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Re: BLW INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE 2016 – 3rd December 2016

On Saturday 3rd of December 2016, there will be smiles and grateful hearts with many turned to righteousness all around the world as they experience unexpected acts of generosity and love which are the hallmarks of the ministry of our Man of God.

It is the BLW International Day of Service in honor of our man of God Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc; DD.

The BLW International Day of Service is your opportunity to Roll Up Your Sleeves in service and win souls by discharging a service of kindness that is tangible, and directed at a person, a group or an organization. It is your personal expression of gratitude our man of God and a celebration of the impact of his ministry in your life as an individual.

Categories of Service 
A service is an act of kindness, assistance, favor or benefit that would make great impact in the lives of those who need it the most. Your selected services must be specific, tangible and beneficial to a third party. Categories of individual service opportunities are listed below – you can log on to for more Service Ideas.

Community Service and Rehabilitation Projects
Service to the Hungry and Homeless
Educational and School Services
Child Care and Safety Awareness Campaigns
Health and Safety Services
Care for Senior Citizens and the Elderly

How to Participate in four[4] Simple Steps
Register your Service Projects
Identify an individual, a family, group or organization within your sphere of contact with a need you want to meet then register your service in your local church or
Promote the On-going Campaign
Follow @BLWDayofService SuperUser on KingsChat and invite others to do the same
Download graphic designs from then boost awareness with your social media posts
Promote #BLWDayofService on KingsChat and other social media platforms as you share your plans, expectations and reports.
Don’t wait till D-day, start wearing branded t-shirts and caps now.
Execute your Service Projects
Execute your service and post videos and pictures on KingsChat and other social media platforms and also upload videos reports to and we will post with the BLWIDS SuperUser.
Present Your Beneficiaries to God
Follow Up to ensure your beneficiaries are in Church the very next Sunday Service.

A Strategic Opportunity for Impact
You must be strategic in their choice of beneficiaries – they should be those that you have started to or intend to reach with the gospel; because through these specific acts of service, we want to make inroads with the propagation of the gospel in our environment.

Who are my Beneficiaries? That person, group or organization within your sphere of contact, that you have begun to OR intend to reach, who is in need of your help or kindness.
Can I Render my Service as part of a Group? Individual acts of service are recommended however; you can participate as part of a family or small groups of 10-15 people so that EVERY member of the group can individually participate in the service.
Could I render my Service before or after December 3rd? Yes, especially if your beneficiaries are in a School or organization that won’t be open at the weekend; you are allowed considerable latitude to choose any day from Wednesday 30th November to Tuesday 6th December 2016, to carry out their service.

So, register your service and get actively involved with the ongoing campaign, let us make the BLW International Day of Service something to shout about! Our man of God said we should dispense favor and that's exactly what we are going to do. 
For more information, log on to and follow the @BLWDayofService SuperUser on KingsChat

God bless you!

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