Sunday, 23 June 2013

Looks like Kanye West proposes to Kim Kardashian

According to the Sun, NEW dad Kanye West asked Kim Kardashian to marry him just days after she gave birth to their first child.
The reality star has accepted his proposal and the pair are planning a wedding in Paris this September.
Kanye, 36, has not yet sealed the deal with an engagement ring, but he has splashed out £500,000 on a rare black and tiger-stripe diamond ring.
The rap star gave Kim, 32, the “push present” — a growing phenomenon in the US — to mark the occasion of the birth of daughter North.
“He has spent half a million on a ring as a push present and had it designed months ago in preparation.
“He’s even more in love with her now than ever and they can’t wait to get married.”

MUSIC: J.BABIE @jbabiejummyclip WAN TIN TIN ft K-SOLO @obaksolo

What would expect from the collaboration between The Dance-hall General K-SOLO n Afro-Pop Singer and Multi Instrumentalist Jumoke Falade popularly known in the music industry as J.BABIE.? A Graduate that Started her Music career in the UK London yet currently studying in Tenstrings Music Institute, Lagos.  J.BABIE @jbabiejummyclip presents WAN TIN TIN featuring K-SOLO @obaksolo. An Melodic Blend of afro pop sure to Catch u! A unique style that will make you bend over for a dance anything anywhere! It seems J.Babie's style is set to rock the industry and the Airwave! Top  Quality stuff! 

QuestionMark Entertainment Presents @Chimbalin beat competition ‘VoiceOfLife’

                                               Chimbalin is a young Talented Producer Newly signed
                                             to ‘QuestionMark Ent’and also the producer of the hit
                                                song ‘Ogogoro’ By Harrysong Ft Timaya…
                               He has also worked with the Likes of Big Artist LIKE Harrysong,
                                 Timaya,Kcee,Waconzy,Durella,Skales and Lots More..
                              Chimbalin is Throwing this Beat online for upcoming Artist to
                             jump on and the winner gets to get a fre production from Chimbalin,
                           and also a Surprise Package From QuestionMark Entertainment
                             All Entries Should Be Submitted to
                                      and also along with the Artist Contact Details..
                                          Entry Closes on the 10th of July 2013.
                                             Download Beat,GoodLuck
                                    Direct Download Link:

Artiste, eLDee releases video for song, ‘We Made It’ feat. Sojay

The video is off his “Undeniable” record and features his label ensign, Sojay.
On this track, the Trybe Records CEO chronicles his 15 years+ experience in the music industry.
Watch the video here:

Ladies, watch your man: 4 signs he’s a chronic womanizer

The womanizer has plenty of female acquaintances because he’s hoping to have sex with all of them.


You just met him, and he’s already talking about the future. The womaniser isn't afraid to promise you the world because he won’t stick around long enough to make good on any of the promises. If he’s promising too much, too soon, be wary: He may just be telling you what you want to hear.


He calls you sweetie, honey, babe and more. At first, it’s cute, but then you realize that he rarely or never calls you by your actual name. It’s by design: If the womaniser never says your name, then he doesn't risk mixing it up with the name of another girl.


He has a lot of female acquaintances. He has more female Facebook friends than male. He gets a lot of text messages from girls… but he can’t name one close female friend. The womaniser has plenty of female acquaintances because he’s hoping to have sex with all of them.


We all love to hear compliments — but we generally know when compliments have motives behind them. If he’s overly complimentary, the womaniser is trying to get you into bed.

VIDEO: Paul Play Dairo - Forever (The revolution)

Below is an award winning music video by Paul Play Dairo, a Nigerian musician with a classic style of music. Paul Play brought music video revolution and quality to the Nigerian music industry and it was first ever classy music video shot outside Nigeria. The video was shot on location in the United Kingdom and this effort crowned Paul Play Dairo artist of the year 2007 and won him several awards including  HIP HOP WORLD (HEADIES) AWARDS BEST R&B ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2007. 

The song "forever" orchestration is simply wicked! This success marked the beginning of a new phase of R&B songs in Nigeria.

7 interesting facts about yourself you did NOT know

Have you ever wondered why cliques are so strong and close together, even if some of the members don’t like each other?
You know your favourite colour, your birthday, and what foods you prefer, but wouldn't it be interesting to learn psychological facts about yourself and how your mind works? Well you’re in luck! It’s always fun to learn new things, and this article will teach you 7 psychological facts about yourself that you probably didn't already know! Keep reading to find out!


