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Another Shot From Nick Knight Shoot wit kim kardashain

Kim Kardashian - Photo Shoot for V Magazine Shot by Photographer Nick Knight
kim is this really you...lovely..


We also can't get enough of Solange Knowles at the moment. She may Beyonce's sister but to us she's just as awesome. We love her natural hair and love the fact that she rocks it majority of the time. She is beautiful and def gets the fab stamp of approval. Let us know what you think of the lovely Solange Knowles.

Who Wore It Better? V-neck Sheaths~~Eva Longoria vs Nicole Scherzinger

Ghanaian Musicians To Demonstrate Against Telecommunication Companies

Musicians To Demonstrate Against Telecommunication Companies
There is a very serious uprising looming among a number of Ghanaian musicians toward all the telecommunication companies operating in Ghana presently.

A large number of musicians feel they have been dealt a raw deal by mobile telecommunication networks, over the revenue accrued from Ghanaian music used for Caller Ring-Back Tone (CRBT) and the general usage of Ghanaian music on mobile phones in Ghana.

Incredible revelations made on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review”, points to the fact that the mobile networks get the largest percentage share of the revenue made from music usage at the expense of the musicians who own the right to the music. Music Producer and a former executive of MUSIGA Ernest Kwasi Enin of Media Excel, producers of Gospel singer Sup. Kofi Sarpong and Bernice Ofei, among others, stated on the programme that the networks are ripping musicians off their intellectual property, and they are ready to hit the streets and demonstrate against any network that has Ghanaian music on their respective platforms, if they refuse to renegotiate with them.

Mr. Enin disclosed that the networks deducts 0.32 Pesewas automatically every month from every mobile phone user who subscribes to the CRBT, and out of that the networks take 70% and then the musician shares the remaining 30% with the mobile content provider who serves as the middleman between the musicians and the various networks. Then the musician and contract providers split the remaining 30% into 50-50 which implies that the musicians get a total of 15% of the entire CRBT revenue.

Apart from the CRBT, Kwasi Ernest also made a shocking revelation that all the networks deduct a monthly subscription fee of 0.53 Pesewas of credit from mobile phone users, for the use of music content on their platforms and interestingly, all this money goes to telecommunication companies alone, and nothing goes to the musicians who own the songs nor to the content providers. In all this, Ernest disclosed that it’s the network companies who declare how many times the songs have been used.

“The situation we are in now is very serious and I want every musician to take his destiny into his own hands and say that this is our intellectual property which is being ripped off. Our property is what we are going to use to take care of our families, and some people just set up their company to rip us off. This is fraud, and if we have to go to the extent of demonstrating against them, we all come together and do it”, Kwasi Ernest said with so much anger.

Meanwhile Conrad Nyuur, Chief Operations Manager of Mobile Content Group, one of the largest content providers in Ghana, confirmed Ernest Enin’s figures and agreed that the telecommunication companies are indeed ripping the musician off, and they as content providers, are also not happy about the situation. “The networks will give you all manner of excuses but all those things are long explanations that I, as a businessman or content provider, am not happy about but it is not something I can really control. I wish I could do better for the musicians”.

Conrad said he and his company understand the plight of the musicians so they always try to give them a bigger share of the 30%, but generally all content providers in Ghana are not happy about this. According to Conrad, the networks did not negotiate their 70% with anybody but rather they decided on the percentage they want from the beginning and it has been like that ever since.

“People sit there and they think we the content providers we are making money off the musicians and we are not paying copyright owners what they are due, but we are actually suffering”. Conrad said the only way this problem can be solved is for all Ghanaian musicians to come together as one united force and all the content providers will rally behind them to face the telecommunication companies.


What Is MUSIGA Doing About This? 

Obour and his executives are under pressure to make sure the right thing is done
The President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Obour, who added his voice to the outcry, said he is one of the first musicians who signed his song to be used for CRBT as far back as 2006 because every musician was excited when the system was first introduced in Ghana, but after sometime when he realized that the networks were not treating them fairly he took his music off the platform.

