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Who wore it better: Beyonce Knowles VS. Alicia Keys

1x1.trans Who wore it better: Beyonce Knowles VS. Alicia Keys

Who wore it better: Melanie Fiona and Kelly Rowland In Alexander McQueen Asymmetric Coat

1x1.trans Who wore it better: Melanie Fiona and Kelly Rowland In Alexander McQueen Asymmetric Coat
Who wore it better: Melanie Fiona and Kelly Rowland In Alexander McQueen Asymmetric Coat

Who wore it best: Lucy Liu VS Amber Heard VS Kate Beckinsale in Alexander McQueen?

1x1.trans Who wore it best: Lucy Liu VS Amber Heard VS Kate Beckinsale in Alexander McQueen?

Meet The Girl Who Cries Blood

The pictures are striking. Streams of blood seem to flow from a 14-year-old girl’s eyes and spring spontaneously from her scalp and feet.
Some say it’s a miracle. Some say it’s a mystery. Still others call it witchcraft or sorcery. And a doctor who examined her said it more likely is a manifestation of a mental illness called Munchausen syndrome.
Whatever it is, Dr. George Buchanan, who traveled to India to examine the girl called Twinkle for a special on National Geographic Channel, says it’s unlike anything he’s seen before in a long career as a pediatrician.
“This is really a first for me,” Buchanan told TODAY’s Al Roker Friday in New York. “I can’t tell — I don’t know where [the blood] comes from.
Elaborate hoax?
What Buchanan does know after observing two of Twinkle’s bleeding episodes is that neither he nor anyone else except her mother has ever seen the bleeding begin — only the results of it. And he wasn’t able to find any wounds or lesions in her scalp when the bleeding has occurred there. Pictures of the girl show streams of blood under her eyes — but not necessarily originating there.
The doctor said more tests are needed, but his surmise is that it may all be an elaborate hoax engineered by the girl or by the girl and her mother.
“I think this is something that has been purposely brought on,” Buchanan told Roker.
There’s a medical term for what Buchanan suspects: Munchausen syndrome, named after Baron Karl Munchausen, a German nobleman who became famous in the 18th century for the fabulous tales he told about himself, including riding a cannonball and flying to the moon.
People with the syndrome imagine symptoms and may physically cause them. Alternatively, Buchanan said, Twinkle’s mother may be the one with the syndrome and could be transferring the symptoms to her daughter. Such transference is called Munchausen syndrome by proxy.
“I don’t know where the blood comes from. I can’t tell how. It seems to be her blood, but where it’s coming from, I’m not sure,” Buchanan said.
When Roker asked if the girl’s mother could be involved in the mysterious bleeding, Buchanan said, “There’s good reason to think she probably is.”
No wounds
Buchanan is a pediatrician at the University of Texas Southwestern and Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, and has more than 30 years of experience. When he was asked by National Geographic to go to India to examine Twinkle, he said he was dubious.
Twinkle’s scalp has been observed to shed blood as well as her eyes.
“When I heard her story even before I left, it sounded very suspicious to me. I had not seen bleeding conditions like this before. The doctors in India suspected that as well,” he told Roker.
Beyond that is simple medical fact: “When one looks at her, there’s no obvious cuts or scrapes or scratches or wounds; this seems to come right through the skin and the eyes, and medical science just has no good explanation for that. There’s no mechanism by which blood can spontaneously come through the skin and from the eyes as medical science understands it.
“This really does raise the question: Is this being faked in some way, or is the blood being placed there or put there by Twinkle?”
Since no one other than Twinkle’s mother — and perhaps her co-conspirator — has seen the bleeding begin, that remains the big question.
Pediatrician Dr. George Buchanan said that he cannot determine for certain where the blood that Twinkle sheds comes from.
There are discrepancies in the accounts Twinkle’s mother gave of her daughter’s history, Buchanan said. The mother said she had to take the girl out of school when she began bleeding 2½ years ago — but, the doctor learned, Twinkle was removed from school before the bleeding episodes began.
Also, the mother described her daughter as being weak and sickly, but Buchanan saw her as a normal teenager — talkative, generally happy and interacting with others.
Buchanan said that Twinkle describes mild pain at times, but does not seem to suffer significant discomfort. But her life is clearly being disrupted.
“I feel bad for her. This has affected her life in significant ways,” he concluded. “I really think this is a psychiatric problem.”

