Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Nigeria Fuel Subsidy Removal – The Photos You Must See!

The removal of the fuel subsidy by the Nigerian 
Federal Government is affecting
(almost) each and every Nigerian.
We say almost because while majority
 of Nigerians will struggle to meet ends meet with
this 100%+ increase in fuel prices,
 our politicians continue to live decadent lifestyles
 as evidenced by the 2012 budget.
 For example,
477 Million Naira was set aside for grocery shopping and
“catering materials supplies” for the President’s office.
293 Million Naira to provide “refreshment and meals”
 for the president’s comfort at his home and office.
…and the list goes on. Click HERE for a breakdown.
In our opinion, if our leaders want Nigerians to embrace austerity measures,
they will need to tow the same line.
On Monday 2nd of January 2012, though the day
was officially a public holiday, it was chaotic in most
 states and one can only imagine what will happen
today as Nigerians return to work and school after
 the Christmas/New Year’s holiday.
According to a report published by Punch Newspaper,
In Lagos, commuters were stranded 
at various motor parks and bus stops following 
fare hike by transporters in the wake of fuel subsidy removal.
The situation was not different in Abuja as transport fares skyrocketted,
 with motorists and commuters lamented the situation.
In Kwara State, price increases have already started taking effect,
based on reports by the News Agency of Nigeria correspondents –
Fares from Post-Office to Kwarapoly were increased 
from N50 to N100; Ilorin to Abuja ranged between 
N3,500 and N4,000 for buses and N5,000 for cars
 as against the old N2,000 rate. Ilorin to Lagos went
 for N5,000 instead of the old rate of N1,600
So far, the presidency is sticking to their decision despite
 an impending labour strike in the country. According to
 news reports via the Vanguard Newspaper today,
 “President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday set up a committee, 
headed by a former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice 
Alfa Belgore, to meet with organised labour and
 other stakeholders with a view to resolving issues 
that may arise from the controversy.
Jonathan also appointed Dr. Christopher Kolade as
 Chairman of the Subsidy Re-investment and
 Empowerment Programme Board, SREPB, 
which is to oversee and ensure the effective and
 timely implementation of projects to be funded
 with savings accruing to the Federal Government 
from the removal with Major-General Mamman
 Kontagora, rtd, as deputy chairman.
In any case, Nigerians are angry yet optimistic
 as illustrated by the mix of humorous and “citizen journalist”
 photos that have gone viral via twitter and BlackBerry Messenger
over the last few hours.
BN has put together a compilation of the best that we have seen so far.
Special Thanks to everyone who took these photos! In the midst of adversity, 
the Nigerian spirit never dies.
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