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NEXT TV STARS: Supermodels Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova, And Coco Rochato For New Oxygen Channel Show!

The supreme trio of supermodels will mentor the cast of hopeful contestants, using the skills and lessons they’ve learned throughout their careers to mold and instruct the young models as they compete for the chance at becoming ‘the face’ of a national brand.  Each of the three supermodel coaches will get to scout and choose their team of fresh faces, before leading them through real-world modeling assignments including, photo shoots, runway shows, and commercials for top American brands.As the show’s details continue to surface though, we can’t help but to wonder what may be happening behind the scenes.
 For one, it’s not secret that Nigel’s hosting gig follows a recent split from Tyra Banks’s long-running ‘America’s Next Top Model’ series, having served on the panel of judges for eight years.  As shocking as Nigel’s departure may have been, the former model and highly-acclaimed fashion photographer has already worked with some of the top models and  fashion industry tastemakers, which actually makes him the ideal host for a high-profile show like “The Face.”  With some of the biggest names in the modeling world set to coach and special guest appearances by some of the most elite fashion insiders already on the schedule, Nigel seems to have found the perfect new fit with the Oxygen series!Of course, one has to wonder if Nigel’s move to the fresh, new series will have any effect on the age-old Naomi-Tyra rivalry?  With the supermodel trio leading the pack, and Nigel serving as trusty host, Tyra just may have her work cut out for her this season.  Either way, you can bet that we’ll be tuned in!

Who Wore It Better: Kate Hudson VS. Tyra Banks in Marchesa Gown?

Who Wore It Better: Kate Hudson VS. Tyra Banks in Marchesa Gown?
kate Hudson stunned us all and even anded herself a spot on Glamour’s best dressed list when she wore this white structured corseted Marchesa gown to the Golden Globes back in 2010. She looked pretty with the diamond accessories with a pair of matching white heels. Tyra banks wore the same dress in raspberry color to the Time 100 gala. The former Victoria Secret model and media mogul let her hair flow in sexy curls and finished her look of with a pink lipstick. Who do you think wore it better?

Intoxicated Jannette Shows Up Her Butt!

Do you know the level of craziness Jannette can reach while intoxicated? Well if you don’t, get to know now.
After downing just two shots of booze Jannette couldn’t control herself and therefore  went wild as she had promised earlier.The Ugandan lass  collected all her strange  and weird characters back into the House.
From the House where the Housemates had taken the booze from, they decided to go to the Jacuzzi where they had to spend the rest of the night. Little princess joined the crew.
Jannette stumbled out of the Jacuzzi, where she and the rest of the Housemates (excludingPrezzo and Lady May)were. She had spent some few minutes in the bedroom from where she rolled out of bed and shortly went to the Jacuzzi.
With her fellow Housemates watching, Jannette stripped down her knickers and showed her   butt! This was a crazy act but of course expected out of any drunkard  person.
This week Biggie decided to rationalise alcohol in the House following the Housemates failure to control their behaviours but its the little of it that disorganises Jannette. So what will he do to control this?

Happy birthday to lovely RitaMarley!

snoop doggy celebrates with RITA MARLEY on her buffday...


Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been open about their desire for kids -- and it looks like they will be doubly blessed! Sources say Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with twins.
lamar odom and khloe kardashian
Shortly after saying that getting pregnant is "in God's hands," Media Take Out is reporting that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with twins!
The insider, who is reportedly a family member of Khloe's husband Lamar Odom, said that the basketball star was bragging to friends and family about the happy news.
"[Lamar and Khloe] were doing fertility treatments, and two eggs implanted," the insider revealed. "They are having twins."
Odom reportedly made his family members swear that they would keep it a secret -- but it sounds like someone couldn't wait to share the news.
The couple is not planning on making an announcement until after Khloe's sister, Kim Kardashian, gets married in August.
"They want to keep it quiet until after Kim [Kardashian's wedding next month]. They don't want to overshadow her day," the source said.
Khloe has talked about her struggle with getting pregnant on the family's reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In one episode, she even has acupuncture to help stimulate her fertility.
"I'm 26. It should happen naturally. I don't want to force it. I would love to have a baby, and if I get pregnant, I get pregnant," she told People last August. "I don't think, like... my biological clock is ticking!"
Odom already has three children from a previous relationship, but is anxious to be a dad with Khloe.
As far as baby names go, Khloe and Lamar already have some picked out -- and they all start with the letter 'L.' They talked about it on their reality show before she was even pregnant. If it is a girl they like the name London and if it is a boy they like the name Luke Joseph.
So maybe she will have one of each?

