For our third installment of SevenStylishSistaz series, we feature another set of really beautiful and stylish sistaz comprised of ladies from the media, journalism, fashion designing, movies, modelling and makeup artistry industry. Have a look at them!
URU EKE, Actress, Model, Lagos, Nigeria
Last year for Nigerian actress Uru Eke was “…a year of establishing and officially announcing myself. I attended quite a few red carpet events and had lots of interviews to introduce myself to the public…” (Kindly check out her interview with here).
Regarding her thoughts and aspirations for the new year, Ms. Eke believes,
2013 looks very promising and positive, you can feel it and see it with everyone you meet. I’m hopeful and looking forward to the amazing (movies) projects I’ll be on this year and the places it’ll take me.
For her definition of ‘style’, the beautiful actress submits that: “Style… is what you choose to adorn yourself with as a matter of expression, sometimes it depends on how you feel at the time, where you’re going and the kind of event.” Any splurging on a unique style accessory this year? Even though she has five of them in her closet, the stylish thespian opts for “more Luxx-London Swarovski crystal bracelets/cuffs” this 2013!
Twitter: @uru_eke
Instagram: urueke
Agent: Joy Bewaji
LINDA PEPI, Freelance Hairstylist/Makeup Artist, Melbourne, Australia
With her job focusing mainly in fashion, film and (a little of) theatre, harworking Ms. Pepi aspire “…to close doors that challenged me in 2012 and open new ones that will see me take my future to greater heights! The power to believe you are worthy of success will bring great success!”. For her, ‘style’
…means confidence and not caring what anyone else thinks! My style changes day to day depending on how I feel but when all else fails, great hair and a killer pair of shoes is enough for me!
On her unique style accessory, she desires a Frey Wille bangle or an Alexander Mc Queen clutch.
Facebook: Linda Pepi
RAHYMA, Fashion Designer, Toronto, Canada
For a lady that arms herself with the quote: “Fashion is life, let’s live fashion”, one would ordinarily marvel this fashion logic!
We were curious about what ‘style’ means to Rahyma and for her, it “is a reflection of myself”. She buttresses her point further by stating:
I don’t have to struggle to be stylish because it is who I am! It’s putting on jogging pants and making it look great. Your hair, makeup, accessories and the way you put them all together reflects your unique style.
On her thoughts for 2013, she remarks: “I am very excited about this year. It is my year of increase so there is just so much to achieve and to me it seems like 365 days is not enough. I have some international fashion shows lined up so it will be an exciting year for me.”
As a fashion designer and fashionpreneur, image is everything for Rahyma!
So, if there is any unique style accessory she would splurge on, it would be a Christian Louboutin’s COUP DE BLEU shoes!
Instagram: rahymasleek
Twitter: @rahymasleek
Pinterest: rahyma
CYNTHIA CHISOM UMEZULIKE, Model, Author, Fitness Blogger, London, United Kingdom
With 2013 already in perspective, model/author Cynthia desires “…an inner calmness, peace and tranquility. My greatest wish is to always stay centered, aligned with my spirituality and be able to weed out any negative energy. I also just took up Zumba Fitness classes, Yoga and Pilates. Staying lean, mentally balanced and healthy is a strong desire this year.”
For her goals this year, Cynthia’s attention will be shifted “drastically” from being a top model to focusing on her upcoming book. According to her, I am currently preoccupied with my upcoming book presentation/reading at the Hilton London Canary Wharf. My new book:‘Parallel Sapphires: ‘Guidance Through Life’s Journeys’ is an insightful read, offering detailed guidance on ways to overcome certain hurdles in our lives whether the person next to you believes in your aspirations or not.” Talking of ‘style’, she believes her ‘style’
mirrors elegance, simplicity, monochrome clean with a touch of sophistication. I am obsessed with the sixties, structured pencil skirts, boho lace embroidery tea party dresses, classically cut bright colored gowns, floral prints, fennel shorts, Peter Pan collared shirts, woolen ponchos, over-sized caftans and huge square sunshades. 
Her ultimate (in her words) style accessory to splurge on this 2013 would be 1970′s Cartier  18k pink/gold Love bracelet worth 4,050GBP! To her, “…this key piece will definitely be more of an investment than a mere splurge.”
Cynthia is currently signed on Beau-Belle Model Management, London.
Facebook: Cynthia Chisom
Twitter: @cynthia_chisom
SHERENE McNICHOL, Makeup Artiste, Freelance Model, London, UK
London-based model and makeup artist Sherene feels her thoughts/aspirations for 2013
…will have to be furthering my career in modelling and travelling. I’m a makeup artist (visit her website here) and also into Management Business that I am working on at the moment called FMG. It’s all about teaching new models all about the ins and out of the industry and the realistic world of modelling setting long term goals, structure and advice when going for auditions and getting them in the right agencies. For me this year, modelling is all about being a role model for the new generation of girls or guys coming up later, to make them bigger and better.
When it comes to ‘style’, Sherene shares that she is “a very simple throw-it-together-kind-of-person”. For her, she likes “a lot of vintage, 60s to 70s looks, but it also depends on how I feel during the day.”
On her unique 2013 splurge, they would be fedora hats because “…they look great with any kind of clothing. They can look feminine if you wear a printed dress or they can look androgynous when you are in trousers and a shirt.”
Facebook: Sherene McNichol
Twitter: @kryte
KAREN ELOKE YOUNG, Writer/Editor/Fashionista, Lagos, Nigeria
While many young ladies entered the new year with a bang and dang, only a few were in a reflective state. Ms. Young is one of them.
According to her,
I entered the year 2013 in a reflective state of mind and this greatly influenced my aspirations for this year – to grow into myself, be a better person, improve in my career and serve as a positive role model for the younger generation.
On what she would love to splurge on this year, the fulltime staff of ThisDay Newspaper and Thisday Style picks “a pair of studded Valentino heels” which featured during Spring 2013 Milan Fashion Week. On what ‘Style’ means to the Lagos-based online publisher, it “is all about knowing whom you are and what image you want to project to the world. It is simply an avenue for self-expression.”
Facebook: Karen Eloke Young
Twitter: @misskarenyoung
Instagram: Misskarenyoung
SOSHEBA GRIFFITHS, Model, Kingston, Jamaica
Jamaican model has never had it cheesy in her chosen field of endeavour (modelling).
IMAGE CREDIT: New African Woman Magazine
For the new year, she notes:
My aspiration for 2013 is to do very well in my modelling career. This year, I’d love to walk for some major designers like Givenchy, DKNY and others. Also, I’d love to travel the world and work hard.
For her definition of ‘style’, she says: “Last year my style was very simple and classy. For this year, ‘style’ means everything to me. I like to look very stylish when going to my casting. It is important to look great so you can be outstanding.”
Her unique style accessories to splurge on this 2013 would be “…a watch, handbag and a bracelet.
Facebook: Sosheba Griffiths
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