majority of these young people could have been languishing in one African or European country but they are here doing some thing good. That gives me pleasure and I think that is the most important thing because this is my strong way of serving humanity whether in government or out of government. So I derive a great deal of satisfaction from it and I know that a lot of blessings come from it. So what I am doing is a calling, it is not just an NGO touching the lives of young people, the downtrodden, the indigent children and those who need this opportunity and the opportunity has been given to them”.
Admonishing First Ladies on the need to embark on projects they believe in, Mrs Igbinedion said: “My advice to fellow colleagues (former First Ladies) and those who are there now is to embark on projects that they totally believe in. They should not go into projects just because every body is doing it. You must have a conviction that you are doing what is right and it is what you want to do.
“Because when you enjoy what you are doing, you get fulfillment and you want to keep on going. With or without sponsorship, with or without people supporting you, you want to keep on going. It is part of you. So this project is my baby and it is like nursing your little baby and that is the way we have nursed this project and I thank God for the staff I have. The project has outlived the governmental Eki Igbinedion, it is now a project that many people have come to realize that it is here to stay”.
Speaking also to Sunday Vanguard, the Vice President of Idia Renaissance, Mrs Esohe Oyenwense, said: “ It has been good, although we have had our own challenges left and right. We started off in 1999 primarily with the aim of rehabilitating victims of human trafficking, girls who have been trafficked across borders as sexual hawkers. Secondly, Her Excellency, Mrs Eki Igbinedion, set up this center to help rehabilitate and empower these girls so that they will not fall victims to these vices any more.
“But over the years the center has expanded to now accommodate not only victims of human trafficking but indigent young girls who for one reason or the other cannot afford to acquire formal education but they are willing to work with their hands, they are willing to be productive persons, and then they come to the center and we train them on various vocations.
“And as time has gone on we have progressed from being a center that just train girls and send them out to now helping them acquire even some form of qualification. By that I mean that at the end of their training these girls are enrolled to write the NABTEB modular exams, at the end of which successful candidates certificates and diplomas are awarded and that gives them some credibility in the training they have received here. This we have done in the last five years”.
Omina Oghor from Delta State, one of the beneficiaries, said, “I was brought here by a Youth Corper. I am from a poor home, I lost my dad two years ago and things became very difficult for my family. So, one Youth Corper came one day and told me that I could get help in Idia Renaissance. I have spent three months here now learning fashion designing. I thank God for this center because my life has changed.
They provide food for us, brought back hope, if not I don’t know what life would have been like”. Chinyere from Enugu State also narrated her experience: “I am from a very poor background and I was attending a church. One day my pastor told me that I could come and learn work here. I lost my parents at a very tender age, so I have nobody to take care of me. But God provided this opportunity for me, I am learning a vocation that at the end of the day I can set up my own business and make money. Now I can sew trousers, baby clothes and a lot of things I can do now. I thank God for what he has used Mrs Igbinedion to do in our lives”.
Asked how the management has been able to cope with the number of indigent girls and the ones who were deported from abroad, Mrs Oyenwense explained: “I will say that we had a problem of sadly turning away people because our capacity is full. We have turned out not less than two hundred students at the end of each training and we train intensively for six months in every vocation. So in a year we pass out on the average four to five hundred students. We started off initially with three departments, the hair dressing department, the fashion and tailoring department and then the hotel and catering management department.
The hair dressing department has further expanded the scope to include bead making and cosmetology. Just last year we opened a new department which trains young people in photography and video and camera use. By that training they are able to not only make films, they can edit productions, they can make documentaries using the video. Currently we have five departments. NAPTIP has been a major partner with Idia Renaissance because we have been combating human trafficking. Some times last year we received from NAPTIP thirty girls who were sent to the center to train in various vocational skills.
These girls had their training from January to July 2012. They were girls accosted while on their way to Europe. They were brought back from Mali. About three hundred of them were brought back and Idia Renaissance helped to shelter and returned many of them to their families after which NAPTIP sent down thirty who were willing to acquire vocations in various skills. And as we are talking, quite a number of them have found jobs and they are working legally in the country now.
“We also helped them to get some money to start up a business in the form of micro credit facility. We have had instances where some of these girls will come here very hostile, very unfriendly because they see us as partnering with government to hinder their future. But by the time they come into the center we re-educate them that what is actually happening to them is that they are being helped so that they will protect their lives and dignity”.

