Monday, 10 December 2012


Stage name is Doubledutch aka Twins Of life... Recently dropped two
singles which can be classified by Ajebo and Moyo (Naija Fm) as "the
two back to back music" titled Olurombi (old folk story) and Pelemo
(Shina Peters)

The duo started recording professional recording last year, they have
couple of "back to back" musics recorded and they are great stage
performer too. They proved that to everyone that attend Naija FM
comedy and award nite on the 3rd of nov 2012. They shut down the show
with the best performance of the night despite the fact they performed
along side with other arts like Davido, Tilla man, Eva, Ajebutter22,
Omo Akin, Phenom, FlowsiCk and much more
The new name Doubledutch's
 being tag with now is "the new music indoor Psquare"... Apart from
the fact that they are identical twins like psquare, they are
 also a great choreograph dancer...
The duo were born in Lagos Nigeria and have a little musical
background experience while they live in hackney, kingsmead estate in
London, so don't be surprise if their yoruba language is a bit
Okay people check out the two new singles by doubledutch.
Real name: Oyebrave Taiwo and Kehinde

link to pelemo:
link to olurombi:

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