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Andre Blaze leaves Nigezie, explains why he is moving on


Prolific TV host Andre Blaze has opened up on why he left popular cable TV channel Nigezie where he worked for four years.
‘Expansion! It was time for me to grow‘, the young dark skinned presenter who started working at Nigezie from August 2008 told NET.
Andre Blaze says he officially turned in his resignation in May 2012 but left in June. ‘It’s been an incredibly, the most educational experience‘, Andre Blaze reminisces on his stay at Nigezie.
Before joining Nigezie, Blaze was head of programming at Rhythm FM 93.7, Port Harcourt.
Andre Blaze was recently announced as the host of the first ever edition of ‘Nigeria’s Got Talent‘ show. He is however not new to hosting talent shows.
‘I’ve hosted shows like ‘Zain Nigeize True Search‘, ‘Battle of the Year‘, ‘Peak Talent Show‘, but this one looks even more impressive’, Blaze told NET.

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Miss Janelle Monae, she's the new face of Covergirl.

 She has perfected her own signature style and it’s working for her. I love how she  always embraced the natural texture of her hair. 




Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!

1x1.trans Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
 They are probably some of the biggest risk takers in Fashion. Sometimes I even give a nod to Nicki Minaj. She is cute. But Lady Gaga certainly tops them all, she is beyond a risk taker. Not only is she an an amazing pop singer, she always leaves us talking with her fashion choices. I remember sometimes seeing her look “regular” I take second looks and I find myself not loving them. Its her outrageousness that we love. The fact that she takes high end couture pieces right off the runway and just simply puts her “gaga” touches them. Check out the line of her outfits she showcased during fashion week.
1x1.trans Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
1x1.trans Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
1x1.trans Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
1x1.trans Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
1x1.trans Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
1x1.trans Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
1x1.trans Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
1x1.trans Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
1x1.trans Watch Out Anna Dello Russo! Lady Gaga Leaves Us Speechless With London Fashion Week Street Style Outfits!
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Sarkodie Gears Up For Vodafone’s 020 Live Featuring Ludacris And Others

Sarkodie has spoken about his upcoming performance on the 020 Live stage with Ludacris, 4×4 and Naeto C.  Speaking from the US, Sarkodie and his manager have expressed their excitement at performing with fellow Vodafone Ghana Music Awards winners, 4×4 and his friend Naeto C.  The atmosphere on stage will be electric when these musical heavy weights come together to ignite the Dome on 29 September.
Kwame Yeboah has been working with the Ghanaian artistes to help them express themselves artistically.  Known for his music making genius with Ghanaian legends like Osibisa and Kojo Antwi, Kwame has also groomed musical talent for the mixed edition of Vodafone’s Icons which unearthed the group Black n’ Peach.  His intensive work with Black n’ Peach will also be showcased when they open for this year’s concert as part of their winning prize package.
Sarkodie worked with Kwame Yeboah to produce his Rapperholic Christmas concert which many will agree was one of his best performances he has ever given.  His career has gone from strength to strength since then, winning awards in Ghana at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and internationally at the BET Awards.  He has had a phenomenal year, which could be why he seemed to be an obvious choice to perform on the 020 Live stage.  Since winning his award, Sarkodie has been busy building on his international recognition and promises to bring his new experience and swagger to his fans come 29 September at the Dome.  Speaking about his performance at the concert, Sarkodie’s manager could only reveal that the award winning performer’s set was going to be nothing short of ‘phenomenal’.  ‘Sarkodie hasn’t performed in Ghana since winning the BET award.  In fact he hasn’t performed since the VGMAs so his fans can look forward to a refreshing performance from a re-defined artiste.’
Fans of Ghana’s fastest rapper have already started pitting him against US rap legend Ludacris who is also billed to perform on the 020 stage...

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Photos/Video: Usher Cries, Confesses To Oprah During Interview

Usher has confirmed that he was having affair with other women whiles he was separated with his wife.He cried whiles he touched on the custody issues with his ex-wife.
Check out a video of the recent interview of singer Usher on Oprah’s next chapter.

Canadian Magazine Features Stephanie Okereke in its ‘Next Big Thing’ Segment

stephene okereke
While so many Nigerians are talking about Stephanie Okereke’s wedding to Linus Idahosa as a wedding to attend, Canadian magazine describes it as the wedding of weddings. In view of this, the magazine decided to feature the wedding and what went down, in their’Next Big thing’ Segment. Isn’t that wonderful?

