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Adaora Akubilo Goes Topless For Sports Illustrated’s 2012 Swimsuit Edition

 Check out Nigerian-American model Adaora Akubilo in a range of sexy bikinis in this year’s Sports Illlustrated Swimsuit Edition.
She is following in the footsteps of Oluchi Onweagba, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and loads more, to grace the magazine’s annual swimsuit issue.
This is Adaora’s debut in the magazine and we hope she’ll be gracing the cover in the near future.

A greedy FAAN official arrested with N218m at airport

Reports says The "Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has apprehended an official of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, Mr. Akinyele Adetula, for trying to launder $1.4m (N218m).

The arrest came less than a month after the commission arrested a 24-year old man, Mr. Abubakar Sheriff, at the same airport with $7m (N1.1bn).

Sunday PUNCH learnt that the suspect was arrested at Murtala Mohammed Airport on Saturday.

According the Head of Operations, EFCC, Mr. Iliyasu Kwarbai, the suspect was able to pass through Nigeria Customs Service and National Drug Law Enforcement Agency security checks because he was wearing his identity card and therefore did not draw any suspicion.

He said, “The suspect is a FAAN security guard. He wore his tag and was thus able to move freely in the airport without drawing suspicion. He was carrying a bag and it went through the scanner.

“The suspect passed through NDLEA and Customs and he went to the waiting area; but he started making phone calls instead of proceeding to board his flight. We accosted him and noticed that his bag was heavy.

“When we searched him, we saw the large sum of money, which he said did not belong to him and that he was only trying to telephone the owner who never showed up.”

The EFCC authorities said the suspect was given the money by one Mr. Ifeanyi Urama, a bureau de change operator who also doubles as clearing and forwarding agent.

Urama, it was learnt, was recently granted bail by the EFCC after he was arrested with $996,000 (N155m).

Urama was alleged to have given Adetula the money, which belonged to a yet-to-be-identified person and Adetula was to help the unknown person to get the money past security.

Adetula, who claims to have worked for FAAN for over five years, said he was promised N10,000 if he could successfully get past security.

The indigene of Ondo State said this was his first time of committing such a crime.

He said, “Ifeanyi called me in the morning and told me to help him to take the bag and gave me someone’s phone number and told me to call the person once I get to the area where the airplane would board.

“I didn’t know the exact amount, but I knew the money was much. I would have informed authorities of the amount of money I was carrying but I was carried away by the phone call I was receiving.”

Kwarbai told Sunday PUNCH that money launderers had begun to devise new means of beating security due to frequent arrests by the commission.

He said he was surprised that the suspect was able to pass the bag through the scanner without security agents raising the alarm — a move which he said implied that officials at the airport were beginning to connive with criminals.

He said the law stipulated that anyone attempting to travel with over $10,000 (N1.56m) cash must inform security agents at the airport and he/she must also be prepared to explain his/her source of livelihood.

He noted that within a period of three weeks, the commission had seized over $10.2m (N1.6bn) in Lagos alone.

“We appeal to airport officials and security agents to report cases of money laundering to the commission, as this is clearly economic sabotage,” he said.

I’m Not Uti’s Girlfriend- Beverly Naya (Nollywood Actress)

Recently rumors surfaced online that Big Brother All Star winner; Uti Nwachukwu was in a Hot sizzling romance with British-born Nigerian Actress, Beverly Naya.According to several sources, they were spotted at events together and the chemistry was very obvious. A source even added that Uti was planning on walking her down the aisle soon.
Beverly who’s young budding career started with the lead role in the Movie ‘Home In Exile’ has gone on to star in “Weekend Getaway’ which also stars her “supposed hubby” Uti Nwachukwu, Genevieve Nnaji and Ramsey Nouah… She Also featured in Banky W’s ‘Follow You Go’ video.
She has been quiet about the alleged romance, but decided to break her silence recently by tweeting “This Insinuation is laughable..Pls lets not start a rumor…..My boyfriend wasn’t too happy seeing this….”She Said “Uti makes me laugh a lot…its always fun and games hanging out with him and nothing more.” Clearly She has a boyfriend and its not Uti. Indeed it’s safe to say the duo are nothing more than just friends, and dating obviously will ruin their friendship and professional relationship.
Beverly is rather focused on her career (Acting). She is currently on set for her new musical film titled ‘In The Music’….. Those spreading the rumor should take note!

