Monday, 29 September 2014

#IDreamOfaNigeria - Join The Conversation

#IDreamOfANigeria-Join the Conversation

                                                           Lagos, Nigeria: September 29th 2014

                                            What is your dream for Nigeria?

          Join millions of Nigerians all over the world in sharing your dream for Nigeria this Independence day with                                                     the hashtag #IDreamOfaNigeria.

           You can join the conversation on social media or drop by Lekki Phase 1 gate from 10 am on October 1st                               and fill in your aspirations for Nigeria on a large chalkboard!

                                                     Yes! An actual chalkboard!

                                     Now when last did you write on a chalkboard?

                        Join the Revolution. Join the Conversation Now! #IDreamOfaNigeria

                There are so many Independence Day campaigns, but this one takes the cake!

                                      This campaign is brought to you by