Citi FM wins Africa’s Most Innovative Newsroom award

Eyewitness News Anchor Shamima Muslim received the award on behalf of the company
Citi 97.3 FM has been adjudged the most innovative African newsroom in the use of digital media including online, social and mobile media in their news programs.
This award comes a few days after the station’s flagship Eyewitness News was adjudged Radio Programme of the year 2011 at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) Awards.
The Innovative Newsroom Award was presented at the 16th Telkom Highway Africa Awards 2012 at the Rhodes University in South Africa on Tuesday.
The judges considered the use of new media technologies to advance newsroom operations, increase reach and diversifying content as well as encourage social empowerment amongst marginalized communities through relevant topical community and/or African issues and innovative use of online media interactive platforms.
They also considered how newsrooms highlight innovative and creative applications of technology for the benefit of the continent’s overall media development.
The award was presented to the Citi FM delegation at the conference, comprising Shamima Muslim, Anchor of Eyewitness News, Philip Kofi Ashon, producer of the Citi Breakfast Show and Vivian Kai Mensah of the Citi Business Desk.
Citi 97.3 FM has successfully incorporated a mixture of social and digital media tools in its news coverage and interaction with listeners.
The station pioneered Google+ hangouts in its current affairs programs with high profile videoconferences with the NPP vice Presidential Candidate, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and the PPP Presidential Candidate, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom among others.
The station has a very interactive Facebook page, a highly active YouTube channel and regularly updates its news website with videos and tweets regularly to its teeming body of followers.
The award reinforces Citi 97.3 FM’s mantra “Relevant Radio Always”, and establishes it as a radio brand that goes extra lengths to meet the needs of its ever-growing listener base that are consuming news in increasingly new ways.
According to the organizers, the Highway Africa New Media Awards, sponsored by Telkom, rewards innovative use of ICTs in journalism that serves Africa and its citizens. The awards were pioneered to highlight the role that ICTs play to enhance journalism and the media in the process of uplifting communities.
Source : NEWSONE 

5 Trends for Teaching Kids Languages

One of the hottest parenting trends today is giving children language instruction beyond that of their primary, native tongue. Because speaking more than one language can be beneficial academically, can affect the college admissions process, and can help determine a child’s career trajectory upon reaching adulthood, parents are more determined than ever to help their kids reach bilingual goals. There are several methods for boosting kids’ linguistic aptitude; here are five of the most popular right now.
  1. Polyglotism – For some parents having a bilingual child isn’t enough; many modern parents are teaching their children to speak two or even three languages in addition to the child’s native tongue. Operating under the theory that childhood is the ideal time for instruction in multiple languages, these parents are invested in producing polyglot adults that speak effortlessly in several different tongues. While this approach can be very time consuming and difficult to follow through with, the benefits of speaking fluently in a variety of languages at a very early age are undeniable.
  2. Immersion – Immersion language instruction methods are mainly done in these two ways: they are either built around the premise of splitting instructional time evenly between a child’s native tongue and her second one for partial immersion, or they receive full-time second language instruction in classroom settings for full immersion. This method is accomplished often by parents whose children are too young for school or whose schools don’t offer second language courses by employing a nanny, Au pair, or other childcare provider that speaks only the second language to a child during her working hours. Parents then take responsibility for instructing their child in her primary language.
  3. Sign Language – Spoken languages aren’t the only thing at the top of parental to-do lists these days; sign language is all the rage for progressive parents. Whether intended as a method for communicating before a child becomes verbal, as a means of communicating with hearing-impaired friends and relatives, or simply to provide a child with the skill set necessary to speak conversationally with someone whose abilities are different from their own, sign language as a second language is a very popular parenting trend.
  4. One Parent, One Language – Children whose parents have different primary languages often learn to speak each language with equal fluency by learning via the “One Parent, One Language” method. Parents that adopt this method of language instruction speak to their children solely in their native language; as such, the child grows up absorbing the sentence structure, vocabulary, and pronunciation of each language as spoken by a native. This unbiased approach to language instruction can be very effective; while they may become verbal a bit later than their single-language peers, they can have a superior grasp of both languages when they do begin speaking.
  5. Accelerated Integrated Method – The Accelerated Integrated Method, also known as AIM, is a method of childhood language instruction that is built around the idea that kids learn and retain more of their second-language instruction when they connect physical actions with their words. For instance, a child learning to say “look” in her second language would then pantomime the action of holding binoculars to her eyes, thus connecting the word for “look” with the action of looking. AIM also integrates dance, theater, and music with language instruction, making it a perfect choice for kids that have a love of the arts. Some students respond so well to a few hours a week of AIM-based instruction that their fluency level rivals that of their peers in full-immersion programs; depending on a child’s individual learning style and temperament, it may be the ideal method of second-language instruction.
The most effective method of teaching a child to speak more than one language is the one that suits her individual needs; just as no two children are exactly alike, no two language instruction programs will have the same level of effectiveness. In today’s increasingly global economy and a “shrinking” world of connectivity with fellow humans around the globe, the ability to comfortably and confidently speak at least one language apart from English can give students and young adults a considerable competitive edge over her peers and, later, her coworkers. Whichever method that you choose, it’s important to be fully committed to helping your child master her second language, as she will require the support and assistance of her parents and caregivers in order to absorb and retain it.