Oh come on guys! This insinuation is laughable. Let's not start rumours please lmao! My boyfriend wasn't too happy ..

Xclusive: What Your Sleeping Position With Your Partner Reveals About Your Relationship

You know how in movies, couples always wake up entwined around each other romantically, and neither of them seem to have cramps in their neck or even morning breath? Yeah, so not real life. 
In real life, sleeping together every night can become a lot less romantic as a relationship goes on, but the way you’re doing it might reveal something important about your relationship. According to psychologists, since people can’t fake body language when they sleep, nights are the time when people are the most honest and vulnerable, and couples fall into sleeping habits that reflect their personalities and preferences.
Wanna know about the sleeping positions? Of course you do! Here you go:
Spoons (Male): Especially common in the first few years of a relationship or marriage, some couples sleep in this traditional position, where the guy is the big spoon, or the spoon on the outside. Here, the guy is taking the lead and protecting his lover, and the position reveals a strong sexuality and feeling of security.
Pillow Talk: If you like to sleep face to face, you’re a couple that needs one-to-one contact and to talk in bed.
Lovers Knot: In this position, couples lay face to face with their legs intertwined for a brief period, then separate to sleep.The couples show a loving independence by showing a sign intimacy and then separating to sleep apart.
Spoons (Female): This time, the woman is the outside or big spoon, taking charge and protecting her guy.
The Lovers: See “Lovers Knot” above, only the couple stays in the entwined face to face position all night. This is for new couples who can’t bear to be separated or who are born romantics.
The Romantic: Speaking of romantic, this is the stuff of movie love scenes, where the woman sleeps with her head and arm on the man’s chest. It’s common in new or rekindled relationships.
Superwoman: Are you a bed hog, Superwoman? Here, the woman sleeps in a stretched out star fish position and the man hangs off the bed. The guy in this couple doesn’t mind taking a secondary position and letting the woman take her space.
Superman: Reverse the above. here, the guy likes to have his way and the woman is OK with that.

Photo-Speak What is wrong with this Jonathan's kiss?

Comedian Elenu proposes to fianceé [PHOTOS]

On Sunday, October 21, ace comedian, Akinlami Babatunde Julius, who is more popular with his stage name, Elenu, proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Chinwe Anyanwu, at the Federal Palace Hotel, in Lagos. She accompanied him to to what she had expected to be dinner with friends, but as soon as the waiters brought the food, Elenu had a ring ready and asked her to marry him.
Some of the celebrity guests, that witnessed the love birds’ special day included comedian AY and his wife, Tinsel actor Gbenro Ajibade, comedian MC Shakara, designer Yomi Casual and music video director, Patrick Ellis.
Here are some of the pictures:

MI Abaga records ‘Ashes’ in memory of Aluu 4 [Audio + Lyrics]

4 young men died at the hands of a lynch mob on the 5th of October 2012. Whether or not their deaths will mean anything, or fade out of our minds as just another meaningless tragedy, is up to us and what we do from here on. I hope this song captures that message. Nothing would be worse than for a death to mean nothing” – MI Abaga.
Listen to the song:
We were down a sandy beach,
All night talking to your mouth’s words.
Tell me where you would like to be.
Tonight don’t be afraid to dream.
Lean on the fire for a while.
Cause in the morning it’ll all just be ashes on the ground
Instead it be them, let it be me.
Since I will die inevitably,
Then let it be, that it be said
When I am dead: some other was free, some other was fed
Some other, not me, was able to see
That long as we live inside a country where no one is safe,
No one is safe.
We only evade, try to escape
The imminent doom
But closer the date looms.
It comes for all.
If we must go, then at least,
When we fall…
When we’re all ashes…
If I am slain, let them forever remember the name
Some other should gain.
When we’re all ashes…
Because of my pain. Because of my tears because of my scars
Some other should gain.
When we’re all ashes…
The reason I’m gone. Let it be told, let it be known, and turned into song
When we’re all ashes…
If I die alone. Let it be more than dying alone, the reason I’m gone.
The reason I’m gone.
Instead it be sleep.
Let it be hate, let it degrade.
Let it be deep.
Some other should weep
Some other should keep
The memory of
The way that I died
Maybe a change, some other can try
At least we can lie. At least we can hope
At least we can say
tomorrow is better, it wont be today
Some other can pray
Some other can fight
The wrong done to me some other can right.
Then maybe my death can save some other life
For then I would gladly give another life
When we’re all ashes…
Let it be worth
Let it be so some other can live. Let it be birth.
When we’re all ashes…
As I am hurt
As I pass, let it be last, let it be first
When we’re all ashes…
Don’t let them forget
The only regret is that we relent. We all should repent..
When we’re all ashes…
If I die alone,
Let it be more than dying alone. The reason I’m gone
The reason I’m gone
Feels like I stood there watching,
the pain the brutal torture
And added my silence to the violent screams
Of: Burn and torch em.
How do you earn misfortune?
Or does it come unbidden?
If life’s a painted portrait,
Who puts dark colors in them?
If there’s a God in heaven,
Surely he’s weeping now.
As all the blood is shedding
As all His people drown.
God help us all.
Rest in peace Chidi.
Rest in peace Lloyd
Rest in Peace Tekena
Rest in Peace Ugonna
Rest in peace to the Students murdered in Adamawa state.
Rest in peace to those two young girls.
Written and Produced by MI Abaga
Opening sample from ‘Words In The Fire’ By Patrick Watson
Poem written by Jason Abaga

