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An opportunity to participate in the 90-Day Stimulus Global Partnership Program with online Webinars, beginning July 1, 2016,

An opportunity to participate in the 90-Day Stimulus Global Partnership Program with online Webinars, beginning July 1, 2016, and in AWIEF Pre-Conference Workshop, in Lagos, Nigeria, September 21, 2016

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The Global Partnership Program (GPP) begins on July 1, 2016 for 20 female entrepreneurs who are seeking quality global partners. GPP will create readiness for global business activities among SMEs. African women in the Diaspora are now seeking to create businesses in Africa and business partnership is the new trend among SMEs.
During this intensive 90-day experience, designed to create clarity, competence and capacity for future business partnerships with women in the Diaspora, participants will examine the key elements needed for a sustainable partnership and participate in live webinars with country experts.
It is intended to stimulate the developmental process of global business partnerships by using the generative model and innovative principles:
                                             WHAT AND HOW?
1. To increase current competencies and capacity in a readiness to thrive in building and leading Global Business Partnerships 
          How: Webinars, video conferencing with specialists in global business
Topics to include:
  • Survey of the global business needs/trends and the business capacity required 
  • Examining the policies and government resources of each partner country

2. To practice generative conversations while using the eight principles of innovation in the vision and design of sustainable outcomes of Global Partnerships 
          How:  Webinars and video conferencing with prospective partners
Topics to include:
  • Visioning and designing commitment based promises 
  • Cultural alignment through the Business Model of Intercultural Analysis
          (BMIA™) using the six “comprehension lenses” 
  • Creating an image and brand of sustainability with a competitive edge

 3. To create a brand based on customer satisfaction 
          How:  Webinars and video conferencing
Topics to include:
  • The market and its customer 
  • Business resources and suppliers 
  • The spending economy

 4. To design a competitive strategic plan and implementation scheme for the global business partnership 
How:  AWIEF Pre-Conference Workshop on 21 September and face-to-face meeting with prospective partners
  • Receive Sustainable Business Development 7” SIM-Slot Tablet with App Resources,Templates for document generation, Webinar designs to meet individual specification needs. 
  •  Certification as International Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) supplier with prospects each female entrepreneur may explore to provide services and goods to USA companies operating in Africa.


Pre-Conference Workshop at the Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, September 21, 2016, Lagos, Nigeria 
As part of AWIEF Pre-Conference workshop offers, this session will feature active, hands-on experiences to envision with a prospective partner a business identity and brand; declaring a business with a promised based commitment and it’s strategic plan. This workshop will include industry experts sharing their insights on sustainable business partnerships. Benefits for all pre-conference workshop participants include resources including, but not limited to:

  • Business Development and Global Leadership, Partnerships, Executive
         Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities by GIMPA/Business Management
         Innovation, University of Cape Coast, Ghana 
  • Proficiency in Technology (Apps, Contacts, Networks and Opportunities): Bring your laptop or tablet for this multimedia 
  • Funding possibilities explored by leading expert advisors from the International Development Bank, Washington DC, and the World Bank 
  • Global Women Entrepreneur Resource Exhibition Display 
  • Certificate of Completion
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