Monday, 9 July 2012

Banky W covers Y! Mag; speaks about fighting cancer & fighting for Nigeria

 Banky W covers the hot new edition of Y! Magazine - the 'Power to the People' issue that profiles the energy, passions, and activism of young Nigerians over the past few months.

Miss Malawi Ireland to be annual contest -organisers

Red hot! Malawi beauty in Ireland
Miss Malawi Ireland  beauty contest will be an annual event celebrating Malawi, its life and culture, the organisers have told Nyasa Times.
The beauty pageant held in Dublin on June 23 was the first ever biggest event taking place in Ireland which was  organised to celebrate and maintain Malawian culture through beauty.
A 22-year-old Tina Maunde, a second year business studies and marketing student became the winner of the inaugural contest. Bettina Chimwaza was crowned first princess while Nsiidwa Kambauwa was chosen second princess. The Miss Personality title was given to Denise Anthony.

Red hot! Malawi beauty in Ireland
Sense of pride
“Definitely we will be back next year,” said one of the pageant directors, Grace Matsuka.
She told Nyasa Times the Malawia community is growing in Ireland because of many coming to study and that the pageant and cultural shows is intended to instil a sense of pride and providing a positive image with which to identify Malawian people
She said such events would give  Malawi young ladies “a sense of pride and identity” with their  culture.
The organisers said the Miss Malawi Ireland pageant aims to inspire its participants to become involved in fundraising for their communities rather than it just being a platform for launching modelling careers.
Jolie said the reigning Miss Malawi Ireland, Tina Maunde, will “ to start helping raising funds for charity organisations”   in Ireland as well as in Malawi.
The pageant strives to become one of the largest and most influential platforms from which various charity initiatives that will benefit the Malawi Diaspora community.
Indeed the event was a true celebration of Malawi as  self-styled ‘Soldier of the Poor’  Lucus Banda gave Malawians a taste and nostalgic feeling of life back home when he performed live as beauty contestants paraded including the popural swim wear  category.
“We would like to give thanks to our special guest Lucius Banda , it was real nice having a great artist from Malawi,” Matsuka said.
“And we thank all the people wh took part in this including the judges, host and our beautiful contestants and not forgetting our fans out there who came to support us it was a great event first ever Missmalawi Ireland.”
She also thanked German consultants for government and international affairs, Tabias Hanchenberg and Daniel Dank for their support at the event.
Clarion Hotel, Liffey Valley, in Dublin where the event took place also sampled the music of Malawian hip hop music maestro Pop Dogg, who performed live.
The Dublin based Pop Dogg has also been nominated for African Leadership Excellence Awards 2012 scheduled for September 8.
Ably handled by co-MC of the night, Titus Bweya, the organisers  who included Matsuka, Clara Chiro, Quent Katoleza, Jubheda Chande Alinane Harawa and Briston Chilunjika set high standards and class.
No wonder it was a celebrity set of red-carpet photo opportunities for the  audience  -with others coming from other cities like Limmerick and Cork.

Miss Malawi Ireland: Tina Maunde.Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

Swim wear contestants Denise and Eve parade.-Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

Red hot! Malawi beauty in Ireland.Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

Malawian rap star Pop Doggy give flowers to Miss Personality Denise Anthony.Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

German support: Tabias Hanchenberg and Daniel Dank join organiser Quent Katoleza, Lucius Banda to cheer Miss Malawi Ireland.-Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

Lucius Banda sings as Malawian beauty babe parades.Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

Tina Maunde on parade.Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

Organisers of the Miss Malawi Ireland.Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

The audience also posed on the red carpet.Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

Even the audience had a mock parade. Anna Ndovi also had her time on the cat walk.Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

Bettina Chimwaza: Runner-up.Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

The Malawi beauty on parade.Picture courtesy of Miss Malawi Ireland , by Phemmy Fotoarts

Kourtney Kardashian Gives Birth — Kim, Khloe & Kendall Tweet ‘Amazing’ News

Kourtney Kardashian Gives Birth To Baby Girl, Penelope Scotland 0709

Kourtney Kardashian Baby

Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick welcomed a baby girl on Sunday July 8 — congratulations!

Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly over the moon with the addition of Penelope Scotland Disick to the family, but sisters KimKhloe, and Kendall Jenner give Kourtney a run for her money in the excitement department!
Shortly after news broke that Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick welcomed their first daughter, Kim, Khloe, and Kendall all shared their excitement over the new arrival through social media outlets!
Khloe first tweeted, “Such an amazing day!!!!!”
And while Kylie Jenner has yet to comment on the matter, Kendall added, “great day! #babytime‬ ‪#PenelopeScotland‬.”Kim also used her own blog to say, “Welcome to the world, Penelope Scotland Disick! Kourtney gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter on Sunday and the whole family is so thrilled to finally meet her! She is absolutely perfect! I am so excited to be an aunt again and can’t wait to spoil little Penelope. I know Mason is going to be the best big brother in the whole world. Congratulations Kourtney and Scott.”

Nafe banks on Wati win, Mzasi parties

Evicted Big Brother Stargame representative, Alinafe ‘Nafe’ Kulemeka, 22, arrived back in Malawi, Lilongwe, on Thursday, banking his winning card on cousin, Watipaso ‘Wati’ Kulemeka still in the House. Multichoice Malawi has organised a welcoming party for him  Saturday night at Mzasi.
Nafe, who briefly told journalists, relatives and fans that his stay in the House was challenging, exciting, a new experience and learning opportunity, said he foresaw Wati winning the US$300,000 at the end of the 90 days reality show, watched by millions of Africans.
He also said he was looking forward to meeting his fans on Saturday at the party which kicks on at 8pm.
“I can say my life in the House was the biggest and craziest house party ever,” he responded to a journalist at a press conference held at the Crossroads Hotel in the capital Lilongwe.
He arrived aboard South Africa Airways flight in the afternoon around 1300hrs.
Multi-choice Malawi officer, Tatiana Katenga-Kaunda told the briefing the company alongside Big Brother had some great opportunities in store for Nafe, and all other housemates, which she
would not reveal at the moment.
“We are confident now that since Nafe has been in the House and is now a celebrity, we shall work on a number of befitting issues that he can be engaged in. This we can not disclose now,” she said.
Nafe also said he did not need to find a girlfriend in the House because he already have one. Mona, his lovebird, was one of the thousands of Malawians that received him from the airport after being
evicted last week Sunday the 1st July.
“I can say being in the House posed some challenges on our relationship, but am glad that I have always had trust in her and she in me and that our relationship is stronger now,” he said. Adding, he
was positive that he was now a celebrity and had been told he would come out of the House a different person.
“Yes, we were forewarned of this. I was, well, not so sure about this, but now with such a glamorous awesome reception from the airport to here, I can tell am different and a true celebrity. I know people will come to me and say hi and have to do a lot of smiling. I also know that some will say negative things,” he said, “but I can handle that. I will handle that!”
His parents Peter and Kwacha plus sister Ayanja were joined by his cousins and well-wishers on arrival.
Nafe, who enjoyed and danced to some traditional dances including Ingoma at the airport and the hotel, complete with a welcoming song by Cherub Private Schools students, where he is assistant administrator, was driven in a convoy made up of a convertible Audi, a Big Boy motorcycle, and other vehicles led by a police siren blasting vehicle.
He was driven through the New Parliament House and the Game Stores – Shoprite shopping area before coming to Crossroads Hotel.  Nafe said Malonza and Keagan posed a threat to Wati and Malawi’s chances of winning the big prize.

Rihanna Tweets Sexy Pic From Bed — Tempting Chris Brown?

Rihanna Chris Brown Love

It seems that every time Rihanna posts a provocative pic, she’s trying to get the attention of her sexy ex. Do YOU think he’s paying attention to her advances?

Rihanna and Chris Brown have one of the wildest relationships in Hollywood. But even after dissing him in a recent interview, Rihanna is trying to get back in Chris’ good graces with a new sexy pic!
Rihanna, 24, took to Twitter on July 7 to write, “Go to sleep ROBYN,” coupled with a sexy picture of her reclining in bed. We’re thinking that she’s trying to show off for Chris, 23 — she is super-hot, after all!
Do YOU think Rihanna was trying to get Chris’ attention with the photo.