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Bow Wow’s Twitter Hacked By Fan Exposing His Female Celebrity Conquests

Bow Wow’s Twitter has been hacked by a fan trying to promote his own mixtape, while exposing the rapper’s private messages.
The Cash Money rapper’s account was hacked last night and the culprit has refused to hand it back until he reaches a certain amount of downloads of his mixtape.
“Nigga i got Bow twitter on smash follow me… Im the haaacker this nigga got BI***ES in his DM’s. Bow u want pg back i want 10k,” Bow Wow wrote.
“Nigga we on I got all bow wow bitches. If ya boy want his page bk tellem I need 10k asap.”
Hinting that Bow is hooking up with a variety of female celebrities, the hacker added: “Yoooo dis ni**a got every bad b***h in da game hittn em. S**t not fair son! At all. Readn his dms.”
The unidentified culprit also revealed that Bow Wow was receiving messages from Universal record label, which comes just a week after the 25-year-old complained he wasn’t receiving any promotion from YMCMB.
As it stands, it appears as though Bow Wow is unaware his account has been hacked.
Which females do you think are messaging Bow?

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World’s Most Powerful & Wealthy Celebrities for 2012–You Won’t Believe Who’s #1!

World’s Most Powerful & Wealthy Celebrities for 2012–You Won’t Believe Who’s #1!
Every year, Forbes comes out with their list of the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities. Here are the top 10 of 2012 counting down:
10. Steven SpielbergWorth $130M, Spielberg is having a strong year. He has four new shows debuting, including Terra Nova and Smash, and he’s back in the directors chair with Oscar nominated films The Adventures of Tintin and War Horse.
9. Tom CruiseCruise is worth a cool 75M and popped back onto the top 10 list this year thanks to Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which earned $700 million at the global box office. He’s also just ended his 7-year marriage to actress Katie Holmes, so we’ll have to wait to see if that impacts his ranking for 2013.
8. Katy PerryAs one of only two musicians in history (the other was the late Michael Jackson) to have five No. 1 singles all from the same album, Katy is having an awesome year and is currently worth an estimated 45M. Not bad for a girl who just got divorced late last year. Her California Dreams Tour grossed nearly $60 million.
7. Kim KardashianThe woman who made “famous for being famous” a career is worth 18M. She graced more than 63 magazine covers in the past year alone, thanks to her infamous wedding and then post-haste divorce proceedings. Contracts like her Keeping Up With The Kardashians TV show, namesake fragrance, and clothing line for Sears keeps her in the green.
6. Britney SpearsBritney’s public meltdown is like so 2007. She blasted back to the top last year with over 75 shows in one year. In addition to earning millions from endorsements and a fragrance line, she netted a 15M payday with the show X Factor as a celebrity judge. As of May 2012, she’s worth 58M.
5. Lady GagaJust dance, Lady Gaga! You’re worth 52M and the world’s most popular Twitter user! Although Lady G fell from her #1 slot last year, she’s still making a killing off music sales.
4. RihannaDrama seems to follow the Barbados-born beauty wherever she goes, but something must be working for her because this is her first time landing on Forbes list. Worth 53M (also the number of her Facebook fans–she’s second only to Eminem), she completed 85 shows over a 12 month period. Hard-working girl!
3. Justin BieberIf looking at this kid’s resume makes you feel like your teen years were wasted, you’re not alone. Just 18 years old, Justin has sold over 12 million albums since his 2009 debut. His breakout balladBaby is the most-watched video in YouTube history, and he’s funding start ups including Enflick, Tinychat, and Spotify. And, let’s face it–with 55M he can afford to!
2. Oprah WinfreyYou may not be surprised to see her in the top 10 list, but if you were expecting to see her in the #1 slot, you haven’t been following the news. Although she’s still worth 165M (more than anyone else on the top 10 list) Winfrey has lost a staggering $125 million since last year. After ending her 25-year syndicated show she’s faced ratings disappointments and financial issues with her cable network OWN since it premiered in Jan. 2011. Here’s hoping 2013 is better year for her.
1. Jennifer LopezShe may just be “Jenny from the Block,” but Lopez is on fire this year with a new boyfriend, an upcoming world tour, three new movies, and a growing portfolio of endorsements. American Idolmay miss her, but she doesn’t need them to stay solidly in Forbes #1 slot with a net worth of 52M. You go, girl!
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Ghana Meets Naija Goes To London And New York