“I am responsible for my body” – 20-year-old student who sold virginity for £487,000

A Brazilian student has reportedly sold her virginity for almost half a million pounds in an online auction. Catarina Migliorini, 20, was one of two virgins to take part in the auction for an Australian documentary. A Japanese man bid £487,000 to be the first to take her to bed.
Catarina said she would use the money to study medicine in Argentina, according to Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.
“I am 20, I am responsible for my body and I am not hurting anyone,” she said.
“For me, it’s not prostitution. When someone does something once in his or her life, this is not considered a profession. If you take a picture and it comes out good, you are not a photographer because of it.”
Russian lad Alexander Stepanov also sold his virginity on the Virgins Wanted auction, receiving the winning bid of £1,876 from Brazil.
The documentary has attracted criticism on its Facebook page with several users voicing concerns over the ethics of the auction.
According to the auction’s terms, Catarina will undergo a medical examination to prove she is a virgin and the consummation will take place within the next ten days.
The “rules” also ban the use of intimacy gadgets, kissing and recording, as well as stipulating a minimum time of one hour.
Each virgin will reportedly receive $20,000 as well as 90 percent of their “sale” figure.
Catarina was previously said to be taking part to raise money for the poor.

Source: UK SUN

Xclusive: Disadvantages Of Being Handsome

I’d say i’m a pretty handsome guy.. Yes Boss!! and girls tell me so, so i got no reason to argue.
but I did notice that it only started later in my life, i guess i matured well IDK.
Plus i work out more, eat healthier and dress better than I used to, so i’m sure that  certainly makes a difference.
So I have noticed a stark difference in the way i’m treated (remember i live in the Uk so it may be different for other readers)
1. Gays- Gay men stare at men the way men stare at women. It’s annoying and infuriating and makes me want to fight but I’m not an so i refrain. Either way the worst part about it is gay men staring or trying to talk to you. So when a guy you think is straight glances at your arm or chest. Abomination!!
2. Older Women- Older women are pushy and aggressive and don’t know when to turn it off. The worst part is the boldest ones are the ugliest more condemned cargo. You have a flock of obasanjo looking women constantly making you uncomfortable. The worst is they’re openly biased towards you and will talk about you to everyone creating a lot of awkward tension and unwanted attention.
3. Assumed to be a player- Women assume you’re a player for no reason. They’ll take you less seriously and question your motives the whole time.
4. Jealous Men- The more women think i’m fine looking, the more men want to fight or beef me. They constantly think I’m trying to compete with them, and CONSTANTY beefing and fighting are key. What makes it worst is a lot of their girlfriends will try to give them an impression that they like you so that their boyfriend can fight you and she can feel like he loves her more. Men become more preoccupied with you and your motives and life becomes more dramatic and complex.
5. Being called gay- The stereotype in the Uk is if you’re an attractive well dress man you’re gay as THE BRITS expect their men to be simple dressers and not good looking…
6. Attracting useless women- Sure you attract more girls but with the quantity comes a drop in quality. You’ll constantly run into useless superficial women with no substance while the ones with substance are not phased or impressed by your looks.
7.Amebor- Everyone’s in your business and wants to know who you’re sleeping with.
8. Voltrons- You get women that you don’t want that won’t leave you alone no matter what. They’ll stalk your facebook liking everything you do, constantly talk about you, and acting like you’re their best friend. A lot of them will be acting like they’re your best friend before they tell you their name. You can always find these if they use your name in every sentence while talking to you.
9. Women playing games with your name- lastly, women will use your name to play games. If you joke with one she’ll tell everyone you were flirting with her. If you flirt with her she’ll tell everyone you guys were ‘talking’ or ‘had something’. If you sleep with one girl, any girl you like they will tell that one girl that you slept with the previous girl. They’ll gossip with your name to build themselves up and to tear down your chances with other women out of jealousy.
VN:F [1.9.20_1166]

