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No age in marriage – Uche Ogbodo



Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo is one of the single actresses in Nollywood who have tried all avenues to get the man of their dreams but to no avail.
The beautiful actress, who has featured in quite a lot of movies, recently revealed that there was no age limit in marriage and that even at 58, she could still get a man to call her own.
“There is nothing like age in marriage, maturity is what counts. It is fine with me.
Even if I got married at 58, fine. My meeting the right person is what counts.
If I rushed and got married because the media wanted me to marry, and I met somebody not mine, it will be bad.
My fans and family would not disturb me to marry just like that; they know me. “Everybody understands me, so I am fine.
I am not desperate to be searching for a man. But I am looking forward to God to give me a man.
Not just a man because there are so many things I need from a man that I cannot even count all right now.
And he must not be a woman puncher, for I do not need a man that hits me,” she said.
Ogbodo has been around for a while and has featured in a number of top Nollywood films.


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Celebrity Interview: One-On-One With Yvonne Nelson



She cut her teeth recently as a movie producer but Yvonne Nelson does not think that the Ghanaian movie industry has been too fair to her.
With seven years as an actress on the tow, Nelson takes OVWE MEDEME through the dark days of controversy to being the highest paid actress in Ghana. She talks movies, career, fashion and relationships in this interview.
IS Single and Married your first production? 
No, this is my second outing as a producer. The first one is not out yet. I produced that last year with Majid Michel. We haven’t premiered that yet. We decided to premiere Single and Married first. My first production is titled The Price.

What stands Single and Married out from other movies? 
The cast was different and the locations were amazing. As for the storyline, we have seen a few things like that before but I decided to spice things up by bringing in new faces, musicians and TV presenters. I discovered a young actor, Kweku Elliot, who we featured in the flick. I just wanted to do something different. People are tired of seeing the same faces so i wanted to change that a little bit. The premiere in Ghana was amazing.

What message are you trying to pass with the movie? 
Basically, people just have to know who they want to get married to before they tie the knot. We should know our partner very well before we enter into arelationship because we might get married and then realise that we don’t have anything in common. Marriage is a long term affair. There are a number of lessons to be learned. You don’t want to have any surprises in your marriage.
For a movie that is multi-themed, which of the themes relates directly to you? 
I am not single and I am not married so I don’t fall anywhere. I am in a relationship. I have not had any experience that relates directly to the movie. I didn’t write the script and it was Pascal Amanfo who directed it.
What endeared you to the script? 
I did not give the scriptwriter the story. He did everything himself and I paid for it. We talked about a fun story and we discussed about something everyone can relate to. There are single people everywhere and there are married people everywhere. People are having issues with their marriages. When I read the script, I loved it and I decided to go ahead with it. Nothing drew me to it. I have worked with Pascal so many times and I know what he is capable of doing. I knew he was going to give me a good script.
Currently you are rated as the highest paid actress in Ghana. Do you agree with that rating? 
Why won’t I agree with that? I have paid my dues; I have been working really hard. I would say that I have been the busiest actress this year. That is what God has done.

At some point in your career was filled with controversy. What led to your ban from the Ghanaian movie industry? 
What my people or Africa do not like is when a woman is not happy with something and she voices it out. I have produced movies and I know how to treat people on set. The problem whoever had with me has to do with the fact that they don’t treat us well on set and when I voiced out, they start saying that I am rude or arrogant. They don’t want to feel we know our rights. I shot Single and Married with Chris Attoh and Nadia Buari and everything went fine. In nine days we were done. If you are working with your human resources and you treat them very well, nobody will have a problem.

Ghanaian movies are known to be on the explicit side. How well would you say you fit into the industry? 
I am in the Ghanaian movie industry; I am a part of it. If I get script and it is good, I will take it. I don’t think I have done a movie where anyone can say they found Yvonne nelson naked. We do scenes and we do them well.
For the right price, would you act nude? 
I certainly would not. I would have done it long ago if I would.
How true is it that you are romantically linked to Nigeria’s Inyana?
I am like Iyanya’s biggest fan. I love his music. I have his music on my iPod, iPad, Blackberry and iPhone. We are just good. He is a very special person to me.

How would you define special? 
He is just a special guy.
So he’s not the one you are dating? 
I will not say anything on that because I don’t say much about who I am datingor who I am not dating. I have even said a lot right now. I am in a relationship. I am happy and that is all I can say.