Who’s That Girl? Eve Spotted Out Looking Peachy in Pleats at amfAR Event (Peep the Pics Up Close!)

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since rapper Eve released her last full length album?  Since, she’s had a few singles, guest appearances and acting roles, but has been pretty MIA.  However, every now and then she graces the red carpet, and she recently hit the scene for Together To End AIDS: An Evening To Benefit amfAR And GBCHealth in Washington, DC over the weekend and had us asking, ‘who’s that girl?’  E-V-E was perfection from head to toe.  Her peachy palette was anything but boring as she rocked a long button-down summer 2012 Bill Blass pleated dress.  She broke the single hue ensemble up with a thin gold belt, cocktail rings and collar necklace.  And of course her makeup and hair was on point with a red pout and highlighted tresses.

15 Of Beyoncé’s Greatest Magazine Covers (Which One Is Your Favorite?)

We love to see Beyoncé‘s face on the cover of our favorite magazines. We can’t get enough of Queen Bey, from her powerful voice, to her fierce fashion, and now her new found role as a loving mother. Though she’s covered dozens of magazines over the years, we’d like to highlight the best of the best! Some of these cover girl moments marked her trendsetting style, others defined moments in her career, and some we just couldn’t resist owning!

Top 9 Most Airbrushed Women of Color in Hollywood Right Now (The Difference is Like Day & Night!)

Check out the top nine most airbrushed women of color in Hollywood right now.

In fashion and entertainment beauty is preferred, but perfection is mandatory.  In the age of airbrushing that’s truer than ever.  Although celebrities and companies have both come under fire for smoothing this, and highlighting that, it hasn’t stopped anyone from putting that photo shop to workon 2-inches-too-thick thighs or crafting a slimmer nose.
It’s being done to almost every celebrity in Hollywood, but when it’s done to women of color it’s twice as obvious, and three times more eyebrow-raising.  And there’s no denying that some celebs are also more airbrushed more often than others, and we rounded them up for you!

Note This Moment from ebonyville

Have you ever experienced a moment and wished you could share it with someone? Even the simplest of moments define our existence and make life all the more interesting. And this basic fact is the inspiration for the

The idea grew from a theme of posts that i saw on a blog. I noticed that simple posts about experiences that made me happy on the most random of occasions, drew the most attention. I quickly realized that people were crawling the Internet, looking for pockets of happiness — in this case,Those who read of this experience, were, in turn, smiling themselves.
Our goal is to use the blog as a canvas where we take your simple, everyday moments, and make them count. Anyone can participate with more than one submission. Your moments can range from the simple (a smile from a cute stranger on a bus, which magically washed all the bad out of an otherwise terrible day), or to the complex (like the time you went skydiving in Croatia, and watched the world stand still as you touched down). All it takes to participate is a short write up and an image that highlights your experience. We’ll take care of the rest.
With media at our fingertips, we’re constantly inundated with up to the minute information of all the bad that’s happening on our lovely planet. We become so absorbed in the naysayers and doomsday threats, that we lose sight of the simple beauty and joy that stems from everyday experiences that catch us off guard. We all have good moments… we just don’t realize when they’re happening because the bad tends to overshadow them.
So the next time you find yourself smiling at a baby on the subway, or running through a field of freshly fallen snow, make a mental note and submit your experience to the You’ll be glad you did. And as an added bonus, you’ll revel in the fact that your story will make others smile.
Pay it forward and send your stories to — a blog where we take all your moments and make them count.
Looking forward to reading your stories.....