Source : MSNBC

“D’Banj can never be replaced” – Tiwa Savage [VIDEO]

Tiwa Savage
First lady of MAVIN Records, Tiwa Savage has revealed the real reason why she joined MAVIN Records. In a recent interview with Factory78, the Kelekele crooner dismissed the insinuation that she was signed on the label to replaced D’Banj.
According to her, ” It’s great (to be a part of Mavin Records Team). Don Jazzy is a legend in my opinion. He is incredible and I have always looked up to him.
Continuing the talented singer said she has always been closed to Jazzy even when they were in Mo’Hits, so joining him was a natural progression.
“I just want to say this: his plan to sign me is not to replace D’Banj… D’Banj can NEVER be replaced. He is an icon, the entertainer. It was just that they wanted a female touch” she concluded.
The first lady also talked about her style of music, stage craft amongst other things.
She frowned at how Nigerian artists altered their style to fit the foreign market advising them on the need to stay true to themselves.
Tiwa is currently working on releasing her long-awaited debut ‘Tiwa O ni Baje‘ slated for this year.
Watch the interview:

[VIDEO] Rapist To Victim: ‘Ha-Ha, I Just Gave You HIV’

rapeA rapist reportedly taunted his victim as he beat and choked her, possibly over the course of several hours. “Ha-ha, I just gave you HIV,” the rapist said, according to an account the victim’s sister relayed to NBC Philadelphia.
Philadelphia Police released surveillance video of the suspect just before the attack on the night of Aug. 29. The victim had just dropped her friend off at a bus stop and was walking home when the attacker came up behind her and started punching her before pushing her into an alley, according to police.
“The 24-year-old victim sustained severe head and facial injuries to the point of almost being unrecognizable,” police Special Victims Unit Capt. John Darby said.
The victim was choked until she was unconscious and spent several days recovering from the attack, WPVI reports. NBC reported that she was tested for HIV but the results weren’t released. Neighbors near the area where the rape took place said residents feel unsafe.
“I have three girls of my own and a niece who lives with me,” Serena Whiten told WPVI. “I am always afraid of letting my girls out of the house. Always.”
So far, police have not seen a pattern that could connect this attack with other crimes, Darby said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Mayor’s Office is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction in the case.

True Confession: How do I tell him that I have a child for another man?

