Wednesday, 13 February 2013


olasunkanmi ayodele AKA Sunkkeysnoop  is a singer he started music
professionally some years back.he has done lots of work with so many
artiste such as seriki,tupengo,emdon, so-shy and many other artiste.
in 2012 he shot the video to one of his hit singles Ejeka jo" which
was on rotation on so many tv programmes. his new single titled SHOW
YOU LOVE. His love song with melodious lyrics. The song was produced
by melvitto. The producer Ayojay in New York.mixed by
emdon.Sunkkeysnoop is an artiste with hypnotizing skills set to impress
and pull a lot fans, and also create a remarkable historical name in
the world of music internationally. He is currently under Double Clock
Entertainment. Sunkkeysnopp is one artiste we should all look out
for, as he is on his way to stardom.


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