How to Look Like a Victoria’s Secret Model

Adrianna Lima and the Victoria's secret models
Although not everybody can be a Victoria’s Secret model, it is possible to have the body of one. By following the diet and exercise routine of these beautiful and sexy ladies, you can look and feel your best, even if you never find yourself on a runway.
Diet is extremely important, because what you put into your body will have a strong effect on what your body looks and feels like. Victoria’s Secret models know the value of eating organic fruits and vegetables, and avoiding all processed foods. Many processed foods contain chemicals that will cause you to gain weight, and have preservatives that stay in your body and are nearly impossible to get rid of.
Most Victoria’s Secret models will eat a good breakfast that is packed with good carbohydrates and sugars for energy to kick start their metabolism and their day. This breakfast includes anything from old fashioned oatmeal, fresh fruits and berries, egg whites, cottage cheese, and yogurt. For the person that is on the go, a good breakfast is important to help you feel great throughout the day.
For lunch, they will typically have a salad with dark green leafy vegetables and other fresh organic vegetables on top along with a healthy snack such as fruit. It’s also important to have either chicken or fish added into the salad, as it is a good source of protein. In order to build muscle and lose fat, it is extremely important to have a lot of protein in your diet.
For dinner, Victoria Secret models have lots of options. They eat whole grain pastas or brown rice, again with fresh organic vegetables and chicken or fish. Most models will eat about 5 small meals throughout the day, or have snacks in between meals. This is important for maintaining their metabolism as the day goes on. With correct food choices and portion control, there’s no need to be counting calories or going on crazy diet plans.
Exercise is another important factor when it comes to having the body of a Victoria’s Secret model. Most Victoria Secret models work out about 4 times a week, and do over an hour of exercise each time. Finding an exercise program that is right for you is important for getting that sculpted body you want. There are lots of different types of exercises that you can do so that you won’t get bored with exercising, or find it too difficult. You can do anything from yoga to kick-boxing, or from running to weight training. Variety is important when choosing exercises, and you should maintain a balance between cardio activities which help to melt fat and strength exercises that help to tone muscle.

Women’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2012

Keeping up on the latest fashion trends can be difficult, so here are some of the top trends this summer that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe. By following a few of these tips, you will easily be able to be in fashion this summer.
All things neon are popular this year, but you do have to be careful about putting too much neon in one look. Too much of this good thing is definitely a bad thing, so try just adding a neon purse or a pair of shoes to brighten up your look. The most popular neon color is orange, which makes a clear fashion statement.
To go along with all these colors are creamy neutrals that have the classic look of white, but without all the sharpness of it. Be sure to pick yourself up a pair or two of cream colored pants for this summer, as well as a dress or skirt for an elegant evening look.
Mixing these color trends together are the patterns and prints that are popular this year. Making a comeback are whimsical patterns that feature different animals, flowers, or even fruits. These fun and bold prints can be found on everything from dresses to shoes to blouses and blazers, so you’re sure to find just the pattern in just the piece you need to complete any look.
Most of the styles that are in this summer are loose and comfortable. Loose fitting shirts with the bare shoulders and tunic style shirts are in, as well as crocheted vests. As far as pants go, the flare pants are back in, particularly the high-waisted style made popular by Katherine Hepburn.
Now, for your accessories. They should follow the color and fashion trends this year with bold neons and whimsical prints. The purse that’s popular this season is the belt bag, which should never be confused with the fanny pack. The belt bag is a small and flat square bag that hangs around your waist. Speaking of your waist, skinny belts are also in this summer. As for your shoes, kitty heels and gladiator sandals are the hottest trends for this summer.
If you follow these simple guidelines this summer, you’ll be rocking the latest fashion trends with the style and grace of a supermodel.



Sheyla Hershey, the WOMAN with the world’s biggest breasts says years of surgical operations led her to attempt suicide.

