Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Samini And Hanni of Big Brother Amplified Get Serious


Reliable information reaching indicates that International Ghanaian Afro-Reggae star Samini and Ethiopian Big Brother Amplified housemate Hanni have taken their rumored relationship to the recording studio.
The two first met at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra on Friday evening September 7, 2012 during the Guinness VVIP party in the Hotel’s ballroom.
After cameras captured award winning Samini planting a very passionate kiss on Hanni’s cheeks whiles Hanni obviously enjoyed the attention with a smile, they have taken their chemistry to the studio and recorded a smash hit single titled “You’re bad”.
The single by Hanni featuring Dancehall show stopper Samini, was recorded in music Producer Jam Master J’s (JMJ) studio in Dansoman. This goes to confirms’s initial report that the two may end up in the studio.
Even though Hanni has not publicly professed her feelings for Samini, she has indirectly disclosed her likeness for the ‘sexy don dada’ in the hit single if lyrics of the dialog song are anything to go by. The lyrics suggest that Hanni is seriously in Love with Samini even though he is a bad boy and nothing can stop her.
Hanni came to Ghana to support her fellow Ghanaian Amplified housemate Confidence Haugen to launch her new “Konfidence” fashion label, she however seem to have gotten something else in Ghana which is making her stay after her other housemates; Vimbai from Zimbabwe, Karen and Vina from Nigeria, Millicent from Kenya and Lomwe from Malawi have all left to their respective countries leaving Hanni behind.
The beautiful Ethiopian singer and a qualified lawyer who is still in Ghana have been spotted together with Samini on several occasions aside their studio sections. also gathers that Hanni has also recorded songs with other Ghanaian musicians including Ga Rapper Tinny, Richie of Lynx Entertainment among others.
According to our investigations plans are far advanced for Hanni to shoot a video for one of the songs she has recorded in Ghana before she leaves the country and according a close source Hanni wants to shoot the video for her single with Samini because she would obviously enjoy being on set with the “Sweet Mistake” hitmaker. Keep reading for more information as we watch how far this goes.

Late Fela Kuti Twitter Account Gets Verified

His account @Felakuti was opened 3 years ago and has over 3000 followers. The account just recently got verified. When you are a legend, you are a legend. We now wait for the verification of more of our celebrities. But to think of it who is tweeting for Baba Fela?

Kunle Afolayan On The Cover of House Of Maliq with Daniella Okeke


Me, Myself & Fame – Omotola


There are few actors with the ability to show a wide range of emotions. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde’s continued relevance in the Nigerian film industry is proof of her skill in her chosen craft.
Shortly before the premiere of Obi Emelonye’s latest movie, Last Flight to Abuja, Omotola spoke about acting, music, relationships and her charity work. Excerpts:
Last Flight to Abuja
Omotola plays Suzie in the movie, Last Flight to Abuja, which is loosely based on the Sosoliso Air tragedy of 2006. On a whim, Suzie boards a flight to Lagos from Abuja to visit her sick lover. Getting to Lagos, things are not as she expects and her return flight to Abuja might very well be her last. In Omotola’s words, the film project is itself “more risky” than many others she has worked on because it deals with a tragedy and not the usual drama that Nollywood offers.
It warranted a comparison to Mortal Inheritance, the award-winning movie that brought Omotola national acclaim and prominence. “When I got (the script), I was like ‘I think this is going to work.’ I felt it’s another film that will change things. Nobody else has ever done this kind of film. If Obi (Emelonye) succeeds with this one, I think it will influence others to do not just drama. These stories must be told; we must look at ourselves and look at these stories that affect our lives as a people,” she stated passionately.
Being married to a pilot had nothing to do with her accepting the script though. “We wanted people to see that it was really about the aviation sector and with a story that has affected our lives.” Refusing to address the issues the film raises has yielded no solutions and preventive measures against future disasters.
Omotola also drew some similarities between herself and Suzie the character she plays in the movie. “I think I’m just as dangerous. I think a lot about things before I do them but once my mind is made up, there is no looking back. I can be very dedicated to things. It’s the strong-headedness that Obi was trying to get out of me (in a way) that it didn’t look forced. He wanted it to be the woman in me who was coming forth. He wanted me to be very maternal, so you had to give a lot in just a few hours for it to resonate with the audience.”
The actress jokingly revealed that she would have preferred to be part of the cabin crew though. This is one reason why she does not consider her role as a very challenging one and also because hers is just one in a milieu of the film’s other characters, who would be united by one tragedy.
“We all have different lives and lifestyles. We are all human and we never see the future, only God sees the future,” she said of the film’s plot. “Can we all sit back and think ‘if I had this time would I do things differently?’ That’s what I want to take away from the movie personally.” Referencing the Dana air crash of June 3 this year, Omotola added, “When the crash happened, it’s not the poor people that were on that flight, it’s not the people that were stealing your money it could have been anybody. You might not have forever, so live right.”

Me, Myself and Eyes
Beyond Last Flight to Abuja, the actress said work on her upcoming album was in advanced stages. The album entitled Me, Myself and Eyes would express more her preference for inspirational and rock music than her first album. “I’m hoping to release it before the end of the year,” she said, adding that she does not sing commercial music, a reason why she believed the previous album failed. “I’m not really interested in singing about body parts. I already made up my mind that I am not the Naija kind of artiste. The people who would love my music, will love my music. You really have to be mature to love my music. Your mind has to be at a certain level for you to enjoy my music.”

On charity
Omotola also spoke enthusiastically about her charity work in issues affecting children, youth and women. She has received much publicity for her collaboration with the Amnesty International on maternal mortality and the Niger Delta. She also discussed the Omotola Youth Empowerment Programme, which she initiated to educate youths on their constitutional rights and inculcate them with the right ideas and ideologies. The programme, she said, was borne out of a need “to change the idea that young Nigerians and Africans are jobless people. They are not. They are actually hardworking and very confident people, who believe they can achieve anything that they want.”
In the same way, Last Flight was for her more than a personal project. Omotola described it as a very bold movie that discusses an issue like aviation safety, which many would rather sweep under the carpet. According to the screen diva, “This kind of people should have a voice.”
Fame, love and trust
For the much-loved actor, being in the limelight is “a humbling experience” that money cannot buy. “There’s no strategy for it. I just thank God,” she said, adding that her family remains the most important people in her life.
On the issue of love and trust, Omotola says: “It’s very important for your partner to know who you are. Above love, the most important thing is trust. You might fall out on other issues but you should fight for trust to be there.”

Tonto Dike Gets Into A Fight With Her Fans


See her with her weave, makeup, and cream:
Nollywood star Tonto Dike yesterday evening was caught on twitter fighting with her fans. Tonto who tweeted that she was about releasing her song got  angry when her fans attacked her by tweeting to her that they dont want to listen to her song. Tonto started to insult them after they tweeted her. Could it be her behavior since this is not the first time she has been caught in this act with her fans or she was right to do so? See what she said
hehehehehehehee no be small thing trust my girl she will firer back...

Uti Nwachukwu drops warning on twitter