Friday, 11 January 2013

“Politicians will sabotage police efforts in their new code of conduct”- Charlyboy

Charlyboy, AKA AreaFada has said the new code of conduct of the Nigerian Police Force was a welcome development, but feared that with the over-zealousness of the Nigerian politicians who see themselves as Demi-gods, the implementation would be difficult to achieve. Speaking after his brief attendance to the official launching of the Code of Conduct and Professional Standards for Nigerian Police Officers at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Abuja, the Areafada had stated that even though the IG of Police meant well for the nation and the Nigeria Police Force, there were other forces ranging from politics, poor social welfare of the officers as well as the existing mentality of the average Nigerian who sees the police man as a brutal oppressor. He said “even though we all know Mr. MD Abubakar as a man of innovation, there are forces that will continuously fight to suppress his effort. The politicians are out there to intimidate us with the police. One wonders if they will allow this man to do his job. Aside this, the welfare of the police is another thing that calls for great concern. You don’t expect a man who battles with three square meals to relate well with the people. For this reason, the government should look for a way to better the welfare of the Police Force”
Charlyboy who said that though the code of conduct was one of the best ways to sanitize the police about their general attitude towards their professional duties, affirmed that it goes far beyond printing the code of conduct on the pages of papers, stressing on the need for an aggressive public enlightenment campaign on who to report to, in case the police code of conduct is violated at any point in time. He also asserted that with the innovation of the present IG of Police, a public enlightenment campaign would be possible in order to assure the public that the police is truly their friend.
After being asked of his standing relationship with the Nigerian police for being the only celebrity invited for the event, CB as he is fondly callesssd said in the most hilarious way “I’m now a police officer. Don’t I look like them? I think I have so much to do with the Police Force. I represent a reasonable number of the Nigerian youth whom they protect, and I want to make sure that the youth understand the vision of the present IG of police. We are together in this campaign for a better policing” Charlyboy said.

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