Wilfred Okiche: Road to the Headies – ‘Album of the year’ clinical analysis

The Headies schedule
It is Headies season once more and organizers of what has been billed as ‘Nigeria’s biggest and best organized’ music awards recently released the list of nominees for this year’s ceremonies. In this series of posts, we take a closer look at each of the categories and bring our own sharp-eyed, clinical analysis to the proceedings.
We start with album of the year category. Nominees are
The Invasion- P-Square
Everybody Loves Ice Prince- Ice Prince
Superstar- Wizkid
Super C Season- Naeto C
Nothing expresses the dismal music year that was the period under review (March 2011- February 2012) better than this sorry state of nominees for album of the year. A category that should be one of the biggest and keenly contested unfortunately, just manages to depress.
P-Square’s ‘The Invasion’ may have shifted a gazillion units but it is the pop duo’s weakest effort in years and certainly lacks any real staying power- long or short term. Ditto Ice Prince’s ‘E.L.I’ which with it’s weak flow and bland set of songs, emerged the most disappointing album from the ChocCity group yet. Wizkid’s ‘Superstar’ is another massive seller but his saccharine tongued, heavily autotuned delivery does not really hold up anywhere beyond teen pop circles.
Which leaves us with ‘Super C Season’. Naeto C’s sophomore effort,- post-Msc degree  was one of the better reviewed discs of the year and may be the safest option of all the nominees, however the February release date makes it so ancient by now, it is a wonder the organizers still included it in the period under review. February isn’t the same as March 2011 however close they may be.
What should have been nominated
There seems to have been a conscious effort by the organizers (we don’t want to hear about a committee) to ignore the very best albums of the year. Bez’s ‘Supersun’ was strangely bypassed, Timi Dakolo’s ‘Beautiful noise’ was not deemed good enough for Headiies glory, Yinka Davies’ double disc ‘Black Chiffon’ might as well have been released in another planet and Etcetera’s ‘Yes I am’ was criminally overlooked. Folk singer 9ice’s double disc ‘Bashorun Gaa’ and ‘Versus’ together constituted one of the year’s most original and ingenious albums and certainly deserved a nomination at least. Sadly these gems were ignored for mediocre commercial fare.
This may or may not be entirely the fault of the organizers, (apparently, there was a call for entries) and we understand they have to make the most of what is available to them but parading a set of nominees like this does not do much to boost the awards’ credibility.
What should win
Sadly no matter how uninspiring the game is, a winner must emerge and in an ideal world, ‘Super C Season’ has the advantage over the others based on quality of the music.
What will win
Wizkid has been on a roll at award shows like this for some time now and it’s easy to see his winning streak continue. His ‘Superstar’ album served as soundtrack to many lives and fueled many awesome parties so it wouldn’t be surprising if he actually does win. If he doesn’t however, then P-Square would fill in nicely. They levied some nepotism/tribalism accusations at the organizers after losing out at the 2008 ceremonies but with their multiple nominations this season, all seems to have been forgiven and what better way to welcome them back to the fold than with a best album win. Not the best reasons to win but hey! We have heard of worse.
Whoever wins though, good music loses out.
By Wilfred Okiche, you can follow the writer on Twitter @drwill20

“We don’t have links with Boko Haram” – South West Okada riders

The southwest chapter of Amalgamated Commercial Motorcycle Owners and Riders Association (ACOMORAN) has debunked the allegation linking the commercial motorcycle operators otherwise known as okada with the radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram.
According to the South Western leaders of ACOMORAN, motorcyclists in the area are not members of the Boko Haram sect nor “willing tools” in their hands, stressing that all its members are law abiding citizens.
The National Secretary of the Association, Dr. Francis  Banji Ayeni, while speaking  after a meeting held in Sango-Ota weekend,  expressed his displeasure over a report made by factional President of ACOMORAN, Muhd Sani Hassan in Abuja  which alleged that  the Okada riders in Nigeria  were ‘willing tools’ in the hands of the Boko Haram  sect.
The meeting was attended by leaders of the association in the region including the Chairman Board of Trustee, BoT, in the South West, Egunjobi Adeosun, state Chairman of the association, Akeem Adetola and others.