Ghana’s biggest musical concert, the GHANA MEETS NAIJA concert is set to hit the United Kingdom and United States later this month and early September respectively.
In what is fast becoming one of the most anticipated events on the social calendar for Africans in London and NewYork, the renowned musical concert takes a humorous twist with a touch of comedy for its international debut.
In a groundbreaking move, Empire Entertainment has collaborated with popular African comedian, Julius Agwu to put together the mega concert now dubbed, “Ghana Meets Naija –Crack Ya Ribs.”
The collaboration is being termed by most industry pundits as a “match made in heaven” as Julius Agwu’s “Crack Ya Ribs” comedy sessions have consistently thrilled fans in London over the last couple of years and will be making a debut in America. The Ghana Meets Naija brand on other hand has over the last two years earned the status of
the most highly anticipated and biggest musical concert on the rave calendar. Thus, it’s set to be two electrifying shows as the very artistes from Ghana and Nigeria as well as the continent’s finest comedian strut it out in front of thousands on the world stage.
According to the Empire Entertainment’s PR Manager, Derick Addai, taking the Ghana Meets Naija brand to an international audience, is the realization of a vision that begun after last year’s event, and was aimed at bringing the brand world attention. He adds, that, the collaboration with a major Nigerian Icon such as Julius Agwu, further
emphasizes the fact that, the Ghana Meets Naija brand is aimed at fostering unity between the two countries through entertainment. He ended, “And so in the spirit of Unity, folks in London and NewYork must prep themselves for a mega showdown as Ghana Meets Nigeria on neutral grounds.”
The London event will be held on the 26th August, 2012 inside the plush and high capacity Lighthouse Hall, Camberwell and will feature performances from the likes of Gasmilla, as well as GH-UK acts Kwamz N Flavour and Mr. Silva. From Nigeria will be MAVIN’s DPrince and hip-hop heavyweight MI.
The show will make its grand debut in NewYork during the 7th Annual Nigerian Entertainment Awards weekend with top acts from Nigeria at the Symphony Space Sharp Theater, 2537 Broadway, NY 10025.
The night’s line-up of entertainers will include D’Prince, VIP, Seyi Law, KwawKesse, Chii Gurl, Senator, Yvonne NelsonFunky Bone, Lighter, and Jay Ghartey. Tickets are selling at $30 regular, $50 VIP and $100 VVIP. Ticket Hotline is             856 506 5700 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            856 506 5700      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      .
Meanwhile, Julius Agwu, has released what can be called by all as the most hilarious promo video ever, for the Crack Ya Ribs Ghana Meets Naija Show. In the video, the musi-comedian is eager to fight his opponent in a boxing match and on seeing how huge and muscular he is, he begins to drift away but later got his groove back and hit the guy and won!
CRACK YA RIBS- GHANA MEETS NAIJA is powered by Empire Entertainment,
MEDIA GH and REELLAIF with support from BEN,,,, Akwaaba UK, TM Entertainment,, and

Report: Americans Waste $2,275 Per Year by Thowing Out 40 Percent of the Food They Buy

Food prices are on the rise, and 18 percent of families in the United States say that they can't afford to buy the food they need. Yet the average American family of four throws away 40 percent of the food they purchase -- as much as 20 pounds of food per person per month, a new report says -- and spends $2,275 a year on food they never end up eating. 

It adds up to a staggering $165 billion worth of wasted food each year, the Natural Resources Defense Council says in their new report,"Wasted, How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill." Just reducing that amount by 15 percent would feed more than 25 million Americans.

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"We spend so much energy looking at sustainable agriculture," Dana Gunders, a project scientist in the food and agriculture program at the National Resources Defense Council and the report's lead author, told Yahoo! Shine in an interview on Wednesday. "To think that almost half of that food is actually not getting eaten, it's just such a waste of our resources."