This is one of the psychological facts about yourself mentioned in a few previous articles. Many people believe they can do more than one thing at a time, but studies show that the mind can only attend to one task at a time, with the exception of a few physical tasks such as walking. You may be able to shift from one task to another very quickly, but it’s impossible to focus on more than one task at a time.


It’s true. You’re reading this article right now, but you’d prefer reading it on paper. Text on screen is hard on the eyes and tires them very quickly. Unless the information is interesting or in an easy to read font, your eyes and brain lose focus very quickly and you’re more likely to skip over the text.


Are there ever times when you read aloud and you end up saying a word that isn't there? It’s because you anticipate the upcoming letters and say them before you actually see them. For example, you’d probably read and say, “The little children play outside,” but the actual text would say, “The little children played out and about.” When our minds put words together such as “children play outside,” we anticipate it, it’s not until after we actually read it that we realize it says something other than what we’re used to such as, “children play out and about.” Try reading this: I pledge allegiance to the flag to the United States of Amsterdam. Many of you caught it, but some of you said “America” because that’s what your mind expected to see. Cool, isn't it?


Did you know that doing things together bonds your group together? Have you ever wondered why cliques are so strong and close together, even if some of the members don’t like each other? It’s because they sit together, eat together, laugh together, and move together in time! Research shows that when people do things at the same time, they are more socially attached, more likely to make personal sacrifices for that group, and desire to be around members of that group.


This is a psychological fact you should keep in mind! If you’re under tons of stress, your brain does not perform optimally. You actually perform worse! That’s why it’s so important to take a day off before a big test! Give yourself a break for the good of your health and your work.


Did you know that when undesirable events happen, humans are more likely to blame another person rather than the circumstance? If you’re late for a meeting, you’re more likely to blame the driver rather than the construction on the way. Because the mind works this way, it’s important to remember it, and take into account when you encounter these situations


Lastly, the illusion of progress is extremely motivating! According to research, if you believe that you’re progressing toward a goal, you move faster toward achieving that goal. Example 1: You go to IHOP and you’re given a card with 10 empty boxes representing how many times you've visited. On the 10th visit you get a free meal. Example 2: You’re given a card with 12 boxes and 2 already marked. Studies show that even though you need to visit 10 times with either card, people are more likely to complete the card with the 12 boxes faster, because of the illusion of progression. Now that you know this, you could make up some strategies that’ll help motivate you and push you toward productivity!

The Future Awards in partnership with Information Nigeria holds Online Business Master Class June 28]

The Future Awards in partnership with Information Nigeria holds On-line Business Master Class  June 28

Owing to its tremendous success in 2012; The Future Awards Central Working Committee have announced that The Future Awards On-line Business Master Class will hold a second edition on June 28 in Lagos, Nigeria.

The On-line Master Class 2013 is part of the pre-awards activities for The Future Awards, Season 8 and would be held in partnership with Information Nigeria, an online company whose mission is to empower Nigerians to make positive changes in their community.

The Master Class is aimed at young people who want to run online media businesses in Nigeria and are looking for practical steps and guidelines. The event would be a full day interactive session that would feature the facilitators sharing knowledge and information about running a media business in Nigeria; emphasizing the opportunities, challenges, and strategies, especially in the peculiar Nigerian environment.

Linda Ikeji at the Online Masterclass held in 2012

Photos: Brazilian man gets a dog face by plastic surgery

A man is so smitten by good looks of dogs that he has decided to go for plastic surgery to make him look like a dog.The Brazilian man offered an unknown sum of money to doctors to transplant his face with the dog's face.The doctor transplanted man's facial features, like ear, nose, lips and eyebrows with parts obtained from severed head of a dead dog.The man is being called as man-dog after he went for the weird surgery.

GRAPHIC IMAGES: Brazilian man gets a dog face by plastic surgery

GRAPHIC IMAGES: Brazilian man gets a dog face by plastic surgery

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore to host D'banj's birthday party

Miss USA and Real Housewives of Atlanta star, announced on Twitter yesterday that she would be hosting D'banj's birthday at Eko Hotel today Sunday June 23. DKM concert