Ladies, it is 2013 already! What would you answer if you were asked about your aspirations for 2013? We sought the opinions of seven (7) ladies we head-hunted because of their keen style sense in the last year. In no particular order, we have published verbatim what these stylish sistaz feel about 2013, their definition of ‘style’ and what they would splurge on this New Year!
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ELSABEL YEMANE, Model, London, UK.
For her 2013 aspirations, beautiful London-based Eritean model and salon owner, Elsabel holds her well-being and health as paramount this year.
She states categorically that: “I want to focus more on my health from within; better diet, exercise and beauty sleep. I aspire to also do better with modelling and my business, BEL SALON.”.
Regarding what ‘style’ means to her, she shares as follows:
“I’m pretty feminine and classic with my sense of style. I love well tailored dresses and blouses. I think as long as your hair is soft and glossy with subtle and dewy make up, you’re pretty much good to go. So, no matter how causal or dressed up your outfit is, make sure whatever you wear is clean and well pressed!”
So what is she planning to splurge on this new year? Hear her: “I haven’t been spending as much time on grooming myself overall, considering I work in my own beauty salon! So I’d like to splurge on more regular beauty treatments.” :) 
E lsabel is signed on Bookings Models London.
Twitter: @PlanetBel, @belsalon
BEVERLY NAYA, Actress, Lagos, Nigeria
Recently nominated “MOST STYLISH ACTOR (FEMALE)”, FAB Awards, Beverly Naya sees the new year as another opportunity to work real hard and achieve more goals.
According to her,
“2013 is the year for me to work even more laboriously than I did last year! It is my year to achieve more goals whilst creating new ones, as well as my year of creativity and innovation. It is also the year that a number of my films will appear in the cinema. Simply put, 2013 is going to be a fantastic and splendid year by God’s grace!”
On what ‘style’ means to her, she states unequivocally that style “…is the ability to separate fashion/trend from one’s individual preferences. Style should express the individual’s personality and confidence in him/herself. My style is classy, sexy and confident.” For her unique STYLE ACCESSORY, she is eyeing The Céline Luggage Mini Handbag. According to her, the style piece is “…so beautiful! I fell in love with it when I saw it on Teyanna Taylor and Ciara. However, I am going to be a good girl and invest that money in something more rewarding to my future. :) “
Twitter: @BeverlyNaya
ANTHI BOCHORIDOU, Fashion Blogger, Melbourne, Australia.
Armed with this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”, Anthi Bochoridou, who was born on January 1st, is hopeful about 2013. On her aspirations for the new year, the Melbourne-based fashion blogger philosophically shares her thoughts by noting that:
“Aspirations in life are very important. They sustain us, empower us, and give us purpose and direction in life towards ultimate happiness and fulfillment. As we need air to breath, food to eat, and water to drink, our aspirations need daily nutrient. Mine are simple!”
Then she lists her plans for the year as follows:
1. I definitely want to create my own happiness and Laugh more, even at myself;
Ms. Bochoridou marking her birthday, 00:15hrs, January 1st, 2013

2. To be the best that I can be, and to not hurt others on my way to my goals, but help and guide them;
3. Do more volunteer work;
4. Take a photography class;
5. To grow and learn every day, to make mistakes and to turn them into lessons not regrets;
6. To help people who need it, asking nothing in return;
7. To continue with my healthy lifestyle;
8. To redecorate my home;
9. To donate blood;
10. Get a tattoo with symbolic meaning to me, if I don’t do it this year, then its not meant to be; and
11. Spend as much time with family, pets and friends as possible.
Style for her is: “CONFIDENCE and CLASS.” In her words, “I take inspirations from everything that surrounds me, it can be a movie, a song, a person that I see walking down the streets, fashion shows, blogs and whatever. I just dress the way I feel that morning, choosing the clothes and accessories. One day I can be a rocker girl and the next I’m the girl next door.”
The black Chanel 2013 Cruise Collection bag.
Talking on her unique style accessory to splurge on, Ms. Bochoridou picks the classic black Chanel 2013 Cruise Collection bag.
If you missed our recent interview with Ms. Bochoridou, you could read it here!