He said this was not the first time such an outcry was coming up because he and other musicians have been fighting this system for a very long time. “Around 2008 and 2009 there was a big boycott on CRBTs when most of the Ghanaian musicians disseminated information amongst them to stop signing their songs for CRBT”. Obour stressed that unfortunately our Cultural Policy as a country is not helping and the National Communication Authority is not making any policies to help Ghanaians and compel the networks operating in Ghana to use more Ghanaian music than foreign ones. So anytime the musicians complain, they turn to use songs from Nigeria and other countries.

“Now MUSIGA as a body has made some systemic approach and we are going to deal with this problem. We used to think that the problem was from the content providers but upon several researches we realized that it is not a problem with content providers but it’s a problem with the fixed rates and fixed percentages that are proposed by the networks, and to approach the networks we need to get our facts right. So it is not something we are relenting on at all, we are working sturdily on it but if persuasion fails force will be applied,” Obur warned.

Highlife musicians Dada KD who was present in the studio, pledged his support for eminent demonstration saying “If this is what is going on then we have to call all Ghanaian musicians and demonstrate against the network companies or we stop them from using our music”.

Rex Omar, a Highlife musician and member of the interim GHAMRO, thinks even though MUSIGA as a body and individual musicians are taking steps to solve this problem, he believed it was the Ghana Association of Music Right Owners (GHAMRO) who should be proactive because this has to do with Copyright ownership, and not every musician is necessarily a copyright owner.

“GHAMRO must be structured properly; GHAMRO must be put to work efficiently so that all these problems can be solved”.

Several other musicians and stakeholders have stated their readiness to rally behind MUSIGA, if it becomes necessary to demonstrate and fight for their right. There is a wind of change, a revolutionary wind blowing across Ghana over this issue and at this point the entire Ghanaian music body is ready to go to every length in ensuring that they are paid what is due them.
Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana


5 Somali Children Killed By Explosives

Nairobi – At least five Somali children were killed and more than 10 others wounded in a large blast in a school on Monday, after they played with explosives left over from fighting in the area, officials said.
“There was a heavy explosion, we believe caused by an explosive device that they had been playing with,” said Abdi Jinow Alasow, governor for the Middle Shabelle region.At least five children have died and more than 10 others were injured,” he added. “The death toll could rise as most of the victims have suffered serious injuries.”
The explosion in the town of Balad, some 30km north of the capital Mogadishu, took place shortly after the school opened on Monday morning.The town was recently wrested from the control of al-Qaeda-linked Shebab insurgents by African Union troops alongside government forces.
“I heard a very loud explosion, and minutes later I saw mothers crying,” said Abdifatah Mohamed, a witness.There were nearly 20 children who were attending the class when the explosion occurred, most of them were either killed or seriously injured.”

