Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I am funky and sexy but not the Maheeda way — Sefiya

Smashing songstress Sefiya Dativa is just beginning to find her feet in the music industry. With her single ‘You are my Fire’ she seems to have an ace up her sleeves to set the wheel of fame rolling for her. Already, people have been talking about her latest effort which some see not only as a big deal but something that says a little about the enigmatic Sefiya who confessed to Potpourri she’s a very private person in spite of her outlandish lifestyle.

Telling Potpourri what works for her, she revealed a bit of the person beneath the act people have come to know and embrace.
“ Everything works for me. You look at somebody and what you like about that person might not be what somebody else would like. Someone can like the way I dance, while another might just like my voice. I can’t be like Maheeda; I am just a funky person that loves to keep it funky and sexy,” she explained.

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