Thursday, 18 December 2014

Project Fame taught me to be disciplined

In a chat with Showtime, Geofrey Oji, winner of Project Fame West Africa Season 7 said being part of Project Fame taught him to be disciplined.
Geoffrey-Oji“ I feel blessed winning Project Fame; it was an opportunity for me to showcase what I have and also to represent the other contestants who were on the academy. Project Fame taught me to be disciplined.
In as much as we have fun attached to entertainment, it’s not really about fun, but more about discipline. It’s about you being committed to what you are good at. The only way to apply the discipline is to be disciplined.”
When asked how he handles attention from his female fans he said: “Everybody wants to identify themselves with success. Nobody wants to identify with a failure, so it’s just basically applying wisdom. It’s not really easy hanging out with a whole lot of ladies.
Every lady wants to be your girlfriend; every lady wants you to be her boyfriend. One cannot date the whole world. One has to at some point stick to someone one loves and be good with that.”

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