XCLUSIV FOTOS: Confidence Haugen To Launch New Shoes, Bags And Accessories Brand

Business Entrepreneur Confidence Haugen is set to launch her bags, shoes and accessories label “KONFIDENCE” brand in Ghana with a big celebration on September 9 2012, in what is expected to be a glamorous night of authentic African fashion.
The anticipated event will see the launch of a brand that will soon be a household name in Ghana. The KONFIDENCE brand was founded with the concept of designing a sophisticated line of shoes, bags and accessories to meet the needs of today’s modern woman from the lady who prefers to rock her KONFIDENCE totes to the office to a smooth transition to evening wear clutch bags.
The brand takes inspiration from global current trends illustrating the beauty of excellent craftsmanship and finishing. Konfidence first collections boast of a palette of vibrant bold colours and touches of African prints paying homage to her cultural roots. Trendy and Sophistication defines the KONFIDENCE Label for the free spirited confident woman.
Delicately symbolized by the golden butterfly logo. The label launched in 2012 envisioned by Ghanaian socialite, and renowned entrepreneur Confidence Haugen, is designed to add colour, class and sparkle to every woman’s wardrobe. Like the butterfly, colouful and free spirited, the Label draws inspiration from the vibrant Ghanaian culture and scenic environment, a cocktail of contemporary designs infused with traditional fabrics.
This approach is elegantly defined in the Konfidence label through the use of Ghanaian authentic Kente fabric, and traditional African print from Ghana, carefully mixed with satin, innovative materials, and crystals, which gives the pieces a true sophisticated edge.
Each piece tells its own story identified by their unique Ghanaian names. The variety of styles and colour ensembles makes the label unique as a Ghanaian brand that caters for the corporate woman, the sophisticated woman, and the young fashion savvy.
The label focuses on key accessories in both casual and occasional ranges for women, including shoes, handbags and purses. The Konfidence label looks to grow into a lifestyle brand that caters for both men and women accessories. The label is made with pleasure to ignite the feeling of confidence into a state of being. – Especially for the KONFIDENCE customer.
The event will see an array of Ghanaian celebrities in attendance including special guest invite from the Big Brother Africa 2011 to mark the launch of Konfidence label, take place on Sunday the 9th of September 2012 from 5pm.
Check out samples of the new Konfidence label below:
Confidence Haugen the CEO
The new Konfidence logo

The Konfidence Shoes
Konfidence Bags
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Confidence the African woman
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories

Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Confidence Haugen the party lady
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Confidence Haugen the Business Entrepreneur
The cute Konfidence purse
Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories

Nigeria’s Fashion Police is Ready for You – Discover the “GlamSquad”

The Glam Squad Hosts (L-R) Odun Ogunbiyi, Megha Joshi, Latasha Ngwube & Wunika Mukan
who looked fab and who should get the boot and with the growing strength of the fashion industry, Nigerian celebrities get it right sometimes and falter on other occasions, this is why this new reality talk showGlamsquad is launching soon.
Glamsquad is a reality talk show inspired by E! Entertainment Television’s hit series – Fashion Police, but adapted and made culturally relevant to our society here in Nigeria.
Just like E!’s Fashion Police, the show will have 4 regular co-hosts with surprise guest appearances once in a while to keep viewers on their toes and will see them critique and discuss the dos and don’ts of the fashion in the country. The show will not only focus on celebrities, but also on socialites and wannabes.
Programme Segments
Air Bags – In this segment, the panelists guess a celebrity based solely on the amount of cleavage revealed by their outfit.
Who Wore it Better -This time, the panelists spotlight two or more stars wearing the same outfit on different occasions or even at the same event. They discuss the individuals in question and select who they think looked best in the outfit. Warning: Both the loser and the winner may be subjected to ridicule with the winner chosen as the lesser of two evils.
Hit or Miss – In this slot, the photograph of a person with their face obscured is presented, often the individual will sport a revealing or disheveled clothing. The hosts and each of the guests have a paddle with “Beginner”  written on one side and “Interm+ediary” written on the other. The person’s outfit is ridiculed, before the anchor and each of the guest hold up their paddle to declare whether they think, the individual in question is a beginner or an intermediary, before the mystery person’s identity is revealed to all. If they turn out to be a starlet, they are ridiculed more.
Senior/Senorita - Here the celebrity being analysed is not revealed and accurate given to those who got the sex right.
O.T.T (Over the Top) – The panelists x-ray and bring down the celebrities who overdress all in a bid to make fashion statement but have unconsciously committed “tautology”
Be Weave it or Not – The panelists x-ray celebrities adornment of weave on and make a pronouncement on who’s hot and who’s not.
Style Vigilante – This is the out and about segment where images from events are analysed. The hosts make comments on the style saviness of the celebrity being revealed.
The Glam Squad Hosts
Meet the Anchors
Latasha Ngwube
Latasha is one of Nigeria’s top beauty, fashion, social and lifestyle correspondents. She has profiled some of the most prominent Nigerians chosen to be the cover personalities of the week when she was with This Day’s Style Magazine, won two awards in 2010 as Fashion Writer of the Year and was also nominated by the prestigious Future Awards committee in the “Writer of the Year” Category.
Having reported from the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, South African Fashion Week and Grand Opening of Tinapa to mention a few, she is one of the known faces in the Nigerian fashion industry. She is now a contributing editor at Vanguard’s Allure Magazine.
On GlamSquad,  Latasha will be brash in her approach , she is assertive and commands a strong presence. According to her, she is on the BIG side and is not ashamed to poke fun at herself and other celebrities. Her criticism is objective and will be a wake-up call to order for fashion offenders.
Odun Ogunbiyi
After returning to Nigeria from a career in hospital pharmacy abroad, Odun, indulged her passion for all things fashion and girly. Currently a fashion editor at TW Magazine as well as a blogger and PR specialist.
She loves to work out and on GlamSquad, her overview would probably skew towards her professional competence as a pharmacist as she would be prescribing the right fashion dosage expected for celebrities. To judge her based on her charming looks would be courting an alliance with a cup of hemlock. Any celebrity she picks on would be surgically dissected and made better at the end of the day.
Megha Joshi
a.k.a Ms Pearl of Wisdom
Pearl is a fictional character with a weekly column in Sunday’s Vanguard Allure. With a sarcastic humor, Pearl who has become famous for her totally unsympathetic advice to her readers problems, will on GlamSquad introduce a fun, sharp, sassy view on fashion.
Pearl, played by her creator Megha Joshi, is an entrepreneur, PR whiz kid, international socialite and writer, music and style lover.
Wunika Mukan
After graduating from Howard University with a degree in Telecommunications Management and Economics.
Wunika Mukan returned to Nigeria in 2010 and began working as Project Manager for the Miss Nigeria Competition under AOE Events and Entertainment while working to deliver a proudly Nigeria brand with professionalism innovation, elegance and restoring the Competition to once again becoming one the most sought after beauty titles and premier events in Nigeria.
Her duties with the Competition also included hosting the 2010 & 2011 Miss Nigeria Reality Show “Crowning of the Queen”. A 2-week Reality Program that aired on both local and terrestrial TV stations. On the GlamSquad show, she is set bring her best in critiquing celebrities in unfashionable outfits.
The Crew
The crew behind the show consists of Remi DiagbareJide Omidiran (Director), Bayode Ojo (Script & Content Writer), Adeyinka Akingbade (Creative Design Consultant/Pro Photographer), Chalya Shagaya (Set Designer) and Bola Fadina (Beauty Entrepreneur)
The GlamSquad show will be recorded live at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos and will air on DSTV, STV Network, Channels TV and Ben TV London – Will you be watching? Let us know!WATCHOUT,,,