This forum you have created on your news site has encouraged me to come out and share the burdens that have beclouded my heart since the preparation towards my Marriage started. It will be very difficult for me to divulge my identity and that of my proposed husband here, simply because I don’t want to lose him. All I want is an advice. I want to seek your opinion, because as it stands now, I’m in an impasse; I’m wrapped in a string of mess, and my conscience strikes me in the wake of another day, even as I will be taking my marital vows next month.
It all started when I was in the Secondary school, that was 9 years ago, 2003 to be prĂ©cised. Then, I was in my SS2 when I had this guy as a boy friend. He was only posted to my school as a youth corps member. The mentality then was that every happening girl must date a corps member. We used to call them “Corpers”. I was lucky to have had one. One thing I envied then about the relationship was the fact that he lived in my school quarters, so I always had easy access to him after classes. At least not even the school gatemen could suspect anything as I was one of the brightest students in class, coupled with my status as the school SP.
What appeared so sweet at the beginning turned sour at the 6th month of the guy’s service year in my school; I remember now, yes… it was during my mock examination, one event that will always make me remember the exact date.   I wasn’t bleeding, no! I mean I just stopped menstruating for a whole month, and it became a source of worry to both me and Jo…sorry, I said I won’t call the name. I had gone melancholic with no hope at sight. I had visited one quack doctor around the school for a pregnancy test, and it was confirmed that I was pregnant. That day…that day, I just can’t imagine. I wanted the ground to open its mouth so I could vamoose into it. I was given possible options; it’s either you come for an abortion or keep the child” the doctor had said in the most sarcastic manner. I can still see his face in the realm of my imagination. It was a battle of the mind. My mind was not only troubled but bleeding. I could imagine how the blood was pumping; my arteries and veins were terribly overworked. I couldn’t share my trouble with anybody.  My “corper’ friend had advised we get rid of what he called the bastard, but just before then, a girl died from the same chemist, carrying out  the same act. I couldn’t go with that choice, I was dead-confused.  When it was two months, the whole sign was beginning to show in my body, and my parents confronted me. I disclosed to them. However, my wicked boy friend denied… yes, he left me standing alone, face to face with shame.  My parents took things easy with him. They didn’t want to be too hard on him as they believed he was going to realize himself. I stopped going to school, because of shame. In the third months of my pregnancy, he had completed his NYSC and left my school. All I knew about him was that he came from Ikem in Anambra state.  But he left and never bothered to come back. I later traced him to the village, and I was humiliated by his family members who called me names, they called me prostitutes.
The day I left that village, I promised I will never go back again, and also resolved that he will never have that child if by God’s grace, I deliver safely.  I had my baby after 9 months of pregnancy like every other woman. I had to stay back at home for 2 extra years, before my parents allowed me to go back to school. Since then, I was able to complete even my University education, and presently working in one of the new generation banks in….sorry, I won’t let you know where, but my child is with my parents. He is 8 now.
The crux of the matter and the most disturbing aspect of my story is that I met one guy in the bank who picked interest in me and has since proposed to get married to me. We have been dating since last year, and a date has already been fixed for our marriage. As I write this note, I have less than four weeks to either walk down the aisle or have this plan crashed.  The problem is that I have never told this guy that I have a child from another man. Please, I need your advice…it is very important to me. Do I disclose to my fiancĂ© or keep it hidden until after our marriage? What if I go ahead and he discovers later that I have a child? Won’t he file for divorce? I ‘m dead confused. I’m confused because I have disclosed the same thing to men that I have dated in the past, and they all left me.
Please HELP ME… I don’t want to lose this MAN!

“Ghana Will Strengthen Ties With Nigeria” – Prez Mahama

prez mahamaPresident John Dramani Mahama has pledged Ghana’s support to Nigeria in its natural leadership role as the two countries collaborate in efforts to ensure economic integration for the ECOWAS sub-region.
President Mahama was speaking at a ceremony to receive the letters of credence of the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, Ademola Oluseyi Onafonoka, on Thursday.
He said: “The relation between the two countries are historic and based on common values and culture and hopes this close relation continues.”
President Mahama asked the Nigerian High Commissioner to continue from where his predecessors left off.
He said he hopes that during the stay of Mr. Onafonoka the two nations will be able to move the ECOWAS integration project further and create the situation where “the people will be able to interact and carry out their businesses without unnecessary restrictions.”
On his part, Mr. Onafonoka said “he will ensure Nigerian traders in Ghana adhere to the ECOWAS trading laws.”
“I pledge I will keep talking to them so that they work according to the laws of Ghana and that of ECOWAS,” he said

Morenike Popoola kidnapped in Lagos

Morenike Popoola was kidnapped around 9:30 -10 last night in Amuwo-Odofin on her way home. Her car, a wine-coloured Toyota Corolla Sports car was also taken, but was recovered very early this morning around Kirikiri.

Morenike's abductors contacted her family this morning but made no specific demands, just said they will call back. 

