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0518_kardashian_home_improvement_launch_v4The Hidden Hills home that was the centerpiece of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" for 5 seasons has been sold -- and the TV producer who bought it has exorcised all Kardashian demons by tearing the whole thing down ... except for one precious piece.
The new owner had the homestead disassembled piece by Armenian piece ... the toilets, cabinets, even the roof were donated to Habitat for Humanity.  The upshot -- Kardashian remnants will adorn homes throughout the world.

We're told the owner plans on building a modern, industrial-type home in its place.  
As for the one piece the owner kept ... the stripper pole, which will become a coat rack.
Total downgrade. 

UNILAG Authorities Shut

University-of-Lagos(1).jpg - University-of-Lagos(1).jpgUniversity of Lagos
Authorities have shut the University of Lagos, Akoka for two weeks following a second straight day of protests by students following the renaming of the institution.
President Goodluck Jonathan had during his Democracy Day broadcast, announced that the 50-year-old institution will now be called the Moshood Abiola University in honour of Chief MKO Abiola, the presumed winner of the June 12, 1993 Presidential election.
However, since the announcement was made Tuesday students have been up in arms and on Wednesday morning caused heavy traffic in the Lagos metropolis after they blocked the Third Mainland Bridge.
It took the intervention of senior police officers and university officials before the students agreed to remove the barricades blocking the ever busy highway.University authorities apparently in an attempt to douse passions, consequently ordered students off the campus, which will remain shut for two weeks.



The Girl Who Eats Soaps And Detergents

According to  laduni blog read this strange story but its true...A rare medical condition has left Tempestt Henderson, from Florida, eating up to five bars of soap a week – and washing powder too. ‘I always knew I loved the smell of washing detergent,’ she explained.

I remember the brand my Mum always used to use – I remember the smell vividly, it was the smell of her cardigan when she hugged me, and the smell of my bed sheets as a child.

‘I used to love smelling the powder, but when life got so stressful I found only eating the soap would help. ‘It is an addiction, I can’t stop, and I have sought the help of a doctor who specialises in addiction. The doctor told me I must empty my house of all washing detergent and soap, anything that triggers my addiction.’hummmmmmmmm wonders they say never ends...


As we all know in every association there are rules,it,s up to the individual associates to either follow the rules or break world of ours.we have two strong holds which is fashion and style...

    As we all know black is a  must have in your wardrobe at least black has a slimming effect .yes it is but actually its sometimes very tad too depressing...also fashion is dress your age and figure dressing well its not about wearing right clothes it about wearing the clothes that are right for your age and figure ensure to wear what suits your age if you are 16 wear what your mates are wearing and when you are over 40 pls cover up nicely.
                                        10 TIPS TO FASHION TRENDS
1,Always assemble a collection of good basic costume jewelry you never know how handy they can be..
2.Don,t wearing earrings so heavy that they stretch your lobe ,fashion is pain and if care is not taken it can be a disaster..
3.Remember to stock some black pieces in your wardrobe,black is ever applying,hides everything,you certainly can,t go wrong..
4..A moderate gives a great shape if you have a larger burst, it's sultry way to show skin but keeps the look modest.anything too low can be inappropriate.
5..Do not dress in a look straight off the runway or over in one trend.
6..Feel free to mix and match and please don't be stuck on one style experiment with new looks or find a signature look and be true to it.
7.if you must colour block don't try it in season's softer colours harsh loud colours mixes no longer like colour blocking.
8..Don't ever let any part of your bra show in a dress it's un forgivably tacky..
9...IF you must wear briefs make to wear loosely fitted trousers.visibly panty lines are a NO NO for men tooo.
10...Colour is best used with accessories such as tie,pocket square and scarves or in finer details such as the check shirt.
    A stylish woman,in one sentence is one who is able to wear and not be worn,someone,who can turn the most bland looking attire into something chicky and sophisticated.well things you worry about never comes to past...

