The Mr Ideal Nigeria pageant is the search for Nigeria’s perfect man: a unique blend of entrepreneurship and fitness but Nigeria’s most anticipated pageant is also a celebration of Unity , culture and tourism. For the past 2 weeks , fans have been voting and commenting on the pictures of the state delegates to this year’s Mr Ideal Nigeria. A combination of fan votes and judges scores determined who made this year’s top 15 best traditional wear costume. Mr Ideal Abuja , John won this year’s title of Mr Culture and has the best traditional wear. In response one of the judges says ‘Its not about the design, the thought and reason behind picking the outfit is a huge contribution.
Abuja – WINNER
1) MR ABUJA: John ‘I choose this outfit because it signifies the unity of the nation ,The hat is from the north and the pants from the south. I feel comfortable in it because it reveals my ideal body’
Akwa Ibom
2) MR AKWA IBOM: Nnamdi ‘my state is debuting at the Mr Ideal Nigeria this year and i decided to make a statement with my outfit and this outfit has it’
3) MR IMO: I wanted something that represented strength and confidence and this costume has it!
4) MR LAGOS: Designed by DRE STORMS , my traditional outfit as simple yet intricate,trendy and extremely comfortable. chose this cos easily it appeals to my sense of style
5) MR ONDO: I wanted something that was cool , refined , and sophisticated ..everything i represent and this outfit has it!
6) MR BENUE: My traditional wear is hand beaded and its amazing !
Cross River
7) MR CROSS RIVER: I want the judges to know i feel confident in this costume and ready to take on the Earth in this outfit!
8) MR NIGER: I love my costume because it represents everything that makes me who i am today
9) MR OSUN: I’m wearing a kembe, dansiki and a fila abetiaja.The outfit is simple,free and totally represents my yoruba culture and Nigeria in general
10) MR Nassarawa: It took me less than 5 mins to design this unique costume because i know my people,my countries culture and my body settles with my creativity
11) MR TARABA: I bring a style with class ,beauty, creativity & uniqueness in this attire.
12) MR ANAMBRA: I have conquered the world , i just need everything from them now.
13) MR YOBE: He choose this traditional outfit because he could identify with it , YOUNG AND FREE.
14) MR DELTA: i tried many costumes before this , but this is the one i love the most.
15) MR KEBBI: I see my self as a northern prince and this outfit reflects that.