Anyone with any information or can offer any assistance please call 07062425660 or 08025045690

Getting To Know Weza


Find out why we think Weza Solange is a pretty big deal
Weza Solange captivated audiences on Big Brother 6 with her sexy Angolan looks and accent – and she continues to captivate in her role on telenovella Inkaba. We caught up with the exotic beauty recently to chat about her life and future plans.
What was your childhood like in Angola?
My childhood was pretty hectic because it was during the civil war. My father was the commander of police in Angola, so bodyguards always followed me around. And then I moved to Portugal, where my childhood kind of stabilised because nobody knew who I was or who my dad was.
What’s it like living in SA?
I’ve been in South Africa for quite a while now. I finished high school and University here, so it feels like my second home. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, especially with the different view the whole world had of South Africa. And adjusting to the language and different culture was a bit difficult, but I adjusted well and people were very welcoming.
If you had to sum up your experience on Big Brother in one word – what would it be?
Do you think being in the Big Brother house gave you some acting experience for Inkaba?
In a way it did. Big Brother is a game, so in the beginning you kind of have to play different characters to figure everybody out. It was a little training exercise without me even knowing it. Today I use a lot of the techniques that I used in the house, especially because my character changes personalities so quickly.
How are you enjoying working on Inkaba?
I love it. I was looking for a challenge after Big Brother and kept saying that I want to act. Then one day I got a call from my agent – and it’s been great. I can see myself growing as an actress. In the beginning it was really bad! I would cringe when I watched myself. I’m working with great people like John Kani, Nakedi, and Dumisani and I’ve been learning a lot.
Your character, Fumi, has helped Inkaba reach a bigger African audience, including Angola. Was that a big deal for you?
Yes! I think it’s the accent, because she’s a foreigner they can identify with her. It makes me feel very proud and humbled that on my first acting job I’m already getting these kinds of reviews.
What can we expect from you in the upcoming years? Any big plans?
Definitely. I can’t stay tied to one place for too long. So I’m concentrating on acting, I’ve been invited to pilot for TV shows. I definitely want to do a movie, but I need more experience for that, so I’m going to get an acting coach. I’m also working on my brand – so you can expect a lot of brand endorsements coming up. This year is looking very exciting, and next year even better. I want to take on the rest of Africa!

One year old boy shot by armed robbers needs your help

One year old Taiwo Lawal (pictured above) was one of those shot by armed robbers during the GTBank robbery that took place on Sunday September 9th in Gbagada, Lagos. Taiwo, a twin, was hit in the head by a stray bullet as the robbers exchanged gun fire with police. He was playing in his father's compound when he was hit.

Taiwo is receiving treatment at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) and needs N500, 000 for treatment. If there's anyone out there who would like to help him, below is the account to make your donations.

His Aunt's Account details: Lawal Mariam Oyenike. GTBank. Acct no: 2087293311590. You can call Taiwo's dad - 08028416683 or his aunt - 08121118895. God bless you all.

JTF arrests 11 Boko Haram members, recovers guns, bombs in Borno

The Joint Task Force (JTF) in Borno State yesterday announced the apprehension of  11 suspected members of the radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram sect in an overnight battle in the state.
The suspects, according to  the spokesman of the JTF, Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa,were arrested in the Waka-Biu area of the volatile region.
Items such as a sub-machine gun, seven AK-47s, 1,568 rounds of ammunition, 12 empty shells and 19 home-made bombs were recovered.
The Boko Haram sect had recently vowed to launch more attacks on telecommunication companies in Northern Nigeria.

True confession: I’m impotent, how do I tell her?