Forbes Africa Person of the Year 2012 Nominees Joyce Banda

Forbes Africa has announced their nominees for the Person of the Year 2012. They are Nigeria's Malawian president Joyce Banda, Nigeria's Tony Elumelu and Aliko Dangote, Kenya's Dr James Mwangi and South Africa's Stephen Saad. The Person of the Year award goes to a person who has influenced events on the African continent in the year gone by. The public can vote for the nominee who they believe best represents this on the Forbes Africa website.

Joyce Banda is the President of Malawi. She was sworn in in April this year following a three year stint as Vice-President. Since taking power Banda has smoothed revived diplomatic relations with the international community, announced her intention to overturn a ban on homosexuality and sold many of her own assets to reduce government spending.

MTN Project Fame Winner; Chidinma Dazzles In New Preppy And Afrocentric Photo Shoot

MTN Project Fame winner Chidinma is more than just a pocket Hercules. Over the course of her career, Miss “Kedike” has shown us a variety of her versatility from her anthem, “Jankoliko” to her cute love song, “Kedike”; her bumping Hip-Hop record, “Emi Ni Baller” featuring The Suspect & IllBliss or even her features with the likes of Tesh Carter and more. Now, she’s here to tease us with a few very cute new photos showing off her preppy yet Afrocentric style:
Check on it!

Stella Dimoko-Korkus hits out at Jim Iyke

The story of Jim Iyke’s alleged 11-year-old son is getting really interesting now. After popular gossip blogger, Stella Dimoko-Korkus leaked the story to the whole world, the Nollywood actor responded via his Media Manager. Apparently, it seems he did not stop at that. Jim Iyke reportedly went ahead to call Mrs Dimoko-Korkus, who is living in Germany at the moment and rained expletives on her.
However, the blogger, has decided to reply him back via her blog. And here is her piece unedited.

Full article:
Before i start with this;I know Jim WILL GO AROUND POSTING TRASH as anonymous on where ever this memo comes up but who cares?
You live on the Internet defending yourself on various blogs and posting incoherent babash, cussing out the blog owners remember?Be my guest.
I start this memo by quoting the lyrics from Abolore Akandes(9ice)song where he mentioned the words “baaaaastard”in reference to his ex friend rugged man.
Ikechukwu(Jim my axx) you are exactly what 9ice said,a “baaaaastard”
I did an exclusive story that your 11yr old son has surfaced,which is true,abi you wan contest am?
The story went viral and probably spoilt your chances of one of your yahoo-yahoo love scams in Houston where you are as I write this. —and you go gaga?
…And you used your mouth action fingernails to dial my home phone and use the swear words on my family ……to the hearing of my children who are still traumatized,the children you so badly desire to have one day as a human being,the ones you used to refer to as “beautiful’.
You called me “ugly Naughty Lady” and you are so frigging correct,the thing is of all your plenty sisters,I cannot remember anyone of them winning the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria beauty pageant or even Miss world.
Your anger has brought you nothing but bad luck.ask yourself why you have no true friends or why no press man will touch you with a long pole. …go on,ask yourself!
You keep threatening to beat up anyone you enter into your log of bad books and I wonder if you are Superman. Na so you go Cameron them beat you so tey your fingers broke and you cooked up the “falling on a glass table”story.tell it to the cuckoos!
If you ever think of swearing to beat me up because I did an exclusive that you have an 11yr old son who is in existence,I will find you and the day you lay your epileptic hands on me will be the last day you ever try to beat up any woman again!…agbaya go and find your mate to bully!
At your age(you don pass 40yrs abeg)you should be happy of such news but instead you are in Houston running from various one dollar shops to another and after you go spread pics for Internet begging for headlines like “Jim iyke spends trillions on shopping spree”..Na today?
If you read this memo,you are free to leave an anonymous hater comment here or any where else but please delete my numbers from your phone and do not call.
Go and see a shrink doctor and get help for anger management abeg.
You seem to think everyone is envious of you,wetin you get?you freaking parade used cars in your ‘rented’garage in Abuja,I roll a brand new Mercedes,tear rubber!
I know you will read this,so I close with this ‘stellar advice’
“It is only an heediot like you that refuses to see the handwriting on the wall,even when the letters are slapping at your pomo mouth”.
You are a liar,a cheat and you have a wicked wicked heart. if you call me ugly because I kick Bottom with my stories,remember I granted you your first ever interview where you said your then ex (actress stephnora okere) used to beg to be beaten before sex? bollocks!
All the 11years i have been a reporter,i have done nothing but defend your sorry Bottom even when i knew your hands were soiled…that’s what ‘freinds’ are for !
This is a friendly memo,if you push me again, I will get ‘high’ for you and send another one copying the governor of benue state swansan!…..A word is enough for the wise….you ain’t.
I thought the devil was a liar till I became friends with you!… you train devil to lie!
The next time you try to set me up again, I will be waiting for you at the trap and I will fix the hook on your shriveled, over used balls!
Remember that I am not Cornell udofia the reporter you messed up/tried to use to mess me up. My name Na ‘sterra’!

