Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Born SOCIAL NANSEL JONAH in kaduna state northern side of Nigeria,
originated from jos plateau state, begin loving music since the days
of BOB MARLEY, grew up with seven siblings, went through primary and
high school in jos plateau state of Nigeria, Nansel jonah aka
Ghettoman dre is a young talented singer,fine art and also a model

Was born into the family of mr and mrs JONAH NIMRAM. As the only male
child with six sisters.

His album which has "winam go down"and"wajo baby" as it hit single
with Trey pound and Abed smart as the producers is being played all
over radio, tv stations,and night clubs in Lagos,Abuja and also

You can add him ,30f2893e.
Sit back, relax as you enjoy his hit singles

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