Liberia's Taylor Gets 50 Years sentence

Charles-Taylor09032011.jpg - Charles-Taylor09032011.jpgLiberia's ex-President, Charles Taylor
Liberia's ex-President Charles Taylor has been sentenced to 50 years in jail by a UN-backed war crimes court.
Last month Taylor was found guilty of aiding and abetting rebels in Sierra Leone during the 1991-2002 civil war, reports the BBC.
The prosecution at the Special Court for Sierra Leone wanted an 80-year prison term, which the defence said was excessive.
Taylor, 64, insists he is innocent and is likely to appeal the sentence, correspondents say.
The appeal process could last up to six months, the BBC's Anna Holligan in The Hague reports.
During the sentencing, Judge Richard Lussick said the crimes in Sierra Leone were the most heinous in human history.
In its landmark ruling in April, the Special Court for Sierra Leone found Taylor guilty on 11 counts, relating to atrocities that included rape and murder.
He became the first former head of state to be convicted of war crimes by an international court since the Nuremburg trials of Nazis after World War II.
In response, Taylor accused the prosecution of paying and threatening witnesses in his war crimes trial.
He also told the judges to consider his age when making their decision, saying he was "no threat to society".
And he condemned atrocities across the world, and had the "deepest sympathy" for victims in Sierra Leone, but stopped short of expressing remorse or apologising for his part in the conflict.
The prosecutors have said that Taylor's ill health and age, or the fact that he has a family, should have no impact on the sentence.
In written filings, prosecutors said a sentence of 80 years would reflect the severity of the crimes and the central role that Taylor had in facilitating them.
"The purposely cruel and savage crimes committed included public executions and amputations of civilians, the display of decapitated heads at checkpoints... public rapes of women and girls, and people burned alive in their homes," wrote prosecutor Brenda Hollis.
But defence lawyers said the recommended sentence was "manifestly disproportionate and excessive", and that Taylor had only been found guilty of an indirect role - aiding the rebels, rather than leading them.
They said their client should not be made to shoulder the blame alone for what happened in Sierra Leone's war.
The court should not support "attempts by the prosecution to provide the Sierra Leoneans with this external bogey man upon whom can be heaped the collective guilt of a nation for its predominantly self-inflicted wounds", his lawyers wrote.
The case is being heard in The Hague for fear that a trial in Sierra Leone could destabilise the region. The Dutch government only agreed if Taylor would serve any sentence in another country, so he will serve any prison term in the UK.
During the Sierra Leone civil war, Taylor supported Revolutionary United Front rebels who killed tens of thousands of people.
The war crimes included murder, rape, the use of child soldiers and the amputation of limbs.
Taylor was accused of channelling weapons to them in return for "blood diamonds" but the judge said the prosecution had failed to prove their case that he had been one of the RUF leaders.

Who Wore it Better: Christian Aguilera VS Kim Kardashian in Roland Mouret Orange Dress

Both stars look super hot in this gorgeous summery colored number.  Songstress Christina Aguilera was seen wearing this orange Roland Mouret Guinevere dress first, on an episode of The Voice USA last month. She dressed it up with this fun and sexy Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato spiked heels. Curvy Bombshell Kim Kardashian was photographed wearing the same dress a couple of weeks later at the Jeep Wrangler bash. Kim wore  hers with Givenchy embellished Wolffish sandals.  Drooling and want a pieces of this gorgeous heard Guinevere dress? Its only going to cost you $2,180!

D’Banj Performs “Oliver Twist” in an Acoustic Session on SBTV

The crew at SBTV caught up with D’Banj to do a quick acoustic session for his hit single “Oliver Twist” and as far as D’Banj performances go, this is was quite energetic and entertaining.
Check on it.

Video: Dencia on 53 Extra style

         DENCIA NEW VIDEO...........COOL

UNILAG students continue prostest; block third mainland bridge this morning

The Third Mainland Bridge has been blocked on both sides by protesting students of University of Lagos. 

ASUU plans to resist UNILAG's change of name

The chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), University of Lagos branch, Dr Karo Ogbinaka, has said that the union will resist the recent change of the university's name.

Dr Ogbinaka said:
We are resisting it, all the unions and the students will resist it, the Alunmus will resist it. The truth about the whole thing is that it shows the level of intelligence of those people in government. Nobody will change Harvard's name, nobody will change Cambridge's name to Winston Churchill University. University of Lagos is a brand, for 50 years. The first university established by Act of Parliament and one man trying to score cheap political point. When people go outside and you ask them what university are you from? What name will you pronounce? They'll ask is it a new university? Is it the name of a toothpaste? It's a senseless thing and are going to resist it. Karo said

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New Video: Davido - Ekuro

Official video for Ekuro by Davido! Directed by Antwan Smith. Shot on location in Miami, Florida

Roki In Maneta’s Bed!

What seened to be one of the impossibilities in the  Big Brother House became possible! No one for whatever reason has ever thought of Roki and Maneta to have a soft talk and  moreover in Maneta’s Bed .The two Zimbabwean were shockingly seen together in the same bed talking about their matters in a Zimbabwe way.
This sounds  weird but the truth is that it happened.They had a nice talk and a few moments later Roki wanted to start kissing Maneta but she refused.Was Roki’s intetion making love to Maneta? or Conveying his apology to her?
What if Maneta agrees now to go by Roki‘s request of loving him, is it possible or its too late as Maneta is likely to be evicted tomorrow?
But I think that if Maneta is to accept, it is very okay even when she is evicted, they can still meet in Zimbabwe their Homeland.hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she couldnt even tell her so called close friend mampi wat happened tonite btw she and roki..