My name is Raymond; I am from South South, Bayelsa State to be precise.
I was going through the Internet when I stumbled on one of the articles published on this website entitled:  True confession: How do I tell her I have a child for another man?
I was really impressed by the comments I read from readers and I think I would use this medium to share my problem as well. I am in my mid 30s, working with one of the branches of United Bank for Africa (UBA) in Aba, Abia State.
I was involved in a ghastly auto crash a few years back on my way home from the east for Xmas celebration. We were between life and death before God eventually sent a duex mechina to our rescue.
The incident damaged my reproductive system. The doctor declared me impotent ever since then. I met a girl in 2008 who came from one of the private institutions in southeast for her 6 months internship. One thing led to another, we both fell in love with each other and that was how the journey started.
During our first date, she told me she was a virgin and I promised her ‘no pre-marital sex.’
Four years down the line, we are still on. The parents are aware of our relationship. In fact, I just declared my intention of walking her down the aisle in December, but the question is that how would she feel when she discovers that I’m IMPOTENT?
Dear readers, please advice me, I cant afford to lose her.

Who Wore it Better: Kim Kardashian VS Miroslava Duma in Velvet Stella McCartney Dress??

1x1.trans Who Wore it Better: Kim Kardashian VS Miroslava Duma in Velvet Stella McCartney Dress??

Idris fires at Obasanjo again: “You be bad Papa”


 THE ‘war’ between former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and dancehall music star, Ediris Abdulkareem over his 2004 hit track, Jaga Jaga is fast becoming a tale of ‘a child who says his mother will not sleep, he too will not sleep.” Mr. Lecturer, as fans and admirers would call him is ready to ‘dance’ with OBJ, since he’s not ready to let the sleeping dog lies.
In 2004, Abdulkareem’s third album, Jaga Jaga, which lamented the corruption and suffering in Nigeria was banned from playing on radio by Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, although, it continued playing in nightclubs and parties.
Since then, many thought the case had been interred and faded into a cultural pot of time, only to resurface recently at a forum in Lagos when the retired military general lambasted the singer again, an indication that his indignation towards the Kano-born crooner is still raging and roiling. If you missed it,  read it here
Angered by OBJ’s comment, the singer fought back through his twit account, by calling the Ota farmer his ‘mugu.’ He tweeted: ‘It’s obvious that Obasanjo can’t do without me. I’m his joy therapy. Mr ex-president, Nigeria still dey jagajaga, in fact worse pass jagajaga‘, @idrisAbdulkarm twitted.
‘President Obasanjo if you truly love Goodluck as u claimed, why don’t you talk to your fellow Boko Haram member to let Goodluck rule in peace’.
Eedris didn’t stop there as he went on to call the PDP leader a ‘mugu’, ‘Mr expresident, I heard you were talking about me in ur last interview hahahahahhahah its obvious you can’t do without me. You are my mugu. Obasanjo na my mugu oooo na jeje i dey, u dey look for trouble oooo…. hahahahahhahahahahhahahah’. ‘Mr ex president, u be my mugu!’ he added.
Not still satisfied, Idris has released a new single, entitled ‘ Baba’ in his defense and to buttress his point that Nigeria is truly ‘Jaga Jaga.’
The lyric goes thus: “Papa na you born me but I no send you again because you no be good Papa,” he chants. “Which kind Papa dey oppress im pikin/Which kind Papa no like im pikin/Which kind Papa no want make im pikin grow. I tire, I never see this kind papa. For this moment I disown you/I no like you/ I dey look for another papa.”
“12 years ago Nigeria Jagajaga/Today Nigeria don pafuka/You be bad Papa/You no be fine Papa/You dey oppress pikin/Even for Abeokuta they no gbadun your style,” he says.
“I de my house dey watch television na im I see baba Ota dey yarn say my papa na yamayama/Say my mama na jagajaga. He say na Eedris be the problem of Nigeria. If you talk again, I go sing another. You say make them no give me show but I still dey survive. The road to your house for Ota na jagajaga/Make you sidon for your house make I live mylife,” he says.
The song is currently trending online as people are beginning to air their national frustration through it.
It would be recalled that Idris was one of the Remedies group before going solo. His debut album, P.A.S.S. (Pains and Stress = Success) was released in 2002 on Kennis Music. Released the same year and also on same label was Mr. Lecturer, which addressed the problem of students using money and sex to solicit higher grades in Nigerian colleges and universities. Also in 2004, Abdulkareem came to international attention as a result of a scuffle with American rapper 50 Cent on board an aircraft at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.
In November 2005, Abdulkareem launched his own record label, La Kreem Music, and released his fourth album, Letter to Mr. President. The album’s title track addressed Obasanjo’s criticisms of “JagaJaga”; the album also featured “Flash Up Unu Lighter”, a tribute to Obasanjo’s wife, Stella, who died while undergoing surgery in Spain, and then victims of the Belleview Airline crash of October 2005.
Since music is no more paying the rapper, he has resorted to other things that could pay his bills faster. The man is now the founder of EedrisAbdulkareem Foundation, a fundraising organization dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with the Pat Utomi Foundation.
Meanwhile, at the time of filling this report, the ex president is yet to reply the singer.
We’ll keep you posted while the ‘war’ lasts.
Listen to the song below:

