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Rihanna In Alexander McQueen And Gucci In London

Get Her Look: Rihanna In Alexander McQueen And Gucci In London
Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel in London yesterday for a business meeting with British retail chain  River Island.
Known for her unconventional style RiRi wore an emerald green Alexander McQueen leather biker jacket over a maxi skirt we saw her wear recently.
She accesorize with her new best bag the Gucci GG Flag collection Boston Bag. A gold statement necklace, reds lips, black baseball hat, and double sole leather shoes completed her sporty chic look.
Do you like what you see?

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Photos Courtesy:  AKM-GSI

Why I Resigned As Minister Of Power - Barth Nnaji

Barth Nnaji 
Many of us are still shocked by the sudden and unexpected resignation of Prof. Barth Nnaji as Nigeria's Power Minister.

Well , Prof. Barth has now come out publicly to say the reason(s) he decided to resign. Please read full details below:

In a move aimed at salvaging the reform and privatisation programme of the power sector, President Goodluck Jonathan Tuesday in Abuja accepted the resignation of one of the key members of his cabinet, Professor Bart Nnaji as Minister of Power, with immediate effect.

The president, who in a press statement by his Special Adviser, Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, thanked the former minister for his services to the country and wished him well in his future endeavour, was said to have decided to accept the resignation, following Nnaji’s admission that companies linked to him had submitted bids for one of the successor companies created from the unbundling of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).
However, speaking to THISDAY Tuesday night on his decision to leave the cabinet, Nnaji said he opted to resign in order to save the privatisation and reform programme from those who might want to use ulterior motives to bring down the programme.
Nnaji said he had met with the president Tuesday afternoon, during which he (president) informed him (Nnaji) that he was using his company as a proxy to buy shares on behalf of the president in Afam power station through the privatisation process.
On hearing this, he informed the president that rather than drag him (Jonathan) and the entire process through the mud, he would prefer to resign but reminded the president that he had brought it to his attention two weeks ago that a company he owned was part of a bidding consortium that had submitted bids for Enugu Distribution Company.
Nnaji explained that there have been all sorts of efforts to bring him down since his appointment as Special Adviser to the President on Power and later power minister, but decided Tuesday that it was best to leave rather that allow fourth columnists to mar the entire process.
“It is a huge conspiracy to scuttle the programme, but rather than drag the president and the programme down, I decided to tender my resignation,” he said.
On what would become of the reform process on which he had worked so hard, the former minister said he had managed to put the power sector on track and all key reforms in place, adding “it would be difficult to derail it right now and I hope it would proceed as planned.”
When asked if the independent power company he owns, Gemetric Power, would withdraw from the consortium bidding for Enugu Disco, Nnaji said: “As far as I am concerned, the bid is still alive.
“I know that they set up a new committee to re-evaluate the bids, but I don’t know if the process will still be fair after what has happened.”
However, sources in the presidency told THISDAY last night that Nnaji had no choice than to resign, because had he failed to do so, he would have been sacked by the president.
The president, THISDAY learnt, was said to have been very disappointed that his power minister, who should have known better, had gone ahead to bid for Enugu Distribution Company, despite the Code of Ethics of the privatisation process which bars staff of the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) and members of the National Council on Privatisation (NCP) from buying shares in companies being privatised.
“The president had made up his mind by this morning, so if Nnaji had not resigned, he would have been sacked,” explained sources in the presidency.
Participation by two companies linked to Nnaji in the power privatisation process had compelled the NCP to cancel the technical bid evaluation process conducted for Afam and Enugu Disco last week.
The NCP, after its meeting last Friday, had announced the results of the technical evaluation conducted for the 25 bids it received last month for the six generation companies (Gencos).
From that process, seven bidders were said to have successfully met the cut-off mark of 750 and above during the technical evaluation process and were prequalified to have their financial bids opened on September 25.
However, the NCP was silent on the bidders that were prequalified for Afam Power Station owing to the potential conflict of interest that had arisen during the privatisation process.
An NCP source said that before the consideration of the report of the evaluation, Nnaji, who was a member of the NCP by virtue of his position as Minister of Power, had brought it to the attention of the council that O & M Solutions of Pakistan, a member of one of the consortia bidding for Afam, had worked as a contractor for Geometric Power.
The consortium, in which O & M Solutions has a stake, is Skipper Nigeria Limited, which had submitted technical and financial bids for Afam on July 17, the deadline set by the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) for the submission of bids for the Gencos.
The minister also notified the NCP that Geometric Power has a minority stake in Eastern Electric Nigeria Limited, which had submitted technical and financial bids for Enugu Distribution Company Limited on July 31.
He went on to inform the council that owing to his position, he had notified the president of his company’s bid for Enugu Disco, and brought it to their attention that although he has an interest in Geometric Power, he had resigned from its board and transferred his shares to a blind trust.
Having been informed of Nnaji’s direct and indirect interest in two companies being privatised, the council decided to cancel the technical evaluation that had been conducted for Afam and disbanded the evaluation team.
It also decided to stop the evaluation of the Enugu Disco, which is still ongoing, and would likewise disband the evaluation team.
The decision to cancel the evaluation for both companies was premised on the fact that all major stakeholders, including the former power minister, had been asked to send nominees to participate in the evaluation process.
Coincidentally, Nnaji Tuesday afternoon had welcomed the NCP’s decision to disband the evaluation teams and re-evaluate the technical bids submitted for Afam and Enugu Discos in the wake of his admission that some members of the bidding consortia has links to a company he owns.
Nnaji said the NCP’s decision to re-evaluate the bids submitted by potential investors for Afam and Enugu Discos was necessary considering that justice should not only be done but also seen to have been done by all and sundry.