Instagram ­­melbournes_fashion_bl­ogger
Facebook: Anthi Bochoridou
Twitter @­1fashionBlogger
CYNTHIA TABE, PR Consultant, London, UK
For her goals in the new year, CEO, ModeMaison PR, Cynthia Tabe, aspires to “…continue working with emerging fashion, beauty, music, celebrity and lifestyle brands from Africa through my PR consultancy – ModeMaison PR.”.
According to the top Branding and Image consultant, ‘Style’ for her is:
“… a personal reflection of you as an individual through the use of fashion and/or culture/interest. It can  be a representation of all of you or just a part of you.”.
The beautiful Cameroonian lady plans to get chunky gold chains this year as her unique 2013 style accessory. In her words, “Expect to see me wearing them (chunky gold chains) this year; I term it more is less!”
Twitter: @Brownschuga
Pinterest: MMPR1
KIKI LEHIN, Fashion Blogger, Ontario, Canada
We recently spotted refreshingly stylish Kiki on Bezalel and Oholiab and got curious about her style persona! When asked what plans she has for the new year, she responds passionately that:
“2013 just has to be a great year. I am a new Fashion blogger so one of my goals is definitely to get widely discovered this year. I will also be launching a project on my Blog called ‘I Am Beautiful’ (The IAB Project). This is an empowerment project that… aims to break barriers such as race, body size and social stratification. Anyone from anywhere can participate. I would love to use this as a way… to ‘repair’ our generation in preparation for place of authority in the new future. So I’m looking forward to a bright and blessed 2013.”
On what ‘Style’ is, she says: “Style to me is indefinite. I know this sounds common. But if you think of it, style is basically an expression of one’s personality in the form of fashion and so should it be. People tend to forget this in their chase after fashion trends. I feel like one’s style should be effortless, timeless, unique and a correct representation of the person that is molded with and not overshadowed by fashion trends. Style is also not brand name or price tag.”
With this definition of ‘style’, her 2013 splurge would be on a ‘Gold Cosmic View Woven Necklace’ by Lizzie Fortunato because of her love for anything “bold, gold, statement necklaces”.
Facebook: Styled BY Kalack
Twitter: @kiketinuke
Instagram: @styledbykalack
Pinterest: StyledBY Kalack
AISHA BELLO, Model, Lagos, Nigeria
Renowned Nigerian model, Aisha Bello recalls 2012 with nostalgia and mixed feelings. In her words, last year was “Not too cool but thank God for another chance which is life”. With no time to waste in the new year, Aisha aspires “…to work harder, continue to worship God, try new positive things and give to the less privileged.”
On her definition of ‘style’, the 6ft model briefly states: “Style to me is comfort, what is in vogue and edgy”. And if there is any style accessory she would love to splurge on this year, it would be edgy, classy and sexy stilettos!
Aisha is currently signed on ISIS Models.
Facebook: Aishetu Bello.
Twitter: @bello_aisha
SINEM ONABANJO, Editor/Photographer/PR Consultant, United Kingdom
With her hectic job as the Editor-in-Chief, FAB Magazine coupled with her two firms (SubySinem Photography and S TWO PR), Turkish-born Sinem Onabanjo hopes 2013 to be “mostly career-driven”. According to her:
“My thoughts and aspirations for 2013 are mostly career-driven. While there are likely to be some fantastic changes on the FAB front… we are expecting an exciting year ahead. We have just signed our latest client HekCentrik Films… an amazing Nollywood/Hollywood production outfit.”
As regards AFWL 2013 and Studio 29, she states: “We are also forging full steam ahead with Africa Fashion Week London 2013… and this August we are back for a third edition… with inspirational patrons Yinka Shonibare MBE and Mrs. Fifi Ejindu. Also in the new year, expect to see not one but three concession stores by Africa Fashion Week London, Studio 29, the first of which has opened on 29 Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos.” On a personal note, she aspires to visit Barbados, Turkey, Ghana and Nairobi this 2013.
For her, “Style’ is the essence of a person’s taste in clothes, accessories, statements they are making to the world about themselves which goes beyond fashion. I truly agree with the adage ‘Fashion fades, style is timeless’. Hence, I’d like to think my style is defined by my personality, tastes and lifestyle and not governed by fashion trends…” If there is anything she would splurge on in 2013, they would be “…shoes, shoes and more shoes!
Facebook:  Sinem Onabanjo
Twitter @sonabanjo
Instagram @sinnie78
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