Gambia suspends execution of Nigerians

Gambian President Suspends ExecutionFollow@ebonychic4life
Gambia on Saturday suspended its plan to execute two Nigerians, Micheal Ifunaya and Stanley Agbaeze, and nationals of some other African countries.This is just as some Nigerians launched a drive to raise thousands of signatures for an online petition to President Goodluck Jonathan to pressurise him to save the death-row inmates.
Gambia President Yahya Jammeh had sparked international outrage, when he vowed to execute all 47 death-row prisoners by mid-September.Jammeh succumbed to regional and domestic pressure on Saturday by pending executions of the remaining 38 inmates on death-row.
Jammeh had announced on August 19 that his government planned to execute all the prisoners on death-row by the middle of September. Nine of the original 47 inmates on death row were shot dead by firing squad on August 28. All nine had been convicted on murder charges. Neighbouring countries such as Ivory Coast, Mauritania and Senegal had pressured Gambia to stay the execution..

Source : AFP

Atiku Abubakar making secret plans ahead of 2015 Presidential Elections

Ahead of 2015 general election, Former Nigeria Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has set out plans to be at the upfront of his campaign. Thus, he has effected a magnificent renovation of his Jabi, Abuja campaign office.
The office which used to appear deserted is already assuming a totally different look and shape in preparation of the task ahead.
Information reaching us confirmed that aside the grand renovations, more capable hands were also employed to boost the chances of the Ex-Vice President mounting the seat of power as the number one citizen of Nigeria.
It was also discovered that those in control of the seat of power in the North are not ready to give President Goodluck Jonathan a chance for 2nd term.
Without doubt, Atiku is seen to be the strongest Northern political contender in the ruling party; PDP.
It could be recalled that his quest for the office of the president dates back to the annulled 1993 presidential election.
He contested under the canopy of the defunct Social Democratic Party in Jos, however during the second ballot, he humbly stepped down for Late MKO Abiola who later emerged as the winner.
Atiku also contested for the same position in 2007 and 2011, under the now ruling party, PDP, but again beaten on the two occasions. Consequently, he is ready to hit back in 2015 with the aim of achieving a better result.....we dey wait ooooooooooooooo

Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey & Randy Jackson announced as American Idol judges

‘American Idol’ host, Ryan Seacrest, has confirmed the line up of the judges for the new season of the music reality show. The Hollywood presenter revealed the star-studded panel via his Twitter page.
They are: Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey & Randy Jackson. AI host Ryan Seacrest confirmed on Twitter this morning..

“Where is our First Lady?” – ACN asks presidency

Leading opposition party, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has described First Lady, Dame patience Jonathan’s ‘disappearance’ from the public scene as a national shame.
The party on Sunday called on the Presidency to tell the entire nation of the First lady’s whereabouts and her current health status.
According to the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Nigerians had the right to know the whereabouts of the President’s wife who is also a serving secretary in Bayelsa State.
Mohammed said, “She is the First Lady and as such there are certain duties she performs. Her wellbeing, to a large extent, is also the wellbeing of the nation, especially these days when the office is not just a glamour office; it packs a lot of power and influence.
“When our First Lady disappears from the radar, so to say, for several weeks and nobody can tell us precisely where she is and what she is doing, I think it is a shame to the whole country.
“I do not see anything strange or undignifying in saying that ‘the First Lady had food poison, we are to fly her abroad for treatment and we will keep you informed of her daily welfare.’
“That will elicit a lot of support and Nigerians had shown in the past that irrespective of what they think about their leaders, when their leaders in the past had health problems, there was this outpouring of emotions.
“I think the handling of this matter is wrong and we must tell our information managers that ministers, governors and presidents and their wives are no longer the property of a small clique.
“They showed that they have no respect for us. I think whoever is in charge of managing information should come out today and tell Nigerians precisely where our First Lady is and what is wrong with her.”
While Patience is said to be hospitalised in a German hospital, the Presidency said “she was only away to take a ‘moment’s rest’ given that she has not taken a rest since President Jonathan’s election last year”.
Meanwhile authorities of the United Arab Emirates have denied that Patience got involved in food poisoning during her recent visit to Dubai as earlier reported in the media.
While some people hold that she was being treated for food poisoning, others believe she undertook surgery for ruptured appendicitis. Some others said she was operated upon for fibroid.
Assistant Director-General of Public Health, Safety and Environment Monitoring Sector, Salem bin Mesmar; and Director of the Food Control Department, Khalid Al Awadhi, said they are still in the dark about the allegation as no information of such had reached them yet.

