Sunday, 22 April 2012

The world’s biggest albino family (photos)

Aslam Parvez and familyTHE world’s biggest albino family has been found in the UK,  has learned.Albino couple Aslam Parvez, 55, and wife Shameem, 56, are the eldest of the 16 member strong family.The Asian family all are white-skinned with white hair.They have difficulty seeing in strong light and are unable to sit in bright sunshine for more than ten minutes because their skin burns so easily.All of the couple’s six children — daughters Naseem, 33, Mukadas, 27, and Musarat, 20, and sons Ghulam, 31, Haider Ali, 29, and Mohammed, 18 — are all albinos.
Two of Aslam’s brothers and a sister have the condition too.
His three siblings have five albino children between them — making them the biggest albino family in the world.

Victoria Beckham on Twitter: 'My Fans Get to Know the Real Me'

Victoria Beckham on Twitter: 'My Fans Get to Know the Real Me'
Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham told Women's Wear Daily this week that thanks to social media, the public is finally able to grasp her sense of humor.The mother-of-four told WWD that in her Twitter posts she,"'tries to give personal insights to my followers as well as keeping them abreast of the business." 
"I think that my fans and customers really get to know me and my sense of humor through my tweets. I think people see the real me," she added.
The 38-year-old fashion designer followed this comment by posting a picture of herself playing flight attendant en route to China on Friday.
Posh sat in the jump seat and pretended to make an announcement over the loudspeaker. She captioned the picture: "Cabin crew prepare for landing! Welcome to Beijing!"
Thanks to her tendency to pout in front of the cameras, Victoria has gained a reputation for having an icy demeanor -- something she frequently denies.