“It is a soap opera that will never come” – Goldie denies dating Prezzo

Eccentric pop artiste, Goldie, has come out to declare that there are no strings attached between her and Prezzo. The two had met in this year’s Big Brother Africa house and had struck a peculiar friendship. And for sometime it has been on and off. Prezzo travelled down to Nigeria, where he held a press conference and apologised to Nigerians, for how he treated Goldie in the BBA house.
Goldie also travelled to Kenya after then, before the pair were spotted holidaying together in New York. But she says everything “is a soap opera that will never come”.
“I am not dating Prezzo,” she said. “The state of things between us is the same state of things between me and anyone in Big Brother. We are all friends.
“I didn’t go to Kenya to see him. I went there for an event. People are just assuming there’s something going on between us because we are not speaking. Well, everybody is just working for the soap opera that will never come.”

Blogger Olorisupergal rebrands And launches New Website

Oluwatosin Ajibade, popularly known as Olorisupergal, perhaps it is now time to up the ante in the entertainment circuit as she launches a new entertainment website called The graduate of the department of Accountancy, Lagos State University (LASU) started blogging in February 8, 2010 with the web name, a name she has been holding onto till now. The hardworking Ekiti native who claims blogging has been a part of her is one of the known blogging brands in the Nigerian context today.
The new website which takes effect this week will feature impressive segments such as; Supergal Hot Pick of the week for outstanding music videos, Supergal of the month, Awoof (give aways for fans), Super Gal of the week, fashion, interviews, entertainment gist among other segments.
Speaking on this new height, Tosin Ajibade (Olorisupergal) said ‘’I am changing because I want to do more as the limits you in many ways as it does not allow for various segments. I am also doing this because I want more people to take me seriously for instance, corporate brands want to associate with websites that are very credible and reliable, sites that have excellent service delivery in terms of the quality and reliability of the information disseminated via their website’’.
When asked about what informed her choice of segments on her website, she said ‘’under the new website, there would be segments such as job of the week; job seekers can check job listings available for the week. There would also be the music pick of the week, Awoof segment where there would be give away for fans, there would also be fashion news, interviews with entertainment people whose lives we all envy amongst others. All these segments have been designed to make the site unique in all sense of the word’’.

10 Lag buses seized in Ota, after Fashola impounds vehicles from Obasanjo’s farms

Since last weekend, about 10 LAG buses belonging to the Lagos State Government have been impounded in Ota, Ogun State and packed in Obasanjo Farms in retaliation over the confiscation of a utility vehicle last Friday belonging to Obasanjo Farms owned by the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. THE CITIZEN gathered that the vehicle belonging to Obasanjo Farms was seized by the officials of Lagos State Transport Management Agency (LASTMA) for contravening traffic law and after Obasanjo’s efforts failed to get the vehicle released, his company allegedly instigated some miscreants to forcefully seize over 10 LAG buses that crossed the Lagos-Ogun boundary in Ota.
THE CITIZEN was reliably informed that the Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola turned down Obasanjo’s pleas for the release of his vehicle but instead advised him that his company should obey the law.
It was also gathered that following the alleged seizure of the LAG buses, the management of the bus company has halted all further operations to Ota axis until further notice.
However, efforts to reach LAGBUS Managing Director, Mr. Babatunde Disu proved abortive.