UNBELIEVABLE: Couple Arrested For Making Noise During 7-Hour Sex Period.

A couple has been charged with disturbing the peace because they made too much noise during sex.
Jessica Angel and Colin MacKenzie had been issued with an order requiring them to prevent ‘screaming, loud moaning, swearing and raised voices’ after police were called to their flat 20 times in just four months.(hahahahaha).

However, following further complaints from neighbours, the couple were charged under the Environmental Protection Act. They face a £3,000 fine if convicted.

‘We exceeded the noise pollution to the point we were arrested and taken out of our own house and told we couldn’t have sex,’ 34-year-old Miss Angel – the noisiest culprit - told the paper.


Generous Genevieve Nnaji gives a very precious gift, a set of ChloĆ© Pumps shoes, to Rukky Sanda.

A set of ChloĆ© Pumps are averagely sold for $450 (N72,000).

An excited Sanda posted a picture of herself rocking her new shoes on Instagram with the caption#ShoutOut 2 ma boo @genevievennaji for d getting me those fabulous Chloe pumps I’m rocking… Miss u bay! Hurry bck wit more classic goodies. Lol! Hugsssss‘.

Sanda herself has been on the generous side of late – just last week she jointly contributed with actress Tonto Dike the sum of N1m to cancer patient Funmi Lawal.

Vixen Fights Oriental Hotel Over Her Stolen Car


It’s been over a month, since popular TV personality, Yvonne ‘Vixen’ Ekwere’s car, was stolen at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki. And the STV presenter, is not taking things easy anymore, as she seeks to recover her car. 

Vixen took to Twitter to vent her frustration and anger, making it clear that her patience was now thin and she is ready to act.
“I’m ready for WAR. U can’t take what belongs to me and expect me to stay quiet for too long…They don’t want to be civil, then I’ll go STREET…Anyone who knows them should tell ‘em shit is about to get CRAY.
“I’m fed up!…How the hell should ppl feel safe in an establishment of that magnitude. U steal my property 2day, what will happen next time? Get raped in d parking lot?…Trouble sleep yanga wake am…u don’t mess with a wounded lioness.
“D hospitality business is meant 2 ensure safety & comfort. Hello!! What’s wrong with this picture???” she tweeted from her handle, @vonnevixen.
Oriental Hotel, you had better do something or else.....she don talk am ooo.lolz

Spider Venom Could Cure Erectile Dysfunction Within 20 Minutes


Scientists have discovered the venom from what’s considered the world’s deadliest spider could be the secret to bolstering a man’s love life. Toxins produced by the Brazilian Wandering Spider, or Phoneutria nigriventer, appear to combat erectile dysfunction within 20 minutes of entering the body.
Tests carried out on rats show the venom boosts performance by increasing the release of nitric oxide, a chemical that dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow. This is similar to how existing impotence drugs work.
The Brazilian Wandering Spider is responsible for killing more people than any other arachnid. Victims usually die within an hour of being bitten.
It is also known as the banana spider because of its habit of stowing away in shipments of the fruit. In 2008, a supermarket in Chatham, Kent, was forced to close after an assistant spotted one of the spiders under a box of bananas as she stacked them.
One in ten men in the UK suffers erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. Although drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have revolutionised treatment in the last ten years, around 30 per cent of men who take them see no improvement.For these men, the only other options are to inject drugs straight into the penis, or use a pump that manually increases blood supply to the organ.
However, a drug made from spider venom could prove to be an effective alternative. Researchers from Brazil and the US extracted the toxin, called PnTx2-6, from the deadly venom and injected it into rats which had age-related erectile dysfunction. They found the toxin boosted erections by triggering the release of nitric oxide, which boosts circulation in the male genitals by helping blood vessel walls relax.
In a report on their findings, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the researchers said: ‘The decrease in erectile function associated with age was partially restored 15 to 20 minutes after injection with PnTx2-6.’
Brazilian scientists first became interested in the deadly spider’s ability to boost sexual performance when victims of bites reported major improvements in their sex lives.

