Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Tapadiaa Foods Opens In Uyo

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Tapadiaa is a new food delivery service that just launched in Uyo managed and operated by four young and vibrant Nigerians who are innovative in thoughts and actions.The focus of this company is to provide convenience to the people of Uyo. Food ordered is delivered in less than an hour and it’s fresh.Tapadiaa Foods will serve the people in the Uyo metropolis with well over 8,000,000 residents.

This group of young men came up with TAPADIAA after a decisive brainstorm session on how we can make life a little more convenient for people residing in Uyo vicinity. An online restaurant, a place where people you can order food and it get delivered at their door step without stress.In a world where you can get things done with just a snap of your finger, they saw the need to provide this convenient service for the people in Uyo and its environs.To assure quality they partner with various fast food restaurants as their middleman to make their product reach a wider customer base and also provide convenience to people that can’t make it to the restaurant to eat.To make it more enticing Tapadiaa Foods chooses to focus more on indigenous delicacies like Afang, Editan, Ekpangnkukwo etc.  These delicacies are always a delight to have at any time of the day.

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