Nigeria In Talks With Boko Haram

nigeria kills boko haram
Abuja – Nigeria’s government has reached out to members of Islamist militant group Boko Haram through back-channel talks in a bid to end an insurgency that has killed hundreds, the president’s spokesperson said.
“The form of the dialogue is that backroom channels are being used to reach across with the sole objective of understanding what exactly the grievances of these persons are, what exactly can be done to resolve the crises,” Reuben Abati told journalists.
He said the effort was being made “in the overall best interest of ensuring peace and stability in Nigeria and the security of life and property”.Abati’s comments were the first official confirmation of back-channel dialogue with the Islamists, though the government has previously signalled some form of dialogue was underway.
What is believed to be the main branch of Boko Haram has however repeatedly ruled out dialogue, though the group is believed to have a number of factions with differing aims – something Abati also spoke about.Boko Haram is accused of killing more than 1 400 people in northern and central Nigeria since 2010.
The group has pressed for the creation of an Islamic state in Africa’s most populous country and biggest oil producer, though its demands have repeatedly shifted.A previous attempt at dialogue earlier this year collapsed when a mediator quit over leaks to the government and a purported Boko Haram spokesperson said the government could not be trusted.

The HEADIES 2012 Nominees List

Best album (solo or group) in year under review, that meets judges’ requirements of excellence (in every realms: songwriting, production, rendition and promotion) and acceptability (sales, popularity)
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Everybody Loves Ice Prince – Ice Prince
The Invasion – P-Square
Superstar – Wizkid
Super C Season  – Naeto C

Most critically and commercially adjudged artiste in the year under review Overall most successful artiste for the year under review.