SONY Music swoops for 13-year-old Nigerian music sensation Kamsee Ekpenyong

Sony music and KamseeOne of the world’s biggest recording companies SONY Music Entertainment Int’l is currently in hot pursuit for young Nigerian music sensation Kamsee Ekpenyong.
Kamsee, who is regarded as the Nigeria’s Justin Bieber, is currently on high demand as he enjoys a worldwide hit with his song Friends.
Little Kamsee is about to join music icons and legends as Sony Music labels, EPIC and Columbia also represent some of the most iconic talent in the world including Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, Franz Ferdinand, Michael Jackson, Sade, Sean Kingston, Adele, Aerosmith, Alexis Jordin, Aerosmith, Barbra Streisand, Beyonce, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Celine Dion, Destinys Child, J Cole, Jackie Evancho, John Legend, Mary Mary, Maxwell, Neil Diamond, Tony Bennett, Wyclef Jean, Toya Delazy, Zakwe, Judith Sephuma and many others.
Top management of Sony music, who has been on the trail of little Kamsee for some time now, recently arrived Lagos to iron out a contract with the young entertainer.
Upon their arrival in Nigeria, Sony top management staffs met up with Kamsee’s father Gen. Pst Peter Ekpenyong who’s helping negotiating the contract.
Story still developing…
Sony music and Kamsee
Sony music and Kamsee
Sony music and Kamsee
Sony music and Kamsee
Sony music and Kamsee
Sony music and Kamsee

Interview with Sierra Leonean Model Zainab O Sheriff..