NAPTIP rescues 10 Nigerian girls forced to work as prostitutes in Cote d’Ivoire


National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters (NAPTIP) had on Saturday confirmed its operation in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, where about 10 Nigerian young women who were compelled to work as prostitutes were rescued by the Agency.
It confirmed that those rescued are young girls from Benue, Edo, Delta, Rivers states. However, it was said that out of the 10 girls, six of them are from Edo State.
NAPTIP had disclosed that the operation was successful through its timely collaboration with the regional bureau office of in Abidjan.
The Agency had also assured that immediate rehabilitation of the girls will begin as soon as possible as all was already set to carry out a medical screening on them....

Nigerians are 4th biggest foreign spenders in UK – Guardian report

On her twice-yearly visits to London from Nigeria, Victoria Appiah stocks up on everything she needs for the next six months. “I basically only do food shopping back home,” she says, standing outside Marks & Spencer’s flagship store in Marble Arch, central London.
“It’s not that you can’t get these things in Lagos, but everything here is much more reasonably priced.”If you want cheap products, Chinese-made have taken over in Nigeria, and you can’t always vouch for quality.”
Thousands of Nigerians agree. Visitors from the west African nation are the UK’s fourth biggest foreign spenders, ringing up an average £500 in each shop where they make purchases – four times what the average UK shopper spends.
Holidaying or visiting relatives abroad is increasingly open to millions of middle class Nigerians, with the number of visitors to the UK increasing by more than 50% to 142,000 a year in the decade ending 2011, according to the Office for National Statistics.
In a country projected to become Africa’s biggest economy next year, and the world’s fifth most populous by 2050, businesses at home and abroad are cashing in.
In Debenhams’ Oxford Street branch, signs in Hausa, one of the official Nigerian languages in the country’s largely impoverished north, direct shoppers to items on sale. This year, the shop said that Nigerian customers were its biggest overseas spenders. Daily flights plying the lucrative route between Nigeria and the UK have ballooned in the last decade. British Airways permits almost double the normal baggage allowance for the six-hour haul. In some cases, Nigerians are literally using their deeper pockets on sprees. Shola Obadeyu wore a heavy duffel coat while queueing in Heathrow for a flight back to her sweltering home city of Abuja. “I can save [airline] baggage space by putting small things like vest tops and underwear in the pockets,” she said as she queued with other passengers, almost all struggling with bulging suitcases. Back in Abuja, Obadeyu sells wares bought in London “at prices that don’t kill you”.
Others are tapping the market. A mushrooming middle class snapped up 10m microwaves last year. Big name brands from Apple to Zara have sprung up to feed those aspirations.The African-based discount supermarket giant Shoprite is pouring $205m into its current three outlets in Nigeria, while the US hypermarket Walmart sees scope for 50 outlets in the country.
On a recent trip back from Europe, Marie Claire Lienou lugged 50kg of frozen meat in a freezer bag back to Nigeria. “You can’t compare [Shoprite's] prices here with their prices in Europe. For 10 steaks there I can buy two here. You just pay what you have to for the convenience and guarantees,” she said, pushing a trolley laden with relative luxuries such as bagged salads.”Nigeria is very crowded, traffic is terrible, fakes [wares] are everywhere. The only thing I’ll buy from the market is fresh bulk vegetables, because there are no fake tomatoes,” she added.
Being middle class in Nigeria isn’t cheap. In a brightly lit KFC across the shopping centre, Taiwo Edun, an engineer, treated his girlfriend to crispy chicken and chips, a luxury beyond the reach of many at $20 (£13) a pop.”I don’t consider myself in the super-rich class, I’m not chartering flights for my friends to go on holiday like some Nigerians can. But I can come here maybe once a month,” he said.
The widespread corruption and infrastructure woes that plague Nigeria – including daily power blackouts that are smoothed over by millions of generators – push up the costs of running businesses here, keeping most dependent on informal, market-style retail.Abrupt plans to introduce a new 5,000 naira (£20) note worth five times the current highest bill have caused an outcry, with market sellers saying it would drive up prices.On the back of one of the notes will be Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, mother of the Afrobeat singer Fela Kuti. Ransome-Kuti made her name as an activist with a mass protest against policies that increased prices for market women.Meanwhile, those who can afford it continue to see a better deal abroad. The country’s central bank throws billions of dollars into propping up the naira at artificially high rates, hurting millions of local exporters and encouraging Nigeria’s shopping exodus.Indicating her clutch of M&S carrier bags, Appiah said it was her five-year-old grandson’s favourite shop.”As long as the weather is not too cold, Nigerians will be shopping in London,” she said.

Source: UK Guardian