Saturday, 15 December 2012

“I feel abused and hurt” – Karen Igho slapped at Smirnoff party by security guard

Winner of Big Brother Africa reality show in 2011, Karen Igho, has revealed how she was physically assaulted by a security man, at a Smirnoff party in Lagos.
Karen, who is now an entrepreneur, model and actress, took to her Twitter page, to give a blow by blow account, of how the man even went ahead to threaten her with a loaded gun, because she refused to give him money.
She also confirmed she would take legal action in the coming days, as she has alerted her lawyers already.
Here are some of the tweets taken off her timeline this morning:
“Wow I got slapped at a smirnoff party, by a security guard!!! is it because I’m a woman?
“He loaded his gun and put it to my face at the car park, Said he will shoot me if I don’t give him money..I said I didn’t have. He slap me!!
“Now my face is swollen and I’m in pain!!
“All I wanted to do was to go support my friend @DENRELE_EDUN who hosted the event
“The slap sent me landing on the floor and hitting my head
“My team are on this
“Called my lawyer
“Even my father has never slapped me like this and the loading of the gun to shoot me wow am in shock
“I know I have a good heart but I won’t let this go with out fighting for justice cos he might do it to someone else.”


Anonymous said...

woooow dis is so sad dat guy must be dealt wit wat rubbish..smhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

eyaa my homebabe ooo pele dear d guy must be high on cheap drugs..

Anonymous said...

rubbish d man is mad..make una kn let dis mata die oooo.warr boy says so..karen sowiee oooooooooooooooo..

linda said...

karennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn in oton voice sowiee darlng..d man must be beatn up ooooooooo..smhhhhhhhhhhhhh