Monday, 31 March 2014

Runway Fashion Colours F/W 2014/2015


Teal - One of the most classic, loved and go-to colour as jewel tone Photo Courtesy: Fashion Snoops

Orchid - Lively and energetic it can vary from purple to blue-ish undertones and is the regal hue of the season Photo: Fashion Snoops
Cool Mint Trend Council F/W 2014/2015 Forecast
Cobalt - A vibrant and sometimes electric, it is the season’s absolute must-have dye in clothing or accessories Photo: Fashion Snoops

Honey Mustard - A subdued yellow hue with golden casts Photo: Fashion Snoops

Toffee - Offers variation from camel tints with golden brown undertones Photo: Fashion Snoops
Peachy Nude - A very flattering neutral harmony for lighter skin types Photo: Fashion Snoops

Dusty Rose / Blush - A muted alternative to pastels Photo: Fashion Snoops
Crimson - Deep, dark, rich, and vivacious red tones that are dramatic almost to the point indulgence Photo: Fashion Snoops

Cranberry - A lighter alternative to wine or maroon
Blood Orange - The most bright yet still powerful hue in this list but mostly will be associated with sports attire Photo: Fashion Snoops

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