Ice Prince
Naeto C

Most popular song from an album in year under review. Decided by voting

Chop My Money – P-Square ft. Akon & May-D
Dami Duro – Davido
Oliver Twist – D’Banj
Gaga Crazy - Chuddy K
Kukere – Iyanya

Best single recording (on-air only or released) by artiste or group in year under review. Originality and production very essential

Stupid Song - Bez
Private Trips – Wande Coal
Ara – Brymo
I Love You – Praiz

The individual responsible for producing the most acclaimed songs/album in the year under review. His CV for the year includes top-notch tracks and production credits no one can fault.

Cobhams – Stupid Song (Bez)
Tee-Y Mix  – Super C Season (Naeto C)
Shizzy – Dami Duro (Davido)
J Sleek – Private Trips (Wande Coal)
Jesse Jags  – E.L.I (Ice Prince)

Best conceptualised, best edited, best picture, best directed and most exciting video in year under review as voted by fans and decided by the jury.

5 & 6 (Naeto C) - Clarence Peters
Chop My Money Remix (P-Square) - Jude Okoye
Ara (Brymo) – Ajeh
Kosorombe (Dipp ft. Da Grin) – Mex

Best R&B single in year under review (by single individual or group)

Private Trips – Wande Coal
Stupid Song – Bez
Nawti – Olu Maintain
Soundtrack – May D
Love Me (3X) – Tiwa Savage

Best pop single in year under review (by single individual or group)

Dami Duro – Davido
Oliver Twist – D’Banj
Gaga Crazy – Chuddy K
Chop My Money – P-Square
Kukere - Iyanya

Best R&B or pop album in year under review (by single individual or group)

Superstar – Wizkid
Super Sun – Bez
Versus – 9ice
The Invasion - P-Square

Best single released on-air recording of a rap song

Too Much Money – Iceberg Slim
Shutdown – Phyno
Angeli – Vector ft. 9ice
Oh My Gosh – Yung6ix
Young Erikina - Olamide

Best album by a rap artiste or group in year under review

E.L.I – Ice Prince
The Dreamer Project – Show Dem Camp
Rapsodi – Olamide
Super C Season  – Naeto C

Rap Artist with best lyrical depth and performance on a single song or album

Vector – Angeli
Yung6ix  - Oh My Gosh
Iceberg Slim - Too Much Money
Phyno - Shutdown
Erigga - Mo Street Gan

Best R&B, Pop or hip hop collaborative track (including cameos) in year under review

Chop My Money (Remix) – P-Square Ft. Akon & May-D
Angeli - Vector Ft. 9ice
Carolina - Sauce Kid Ft. Davido
Stupid Song - Bez Ft. Praiz
Orobo – Sound Sultan Ft. Excel & Flavour

Single male artiste with most outstanding vocal performance on a single song or album

Wande Coal – Private trips
Banky W – Low Key
Praiz – I Love You
Brymo – Ara
Bez  – Stupid Song

Single female act with most outstanding vocal performance on a single song or album

Tiwa Savage – Love Me, Love, Love Me
Chidinma  – Kedike
Ijeoma  – Oloomi
Waje - Na The Way

Non Nigerian category

Sarkodie (Ghana) – Azonto
Camp Mulla (Kenya) – Feel No Pain
D-Black (Ghana) – Get On The Dancefloor
Zahara (South Africa)  - Loliwe

The most popular street-hop single in year under review

Kako Bi Chicken – Reminisce
Gaga Crazy – Chuddy K
Akpako – Terry G
Roll – Rayce
Mo Street Gan – Erigga

Most promising upcoming officially unreleased act in the year under review

Eva (Alordia)
Chuddy K

Best New artiste in the year under review

Ice Prince
Timi Dakolo

Special recognition for excellence and outstanding impact to the entertainment industry.

Femi Kuti