How soon do you hope to tie the knot? 
for now I am happy and I am committed so let’s see how it goes.
How much interference does your relationship have on your career? 
None at all. Whoever I am in a relationship with should know that I am an actress before we started dating.

So you were an actress before you started dating him? 
Of course. I would have married this guy long ago if the relationship was that old because it has been seven years.
How has the seven years been like? 
It has been wonderful. I have learnt so much. It has been a learning process for me. I am like one of the youngest actresses in Ghana and I thank God for how far he has brought me.

These days, actors and actresses are venturing into music and vice versa. Are you considering anything like that? 
For now, I am not. I am ok with just being an actress.

Abdulmutallab couldn’t detonate underwear bomb because he had worn them for 3 weeks – FBI


On December 25th, 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian tried to detonate an explosive aboard a Northwest Flight 253 over Detroit in the United States of America. As the son of one of Nigeria’s most prominent businessmen and someone who had access to international travel and a world-class education, his terrorist act took Nigeria by surprise.
Umar has since been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. However, the FBI has recently revealed the reason why the explosives failed to go off.
During his trial he said the bomb in his underwear was a ‘blessed weapon’ to avenge poorly treated Muslims around the world.
Two FBI agents told WXYZ TV that Umar confessed to the plot, saying that he had worn the explosive underwear for three weeks in order to get used to it and make sure he could get it through security.
“So basically for three weeks he wore this garment, these underwear with this device in it. We think ultimately that is probably what caused the disruption in the sequence of events in the explosion,” said FBI agent Ted Peissig.
The agents also revealed that Umar was not recruited by al Qaeda, but the other way around.
“He sought out al Qaeda relentlessly,” another FBI agent on the case, Mike Connelly said. “He persisted and he was almost turned away at times, you know, by al Qaeda. But he refused to relent.”
FBI agents also say the Underwear Bomber might have inadvertently foiled his own plot because of his obsession about making sure the bomb would not be detected. They further revealed that he had been instructed to detonate the bomb over a populated area to maximize the death toll.
Here is the account of the FBI agents as reported by WXYZ TV
In Abdulmutallab’s mind it was an act of martyrdom and jihad. He had no feelings for the men, women and children around him who were about die, according to the FBI agents.
“He did not bat an eye in saying if that plane was going to go down, it was going to go down. That was God’s call. That wasn’t his call. His responsibility was just to detonate the bomb, and whatever happened, happened,” says agent Connelly.
As the huge jumbo jet carrying over 300 people was approaching Detroit, Abulmutallab disappeared into the restroom to wash himself, a ritual for his passage into the next life. When he returned to his seat he told the guy sitting next to him that he wasn’t feeling well.
“And pulled a blanket almost completely concealing himself up to the chin,” says Agent Peissig.
Using a plastic syringe, Abdulmutallab injected a mixture of liquids and solids into the explosive chemicals already packed into his underwear.
But Instead of exploding, the bomb burst into flames, setting his clothes and the blanket on fire, seriously burning him.
The two agents who visited Nigeria during the course of his investigation said they extracted detailed and chilling information about Abdulmutallab and his mission, getting a rare glimpse into the mind of a suicide bomber.
“In his tone, his conversation, he’s very reserved,” adds agent Connelly. “He’s deliberate in his speech.”
“The witnesses remarked about how he just looked like a simple young school boy,” says Peissig.
But appearances don’t match reality in the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Agents say he was an extreme fanatic and a very dangerous man.
He was hell-bent on taking down a jumbo jet over Detroit with no consideration for the hundreds who would die in the plane and on the ground.
“He is completely different from any terrorist that I’ve had the ability to talk to,” explains Connelly. “Different because of his absolute devotion to Jihad. The degree of conviction that he had to the cause is unparalleled.”
We are glad his attempt to kill innocent people was foiled.

 Source: BellaNaija


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 Who wore it better: Adriana Lima, Rihanna or Kylie Minogue in Emilio Pucci
Rihanna in Emilio Pucci blue dress Who wore it better: Adriana Lima, Rihanna or Kylie Minogue in Emilio Pucci

