Monday, 11 March 2013

Nollywood Beauty Omoni Oboli Heaps Praises On Her Late Mum In A Mother's Day Tribute

The adorable actress and married mother of three Omoni Oboli took advantage of the mother's day occasion to share a little about her relationship with her late mum.

The actress praised her mother's positive influence, saying, "my mother taught me everything I know about being a great mom! All I do is follow her example.

My mother taught me humility. She's the reason I know that pride goes before a fall."

The star actress went on to mention, "my mother taught me how to smile through pain and always have a positive attitude. She taught me about Jesus. The reason my life is tied to Him."

Omoni with her husband Nnamdi.

The star with her three little men.

Her mum definitely taught her to be graceful, decently presented and modest. 
 love her so much she is a bigsista to me.. Omoni 

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