Waconzy goes Blonde.

Following the successful release of Waconzy singles - Jangolova featuring Banky W and the most recent 'Club on fire', The singer upgraded his looks, rebranding it what he calls 'Waconzy 2.0'. He cut off his dreadlooks and has turned his hair blonde. Taking to Twitter, he said: I decided to take on a new look so as to compliment the Waconzy 2.0 (rebranding) project 

In other news, to collaborate reports of his new collaboration with revered American singer - Truth Hurts. Truth Hurts has worked with the likes of Rakim on the track 'Addictivve' and R Kelly ( The Truth). Here are pictures from the session for 'Club on fire' remix. 'Club on fire' is off the MBG (money back guarantee) album

During the course of a month, he toured 11 European countries . More countries to follow. Also, the business savvy music maker/dv8 ceo partnered with Google to launch an andriod application known as 'Waconzy'.This application works on all android based cell phones and devices .With the waconzy application, users can download latest waconzy multimedia free of charge and get push notifications from waconzy himself. This is another first from the supadupa brother “waconzy”. Download from google play or android market on your androd device. alternative Link: 
 Video of his performance in holland can be seen here: Also watch below waconzy’s interview in Belgium as he talks about his latest happenings,collabo with truth hurst and his recently concluded Europe tour.


“Pastors pester me for sex” – Gospel singer, Tope Alabi


Tope Alabi is a pioneer of some sort in the contemporary Yoruba gospel movement. Together with other gospel practitioners they have “pushed the envelope” in redefining the boundaries of Gospel, by blurring its ties to circular soundtracks.
Make no mistake; God is present in every song this beautiful wife and mother produce. From the groundbreaking success of nine albums to how she manages her male fans. The chat with EDIALE KINGSLEY is anything but boring.
WE are coming to another album launch, how has it been so far? And the journey to this particular album, how has it been? I bless the name of the lord, for giving me this opportunity, for taking me from mere clay to where I am today, I bless his holy name, this is the 9th album, and this is not a launching, this is an unveiling, we just want to unveil it, nobody is going to launch, everybody is just going to pick their own, just give anything you like, even #500 is not small, even 200naria is not too small, I just want to bless God for taking me this far, it has been so rough, tough and I have experienced a lot of things, turbulence, if I can say, but yet bless the name of God, for making me stand up to this present time.
Concerning the situation of the economy now, not just the economy, the state and Nigeria as a nation, the insecurity and everything, is there a place for your album? 
Yes, we are unveiling two albums here today, Agbelebu and Alagbara, Alagbara talks about what is happening in our country and Agbelebu is talking about our own personal life, because at times you know we use to talk about our leaders, saying they are not doing it right, because they are not supposed to be there, but what about our own area? Have we done our own part? So everything in Agbelebu and Alagbara is what God said I should tell people and am sure that people won’t be disappointed.
Two albums you said, considering the competitiveness of the music industry, I know Tope Alabi is a brand, I know she is not competing with another brand, how do you deal with the piracy factor?
There is nothing I can do, I believe in God. Talking about pirating and the rest, I would say, if you don’t have any good thing, nobody will buy it, it’s when you have a valuable product and people want to be blessed from your gift that they will even consider pirating and duplicating. Actually it’s really killing artistes, it is giving us a lot of problem, but what can we do? If God has not said no to them, they can’t stop, nobody can stop them.
How do you relax aside music, what other things do you do?
At times I just lodge in hotels for three to four days, at times I travel out, what I do most is watch films; I watch Yoruba films and American films.
What would you say about our Yoruba films now? When we talk about nollywood, I think Yoruba film is at the fore front, what do you think about the Yoruba film industry, most of them even use your music as sound tracks? 
I think because there is no helping hand for them, you see them coming down little by little, it wasn’t like this before, they ought to have grown more than this, government are not helping them, marketers are not helping either, I think that’s why they are just there, and most of them are trying, that’s why I don’t want to leave them, aside that; God said I should not stop soundtracks, I don’t want to leave them, because I know, some of the movies, my soundtrack is there, people want to buy it because Tope Alabi’s music is in the film
Nine Albums is not by any chance an easy task so how have you coped and managed to come up with such an impressive feet?
It is God, He inspired me, God tells me what to do at every point in time, and it has been three years now since I have been on this particular album, I waited for God to talk to me, so it is God.
Who writes your music?
God, He dictates for me, while write down.
How do you get inspiration? 
It is God, God gives me the inspiration, and this is what I want to tell my people this time around, like this Agbelebu, God gave me the title. There is no way that I would write that God won’t tell me the title, I pray and do fasting; wait for God to talk, at times I would be in the rest room, he will be talking to me, at times I would be sleeping he would wake me up.
If you were to pick a particular song of all the tracks in the album, which would be your favorite?
I would say the best is yet to come
What about the particular one we have now?
