Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Yaaayy!Am sure you all have been wondering what BigBrother Uti Nwachukwu a.k.a Igwe, has been up to, well he has been up and about busy as usual doing what he knows best!
 This is how far his been doing since after the Bigbrother all stars, where he Won the prize money of $200,000.
The model,actor,musician and TV presenter talks about life before and after the competition, his current projects as well as controversies surrounding him at the moment. He is a good looking and well framed dude, with an impeccable and outstanding Personality! He exudes so much charisma.  
Uti has hosted several awards, like the SMVA. He is also one of the presenters of the new mnet tv  programme on africa magic JARA,  which started Jan 2011.
we re sure to see more of uti on our screens. He said, he is loving his life right now and the attention he is getting from his fans, this is wot he alwayz wanted while growing up.
His first single "Once in my Life" Is out, under "Back2Black" record label! The music video has been showing on Soundcity channel and other local channels. He also starred in a movie wit ini edo, Alex Ekubo and other stars, called "In the cupboard" which was directed by desmond Elliot.
Uti is also working on a cause; A prostrate cancer awareness programme, ( he lost his father to this disease Aug 2010) he said alot of people are not aware of it that's  why we have so many people living and dying of the disease .
His birthday which was on Aug3rd, saw our young philantropist spending his day with the widows also with him were some members of AGN. After leaving the widows he proceeded to the RCCG COD Victoria island, for a special prayer session! (Do u know your igwe is a registered member of RCCG and in April he had a big thanksgiving there with family and friends and shared his testimony as well) After the prayers there was a special surprise party organised by the AGN. The party was well attended
 His friends and people who work with him, say he is such an awesome guy with a good and Large heart, For those of you wondering......Uti is as straight as a ruler! But a very private person, which he has learnt to be from experience! For now all we need to know is that, there's a lady (confirmed) and at the right time, very soon! your curiousity would be fed to satisfaction! 
congrats to him  he just won"Young Person of the Year" awards!' keep it Up Igwe! the sky is ur starting point! God go make you bigger!!!!!!!Fans watchout..

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DamFabVille said...

Awww sweet..! And i hope the lady is shylaAwww sweet..! And i hope the lady is shyla

Olami said...

True True..God go make you bigger o Uti,and we sef too God go make us bigger..Proudly Nigerian!

Anonymous said...

We hope the Lady in his life is no other but the one everyone is hoping is (S). Anyway I wish him well.