RIP Ogbonna Amadi. Vanguard Entertainment Editor Dies

Mr Ogbonna Amadi was the Group Entertainment editor of Vanguard Newspaper. He was the one who broke the D'banj/Don Jazzy break up story. He had been a veteran entertainment journalist for over two decades. He died yesterday evening, August 29th, at a hospital in Apapa after suffering serious Asthma Attack.

Such a huge loss to the media and entertainment industry. Rest in peace, so sad

Kim Kardashian Settles Lawsuit Over Look-Alike in Old Navy Ad (Exclusive)

Kim Kardashian Old Navy Look Alike Split - H 2012Getty 

The reality TV star sued last year for $20 million in litigation that became personal.

Kim Kardashian won't be blazing any new legal trails when it comes to the use of look-alike celebrities in advertisements.
The socialite and reality TV star has settled a high-profile $20 million lawsuit against The Gap over an Old Navy TV commercial that featured a similar-looking brunette reality star named Melissa Molinaro.
Kardashian followed other famous people, includingJacqueline Kennedy OnassisVanna Whiteand Bette Midler, in bringing a lawsuit against an advertiser for misappropriating her personality. This case, however, never reached any significant ruling before coming to a resolution.
What the case did bring was a lot of personal drama.
After the lawsuit was filed, attorneys for Old Navy parent The Gap were aggressive in the discovery phase, launching an investigation to see whether Kardashian's reputation has been tarnished.
Around the time the Old Navy commercial was cast, Molinaro reportedly was dating one of Kardashian's ex-boyfriends, football star Reggie Bush, who was one of the people The Gap wanted to depose.
The Gap also had sought information about why the clothing retailer Bebe decided to drop its Kardashian clothing line, financial records concerning Kardashian's clothing deals and further information about "Kim Kardashian's reputation as a singer and dancer."
No trial will mean that The Gap won't attempt to show that Kardashian couldn't support her claims that the commercial damaged her brand value nor that Kardashian couldn't sing and dance as well as Molinaro. It also will mean that Kardashian's lawyers won't call to testify members of the media who reported about Old Navy's marketing plans as well as members of the public who maybe weren't confused by the advertisement.
Instead, the lawsuit has been settled privately after the two sides engaged a mediator,Daniel Weinstein, who has experience resolving high-profile cases. Terms of the settlement aren't yet known, but the Old Navy commercial in question appears to have been taken down from YouTube, surviving only in all the news reports on the subject.
Meanwhile, Old Navy recently has hired actual celebrities for commercials, includingJason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210) and Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory,Blossom). The double-take at seeing the pitch person remains.
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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Police Parade Pastor Over Human Skull

The police in Ogun on Tuesday paraded Pastor Michael Oyewole (29) and Mathew Akiode (30) at the command’s headquarters Eleweran, for allegedly exhuming human skull in Sabo, Abeokuta.

The state Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye, told journalists that Akiode was caught committing the offence in the midnight. Okoye added that after Akiode’s arrest, the suspect confessed that he was sent to get the skull by the pastor.
He said, “We got information about somebody who was digging a grave and we swung into action. He did not know he was being watched while removing the corpse. “We apprehended him immediately he severed the head from the body. He told us that it was one Pastor Oyewole that sent him.“
The police commissioner said Oyewole was subsequently arrested. Okoye said the two suspects would be charged to court after the conclusion of investigations. kiode, who confessed to committing the crime said he was pushed into it by economic hardship.
“I used to work on his (pastor’s) site but he said I would make more money if I could get him human skull. So, I felt it was an easy way of making money and that was why I did it. I’m surprised at his denial. He taught me how to go about it,” Akiode said.
But Oyewole denied sending the suspect on such a mission.
“I am a man of God and pastor. I heal people in God’s name and not with human skull. He is just telling lies and I don’t know what I have done to him. Only God can save me now,” Oyewole said.
Meanwhile, the FCT police command has recovered 17 exotic cars from two car-snatching syndicates in Abuja.
Parading 11 suspects for involvement in the car theft in Abuja on Tuesday, FCT Commissioner of Police, Adenrele Shinaba, listed Honda Accord, Nissan Sunny, Toyota Corolla, Infinity jeep, Toyota Prado jeep, Honda Pilot, Honda CRV Sport Utility Van and Toyota Camry among the snatched vehicles.
Shinaba advised car owners to be wary of car thieves and to be conscious of where they parked their vehicles.Fourteen cars were recovered from one Promise Okafor,who claimed to be a lawyer and car dealer. Paraded along Okafor were Michael Nweke, Chimezie Emanini, Amarachi Eneh and John Nuhu.
Okafor claimed he did not know the vehicles were stolen, insisting that he bought them from Emanini when he was convinced that they were genuine.
He said, “I am a lawyer and also a car dealer. I import cars and also sell.I bought a Honda Accord from Chimezie when he showed me documents which proved that the car was genuine.”
Okafor however failed to respond to questions on how he came about the other vehicles that were recovered from him.
Source : PunchNG

