Monday, 16 March 2015

The woman who makes so much money because she looks like Kim Kardashian

 The lookalike, who currently works as a PA, said
Kim Kardashian has done really well for herself and has her fingers in a lot of pies [and] I am flattered that some people think I look like her.‘For some events, for example a teenager having a Sweet Sixteen or another birthday party, then people pay well into the hundreds for a Kim Kardashian appearance because she is their idol.

‘She’s very popular in that age group because she’s such a good role model’, Miss Patton added.
‘At the moment I have a full time job and do the Kim Kardashian stuff as a side hobby, but now because there’s the appetite out there for her, it’s something I’d really like to do full time and create a business out of it.’‘My first booking was a private birthday party and I was really nervous’, said Miss Patton. ‘I wore a tight cream and black body-con Lipsy dress, because Kim likes those dresses, and did my hair and make-up as best I could.
‘Luckily, the host and all her friends love Kim Kardashian so in the end it was great, as I just smiled and had my picture taken with everyone.’ 
    ‘I was more insecure when I was growing up and I was bullied at school’, she said. ‘I had acne, I wasn’t in        with any of the cool crowd.. So it’s flattering if a few years later you put on some make-up and people        tell you that you look like Kim Kardashian when you go out.’To keep up with Kim,she spends money on the                     things listed below 

Nails - £50
Hair extensions -£460
Tattooed eyeliner - £450
Facials - £65
Fake tan - £20
Make-up - £50
Gym membership - £40
Fake eyelashes - £15
Clothes - £200
Hair, skin and nail supplements - £40
Total: £1390 

Culled from Dailymail