Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bobby kissed the sky and said ‘I love you’... but fans blame him for Whitney Houston's downfall.

Bobby Brown broke down as he played a concert hours after his ex-wife's death — shouting: "I love you, Whitney!" and blowing a kiss to the skies.
Yet some fans blame him for the superstar singer's spiral into drugs and addiction, with one friend saying: 
"He was there every step of the way." 
Brown, 43, appeared at a gig in Mississippi on Saturday — shortly after the shock news broke of Whitney's tragic death. 
He arrived on stage late to join his band "New Edition" after apparently collapsing with emotion just before the show was due to begin. 
Brown then received a huge round of applause from the audience before telling them: "I would like to say, 'I love you, Whitney'.