What Should a Nanny Do If Her Boss is Upset with Her?

You might be the best nanny that your employer has ever engaged, your charges may think that you’re the best thing since peanut butter and jelly, you may be willing to perform the occasional non-childcare related tasks, and you might hold a college degree in childhood development or education. No matter how competent and qualified you are, there will inevitably come a time when you’re not quite in your employer’s good graces; no one can perform flawlessly all the time, and tempers can be notoriously short when parents are resentful of the time that they’re forced to spend away from their children. Rather than panicking and putting out feelers for a new post, consider your options and the best methods for salvaging your existing engagement.

  • Realize That These Things Are Rarely Permanent – Unless you’ve committed a major transgression, the chances of your employer resorting to drastic disciplinary measures are fairly slim. Provided that you’ve been an otherwise good employee, most parents would rather resolve an existing problem than take on the Herculean task of sorting through dozens of resumes and conducting nerve-wracking, tedious interviews. That being said, it’s not wise to be too secure in your position; if you’re overly cocky and consistently go against their wishes your employers will eventually have all that they can take.
  • Confront the Issue Head-On – If you know that your employer is angry but haven’t been approached with a reprimand or a request for an explanation, it’s best to take the bull by the horns and approach her with your concerns. It’s especially smart to make an effort to mend fences if you know why your employer is upset and agree that you are in the wrong. Letting the situation go unacknowledged for too long can cause resentment to build up and exacerbate the problem, so don’t dodge your employer in hopes that things will blow over.
  • Be Honest – Should your employer confront you with questions about an incident in which you know you were in the wrong, don’t give into the temptation to cover your tracks. Admitting that you were wrong and are willing to accept any penalties as a result of your poor choices shows strong character and moral fiber; in addition to being the right thing to do, it may also impress your employer enough that they second-guess their outrage.
  • Keep Your Own Temper in Check – Being accused of misconduct, whether you’re guilty or innocent, is enough to put almost anyone on the defensive. Taking this tack with your employers as a reaction to questioning or accusations will only escalate the situation, and perhaps lead to the loss of a post that you would otherwise have been able to retain. Remember the old adage about flies and honey and realize that anger, even of the righteous variety, will get you nowhere in these situations.
  • Accept Responsibility For Your Actions – Attempting to pass the buck, or blame someone else for your failure to perform properly or your momentary lapse in judgment, isn’t likely to endear you to your already-upset employers; instead face the consequences of a poor choice as gracefully as possible. Whining or shifting blame isn’t just ineffective, it’s often downright counterproductive.
  • Make a Concerted Effort to Make Up – It’s easy to hold your breath and hope that a tumultuous period in your relationship with your employer will pass without any attempts to mend fences on your part, but that’s almost never the case. Extending the olive branch isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if you feel that you have nothing to apologize for; still, preserving that relationship, and perhaps your post itself, may depend upon your ability to do just that.
  • Keep the Conversation Behind Closed Doors – Your charges, your friends, and other nannies at the playground don’t need to hear you air your grievances or discuss an ongoing problem you have with your employer. Even in the largest, most densely populated cities, most social circles are relatively small and people will talk. Letting news of your woes get back to your employers is a surefire way to make them give up on you altogether, so make sure that you keep any and all conversations about the state of your relationship with your employers and the details surrounding it away from the public eye.

Depending upon the severity of your mistake and the potential repercussions, you may want to consider the possibility that your job could be in danger, though it’s not altogether likely in most cases. To help prevent similar situations in the future, make it a habit to come clean with mistakes as soon as they happen, rather than waiting with bated breath for them to be found out.