Pastor burns self to death after impregnating a choir member who refused to abort

Things are not the same any more! Gone are the days when men and women “of integrity” think their actions through before making a move.

According to report, a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, in the Enerhen area of Delta State in Nigeria, recently set himself ablaze to escape the shame of his illicit affair.
It was gathered that the decision of the Pastor, simply identified as Pastor Celestine, to take his life was because he allegedly impregnated a choir in his parish whose name is given as Rose.
It was learnt that he pleaded with Rose to abort the pregnancy which she refused blatantly as she did not want to lose her life during the abortion. He gave her a cheque for N2,000,000, which she refused, even after explaining to her that her refusal to abort the pregnancy may lead to the fall of the parish.
After all efforts to get Rose to abort the pregnancy failed, he reportedly drove himself to Udu bridge under which he lit himself and was burnt to death. He was married and had a 2 month old baby from his wife of two years.


“Hi readers, I just want to share my true life story with you so that you can learn from it. We are human beings, we make mistakes every day but it left for you to learn from your mistakes.

“My name is ‘anonymous’ I wont mention where I come from for security reasons. I met this guy in 2001 when I was writing WAEC, his name is GuyA. We fell in love.
“He was everything a woman would ask for; he is fair, handsome, intelligent and God fearing, he loved me so much, he shared the little he had with me, he was willing to do anything I ask for though he didn’t have much because he was still in second year at university of Nigeria, Enugu campus.
“He did everything possible for me to gain admission into the university. I eventually gained admission in 2003 at Enugu State University of Science and Technology and graduated in 2007. ,
“I don’t know what came over me. I had a fling with this guy named GuyB. Though I never loved him, but I became pregnant for him. I didn’t know what to do, but terminating the pregnancy was not an option. I didn’t want to lose GuyA. It was as if my world has crumbled.
“I didn’t tell anybody not even my best friend because I never could tell what would happen if I did. I made a smart move by telling GuyA that I was pregnant for him.
“Of course, he believed me because he trusted me so much but I betrayed his love for me. He came to see my people, though my parents are dead.
“I eventually put to bed; a baby girl. This was in 2008. Do you know what my baby was exactly the carbon copy of GuyB; the guy I had a fling with?
“I was not surprise because I knew the pregnancy wasn’t GuyA’s but I thought the baby would’ve resembled me. Of course, I was wrong. GuyA accepted us even when he knew the baby does not look like him or me.
“Ever since, I have been dying in silence. My conscience kept killing me. At a point, I hated my own child seeing a picture of another man in her. My husband, GuyA loved her so much more than anything.
“In 2010, I had another baby boy for my husband. My joy knew no bounds. I was really happy, my husband was happy as well.
“In 2012, I had another baby boy for my husband, GuyA. Even at that, he loved my daughter more than her two biological sons. At a point, I became jealous but what can I do. I just couldn’t bear it any more so I decided to give my life to Christ and beg God for forgiveness which I know he has done.
“This I did because I couldn’t continue to die in silence. It was now for me to confess to my husband but how would I achieve that without breaking my home? I didn’t want to loose my home, I loved my husband and my kids.
“He is a wonderful man but I betrayed him. I prayed and asked God to give me the strength to confess to him… On the set day, I first called him on phone to ask him if he would ever forgive me. He asked what I meant by that. He asked if I was alright and I said yes. He hanged up on me. I cried like a baby.
