Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kim Kardashian Denies She Ever Wore Spanx, Saying ‘No Spanx Here’ See Her Claim!

Kim Denied Wearing Spanx underneath this Stella McCartney Dress.
Not to take the shine off her memorable week with her beau, Kim quickly fired back on her blog saying, “I wore this gorgeous polka dot Stella McCartney dress out yesterday and I’ve seen some publications saying I’m flashing my Spanx or control underwear underneath the dress… but that’s exactly how I bought it with those nude panels inside. So no Spanx here! Stella made a full collection with these sheer panels on the side, and this is how my dress came. Xo”
First of all Kim, Spanx is OK! With a dress that clingy no one will question if you came out with a straight face and said, “I wore Spanx underneath my Stella dress.” There is nothing to hide when your dress is sheer.
If you don’t already know Spanx have been uncover and is now a successful billion dollar business thanks to creator Sara Blakely.
In fact, there are photos all over the web of Kim wearing spanx.
Here are a few…
So is it Ok to let your Spanx show?
A spokesman for Spanx wrote a letter to that its customers should proudly let their ‘Spanx shape show!’
The statement continued: ‘Whether it’s a Slimmer & Shine slip or a Stella McCartney dress with a Spanx-inspired liner, we say let your Spanx show’.
To make matters worse for Kim, BAIF Favorite fashionista Vogue Japan Editor Anna Dello Russo wore the same dress without the ‘nude lining’ she claim came with it.BIAF did a who wore it better! Even if it came with the dress if wasn’t an attachment. It was sewn from the neck down. Most importantly, the lining wasn’t short like Kim’s lining/Spanx.
Even Jane Fonda
Kate Winslet and Gisele Bundchen wore the same dress with a different length ‘Nude Lining’
There you have it, claims and counter claims. I won’t be surprise if Kim starts selling her own line of Spanx $$$ LOL
What do you think? Do you believe Kim?

Did Beyonce Buy Jay-Z A Private Jet For Father’s Day?

jay-z and beyonce
Hip Hop mogul and businessman Jay-Z,has a new toy to play with. Beyonce allegedly bought her husband a Bombardier Challenger 850. The private jet allegedly cost $40 million. It has a kitchen, bedroom and two bathrooms, reports sources.
It is Hov’s first Father’s Day!hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Who wore it Best: Kim Kardashian Vs Amber Rose Vs Elle Macpherson Vs Brooklyn Decker in Christian Louboutin Neon Pumps!

 We are back with one of the hottest shoe from Christian Louboutin this past season. As you all know the color neon has been one of the hottest shades to rock. Many of our favorite celebrities have worn it and I’m pretty show you’ve done so as well.
Super Model Elle MacPherson wore the CL neon pumps on June 18, 2012 at the search for ‘Britain and Ireland Next Top Model’. Before she wore it a host of other celebs slip into the brightly colored shoes.
So ladies,
Kim Kardashian vs Amber Rose vs Elle MacPherson vs Brooklyn Decker, Who wore it best?