Thursday, 31 July 2014

[ Paradigm Initiative Nigeria activates 3-week Google Web Training for community youth]

Displaying Participants who took part in the Google Web Training.JPG, an initiative of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN), which connects young people with ICT enabled opportunities to help access better livelihoods, has just completed a Google Web Training for community youths. The training held from 9 to 27 June 2014.

The Google Web Training will give the trained youth a competitive advantage in the job market as the Google Web Academy offers skills and certification that are market driven. 16 out of the 36 registered participants qualified for the training, and were trained on products like Google search, YouTube, Google plus, Google email, Google docs, spreadsheet, presentation, form, chrome, internet safety, Google maps, Earth and Map making. The ICT classes focused on Microsoft Office packages, design tools & the Internet.

Omotunde Ogundimu Shares Her Story, As She Solicits N1 Million For Fibroid Surgery(Yoruba Actress)

Actress Omotunde Ogundimu who is known for her roles in Yoruba movies, is opening up about her medical condition for which she needs a N1 million to undergo surgery due to acute fibroid. The mother of 3 – a boy and two girls, whose husband died two years ago, also revealed that a few people in the movie 

industry are helping raise funds for the surgery. Omotunde talked about her painful situation, and poverty in the Nigerian movie industry.

Botswana Culture And Design Week

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Miss Jean Model Botswana (founders of Miss World Tourism Botswana, organisers of BOCCIM trade fair) and BlackNBold Fashion House, a Uk/Nigeria based fashion promoting company, founders of the biggest student fashion week in Africa; Nigerian Student Fashion And Design Week presents the maiden edition of Botswana Culture And Design Week.

BCDW is committed to providing a unique platform for new, up‐and‐coming fashion designers from Botswana and other African countries to showcase to one of
the biggest fashion market in Botswana, this been the student, young and trendy upwardly mobile young generation. Unlike other fashion weeks, Botswana Culture & Design Week will cover fashion, art, music, food expo, and poetry. It will also provide a platform for fashionistas, buyers, and the press to interact under one roof over the three days.

BCDWeek aims to discover new talent and give opportunities to those that
would not normally be able to afford to participate at the major Fashion
Weeks in Botswana.

- Keyshia Cole' says I want a relationship like Jay Z & Beyonce's

Keyshia Cole who was married for two years is on the verge of divorce after her basketballer hubby,Daniel Gibson cheated on her severally. She was on the breakfast club promoting her new single and she talked about wanting love like Jay Z and Beyonce..Awww
"It has to be friendship, best friends. Whoever the guy is that I’m going to end up with forever, I want him to be my best friend! Like you know guys be in the car together like “yeah, this my homie!” I’m like where is the girls and guys like that? Every time I turn around it’s bros and bros on top of bros. What’s up with ya main chick that you just ride with? Like Bey and Jay, I see him like that’s his homie at the end of the day. Tip and Tiny, that’s his homie. Whatever they’re going through, they’re friends and I think that ultimately matters and that’s really what I pray for and what I want now."

A Special gift to couples: Timi Dakolo’s Iyawo Mi fan video released

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Nigeria’s King of Soul; Timi Dakolo has released the fan video for ‘Iyawo Mi’ presenting other men with a chance to give a gift to their special women.

Following the announcement in March 2014, fans of the artiste willing to be part of the love letter sent photos of their wives or fiancées to be included in the montage video using the lovers hit ‘Iyawo MI’.

The fan video serves as countdown to the release of the video for the song shot by ace producer and director; Clarence Peters.

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