“When he came back from work that same day, I served him his dinner. After that, I went with him in the room and told him to forgive me that he should not punish our daughter for what she does not know about but punish me.
He Already Knew That He Is Not The Father Of Our Daughter:
“He asked again what I meant by that. I narrated everything that transpired between GuyB and I. To my greatest surprise, he dropped a bombshell. He said he knew all these years that he was not the biological father of our 4-year old daughter.
“I asked him if he knew about it and didn’t bother to ask me? He said that he knew that someday I was going to tell him but he never knew it would come this soon.
“It was as if the ground should open and swallow me. I was so ashamed of my self that I bowed my face in tears but he cuddled me and said he’d forgiven me long ago. He said that we pray every day OUR FATHER FORGIVE US OUR SINS AS WE FORGIVE THOSE TRESPASS AGAINST US, why won’t he forgive me?
“He said no one is perfect and that we make mistakes in life. He said that I was a nice person and that we have been through a lot in life. So, he cannot abandon me now that i needed him most. He told me that he could possibly throw me out so that people will laugh at me but he has always loved me.
“As for my daughter, as far as he is concerned, she is his daughter. He’s has always seen her as one and that he will always love us. These were his words.
“I was short of words, all I could do was to cry and thank him and thank God for the kind of man he has given me because I know that no man would take that from any woman no matter what except by the special grace of God.
“I am now a happy person and I have given my life to Jesus Christ. We must learn how to confess our sins no matter what so that Satan will be put to shame and as well learn how to forgive.
“We now live in the UK. I also had my two boys in the UK.”

Free S*x For Car Wash

Police in Malaysia have clamped down on a promotion in which car wash customers were offered free sex after their ninth visit. The unusual reward programme was born out of a partnership between a car wash and a massage parlour, police told the Malay Mail.
Officers discovered the hook up when they raided the massage parlour, in Kuala Lumpur, and found several customers had reward cards for the car wash.
“To get the extra offer, customers had to send their cars for washing nine times within a certain period,” Officer Emmi Shah Fadhil said.
The tenth car wash entitled them to free sex.”
Four men suspected of running the massage parlour and nine Vietnamese women, believed to be prostitutes, were arrested.

Source :



I am afraid for my safety as I send this information to you.NAIJA GOSSIP, please leave my e-mail address and name out of this. My purpose of writing is to get people’s opinion on what to do.

I arrived Lagos about three months ago to stay with my uncle and his wife, who’s an Ibo woman. By the way my uncle is from Edo State and their marriage is about four years without kids. In the last week of August my bros travelled to the North on official business and something happened in his bedroom.
I came back that day because I could not meet up a job appointment in Igando area due to heavy traffic. I was reluctant to return home since I had just left but I couldn’t think of a better place to go so I headed home. On getting to our compound, I didn’t find the gate man at his post and I was even angry because of the security risk of him leaving the gate open like that.
But something got me worried when I saw the gate man’s sandals right inside our sitting room. I just told myself that something is going on between my uncle’s wife and this dirty boy. I was right, when I moved close to the window of my uncle’s bedroom I started hearing screams of sexual pleasure from his wife. I tried to peep into the room but it was difficult because of the protector.