Thanks to super-sized portions and our preference for perfect-looking produce, the average American wastes 10 times as much food as somebody in Southeast Asia -- that's a 50 percent increase in the amount of food wasted since the 1970s. Some of that wasted food never even makes it home; we're so used to seeing a huge variety of fruits and vegetables at the supermarket that stores can't sell it all before it goes rotten.

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"With apples, a lot of the ugly ones go to juice or applesauce," Gunders explains. "But cucumbers? There's not much else you can do with bent cucumbers that are perfectly fine, but just bent." Those end up in landfills.

When produce prices are too low, farmers can't recover the cost of harvesting food, so they actually leave entire fields unharvested. During one of the country's worst droughts, and with accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables still difficult in poorer communities, "It's really sad to know that there are fields of fresh food that are just being turned under," she says. "I don't see any reason why we should not be looking at this as a key opportunity for the United States' food system to become more efficient."

For consumers, the first step can start right at home.
  • Shop wisely. Plan out what you want to buy before you go to the grocery store, so you don't end up buying more than you'll actually use, Gunders suggests. Much of the 40 percent of food we throw out simply goes bad before we have a chance to eat it.
  • Cook wisely. Don't cook more than you can reasonably eat in a given time, and be sure to include leftovers in your calculations.
  • Understand expiration dates. Those dates on most pre-packaged products isn't really an expiration date, it's a "use-by" date. "A lot of people see that date and throw the food out right after," Gunders says, but most of them are not meant to indicate the safety of the food. "They're not federally regulated," she points out. In many cases, "they just indicate peak quality." According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the date is there to help stores decide how long to display the product, and to help consumers know when the product is best to eat. "It is not a safety date," the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which regulates food safety, states on its website. "After the date passes, while not of best quality, the product should still be safe if handled properly and kept at 40 degrees F or below for the recommended storage times." (You can find those recommendations here.)
  • Use your freezer. Many foods can be safely frozen, Gunders explains, including staples like bread and milk. Homemade foods, like mashed potatoes and cooked meats, can also be frozen, allowing you to use up your leftovers at a later date.
  • Watch what you order when dining out. Jumbo-size meals in restaurants lead plenty of people to leave food on their plates, and that food ends up in landfills. "Our food waste has increased about 50 percent since the mid-'70s," Gunders says. "Along a similar timeline, dinner plates have increased their diameter by over 30 percent."
  • Understand portion sizes. The average cookie has quadrupled in size since the mid-'80s, the average service of soda has gone from 7 ounces to 42 ounces since the 1950s, and recipes in "The Joy of Cooking" have an average of 30 percent more calories than they did in 1996. Portion sizes "are just bigger, or the recipe serves fewer people" than it did in previous editions, Gunders says. (You can find a guide to healthy portion sizes here.)

"I do believe that a little bit of awareness can go a long way on this issue," Gunders says. "I think that there's a real opportunity here for all of us, individually and collectively, to reduce our environmental footprint and save money, and even help feed others without a whole lot of sacrifice." 

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Lynx Entertainment Presents D3 Revelation Party

Lynx entertainment is finally springing back into action this year. After making some few new signings to the one time most vibrant record label in Gh, they are revealing the first set of talents, D3 (Diamond 3) officially on Friday August 24 2012.
The event dubbed, Lynx Entertainment Present the D3 Revelation Party, is scheduled for 3121 Club, formerly known as Tantra Nite Club at exactly 9:59:59pm and it is powered by GLOBA, the number one payment company in Africa.
This party is designed to outdoor the young hot energetic and talent trio to the public and also prove to the world what they can do on stage.
The night would be star studded with guest appearances from V.I.P, Richie Mensah, Tinny, D-Cryme, Edem, Okyeame Kwame, Zigi, Raquel, Natural Face, Trigmatic, Lousika, among others.
D3 have currently released their first single “Good Girl Gone Bad” backed with an awesome video which on first day of release on YouTube, made over 2000hits.
The D3 Revelation Party would be one that would go down well into history. It will be the beginning of something great to happen to the Ghanaian music industry and Lynx Entertainment.24th August, 2012 – 9:59:59pm – 3121 (Tantra Nite Club).