A WOMAN with the world’s biggest breasts says years of surgical operations led her to attempt suicide.
Sheyla Hershey emerged from a coma this week after taking an overdose over the agony she has suffered with her enormous size MMM breasts.
The Brazilian model says a dangerous obsession with having the biggest breasts in the world led to her nearly losing her life and has warned woman thinking about changing the way they look through surgery.
Sheyla, 31, is recovering after taking an overdose but, in her first interview since emerging from a coma, she reveals how terrible infections on her surgically-enhanced body led to a SECONDsuicide attempt within the space of two months.
For after boosting her implants to MMM last June Sheyla developed a deadly infection which later forced doctors to remove her mammoth breasts, an operation which left her feeling so ‘ugly’ without her them she simply wanted to die.
Now speaking just hours after she was discharged from hospital this week Sheyla tells how her obsession to retain her world record hasRUINED her marriage, DESTROYED her health, CRIPPLED her family financially to the point of bankruptcy and worst still left her feeling so suicidal she fears she will eventually KILL herself leaving her 18-month-old daughter without a mum.
“When I woke up from my coma in the hospital on Wednesday I didn’t remember anything,” tells Sheyla.
“I don’t expect anyone to understand but I’ll be honest, without my breasts I feel so depressed sometimes I don’t even want to live.
“And as a mum I realise that is a terrible thing to say and I so desperately want to sort myself out before it is too late.
Sheyla Hershey
Sheyla Hershey
“My daughter is not even two yet, and it breaks my heart that I am the way I am but I cannot help it.
“My husband has put up with so much and now our marriage is in total crisis not to mention our financial situation, which due to my medical bills is about as dire as it could get.
“If I don’t sort this out soon I fear what I will do next.”
Incredibly, despite what she has endured Sheyla is adamant that having her breasts put back in will make her life better again.
And in order to make sure this happens, Sheyla incredibly tells how she signed up to radical electric shock therapy called Electroconvulsive Therapy, which she was undergoing just days before her most recent attempt to take her life.
ECT, which induces seizures in the brain, is suggested to help patients with severe depression and bipolar disorder.
In Sheyla’s case because she suffers from both extreme depression and bipolar disorder, she was admitted to the 10-day rehab program at the request of her therapist, plastic surgeon and her desperate husband, Derek.
But when she returned home last Saturday, Sheyla’s mental health took a turn for the worse.
Just two days shy of her scheduled breast augmentation surgery, where her Texas doctor was planning to reconstruct her breasts with FFF implants, Sheyla was rushed to the hospital after collapsing from a pill overdose. She was taken to hospital and made a recovery.

But just days later came her SECOND attempt on her life.She says: “The worst thing is there is a part of me that knows I will probably end up in hospital again as my obsession with having the world’s largest boobs has taken over my life.
“When I came home on Saturday I was fairly happy and cheerful, but when I woke up Sunday morning I was like a zombie,” explains Sheyla.
“I told my husband I wanted to be left alone and I couldn’t even bare to take care of my own daughter, I just slept the whole day because I felt so depressed.
“I don’t remember even doing it but apparently I went to Derek, told him I wasn’t feeling well and swallowed nearly a whole bottle of painkillers before going back to bed.
Sheyla Hershey
Sheyla Hershey
“Later that night he told me I wasn’t looking well and that I should go to the doctor straight away, but I don’t even remember being awake at that point let alone having a conversation with him.
“Shortly after he left our bedroom to go get our daughter Victoria ready to leave and he heard me collapse upstairs and came running to my aid.”
Finding Sheyla lifeless on their bedroom floor Derek performed CPR, but after no response he dialed 999 and watched the ambulance take her away.
For four days Derek waited impatiently for an update from the doctors and was thrilled when his wife finally came back to life.
“It must have been terrifying for Derek as he didn’t even know if I was going to make it,” tells Sheyla.
“The doctors had told him to prepare for the worst and he did. But I survived.”
Following two suicide attempts in the last two months, Sheyla says Derek is at his wits’ end and fears the day he wakes up to find his wife dead.
“I think my overdose last week was a way of escaping my life,” explains Sheyla.
“Having the title of World’s Biggest Boobs is a lot of pressure for me and losing my implants last September was absolutely devastating.
“I feel ugly and depressed without my boobs and my obsession and insecurities with myself have put a lot of stress on my marriage.
Talking about her first boob job, she says: “I remember we were at a Dolly Parton concert and after expressing how badly I wanted her boobs he said he’d pay for me to get them.
“My first surgery was in 2000 and I went from a 32B to 34DD and just kept getting bigger and bigger.”
Throughout her five-year relationship with Mark, Sheyla coined the idea of having the biggest boobs in the world and that’s where it all began.
Her obsession with her breast size led her to leave boyfriend Mark Wall, but fast forward 11 years and Sheyla is in a similar predicament with her husband Derek.
However this time it’s running her marriage, her relationship with her daughter and the family finances.
For after shelling out an estimated £60,000 over the last 10 years, Derek has had to remortgage their home and nearly file for bankruptcy all in the name of Sheyla’s boobs.
“I’ll admit I’m selfish, I know what I want and I’ll go to extremes to get it,” explains Sheyla.
“But unfortunately with my infection last June and having my implants removed in September the medical bills were outrageous and it really tore my family apart.
Sheyla Hershey
Sheyla Hershey
“My hospital bills totalled over £12,000 and my medicine cost £3,700 a week.
“We were struggling for a long time and as things got worse I fell deeper and deeper into depression.
“I’ve put my boobs before my family for too long now and it’s turned me into someone I hate.”
“In many ways my boobs have ruined my life and they’ve almost killed me, but right now I think having my big breasts again is the only way to cure my depression.
“I know Derek doesn’t want me to do another surgery, but with or without his consent I’m traveling to either Brazil or Mexico to have my implants back in next month.
“I feel I have no choice if I ever want to be happy again.”