How I travelled from London to Nigeria by road – Newton Jibunoh


Dr. Newton Jibunoh is a man of many parts. An arts enthusiast and environmental activist, the 74-year-old founder of Didi Museum and Fight Against Desert Encroachment, a Non Governmental Organisation, wears his passion like a badge.
Surrounded by art in different forms at Didi Museum, venue for the hour-long chat, the former chairman of Costain West Africa, speaks animatedly about his interests that have since become his identity.
On the museum, he says, it is an educational institution which he traces its genesis to a small room in Apapa.
“As a child, missionaries referred to these artifacts as taboos and tried to get my people to get rid of them,” he recalls. “What shocked me was that the missionaries were taking away some of those things. When I got to London in the early 60s and visited the British museum, I found most of these works there. So, I decided to start a campaign to keep our history. When I returned to Nigeria in 1966, I started collecting works. Moreover, because I was also finding myself in the midst of artists like Segun Olusola, Akin Yuba, Wole Soyinka, Dr Ekpeyong, I learnt a lot from them.
“Dr Ekpeyong, who was the director-general of the National Museum, would come to my house and see the works. He always commended them and urged me to show it to the public. That was how I started from a parlour exhibition to a room exhibition and to what it is now.”
Famous for his trips across the desert, Jibunoh rhapsodises on his first trip which he made when he was in his 20s. “When you are in your 20s, that is what I will regard as your formative era, when you decide who you are and where you are headed. One of such examples was the arrest and trial of Nelson Mandela. He said on the day he was sentenced, ‘this is my cause, this is what I believe in, and I will continue to do so even if I die in the process.’ The other statement was that of John .F. Kennedy, who was challenged for trying to explore the space and the moon because of the huge amount of money America, was investing in it. He told his opponents that it was only by doing hard things that good things come out. That also stayed with me and that inspiration started in earnest. I decided that I was going to be part of my era and the only way to do that was to try the impossible. It took me six months to get to Nigeria from London.”
You wonder why he still takes the risk of going on expeditions at his age. In a fit of amusement, he enumerates the reasons for his sustained interest.
“It is like going to the moon and what they have achieved by going to the moon. To go on an expedition like this, you have to put your life on the line and be ready to die. You do not do things like this for nothing; you have to have a course because many times people have asked what this whole thing is about. It is about the air we breathe, it is about the water we drink, the food we eat and it is about the land we came out from and will go back to when we die. How much are we doing to protect and preserve the land that is so important for life?”
Recounting his several near-death experiences, he tells without mincing words that he is undeterred. “If you are stuck in the sand and you cannot get your car out of the sand and you do everything (maybe for four or five hours) and you are 600 miles from help, what do you do? You just stay there and die. Alternatively, when you are attacked by bandits, they wonder why you are there, and they want to kill you, what do you do? You either surrender or try to talk them out of it.
“I have gone through so many near-death situations but somehow, I think it is the fact that once you are ready to die for anything, death stays away from you. It is when you are scared of dying and you are faced with death that you panic.”
In spite of all these, he still finds time to relax. “I do relax but maybe when I go to that six feet beneath, I will relax. I do many things and I cycle around a lot. When I am in London, I use my bicycle to go everywhere because there are bicycle tracks. In my village in Delta, I ride my bicycle. The same applied in Amsterdam, wherever I go to visit my daughter and grandchildren. In Lagos, I don’t ride often and when I have to, I take my bicycle to some island or one of these estates where it’s a lot safer.”
Bu his childhood was not as pleasant. Hear him: “I did not know I was an orphan until I was seven years old. What my sister and I were told was that our parents travelled. Family and friends offered to put us up here and because of that, I went to so many schools.”
His educational sojourn brought him to Lagos. “After secondary school, I came to Lagos, where I did a number of courses at the emergency science school now known as YABATECH. First, I got a job with the Federal Ministry of Works and I found out that I could sit for scholarship examinations. I failed the first time and passed the second time. That was how I travelled out of Nigeria to study building engineering in 1961 and I graduated in 1965. I then came back to Nigeria in 1967 and went back to the Ministry of Works where I worked for a little over a year. I found that I was not sufficiently challenged and I left there for a private sector organisation, which was like a subsidiary of Costain. From there, I moved on to Costain and whilst there, for 36 years, I worked there — I was CEO for 16 years.”
Married to Elizabeth, he remembers their meeting many years back. “It was a Christmas day. I did not have what you would call a family, so, I liked moving around during Christmas. That Christmas morning, I saw two young women and it turned out that the other lady had spent the night at my wife’s place. So, she escorted her to her parents’ place to explain why she spent the night.
“On my way back, I saw my wife alone and I greeted. She ignored me but I repeated my greeting and I followed her. She continued to ignore me and I followed her to the house where she just walked in. At night, I went back to that same house and met her mother, who was pleased with my honesty. Today, we have five children and nine grandchildren.”
Ask him what he would like to be remembered for and he stares back at you in amazement and says, “Anytime I am asked that question, I am at a loss. When I am gone, I am gone. I think it is my legacy that will determine. I do not think I want to predict. First, I do not know when I am going and I do not know how I am going to go. When I hear people talk about what they would like to be remembered for, I am not impressed.”