Source : Nana Kweku Sekyi 

“We don’t allow money to come between us” – VIP

“Believing in our vision, respecting each other’s views and not letting money come between us”. These and more form the glue that bind the awarding-winning hiplife trio, VIP, together.
According to the 2011 winners of the prestigious Artiste of the Year award, although they have issues to resolve, what unites them is the fact that they put their profession first. They also try as much as possible to keep their internal issues to themselves and, perhaps, away from the prying and probing antennae of the media as well.
Speaking on Radio XYZ 93.1 FM’s entertainment magazine show, Celebrity XYZ last Saturday, Lazzy, Promzy and Prodigal were very passionate about the need for music groups to stick together.
It is quite obvious that the news of the disbandment of music groups in Ghana stirs unpleasant mixed feelings and heartbreaks in the hearts of music lovers. Indeed it is more heart-wrenching when the root of such break-ups is money, or if you like, the need to “go solo” to amass more wealth as an individual artiste.
When the issue of ‘relationships gone soar’ surfaces, what readily comes to mind are Swedish group, ABBA; Irish Boy Band, West life; and American Rock Band, R.E.M.
Ghana has had its fair share of such splits. We can talk about Akyeame, which consisted of Okyeame Quofi and Okyeame Quame; hiplife duo, Wutah made up of Risky and Papa Virus as well as the highly talented trio, Praye, which still remains a group except for the exit of Praye Tintin.
This phenomenon, according to the sensational group, is inimical to the growth of the Ghanaian music industry.
Growing up together in Nima, a suburb of Accra which has been touted as villainous, it’s been their dream to alter the circumstances believed to have caused this perception. To Lazzy, Promzy and Prodigal, formal education is key to attaining a higher height in their music career.
They told the presenter of Celebrity XYZNana Yaa Agyare, how they strongly defied the propensity to drop out of school to pursue music as a career.
At age 13, and the only boy among his sisters, Prodigal said he was pampered and given the privilege to stay out there on the streets for as long as he wanted.

Source : RadioXYZOnline.Com
“When I was growing up, I wanted to be a star. I started playing football at a point, but music later took the better side of me. I fell in love with music and music is what I live on now.” This love for music, however, did not inhibit his inherent urge to complete his education.
An old boy of Harvard College located in Kokomlemle, Lazzy is in good company with Prodigal. He says “I took school very seriously while I did my music along side. Schooling is very important and so where ever we go, we send this message: ‘make sure you don’t play with your books because a time is coming when you will have to express yourself like I’m doing now’”.
“I am grateful that I can read and write,” the last member of the group, Promzy, said beaming with smiles. He says, but for education, his music career would have fallen on the rocks.
So, how did they feel, growing up in a community perceived to be the hub of deviant behaviour?
“Definitely growing up in Nima, you would have people scorn and say ‘look at these guys…What are they trying to do? Do they think they can make it?” But Prodigal says although growing up together in Nima was a bit rough, the experience has toughened the group and propelled it towards achieving its objectives.
That their most loyal fans live in Nima is no surprise at all.
Another positive thing about the group is they don’t compromise on giving back to the community that has carved greatness out of their voices, and last Sunday was no exception. The trio joined the Nima community to celebrate Eid-ul Fitr as they served sumptuous meals while launching their new album, 7/11.
For VIP, the Vision is still In Progress as they aspire to make it to higher heights come what may. And oh, VIP never hesitate to shout “Broaaaaaaa!!!!!, a slogan we look forward  to understanding soon.

Ghanaian Actress Kafui Danku Celebrates Her Birthday In The BigBrother Dairy Room

We don’t know the criteria that will qualify a personality to spend his or her memorable occasion in the Big Brother house, but we believe the  Big Brother  dairy room is not a place anyone can just pay a visit to without going through a rigorous chain of formalities.
Although the Big Brother star game has ended, one of Ghana’s top actresses Kafui Danku had the privilege to spend her birthday in the dairy room this week with one of South-African’s most prestigious production, broadcast,television, film studios and post production outfit based in Highlands North, Johannesburg. The company is called Sasani studio.
When we got in touch with Kafui to find out what project she was embarking on with Sasani studio; she revealed to us that she will give us more details when she touch down from her sojourn.
We also have the authority to  guess, so we guess she is shooting another blockbuster movie with the company.
We wish Kafui Danku a happy Birthday but still the nagging question is, how did she get the chance to celebrate her birthday in the  Big Brother house because she has never been there before? Or could she be warming herself gradually towards next year’s edition of the program? More questions than answers……

Stephanie Okereke Linus Launches Personal Blog – Stephanie Daily!

