Sunday, 27 November 2016

LGBTs are human beings first’ says Olumide Makanjuola, watch the sixth episode of Untold Fact]

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Joining the host were Olumide Makanjuola, sexual health and rights advocate, who through his activism has engaged international policymakers and stakeholders, and Omolara Oriye, a lawyer, writer, human rights advocate and feminist.
Speaking on the constitutional rights of LGBTs in Nigeria to get legal justice, Olumide argued that "What the law says is human and if you are going to seek redress, you should seek redress from that perspective because, first, you're a human being - regardless of anything that comes with your identity, orientation - the court is going to see you as a human being not as a gay person or bisexual man/woman."
Omolara, on her part, pointed out that "The idea is that there is no protection for LGBTIs in Nigeria. But you don't have to seek redress in a Nigerian court. You can go to ECOWAS court. You can go as far as you like."

For Nigerians who do not have means and access to such justice machineries, Omolara stated that "we have NGOs. You can contact an NGO. I think that is being done for victims of domestic violence. A lot of people now know that they can contact NGOs, government bodies, and many others. And even if they can't do anything, they can direct you to agencies where you can get help."
The show is aimed at frankly discussing issues relating to human sexuality as well as sexual right and protection.
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