This one we have now, I will pick the track Agbelebu itself and I will pick Alagbara. In the industry (especially gospel), do you think there is unity among the practitioners and stakeholders. There is unity, in the little way we can, I make friends with all of them, I invited all of them here today, and if you don’t see any of them here today, maybe he or she doesn’t feel like coming, the bible says make peace with them, we have a society like gospel artiste society, but it failed, they are trying to come together again. I know God will intervene one day.
Are we expecting a concert, when do we get something like a concert from you?
I will have a concert in December.
Any other thing we should be expecting in the nearest future?
Expect from me a music school and that will come up say; in 2 years time. we have gotten the land already, we are just trying to build the place now, we want to teach people how to compose, we want to tell them that, it is not your brain that will bring anything out, we want to tell them, that it is God that will inspire you, you see some gospel artiste, will be cursing him, because they don’t know the meaning of the Yoruba, they are saying, we want to teach them God, who God is, they need to know their calling, some of them are not called to this area, they think they have the voice to sing, so they want to go into it, as if it is business, actually it is business, it is the business of God, but at the same time, you cannot do business with God anyhow.
Is it going to be restricted to gospel music alone?
No, it is going to be a music school, generally, but will teach them God too, when you are singing circular, you need to know God, singing circular does not mean you are a bad person, or you are going to hell fire, it doesn’t mean, Shola is not singing gospel, but she is making it.
You have definitely impacted lives, you have contributed a lot into music, what has music done for you?
Music has made me achieve what God wants me to achieve, that is, bringing more souls to him that is the only thing I remember and am happy for, am happy my music is touching lives, God wants me to tell people something, they want to listen and hear me out, that is my happiness.
You look quite astonishing, you look young and beautiful, and do you get people coming to pester you for a relationship?
There are some of them that wants to get to you by all means, whether you want it or not, but when they get to me, they use to see am not that kind of person, they will now become a member of my church. The relationship is usually as if I have a church and they are members, so that’s what they become. Among them are a lot of money bags, they help my ministry now, they see me as prophetess, some of them even call me pastor, even there are ministers of God that pester me and say they want to get to me, but when they get to me and they see I’m not like that, they change, you are there to change life.
For your fans out there, who wants to quickly get this particular album, what do you have for them, what do you have to tell them as they go out to get this album?
As you go out to get this album, I want you to know that all the things in the album, is for you, and don’t believe that because Jesus has carried a cross, that you won’t carry your cross, that is the meaning of Agbelebu. You need to carry your own cross, to get to your glory place you need to struggle, to strive, to carry your cross and I tell you, you will get there very soon, do everything in your power to get going, everything worth doing at all is what doing well. Do what you have in your capacity to bless lives. God bless you.
Source: OluFamous

True Confession: I’ve been sleeping with my sister’s fiancĂ© & his best friend, now I’m pregnant


My sister and I stay in the same apartment building. She’s engaged to a man she’s been with for 10 years. She has two kids by him already.
Okay here’s the dilemma: I’ve been sleeping with him for the past 6 years and my son who is 5 years old is his son but he does not know.
My sister doesn’t know that we have been having an affair. My sister and her fiancĂ© have been living together for about as long as the affair has been going on. It actually started when he moved into the building. My sister works 10 hours a day and is barely home so he comes by my apartment on his lunch breaks and we have sex. The worst part about this is that his best friend and I have been together for two years. His best friend does not know that he and I have been having an affair.
Also, I think I’m pregnant but I don’t know who the father is. To make matters worse, my sister and her man have fallen on hard times and are staying with me until they get financially situated. His best friend has been there for me for a while now after I got divorced from my first husband.
My ex-husband and I got divorced because I found out that he’s sleeping around with a few of my family members behind my back including my sister. And, I suspect that my ex-husband is the father to her two kids. He comes around a lot, but most times it’s just to see my sister and her kids. The birth certificate doesn’t have the father’s name listed on it either. He even brings her pampers and milk from time to time. He was even at the hospital both times when she gave birth to both of them. One of her son’s is 4 and the other is 7.
It’s really hard to keep the affair going while he lives in the same house with my sister and me. So what do you think I should do?
If you would like to respond to this private problem, please post comments below. When leaving a message on this page, be sensitive to the fact that you are responding to a real person in the grip of real-life dilemma, . Please consider how the tone of your message could be perceived by someone trapped in this kind of impasse.
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Joy turns to sadness: Bride dies on her way to church for wedding