Celebrated Nollywood actor, Stephanie Okereke Linus, is continuing in her ambitious pursuits as she launches her latest effort – her personal blog site called “Stephanie Daily”! It’s a blend of fashion, beauty, inspiration, gist, give-aways for fans, loads of great pictures, and Stephanie’s oomph all over the place!
 “It’s my own personal space for me to interact with the wonderful fans I have been blessed with. It’s called Stephanie Daily for a reason – that means, everyday there’s something new to talk about. So now there’s an actual platform that draws me closer to the people who believe in what I do.”
“Inspire” and “Steph Lounge” are some of the channels on the site aimed to boost your spirits and keep you abreast on the actor and all that she finds fabulous! And also the interactive channel, “Talk to Steph” that gives visitors the opportunity to help another human being solve the daily challenges s/he faces.
Stephanie Daily aims to be genuine, smart, witty, fun, colourful, and humane. So whether you are feisty, cool, outgoing or simple, the blog will appeal to you.
Check it out:

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Chris Mahlangu to spend life in prison for murderer of white supremacist Eugene Terre’Blanche

A BLACK farmworker convicted of killing South Africa’s white supremacist leader Eugene Terre’Blanche was sentenced to life in prison.

chris-mahlangu WHITE SUPREMACIST“I find no valid reason to deviate from the prescribed sentence,” Judge John Horn said, upholding the prosecution request for life in prison.
Chris Mahlangu “failed to express genuine remorse” for bludgeoning Terre’Blanche to death in his farmhouse outside the small town of Ventersdorp on April 3, 2010, Judge Horn said.
He displayed a “flagrant disregard for the deceased’s right to life.”
“You went so far as to accuse the deceased of sodomy, and undoubtedly caused the families hurt,” said Judge Horn.
Mahlangu earlier claimed that the right-wing leader had raped and infected him with HIV.
During the trial, the court found no evidence to support that claim, Mahlangu’s co-defendant Patrick Ndlovu, 18, who was a minor at the time of the killing, was found guilty of house-breaking but not guilty on charges of murder androbbery. He was handed a two-year suspended sentence.
Judge Horn rejected Mahlangu’s claims to have acted in self-defence and accepted the prosecution’s argument that the killing had been triggered by a fight over wages.
Terre’Blanche, 69 when he was killed, co-founded the far-right Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) which violently opposed South Africa’s all-race democracy and campaigned for a self-governing white state.
Their campaign included bomb attacks ahead of the 1994 elections, which ended the white-minority apartheid state. The killing confronted South Africa with memories of its dark apartheid past, but during the long proceedings the trial had largely faded from public debate.

Source : AFP

ECOWAS Statement On The Formation Of Government Of National Unity In Mali

The ECOWAS Commission has taken note of the formation, yesterday, of the Transitional Government of National Unity in Mali, a development that is in line with the Decisions of the Authority taken at its 41st Ordinary Summit in Yamoussoukro on 29 June 2012, as well as the Decisions of the African Union and the United Nations.
While expressing the hope that the newly created Government truly reflects the diversity of the Malian nation and carries the support of the Malian people, the Commission will continue to closely monitor developments in the country.
The Commission seizes this opportunity to express the wish that the new Government will take urgent steps to address the daunting challenges ahead, including the stabilization of the transition, the reestablishment of the unity and territorial integrity of Mali, and the conduct of free, fair and transparent elections within the period of the transition.
In this regard, ECOWAS wishes to reaffirm its commitment to accompany Mali and to express its readiness to urgently consider any request for assistance that may be formulated by the Government.
Désiré Kadré OUEDRAOGO
President of the Commission..
Source : ECOWAS