So, I summoned courage and walk to the door as if I wanted to tell my uncle’s wife that I was back. I opened the door and caught the adulterous woman red-handed under the dirty gate man (boy). Sadly, the gate man was already ejaculating so he couldn’t get up immediately, it took him few seconds to jump off and grab his clothes.
I simply walked away and returned to the sitting room, pretending to be watching a programme on the TV. Few minutes later my uncle’s wife joined me and started begging that it would not happen again. I didn’t say a word but when she kept pressing I said ok I’ve heard. Later she brought food for me but I refused it and since then she has been putting pressure on me.
The unfortunate thing is now she even wants me to sleep with her as an assurance that I wont tell my uncle, always coming to my room half naked. Because of this I’ve not eating in the house in the last one week, I’m almost going broke already.
My uncle may be back next week. I will like people with more experience to tell me what to do when he comes back. Should I tell my uncle the kind of wife he married or quietly move out?pls drop ur comment on this...

“The Super Eagles needs experience, I don’t have issues with Keshi” – Taye Taiwo

Taye Taiwo, has insisted that there is no substitute for experience in football. The left back, who plies his trade in Ukraine for Dynamo Kiev, was reacting the Super Eagles’ 2-2 draw away to Liberia over the weekend.
Taiwo has not been called up for the last three matches of the national team, along with John Obi Mikel and Peter Odemwingie. Although Stephen Keshi, has said he has not ostracised any player from the team.
“It is the coach’s decision whom he wants to invite, but if you ask me I will say any team in the world will always need the services of its experienced players,” Taiwo told Brilla FM.
Taiwo, has denied that he had any problems with the national team coach, stating that he will always honour any invitation to play for his country.
“Many people have been asking if I have any problem with Keshi and the reply I always give is that I don’t have any problems with him.
“I don’t have any problem with anybody. If he invites me, I will come and play. I don’t want Nigerians to think I am having any issue with him or angry because he did not invite me. There is nothing like that.”
Speaking on the draw, Taiwo, said that it was a good result and he expects Nigeria to progress to the African Cup of Nations.
“It is not easy for the players to travel all the way to Liberia from Nigeria to get a point. I congratulate all the players that featured in that game – both the foreign-based professionals and the home-based guys.
“It’s not easy at all. What we have to do now is to prepare very well for the game that is coming up on our home ground and if we win 1-0 or 2-0, we will qualify for the next Nations Cup.”


Contrary to the rumour going round that the House of Representative had on July 19 passed a motion threatening to sack President Goodluck Jonathan if he failed to implement the 2012 Appropriation Act by 100 percent before resumption on September 18, the Vice Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Honourable Victor Afam Ogene, has refuted the report, stating that it was a blatant lie.
Honourable Ogene said that “to begin with, there was no noise over any impeachment threat, as we speak, there is no motion regarding impeachment before the House of Representatives.”
He asserted: “what happened remain the issue of how far budget 2012 has been implemented in terms of releases, cash back, award of contracts. A member who happens to be the minority leader of the house, Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila, in his own contribution, said if the president fails to implement the Appropriation Act being a law which he himself has signed, that the house may consider drawing up articles of impeachment and of course, that session was shown life.
“For a motion to be properly put before the house, there has to be a proposer and the seconder and the question will be put and if AYES have it, then you can say that we have such a motion.” Ogene submitted.

Twitter verifies 2face Idibia’s account

Idoma-born singer, 2Face Idibia has now got his twitter handle, @2faceidibia verified by the social media website. His twitter handle popped up with the ‘blue ticked sign’ at the early hours today.
This now enables his account with twitter differentiated from other parody accounts on the site. 2Face has now joined Asa, Nneka, D’Banj, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Ekeinde Jalade, Ice Prince, Brymo, Dencia and others who already had their accounts with twitter verified.
2Face is known all over Africa. He became popular in the continent when he released Africa Queen during his hay days in the music industry as a solo artiste. He has won many awards and has gradually taken his act i
Innocent Idibia

Innocent Idibia 


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