Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Music For The Weekend: It’s R&B With Love This Valentine – 2Face, Iyanya, Others

There is so much music can do to help create the right attitude and mood… especially this valentine season. This weekend, we have selected music with couples in view.  Let the smooth serenades churning out deep lyrics evoke the romantic in you. Happy Valentine!
Capital Femi – I Have Found My Wife

Although 2012 didn’t feel as though it was, Femi made a bold statement by naming his album the year of the R&B and this Valentine that genre gets to shine. His new release I Have Found My Wife came just in time as the valentine season kicked in so yep, this one is most certainly a winner for the guys. (winks)

Listen to I have found my wife

Banky W – Yes/No

One of the best songs – if not the very best that was release last year and oh… thr video has got a spectacular story to it! The video follows the story of how ‘little Banky’ fell in love with a girl while in secondary school and ended up proposing to her few years later amidst hurdles.
Banky W is known for smooth R&B with the local blend that has made his song the ladies favourite… they don’t call him Mr. Capable for nothing!

Listen to Yes/No

Iyanya – Love Truly

Before he became the Kukere Master, Iyanya made beautiful R&B tunes. A lot of people did not get to listen to Iyanya’s album and while that is a pity, you get a chance to listen to one of the most spectacular song from the album My Story.
Iyanya has said his new album will be a mix of the R&B alter ego with the name ‘Desire’ and the Kukere Master. Maybe we might still get to enjoy those beautiful tunes on this new album.

Listen to Love Truly

Faze – Nkem

Faze makes some of the most romantic and decent tunes ever. The brother, all through his career, has been adamant and has stayed true to his R&B and Reggae root. The songs which this incredible artiste has churned out in the R&B genre have become uncountable but in recent times, ‘Nkem’ stands out… where is Faze anyways?

Listen to Nkem

2Face – Be There

What’s gospel according to ‘Naija’ R&B without 2Face. The other brother from the Plantashun Boyz, with good looks and good vocals, it will be a crime if 2Face did not step on R&B tracks every now and then. Some people may dispute the fact that “Be There was classified as R&B with the argumaent that it is alternative Pop, while the song can fit into the category, it is also rooted strongly in R&B. More importantly is the fact that it is a reassuring song with a strong message for the Valentine season, so enjoy!

Listen to Be There

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