Sunday, 2 December 2012

Japan: Cars Trapped in Tunnel After Collapse

Sasago Tunnel Collapse

Dozens of cars are reported trapped following the collapse of a tunnel in Tokyo, in central Japan on Sunday.
At least seven people are believed to be missing, two injured, and two cars trapped fire service officials say.
The incident happened around 8.00 local time and the flames were put off around 11.00 local time.
Survivors described how large sections of concrete fell on top of cars in the Sasago tunnel.
“When I was driving in the tunnel, concrete pieces fell down suddenly from the ceiling,” a man in his 30s told public broadcaster NHK.
“I saw a crushed car catching fire. I was rightened, left my car and walked for about an hour to get out of the tunnel.”
Footage showed black smoke inflating from the 4.3-km (2.7-mile) Sasago tunnel in Yamanashi.
Though Japan is prone to earthquakes, none were reported in the area this yesterday morning...

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