Thursday, 30 October 2014

Kris Jenner created reports of Bruce dating her friend for Reality show story-line…

 it was reported that Bruce Jenner has moved on to Kris friend and one time assistant Ronda..However, the fact that he has still been spotted with his wedding ring casts doubts over the story .Radaronline now claims, Kris sold that story to the media for her reality show without Bruce in her life, there would be no story line for her on the show
It’s purely false that they are seriously dating!'Bruce suspects that the false rrumors are coming from Kris’ camp, and knows it’s being used for the upcoming season of KUWTK.'Bruce has become 'suspicious' of Kris's behaviour in the wake of the dating rumours.
'During recent filming with Kris, the two argued about Bruce spending time with Ronda,It came out of nowhere, and Bruce immediately realized he had been set up. Kris is making a big deal of their friendship for the show."

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