 Source: PM News

Sad end of a Youth Corper: Survives Boko Haram attacks, gunned down in Onitsha


The desire of every young undergraduate in Nigeria is to put on the uniform of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and be addressed as a ‘corper’.
But fate was very cruel to 24-year-old Augusta Chizoba Ndukwu of Umufu-Amaimo, Ikeduru Local Government area of Imo State. She was gruesomely murdered by unknown persons at Upper Iweka area of the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra State. It was quite sad that Augusta, who had survived a series of hostilities and bombings by the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, in Adamawa State, where she observed her one-year mandatory national youth service, would painfully meet her untimely death in a place she felt was her home.
Her voice was filled with joy when she spoke to her relatives in Owerri on phone, telling them that she had finally come home. She told them that she was at the luxurious park in Upper Iweka, informing them also that she would join them in Owerri the next morning. But she never lived to see the faces of her loved ones, as she was gruesomely murdered by unknown persons that fateful night. Daily Sun gathered that the deceased, a graduate of Banking and Finance from the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Imo State, was found lying in the pool of her own blood at the notorious fly-over at Upper Iweka on September 12.
According to a family member and the Vice Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists, (NUJ) Imo State Council, Chief Chris Akaraonye, Chizoba left Yola, the capital of Adamawa State on September 11 where she was having her NYSC primary assignment. She was travelling to Onitsha en route Owerri but could not get to her final destination that time because it was already late.
Chief Akaraonye further said the deceased, who had boarded a luxurious bus belonging to a popular transport company (names withheld), called her relatives to inform them that she could not make it again to Owerri. She also informed them that she had decided to pass the night at the company’s motor park together with other passengers. However, according to him, the following day, the family of the deceased, including her fiancĂ©, waited in anxiety for the arrival of Chizoba in Owerri but to no avail. They then started trying her mobile line, but it had been switched off.
“At first, we thought she had a low battery. But after waiting for almost the whole day, we realized it was not usual and we decided to make moves to know why somebody that spoke to us at 10 pm last night could not be reached on phone or could not get to Owerri. In the course of our doubts and fears, we started going through different police stations and Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) formations along the Onitsha-Owerri Road to ascertain if she was involved in a motor accident.
It was when we came to Onitsha that we found her corpse at the Onitsha General Mortuary with gunshot wounds to her chest.” In the next morning, early passersby were shocked to their marrow when they beheld the gory sight of a lady lying in the pool of her own blood at the Upper Iweka axis with two travelling bags filled with children clothing and popcorn. One of the eyewitnesses who pleaded anonymity said that the deceased was a victim of ritual killers.
She confirmed that she was found lying at the Upper Iweka flyover with gunshot wounds on her chest and two travelling bags containing children clothes and popcorn beside her corpse. Though the police swiftly said the deceased could be the victim of an armed robbery attack, they also revealed that the bags were planted by the assailants to divert police investigations, stressing that the police had commenced investigations into the circumstances surrounding the murder.
The Campaign for Democracy (CD), South East Zone has reacted to the incident, describing it as a sin against God and humanity. The group called for proper investigations into the matter with a view to unravelling the circumstances surrounding the senseless killing of the deceased. The Chairman, South East Zone, Dede Uzor. A. Uzor condemned the act while calling on the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubarka to personally detail a crack team of investigative police officers to look into the death of the corps member. Dede Uzor further questioned the omission of the deceased’s name in the passengers’ manifest and the alleged role that the transport company played when they returned the bags of the deceased to Yola without contacting the police.
Also speaking on the incident, Chairman of Ndigbo Unity Forum, Mr. Augustine Chukwudum condemned the act, describing it as the most wicked act and cruelty ever meted out to any corps member in the history of the state. Mr. Chukwudum also said his group would mobilize to make sure that criminal elements are sacked from the commercial city. He said the presence of such criminals was hindering the development of commerce and industry in the city.
However, policemen attached to the Central Police Station, CPS, Onitsha led by the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, Mr. Abdul Yusuf said they have arrested three persons in connection with the death of the corps member, adding that they were still working to unravel the circumstances surrounding the murder of the deceased. The police said, though, that it could be possible that the girl was murdered at the park by some criminals who then took her body to the Upper Iweka where they kept two bags containing clothes belonging to a boy of six years just to divert police investigations.
According to the police, the deceased was not a victim of ritual killing. It was further gathered that the driver of the luxury bus that brought the deceased from Yola to Onitsha on that fateful night, the manager of the transport company and one other person whose identities were not yet known as at press time have been arrested by the police.
They were picked up to allegedly help give insight to the death of the corps member as well as explain how and why the management of the company swiftly returned the bags of the deceased to Yola without informing the police. When contacted, the Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ralph Uzoigwe confirmed that three persons have been arrested by the police to help them in the course of investigations.
He appealed to the general public to help the police with more information that could lead to the arrest of the real killers of the corps member.

