Thursday, 30 January 2014


2014 is Deola Sagoe’s 25thyear in the fashion industry and it promises to be a year of reaffirmation.

The Deola Sagoe brand has in its twenty-fifth year finally arrived at that place it had to be, a brand that allows us to share in the person. The brand will be relaunched as Deola and its first showing will be at the New York Fashion Week on February 9th 2014. Deola has shown in New York Fashion Week before; on this occasion however, she is showing for the first time in a solo show. She promises a retrospective on her journey to date.
The show will, for the first time, include a showing of ready-to-wear reinterpretations of a sampling of Deola’s haute couture work. It promises to be just the right herald for a year in which she celebrates her evolution to date, and looks forward to the next stage in that evolution.

Rihanna on the Good Morning America set Wearing a bright orange red Chanel suit and white top

Rihanna, 25, appears on breakfast television on Wednesday on the Good Morning America set sporting a bright orange red Chanel suit and white top but she still looks hawt...go Riri