The day was bright, it was bright and fair. A happy day, a day of joy for Miss Bisioye Adegbite who was heading for the altar to say ‘I DO’ to his dream man.
After several months of preparations with family members and friends, little did Miss Adegbite know that she would never partake in the marital vows.
According to Sunday Express, efforts of the supposed bride were ended in a ghastly motor accident shortly after she left home in a convoy of exotic cars for her church wedding somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos.
Sunday Express gathered that the fatal accident that claimed the life of the bride happened on one of the major roads in Ikeja, in front of Tunde Motors.
“We were all shocked and terrified when we noticed a white Murano SUV decorated with an ‘About To Wed’ somersaulting that fateful Saturday morning. We didn’t know what actually caused the accident. But those who immediately rushed to the scene to rescue the survivors were shocked to find the bride dead. She died immediately the accident happened on the spot. In
fact, we were told that among the occupants of the car, she was the only one who died. They had to remove her wedding gown in order to be able to retrieve her body from the mangled car that was a complete wreck”, a close family member said.
According to the source, it was like a dream to the groom who was waiting anxiously for her arrival in order for them to begin the solemnization of their marriage in the church under the watchful eyes their family members, friends and well wishers only to be told that the love of his life had been hijacked by the icy hands of death. The man thought he was dreaming until he rushed to the hospital where he was shown the battered corpse of his darling bride by the doctor and broke down in tears uncontrollably.
The late Adegbite, 25 until her death was a final year student of Industrial Relation at the University of Cotonou, Benin Republic, she had since being interred...

Wife collects more than N15m from husband to pay for his assassination

A retired rail worker was gunned down by hitmen after his young Thai wife used his money to pay professionals to carry out the kill, say police.
Stephen Phillips, 59, from Torquay, Devon, was shot dead last month as he rode his Honda motorbike near his home in the remote village of Baan Phai, about 250 miles north-east of Bangkok.
Mr Phillips’ 29-year-old wife Wilaiwan, and two Thai men, one believed to be her Thai-Chinese lover, have been charged by police with conspiracy to murder.
Officers think the former Network Rail supervisor may have unwittingly given his wife the money to pay for his own murder.
The hitmen shot Mr Phillips in the abdomen and both legs before a final bullet was fired at his head – a shooting which shows all the hallmarks of a classic ‘hit’.
It is believed Mr Phillips had recently taken out a £200,000 life insurance policy and almost £12,000 had been withdrawn from his bank account in the weeks leading up to the shooting, it was reported in The Sun.
However, Wilaiwan, whom Mr Phillips met on the internet, has denied any involvement in her husband’s death and said the couple had been cheated out of £7,000 by underworld mobsters in an investment scam.
She told police: ‘These men were not local. They travel from province to province and cheat everyone.
‘My husband was angry with me. He said he was going to meet him.’
However, officers became suspicious of her behaviour at Mr Phillips’ funeral, where she was said to be ‘inappropriately dressed’ for a cremation.
According to Andrew Drummond, friends who lived near Mr Phillips in Thailand said he was nicknamed ‘the Wounded Buffalo’ because of his ‘gullible and naive’ nature.
A friend of his 81-yr-old mother in Manchester said:’He was back in the UK earlier this year and said he was not happy with his marriage.
‘He had £12,000 in one bank account which he reported recently had been reduced to £300 by his wife.
‘He was a quiet unassuming person. Apart from his marriage he loved the life in Thailand.’
Mr Phillips moved to the South-East Asian country after taking early retirement and got married two and a half years ago in a Buddhist ceremony.
Thai police did not comment on Wilaiwan’s story but a Khon Kaen Police spokesman said: ‘The murder investigation is ongoing and no suspects have been ruled out.
‘We expect to make an arrest within a week. Because a foreigner has been killed extra emphasis has been put on the investigation.
‘The driver has confessed and we know the identify of the gunmen.’

Source: UK Mail