Monday, 16 March 2015


                       In Lagos, March 22nd 2015. The crown of the face of West African fashion
                                award will be handed over to one out of the 20 delegates who would compete
                                   for this year’s title –Face of West African fashion award. This yearly
                                      cultural event will showcase the talents, wits, beauty, zeal and
                           compassion of delegates from various parts of West Africa in Nigeria.
                            The first phase of the contest is the voting phase, voting will be done
                              for delegates and the delegate with the highest number of votes
                    automatically has an edge over others.  The second and last phase will be
                            done on the final day at the West African fashion award, there will be
                      fashion exhibitions of all kinds done by the delegates and the best of all
                        judging from style, charisma, looks etc will be crowned the face of WAFA
                          The winner will stand a chance to win: a year modeling contract, a year
                     wardrobe clothing, chance walk at international fashion shows and at
                          WAFA’s, appearance on all WAFA materials in all West African countries,
                                      become a red carpet host on fashion Uncut TV.
                                    We are very happy to host and showcase a cultural event of this nature in
                                         Lagos Nigeria. This is the first of its kind and we trust it will be a
                                   great success. We have a plethora of highly qualified candidates competing
                              at this event, and every single one of them embodies the core values of
                                                                               West Africa.

The woman who makes so much money because she looks like Kim Kardashian

 The lookalike, who currently works as a PA, said
Kim Kardashian has done really well for herself and has her fingers in a lot of pies [and] I am flattered that some people think I look like her.‘For some events, for example a teenager having a Sweet Sixteen or another birthday party, then people pay well into the hundreds for a Kim Kardashian appearance because she is their idol.

‘She’s very popular in that age group because she’s such a good role model’, Miss Patton added.
‘At the moment I have a full time job and do the Kim Kardashian stuff as a side hobby, but now because there’s the appetite out there for her, it’s something I’d really like to do full time and create a business out of it.’‘My first booking was a private birthday party and I was really nervous’, said Miss Patton. ‘I wore a tight cream and black body-con Lipsy dress, because Kim likes those dresses, and did my hair and make-up as best I could.
‘Luckily, the host and all her friends love Kim Kardashian so in the end it was great, as I just smiled and had my picture taken with everyone.’