Zainab Sheriff- Well  my name is Zainab O Sheriff. I am a fashion model based in Istanbul Turkey.  I was born in 1985 but  I am not so sure about the day neither the month. My mother told me I was born on July 22nd 1985, while my birth certificate says I was born on  August 23rd 1985. Either way I love both my birthdays (laugh). I have always wanted to be a model for as long as I can remember, I am one of the lucky people who are fortunate to do what they really love. Thanks to Allah for that.
Sai Sankoh- How do you feel about your experience as a model? Has it changed you somehow?
Zainab Sheriff-  I love love  modeling. Modeling is the only thing I know how to do. I don’t see myself doing anything else but modeling. And absolutely my experience as a model has made a huge changed in my life. So far, I have gained an amazing life experience but most importantly, it has took me places I wouldn’t have ever dreamt off. I have learned more about fabulosity, style, fashion, beauty. The significant part of  it all is that, it made me believed that anything is possible, at this moment in my life, I am living a life I would have never predicted considering my background and all the hardship I have been through at my early age.
Sai Sankoh- Where were you raised?
Zainab Sheriff-I was born and rise in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I grew up in the eastern part of Freetown. We moved a lot when I was young, so I was not raised in one place but around the same area. 
Whats your fondest memory of Sierra Leone? Your favorite dishes?
Zainab Sheriff- My fun memories where the times I was doing beauty pageant, just been on that stage walking the catwalk with all those lights on and all those people looking and cheering for me and omg the tension of the show, my fellow contestants, the competition  and little gossip around town…(laugh)…..there was something about it all, that made me feel relevant, it made me feel like a some body. Because if people could sit and debate or project a winner even before the pageant was held means something relevant to argue on. And….. may I just say I won every beauty pageant I have ever participated in, I participated in a total of five beauty pageants and I won all of them (smile).
Sai Sankoh- And where do you live now? 
Zainab Sheriff- I lived in Istanbul, Turkey, 
Sai Sankoh- How did you end up in turkey?
Zainab Sheriff: Back in Sierra Leone I was dating a Turkish guy for three years while he was working in my country for a construction company. So after his contract was over he returned to his country and I joined him six month later. We were in love and still are. We both decided I  come to Turkey with him because we are in love and coming to turkey will be good for my career as a model. And so far it has been good. We got married four years ago, still together and my career is going great. Thanks to Allah. 
Sai Sankoh- How were you discovered? How hard is it being a Sierra Leonean/African Model in Turkey?
Zainab Sheriff- When I first came to Turkey, I went to see all the agencies that I could find an address and phone number of, and they all said the same thing to me that there are not so many black people living in Turkey so there is no demand for black models, in another words they won’t work with me because they do not believe I will get jobs from client. They were very honest and straight forward. For six month I kept going from one agency to the other but  kept hearing the something. I had almost gave up when one day I got a phone call  and the person on the phone was asking for a black model, they told me they needed a black model to used in a golden fair, I jump at the opportunity and every one loved me at the show. That was my break, I met the most famous choreographer and he gave me his visit card and asked me to visit him at his office, he put me in his upcoming show which was a big deal because the designer of the show is the most famous designer in Turkey. His name of the designer is (Cengiz Abazoglu).  He has  his fashion shows all over Europe, especially in Paris.
 And since then, I have been working for all the famous designer in Turkey like Cemil Ipekci, Arzu Kaprol, Christian Loboutin and the list goes on.  My latest photo shoot  was with  Marie claire magazine. 
Sai Sankoh- Why did you get into modeling? 
Zainab Sheriff- When I was growing up everyone said to me Zainab you look like a model and they also said I walk like a model but that was not the only reason why I wanted to be a model. I love fashion, clothing, shoes makeup, fashion magazine. you name it, if it has to do with fashion I love it, I learned about it. I remember when I used to glaze at  fashion magazines and thinking  I wish  “I am that girl in that dress” I use to fantasize about it all the time.
Sai Sankoh- How often do you travel?
Zainab Sheriff-I travels a lot but mostly for work and other times to visit my family back home. I love to visit different places but hate to fly, funny huh? 
Sai Sankoh- Outside of modeling, what would you like to do?
Zainab Sheriff- I will love to be a designer or own a clothing store. Either by making fabulous cloth and shoes or sell them.
Sai Sankoh- What was your most memorable shoot?
Zainab Sheriff-My most memorable shoot was a shoot I did for vogue few months ago at the down town street in istanbul …. there were over 30 other models out in the street for the same shooting.  It was very memorable day because there where a lot of models present and most of them I have already met in other shows. Any way we were talking, eating making jokes, it was kind of like we were clubbing out on the street on a broad day light and a professional photographer is taking our pictures, it was really fun and memorable. 
Sai Sankoh- Has modeling changed your view on fashion and what did you think aboutfashion before you became a model?
Zainab Sheriff- Yes being a model for this long of cause has changed the way how I look at fashion. If any one can put on something and pull it off or make it work, it fashion…… if he or she can rock it, then it rocks. Fashion does not has to be what everyone think it is. Any one with personal style and make it work then he or she is fashionable. 
Sai Sankoh-  How did your family and friends react to your career as a model?
Zainab Sheriff-Fortunately, my family respect and support my career, they love me a lot and so they supported me from the beginning. They have always been there for me. and I thank God that my friends are also very supportive. They are always pushing me to do stuffs that they think will help my career.
Sai Sankoh- For runway, how difficult is it to walk in those shoes? Are you ever nervous about tripping? Have you ever tripped?
Zainab Sheriff- Run way is my thing, I love being on the run way, with all those light and cameras flashes, there is nothing like runway for me. Those shoe are not hard to walk in at all…..maybe it because I so passionate about modeling, as a matter of fact wearing those fabulous ridiculously expensive shoes is part of the fun. No, I have never been afraid of tripping at all and no, I have never tripped. From a model perspective, tripping is not really a big of a  deal as people may think, When a model trip we all laugh including her, it kind of fun for all of us. As long as the model is not hurt… then we take it as a joke. 
Sai Sankoh-  What is a unique fact about you that most people wouldn’t know?
Zainab Sheriff- I love to stay at home, if I don’t have something to do like a job or casting am not going out. I can stay in my home for two weeks straight up with out going out at all, and it not because am depress or something, I just like to stay home by myself and chill alone, it my thing. 
Sai Sankoh-  Are you single? What would you wear to a dinner and a movie date?
Zainab Sheriff- No. I’m still happily married, and I have been for the past four years. For dinner and movie date, I will wear a dress, not too sexy though, I will prefer to wear a cute dress, not too short either, just above the knee. Not too tight or too short, a girl should always know the different between sexy, desperate and trashy. 
Sai Sankoh- How often do you work?  What is fashion week like in the life of a model?
Zainab Sheriff- working times are not always the same, it changes depends on how often I get a job. Some times I work everyday, some times I work three or four time in a week,and there are times where I don’t work at all for days or weeks. some jobs I love some I hate but I always have to be at my best at every job. Fashion week are super  fun and super tiring. Normally I do one show a day but in fashion week I do three or four shows per day and for every show I have to do separate choreography, a separate hair style and a separate make up, and that is really tiring but I love love it. 
Sai Sankoh- What should we expect from you in the next couple of years.
Zainab Sheriff- In the next two years, I will still be here finding more success in the  modeling world, trying to be better and giving my all to do what I love most …..but maybe being feature on more TV shows, because  early this year, I worked for a TV show that comes up on TNT called “Acil sus sam acil” and I really loved it plus it paid well . So let’s see!! 



Crazy Tattoo Gallery!

Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)
Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)
Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)Interesting tattoos from around the world (© Reuters)