The Hottest Women Starring in Action Movies

Do you like action packed movies? Do you like hot women? Take a look at some of the most badass chicks around.
It's no secret that as guys, we like action movies. The explosions, the car chases, the guns, the mindless violence – we love it all. And sometimes, it's nice to see an action movie that features a hot chick doing these things. And sure, the greats hold a special place in our heart, like Stallone as Rambo or Schwarzenegger as the Terminator before he suddenly became a politician. Those guys were great. But sometimes there's just too much beefcake in action flicks, and from time to time, seeing a smoking hot woman kick a little ass can be entertaining as hell.

This, of course, requires you to have the ability to suspend your disbelief. It is a bit of a crack up when you see these slender, delicate women beating the hell out of a 250 pound man on the big screen – sorry ladies, but in real life, the odds of that happening are slim to none. This applies to all of the women on this list except for one. You'll know why.

Milla Jovovich

You might know her from... The Fifth Element, Resident Evil, tons of other movies where she doesn't play a genetically modified badass

Milla Jovovich has had one hell of a career. She's done a lot of movies – some better than others. No doubt many of us were first introduced (and attracted) to her in The Fifth Element, which is a movie that real men love. Critics tend to get their collective panties in a pretentious little bunch whenever a new Resident Evil movie comes out, crying through bitter tears that the movies have an incoherent storyline, poor acting, and serve only as a vehicle for the action sequences.

Well, they're kind of right.

So why, pray tell, are these movies so successful that we're now anticipating the release of the fifth in the series? Because they're awesome, mostly in part due to the hearty spoonfuls of ass-whoop that Milla serves up. Nobody goes to see a Resident Evil movie for the  engaging dialogue or how closely the movies pay homage to the lore of the video game series (they don't, at all). They go because watching a hot women kill hordes of zombies and monsters is fun.

Charlize Theron

You might know her from... The Devil's Advocate, Aeon Flux, her awesome role as a mentally handicapped girl in Arrested Development

If Charlize continues to take roles such as her latest in the much anticipated film Prometheus, she just might enter the ranks of science fiction princesses like Milla. You might remember her starring role in box-office flop Aeon Flux, because it's yet another prime example of the “movies that are bad but incredibly fun to watch” category.

The movie was based on an animated show that was on in the early 90s on MTV and was only watched by stoners who were at home in the middle of the day. Charlize played the titular character Aeon Flux, who is a freedom fighting rebel against an oppressive government. Plot holes and overly-stylized direction aside, the movie is a great showcase of her chops as an action hero.

