Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pictures&Videos|2face, Fally Ipupa, Majid Michel+More Celebrities Endorse Juliet Ibrahim Kidney Cancer Foundation]

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                              Showbiz celebrities the likes of 2face Idibia, Kcee, Fally Ipupa, Eddie
                              Kenzo and more have endorsed the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation (JIF). For
                           those who don't know, the foundation which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan
                          organization focuses on creating awareness on kidney cancer and providing
                            necessary interventions to ensure a society free of such issues in Ghana
                              and Africa at large. The foundation aims at educating people that kidney
                                                            cancer is preventable

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                                 A simple lifestyle change can go a long way in preventing kidney cancer
                                    and other kidney related ailments.  See more pictures of celebrities,
                                     friends and family who are supporting the cause as well as the kidney
                                                         awareness educational video 

                       JIF helps raise funds for people living with kidney disease and suffering
                             from kidney failures to raise funds for transplant as well as help raise
                                        funds for it's patients dialysis treatments.

                                  1.The long term goal of JIF is to build a state of the art kidney center
                                           for a better management of people with renal/kidney diseases.
                                    2.To sensitize and educate people on cancers and its effects on the
                                                    Ghanaian society.
                                 3.To provide funds and necessary assistance to people with kidney
                                                      diseases but cannot afford its management.
                                  4.To collate funds to support hospitals and medical centers that manages
                                                              kidney diseases.
                                 5.To serve as an advocate organization for awareness creation, education
                                  and promoting healthy life styles to avoid kidney diseases.

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