Source: Joisays Blog



140 450x576 Who wore it better : Jennifer Lopez vs Eva Herzigova in Emilio PucciWho wore it better : Jennifer Lopez vs Eva Herzigova in Emilio Pucci?
eva herzigova Who wore it better : Jennifer Lopez vs Eva Herzigova in Emilio Pucci
Jennifer%252BLopez%252BEmilio%252BPucci%252BAMA11%252BAP%252B1 Who wore it better : Jennifer Lopez vs Eva Herzigova in Emilio Pucci

THE winner of MTN Project Fame West Africa 5 is… AYO!


Ayobami Ayoola Ayolola – Ayo for short – has emerged as the 5th winner of music reality show, Project Fame West Africa. The 25-year-old, who is a personal assistant to popular gospel saxophonist, Mike Aremu, came tops ahead of Marvellous, Adetoun and Ella, who went home with the second, third and fourth positions respectively.
Ayo, was a contestant at the first ever Nigerian Idol last year, where he got to the final 12, but he got evicted in the first round of the finals. He now follows in the footsteps of stars like Iyanya, Mike Anyasodo, Chidinma and Monica, who have previously won the competition....



Miley Cyrus vs Nerea Garmendia in Emilio Pucci 450x556 Who Wore It Better: Miley Cyrus Vs. Nerea Garmendia In Emilio Pucci      Who wore it better” both stars wore the black lace embroidery top and long flowy maxi skirt out on the red carpet.

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Pink Panther actor Herbert Lom dies at 95 Read


The London-based star appeared in more than 100 films, including “Spartacus” and “El Cid,” and acted alongside film greats including Charlton Heston and Kirk Douglas.
But Lom was most famous for playing Charles Dreyfus, boss to Peter Sellers’ befuddled Clouseau in the popular “Pink Panther” series, from “A Shot in the Dark” in 1964 to “Son of the Pink Panther” in 1993.
“It was a delight to him later in his career to be cast by Pink Panther producer and director Blake Edwards in a comedy role opposite Peter Sellers, and he hugely enjoyed that move,” Alec Lom said. “He had many funny stories about the antics that he and Peter Sellers got up to on the set. It was a nightmare working with Peter because he was a terrible giggler and, between my father and Peter’s laughter, they ruined dozens and dozens of takes.”
Born Herbert Karel Angelo Kuchacevic ze Schluderpacheru in Prague in 1917, Lom came to Britain at the start of World War II and began his career as a radio announcer with the BBC’s overseas service.
His first major movie role was as Napoleon in 1942?s “The Young Mr. Pitt.” The career that followed saw him cast often as a villain.
In “The Ladykillers,” one of the best-loved British films of the 1950s, Lom played a member of a ruthless crime gang fatally outsmarted by a mild-mannered old lady.
Horror roles included the title character in Hammer Studios’ “The Phantom of the Opera” in 1962, and Van Helsing in 1970?s “Count Dracula,” opposite Christopher Lee.
A postwar American career was stymied when Lom was denied a visa, though he later appeared on U.S. TV series including “The Streets Of San Francisco” and “Hawaii Five-O.”
In the 1950s, Lom also had success on the London stage playing the King of Siam in the original London production of the “The King And I” at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, opposite Valerie 
Hobson.Herbert Lom, the Czech-born actor best known as Inspector Clouseau’s long-suffering boss in the “Pink Panther” movies has died.