Kate Beckinsale

You might know her from... Underworld, a lot of movies that, unfortunately, were not Underworld

There was once a world before the abortion that is Twilight came out. It was a world where vampires and werewolves were badass and entertaining, not spank bank material for overweight women. It was a wonderful time, and Kate Beckinsale was part of it – and indeed she still is, with the latest installment of the Underworld series having been released earlier in 2012.

There's something enchanting about watching an incredibly beautiful woman play an action-heavy role, and Kate Beckinsale delivers on all fronts. Her talents aren't just limited to the Underworld series either, as she can be seen in films like Van Helsing and the thriller Whiteout.

Emily Browning

You might know her from... Sucker Punch, absolutely nothing else

Sucker Punch was not a good movie by most people's standards – it didn't do very well in the box office, and critics panned it as an unsatisfying film with misogynistic undertones. That being said, if you're in the mood for a mindless action movie that features a cast of entirely attractive women with gorgeous visuals (the special effects, that is), this movie is worth seeing. What, are you too “dignified” to watch a movie featuring a hot blonde in a schoolgirl outfit fighting Nazi zombies with a samurai sword?

Michelle Rodriguez

You might know her from... The Fast and the Furious, Resident Evil, S.W.A.T, Avatar, Machete, Lost

This is the actress that was mentioned above. You know what? This girl probably could kick a man's ass, or at least she sure puts on a convincing act. Even though she looks constantly angry and dissatisfied, she still manages to be incredibly sexy, possibly as a result of it.  You just want to say, “Oh, Michelle. Be mean to me! Yes!” It takes a special woman to look like she's constipated with a huge dump all the time and yet can still provide excellent private time material in the pages of Maxim and similar magazines.

The only problem dedicated fans of Michelle Rodriguez tend to encounter is that she pretty much plays the same character in every single movie she does – she's a hardass with a chip on her shoulder, but ends up doing the right thing anyway. Yawn. But hey, we're not here for the stellar writing, are we? Her performances in movies like Machete are a blast to watch. Speaking of which, she wore an eye patch in that movie and still looked crazy hot. Maybe even hotter. Could we hope for a future in which Michelle plays an angry pirate? She could plunder my treasures anytime. Wait, that didn't come out right.

Rihanna Sizzles In Stella McCartney At London Fashion Week & Plans To 'Shock The World' With Chris Brown

Rihanna showed off a little leg Saturday at the Stella McCartney Winter 2012 London Eveningwear Presentation and Dinner during London's Fashion Week. The singer was reportedly struck in the head by the sliding door of the Mercedes Viano that brought her to the show, and she nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her dress rode up her leg.

Rumors that the "We Found Love" singer and her abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown are ready to "shock the world" are beginning to sound as though they're true as several reports reveal that the two are working together on a remix of her next single, "Birthday Cake". The steamy 1:18 interlude from her album "Talk That Talk" is being remixed into a full-length single, and word around town is Rihanna asked Brown to make an appearance on it.

The pair are also said to have rehearsed for their Grammy Awards performances together in the same room for over two hours and have been getting along again; and now, music producers Da Internz, who are working on the new song with her, hinted to MTV News that "Birthday Cake" will feature Brown.

"It's gonna be crazy. And the feature on there is gonna shock the world," they said.

The two singers may be ready to reconcile and put the past behind them, and Rihanna all but confirmed the rumor via her Twitter account on Friday.

She tweeted, "They can say whatever, Ima (sic) do whatever... No pain is forever, YUP! YOU KNOW THIS."

But others aren't as forgiving - country singer Miranda Lambert has gotten on Brown's case since he won his Grammy Award last week; and at a concert in Massachusetts Thursday night she held up a fan's sign that read "Take Notes Chris Brown" and told the crowd, "where I come from, beating up on a woman is never Okay."

Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" is set for release later this week.

Fab or Drab: Kim Kardashian in Cream Dress at Midori Beachside Bash at Delano Beach Club

Kim Kardashian sizzles in this cream and green body hugging dress patterned with star fishes and seascapes. A studded belt accentuates her waist and highlights the sleeveless dress. The gorgeous girlfriend of Rapper Kanye West was hosting the Modori Beachside Bash at Delano Club in Miami. She finished off her look in nude pumps and minimal jewelry. WHAT DO U SEE ..