Source: The Citizen

Nollywood made real: “He impregnated me and collected my N2m” – Lover accuses Yoruba actor

Whenever you see two lovers wash their dirty linens in public, things must have fallen apart to the point of ‘irreconcilable differences’. This may best explain what is now brewing between handsome Yoruba actor, Oreoluwa Jokotoye popularly known as Bigvai and his embittered lover, Bukola Temitope Ajayi. According to a distressed blackberry broadcast message sent by the handsome actor on Sunday night, he alleged that his lover is after his life and that she allegedly duped some of his (Bigvai) colleagues in the industry of their hard-earn money worth over 1.5million naira.
The blackberry broadcast from Bigvai read: “Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye is my name. Pls, dis is 2 tell my friends, fans, colleagues and evry other Nigerians out there that I am not married 2 Bukola Temitope Ajayi. That she has duped my blood sister a sum of 500,000. Antar Laniyan 170, Abbey Lanre 240,000. Sunny Alli 130,000. Lola Idije 120,000 and other people whch include Lanre Hassan (Iya Awero), Ireti Osayemi, Juwon, Alhaji Adenrele and other crew members.
“She also stole 150,000 from me, she duped Bayo Tijani and his crew too. and she has vowed to kill me by sending assassin 2 me.
“Incase anything happens 2 me, she’s responsible oo. U can check my dp 4 her pix. Am appealing 2 u all 2 help me rebroadcast as fast as possible. Tanx.”
But in a reaction to the blackberry broadcast sent out by Bigvai, Bukola denied ever threatening his life. She claimed that Bigvai has been depending on him to survive. She denied duping those the actor alleged her to have defrauded, but claimed that after giving Bigvai the sum of two million naira to do a movie, a romantic relationship started between them.
Her own blackberry broadcast read: “My‎‎‎ name is Ajayi Oluwabukola Temitope. It’s a big lie, i didn’t dupe Bigvai sister in anyway. I came to produce (a movie) and Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye collected the sum of 2million naira from me and he promise to help me out. Along the line, we started dating. During the Itunu Awe, Baba Tee, Sodiq Adebayo came to pack everything in his house and i used my money to buy it back. I av bin feeding him for the past 3mnth now. I am even preganant for him now, but all what he want is my ‎‎moni.
“If u guys notice, I am the one dat changed all his wardrobe for (him). He even said it dat wen he was with Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello) dat Oga Bello was using his star dat was why he left him. I did(nt) dupe anybdy. Oreoluwa Bigvai Jokotoye is a gold digger nd he depends on woman. I (he) stole my ‎guds what (worth) 350k away. I nvr told him I’ll kill him. What is my‎ gain if i kill him? Can his dead body bring back my moni, talkless (let alone) he being alive. I think he has metal pblm. I av hard diff story abt the way he dupe girls industry, lyk Habibat Jinad, Shai, BJ, Tola Ayeni etc. plssssss am nt a killer ooooooo. plsssss help me to rebroadcast.”
When contacted, Bigvai insisted that his BB broadcast was true. Asked if truly Bukola is three months pregnant for him, he said he has not yet received any medical report from the doctors concerning that.
When asked if he indeed had a romantic affair with Bukky, he stuttered and said he would not want to talk about the issue anymore because he wouldn’t want the press to get involved in it.
The drama continues..

Source: Olufamous

FORMER BIGBROTHER HOUSMATE Julio Batalia Celebrates birthday TODAY

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Julio Batalia former bigbrother all stars housemates adds a year today he was recently in naija with his close friend Seydou soumare the angolan housemates ALSO taila and tamara from zambia for a Bizness trip...He will soon release his own album Julio ft robz simplicity and our boy abz sykes from the back

Wizkid to work with Godwin Tom, MI Abaga’s former manager

A few weeks ago, we reported that pop star Wizkid and manager Osagie Osarenkhoe parted ways. We’ve got news for you – the pop star may have hired popular manager Godwin Tom.
Wiz and Osarenkhoe, who runs her own outfit M.e.tal Management, ended their business relationship in June 2012, and we’re told Wizzy has been without a manager since then.
Meanwhile, Wizzy’s label EME also recently announced that they are ‘currently seeking for a General Manager to manage its growing business and build up the EME label.’
Godwin seems like the likely replacement, having handled M.I, in whose career he played a vital role, and rapper duo Show Dem Camp. He also had a stint with singer Airis and is currently part of singer Waje‘s management team.
Inside sources tell us that Godwin hasn’t signed any contracts, as he will be on probation for now.
Meanwhile, Mr Tom said ’I’ve seen the news and there’s a lot of speculation. There has been no announcement of such so let’s just leave it at that for now‘. But going by his words on social network Twitter, Godwin seems to be excited about the new role.
‘Things are coming together… I am doing what I love… What Im good at. I dont regret being who I am! I am the best me! I dont regret one bit of my last 5+ years. They were the best. And best is relative… Things are about to get better!‘ he tweeted.