Bishops outraged by image portraying Neymar as Jesus Christ [PHOTO]


The Brazilian National Bishops Confederation (CNBB) has criticised a Brazilian sports magazine for publishing a photograph of Neymar being crucified in the same way as Jesus Christ.
Placar, which has become one of the most successful sports publications in Brazil, were using the picture as a metaphor to highlight the criticism the Santos star had been coming under for supposedly diving too often.
The Placar cover, which reads “the Brazilian ace turns scapegoat in a sport where everyone plays dirty”, was inspired by a 1970s issue of Spanish magazine Don Balon, which depicted Johan Cruyff in almost exactly the same way.
In a letter, signed by CNBB president Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis and general secretary Dom Leonardo Ulrich Steiner, the publication has been criticised for “showing disdain towards people’s feelings”.
A statement read: “The Brazilian National Bishops Confederation states that it feels severely outraged with the [photo] montage that is the cover of a sports magazine, where the image of Jesus Christ is seen with the face of a football player.
“We acknowledge freedom of speech as a fundamental principle of our state and [see it as necessary for] democratic co-existence, however, there are known limits for such.
“To ridiculise faith and show disdain towards peoples’ religious feelings by using the disrespectful use of the image of Jesus suggests manipulation and use of editorial resources as a means for commercial ends.
“This is a clear lack of respect that offends the most sacred image for Christians and updates, in a hazardous manner, the well-known resource of gaining attention by provocation.”
An online petition has now been launched against Placar’s use of the image of Neymar as Jesus Christ, which has gained over 7,000 signatures since its manifestation.



Solange+Knowles+Roberto+Cavalli+3 Fab or Drab: Solange Knowles in Roberto Cavalli?
Solange+Knowles+Roberto+Cavalli+1 Fab or Drab: Solange Knowles in Roberto Cavalli?
Solange+Knowles+Roberto+Cavalli+2 Fab or Drab: Solange Knowles in Roberto Cavalli?
Solange+Knowles+Roberto+Cavalli+4 Fab or Drab: Solange Knowles in Roberto Cavalli?               Solange always looking classy and fabulous...hummmmm i see it runs in the family..



These beautiful ladies...shimmered, sparkled, sizzled and wowed fans as they graced the crowd with their  gorgeous dropping gowns...

From left to right: Christina Hendricks (Christian Siriano), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Vera Wang), Kerry Washington (Vivienne Westwood), Emily Vancamp (J. Mendel), Tina Fey (Viviene Westwood...

Beyonce Rocking Roberto cavali mixed print Dress

Beyonce made a nightspot appearance, with hubby Jay Z, rocking a figure hugging Roberto Cavali Mixed Animal Print sheath dress ($1460) and black and gold Charlotte Olympia Dolly pumps ($895). LOVELY I LIKE..

KIM KARDASHIAN IN velvet v-neck wrap dress from Gucci

The velvet v-neck wrap dress from Gucci, paired with Tom Ford Gold Chain Sandals, was the perfect outfit while dining among friends at Boa Restaurant in West Hollywood.go kimmy



Rihanna Wearing Acne Two Piece At The 4040 Club At Barclays Center Grand Opening Fabulously Spotted: Rihanna Wearing Acne Two Piece At The 40/40 Club At Barclays Center Grand Opening
Rihanna Wearing Acne Two Piece At The 4040 Club At Barclays Center Grand Opening 4 Fabulously Spotted: Rihanna Wearing Acne Two Piece At The 40/40 Club At Barclays Center Grand Opening
Rihanna Wearing Acne Two Piece At The 4040 Club At Barclays Center Grand Opening 2 Fabulously Spotted: Rihanna Wearing Acne Two Piece At The 40/40 Club At Barclays Center Grand Opening
Rihanna Wearing Acne Two Piece At The 4040 Club At Barclays Center Grand Opening 00 Fabulously Spotted: Rihanna Wearing Acne Two Piece At The 40/40 Club At Barclays Center Grand Opening

Destiny Child Set To Release Greatest Hits Next Month


The album Titled Playlist, the forthcoming compilation album will feature all of the ‘Independent Women’ hitmaker’s number one singles 15 years on from their first gem ‘No, No, No (Part 1)’ in 1998.
Matthew Knowles, announced that their will be two projects from the trio, including new material earlier this year.
Speaking to the Huffington Post in July, ‘Single Ladies’ songstress, BeyoncĂ© said there will be an album with new material in November.
However the greatest hits album will only include all five of the groups Billboard No.1 pop and R&B singles as well as other memorable hits such as ‘Jumpin’, Jumpin’, ‘Survivor’, ‘Bug A Boo’ and ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’.
The last album to be released from the chart-topping girl group was in 2004 before their official split in 2006.
Playlist will be in stores from October 9....