Pirates Kidnap 24 Off Togo Coast

nigerian piratesLome – Pirates attacked an oil tanker on Tuesday off the coast of Togo, taking control of its bridge and kidnapping 24 Russian sailors before escaping amid an exchange of gunfire with a naval patrol boat, officials said.
It wasn’t immediately clear if anyone was injured in the attack on the Greek-owned oil tanker, which had been anchored about 17 nautical miles away from Lome, Togo’s capital. The pirates took control of the vessel quickly, though an alarm from the ship alerted the Togolese navy, said Noel Choong, an official with the International Maritime Bureau.
The navy boat trailed the tanker and sailors exchanged gunfire with the pirates before the tanker escaped, Choong said.

Anti-piracy conference
Togolese Security Minister Damehame Yark and Togo’s chief of defence staff Mohammed Titikpina, confirmed the attack took place, but offered few other details. The attack comes as Togo is hosting US officials in Lome for an anti-piracy conference.
Greece’s Merchant Marine Ministry said on Tuesday that the ship, registered in the Isle of Man to a company called Energy Centurion, is operated by a Greek firm called Golden Energy Management and had a staff of 24 Russian sailors. Calls to Golden Energy Management on Tuesday afternoon rang unanswered.
Tuesday’s attack is just the latest to target West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, which follows the continent’s southward curve from Liberia to Gabon. Over the last year, piracy there has escalated from low-level armed robberies to hijackings and cargo thefts.
Last year, London-based Lloyd’s Market Association – an umbrella group of insurers – listed Nigeria, neighbouring Benin and nearby waters in the same risk category as Somalia, where two decades of war and anarchy have allowed piracy to flourish.
Pirates in West Africa have been more willing to use violence in their robberies, as they target the cargo, not the crew for ransom as is the case off Somalia. Analysts say many of the pirates come from Nigeria, where corrupt law enforcement allows criminality to thrive.
The attack on the Greek oil tanker comes about a week after a similar attack on another tanker in the region, Choong said. In that attack the pirates released the crew after stealing the oil onboard, he said.
“Judging the past attacks, they’ll take the vessel for several days, ransack it, take the cargo and leave the sailors,” Choong said.
Analysts believe the recent hijackings of tanker ships likely are the work of a single, sophisticated criminal gang with knowledge of the oil industry and oil tankers. Those involved in the hijackings may have received that experience in Nigeria’s southern Niger Delta, where thieves tapping pipelines running through swamps steal hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil a day.
Source : Reuters

Africa World Airlines To Receive Its First Aircraft

Africa World Airlines, the newest operator on the domestic and international scene, will receive its first aircraft on August 30, an official statement from the company said yesterday. It said the 50-seater jet engine Embraer aircraft with registration number 9G-AET will touch down at the Kotoka International Airport at 01130 hours.
The aircraft is the first of two (2) ERJ145s to be received and will be serving the domestic market.
“Commencement of operation in the domestic market is a crucial first phase of the hub and spoke model Africa World Airlines would be running to link  regional and international flights”, the statement quoted TogbeAfede XIV, the founder of Africa World Airlines, as saying.
The statement said Africa World Airlines will officially launch its domestic operations on the 21st September 2012 with a flight from Accra to Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale after an elaborate pre-flight ceremony.
“We have chosen this particular day for our first flight to commemorate the 103rd anniversary of the birth of  our first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, who was born on September 21, 1909”, TogbeAfede said.

Source : GNA

My health comes first: Karen

My health comes first

Karen's ulcer unfolds on Twitter!
  1. Karen_Igho
    RT @dacutecookie: Health they say is wealth Queen K RT @Karen_Igho: I love my life so health comes first
  2. Karen_Igho
    I love my life so health comes first
  3. Karen Tweeted yesterday that she was reporting for the doctors rooms after she started throwing up and being in pain. Fans took to the micro blogging site to wish the Naija FM DJ a speedy recovery. 
  4. Leelandi
    @Karen_Igho. Hi Karen, hope you're doing better than yesterday. Strongz!
  5. osaren1
    @Karen_Igho how is your health?hope u re feeling beTter
  6. Dineomokononde
    @Karen_Igho how are feeling dear?
  7. OhioDongaldo
    I feel ur pain."@agbawe2: No more Sapele water "@Karen_Igho: Dr said no more drinking for me because of my ulcer.""
  8. Well in typical Karen style... she can never remain down for a long time, this morning she tweeted that she was feeling much better. Karen's fans and followers on Twitter wasted no time in wishing her a speedy recovery. She also took this picture with one of the nurses she described as 'the nurse that saved my life'. 

    Karen who recently joined Naija FM is in high spirits again because she has tweeted that she is feeling much better.

    Check out Karen doing her thing on Naija FM!