Source: The NET

Elizabeth Taylor topples Michael Jackson as ‘Top Earning Dead Celebrity’

English-American actress, Elizabeth Taylor, is now number one on Forbes ‘Top Earning Dead Celebrities. She topples her best friend, who topped the list last year, with her estimated earnings put at around $210m. Wacko Jacko is now second with $145, while rock star, Elvis Presly is in third place with $55m. Liz Taylor died last year of congestive heart failure in Los Angeles.

Here’s the full list:
Elizabeth Taylor
$210 million
Died: March 23, 2011
Age: 79
Cause: Heart failure
Michael Jackson
$145 million
Died: June 25, 2009
Age: 50
Cause: Overdose/homicide
Elvis Presley
$55 million
Singer, actor
Died: August 16, 1977
Age: 42
Cause: Heart attack
Charles Schulz
$37 million
Died: February 12, 2000
Age: 77
Cause: Colon cancer
Bob Marley
$17 million
Died: May 11, 1981
Age: 36
Cause: Cancer
John Lennon
$12 million
Died: December 8, 1980
Age: 40
Cause: Murder
Marilyn Monroe
$10 million
Died: August 5, 1962
Age: 36
Albert Einstein
$10 million
Died: April 18, 1955
Age: 76
Cause: Natural causes
Theodor Geisel
$9 million
Died: September, 24, 1991
Age: 87
Cause: Natural causes
Steve McQueen
$8 million
Died: November 30, 1980
Age: 50
Cause: Complication from surgery
Bettie Page
$8 million
Died: December 11, 2008
Age: 85
Cause: Natural causes
Richard Rogers
$6 million
Song writer
Died: December 30, 1979
Age: 77
Cause: Chronic illness
George Harrison
$5.5 million
Died: November 29, 2001
Age: 58
Cause: Cancer

ABUJA ARE U READY Hot FM Abuja Costume Party

The annual H2 costume party organised by Hot fm 98.3 Abuja will hold this Saturday October 27, 2012 in Abuja. The costume party made its debut last year at the Aqua nite club in Transcorpe Hilton Abuja and it was a smash. It had in attendance the likes of Dbanj, Ikechukwu, P-square, Sam Clef, Uti, Denrele and lots more. This year, Hot 98.3 FM is at it again, only this time it promises to be even bigger and better with the H2 Party. Come and relive the Hot fm Halloween  party experience with the H2 party this year at the Sofa Lounge, wuse 2, Abuja. Entry free, just be in your costume!

Wande Coal, Skales, others for At The Club with Remy Martin Oct 27

The Club With Remy Martin this October, 2012 as the premium brand invites all to come party with multi award winning singer , Wande Coal; E.M.E soldier, Skales, D’pzle, and a host of other top Nigerian stars at this month’s party on 27th October, 2012 at the exclusive Club N-tyce, 1310 Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The "Spongobob" crooner is back again with his much awaited second single.

Frank Ohioma , Stage name "Kingpin" a young teenage act managed by Partyworks Ent. He is a very versatile artiste with branches spanning from rap to afro beat and many more.he released his fiirst single in july titled "Spongebob" which was a nice club banger and was viral in the  summer of 2012 but he called it "only a taste of my music". Now he releases his second a single titled "Show Me". I guarantee you'll love it!
Hint: He drops a video real soon

 The  track was produced by Ditweni and features Shakez & MoSlim here "Show Me" by Kingpin
Show ME.mp3Show ME.mp3
3061K   Play   Download

Uti Nwachukwu WON BEST NEW ACTOR for his role in IN THE CUPBOARD AT GIAMA Awards


KEFEE'S new album CHORUS LEADER will be out on the 29th of October 2012.

KEFEE'S new album CHORUS LEADER will be out on the 29th of October 2012.WATCHOUT